Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, March 1, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Jack tells Billy and Traci about the mysterious texts he has been getting, telling him to go to Los Angeles, and giving him an address where he should go when he arrives in Los Angeles.

Jack also tells Billy and Traci that he hasn’t spoken to his son in years because Keemo never forgave him for not telling him that his mother was very ill. Jack also tells Billy and Traci that he plans to go to Los Angeles to find out who is sending him these texts and try to get closure about Keemo’s death. Billy and Traci want to go with him but Jack, asks Phyllis to go with him on the trip.

Victor tells Adam and Nick that Michael has found two doctors who worked at the clinic in Peru that both say that Ashland was never sick, and that he paid the clinic to falsify his medical records.

Nick is worried about Victoria, and how hurt she will be by this news. Victor assures Nick that he will handle Ashland and try to minimize Victoria’s pain.

Nikki is able to persuade Victoria to tell Victor before she signs the contract to make Ashland co CEO. Nikki makes it clear that if Victoria doesn’t tell Victor she will tell him because he needs to know before such a major decision is made about the company.

Ashland gets a call from his doctor asking him if he gives anyone permission to look at his medical records. Ashland tells his doctor nobody has his permission to see his medical records.

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