Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, March 2, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Mariah and Tessa are still struggling to find a theme for their wedding but are confident that the theme will come to them and they will have a wonderful wedding.

Nick and Sharon are worried that Noah is staying out late at night and drinking. Noah tells his parents he wasn’t drinking, he just went out with a former girlfriend and they talked all night.

Victor tells Adam and Nick all the information Michael found out about Ashland that proves that he never had cancer. Victor wants Adam and Nick to help him with his plan to protect Victoria and make sure Ashland stays out of the company and away from Victoria. Nick doesn’t want to risk further damage to his relationship with Victoria so he tells Victor to call him when he needs him. Nick later talks to Sharon about everything and he decides he needs to help Victoria.

Victor talks to Ashland who denies faking his illness but Victor tells him to quit lying because he knows the truth. Victor tells Ashland that he will tell Victoria that his cancer has returned and he will head down to Peru alone to get treatment. Once Victor thinks enough time has passed he will have Ashland call Victoria and tell her he wants a quick divorce.

Adam distracts Victoria for a while by talking about Newman Media business so she won’t return to her office but she gets bored and heads back to Newnan Locke. Ashland tells Victor his plan won’t work because Victoria will only follow him to Peru and try to persuade him not to divorce him.

Victoria arrives and is worried when her office door is locked, and she calls Ashland’s name and wonders if he is in there and why the office door is locked.

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