GH Short Recap Tuesday, March 1, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Drew interviews Marshall for a job at Aurora Media but Marshall turns down the job because he doesn’t want to do a background check. Drew later calls Curtis to tell him that Marshall refused a background check for the job.

Michael apologizes to Chase for misjudging his relationship with Brook Lynn when he pretended to be Bailey’s, father.

Carly files her divorce papers and Olivia and Sam take her to throw an axe and drink beer to let off some steam.

Elizabeth calls the police when she finds the portrait that Franco painted of her hung in her house when the painting was supposedly destroyed in the fire at Franco’s studio. Elizabeth tells Dante about all the strange incidents that have been happening lately and that she suspects Franco’s mother Betsy is behind the strange incidents. Finn decides to stay at Elizabeth’s place until Dante gets more information about who may be stalking Elizabeth.

Michael and Willow talk and Willow tells him that Nina talked to her a few days ago and Nina asked to see Wiley without telling her that she had slept with Sonny. Michael wants to wait and think about whether Nina should see Wiley. Nina talks to Willow later and asks if she can see Wiley on Saturday. Nina and Willow have a long-heated discussion in which Willow tells Nina that she doesn’t trust her right now and she should wait until things settle down a bit before she can visit Wiley. Nina reminds Willow that as Wiley’s biological grandmother she does have legal rights and she intends to go to court if Michael and Willow don’t let her see Wiley.

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