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Brooke: Straight to voicemail. Again!

Hope: I don`t know what to say, mom. I mean… have you tried email?

Brooke: Honey, what`s the point? If he doesn`t even wanna talk to me.

Hope: Mom? Is this really what you want? You want to make your marriage work with Ridge?

Brooke: Yes! Of course.

Hope: Ok. Then I will support you. And we can`t give up.

Brooke: Where are you going?

Hope: I am going to see the one person who might be actually able to make this right with Ridge.

Steffy: Do you know how happy I am right now?

Thomas: I`m pretty sure I do.

Taylor: Yeah, I think it`s safe to say we all do.

Steffy: We`re really proud of you, dad. You finally realized this is where you belong.

Sheila: Oh, come on, Deacon. Just flash that sexy smile of yours. You should be thrilled. Brooke`s epic romance with Ridge, finally coming to an end. You should be celebrating.

Deacon: I just know how much she cares about the guy. I mean if she`s really losing him, if that`s really happening, I can only imagine how heartbroken she is.

Paris: I know you want this as much as I do. And if you`re feeling guilty, don`t. You know Zende and I agreed to see other people.

Carter: Agreeing is one thing, but feelings might change if it actually happens.

Paris: It already has. Zende`s dating Sequoyah. And I don`t even feel the slightest bit jealous about it. If she`s a better match for him, then he deserves a chance to figure that out. And if I`m being honest, I`m figuring out a lot myself.

Carter: Um, Zende, he`s, ah, he`s probably thinking about you right now, wondering what you`re doing. You should go, you should, you should be with him.

Paris: You know you don`t want that the way you`re kissing me.

Carter: Why would you risk the future you can have? Think about the things that he can give you, Paris, things that I can`t. He can give you prestige, opportunities, connections. You`d be crazy to give that up for me.

Paris: Well then I guess you can call me crazy.

Sheila: You should go to Brooke. I mean she needs a shoulder, now could be a great opportunity for you to actually….

Deacon: You gotta go.

Sheila: Me? She doesn`t want my shoulder.

Deacon: Get out of here, alright? Hope`s coming. Come on. Go. She can`t see us together.

Hope: Dad. Hey.

Deacon: Hey, sweetheart. Hi.

Hope: How`s the head?

Deacon: Works a lot better when it`s not used as a punching bag. What`s wrong?

Hope: Oh, I think you could probably guess.

Deacon: Your mom and Ridge, yeah. I was afraid something like that was going to happen after he stormed off the other day, but… your mom, she`s usually really good at calming him down, I figured she would have by now, you know, talked him off the ledge. No? How`s she dealing with it? She OK?

Hope: She`s devastated. She thinks that she`s lost Ridge forever.

Deacon: Yeah.

Taylor: Steffy, I appreciate your excitement. And yours. But this is a… this is a complicated situation all around. Be happy, yes, but also be mindful of what this means for your father and Brooke. You can`t forget that.

Steffy: We won`t. We`re here for you, dad. Anything we can do to help you navigate the separation.

Thomas: That`s right. Steffy and I have your back. And mom does too. But you already know that. It`s why you came home. I could see it in the way that you look at her. The kind of respect you have for her, the admiration. Mom`s exactly what you need.

Deacon: Well, kiddo, it ain`t over til it`s over. And with Ridge and your mom, it`s never over.

Hope: I don`t know. Apparently he says that he can`t do it anymore. He feels like mom`s betrayed him.

Deacon: Yeah, with me. My jaw remembers. Listen, she`s gonna convince him otherwise, it was just a few drinks, that`s it. Alright, and a kiss. A drunken kiss, not… not like a marriage-ending kiss, you know? Even Ridge has to realize that.

Hope: I don`t think he does. I guess he wants to move on.

Deacon: Move on? What, no time for himself, no introspection, he just wants to… move on? With Taylor, I`m assuming.

Hope: Yeah.

Deacon: Huh.

Hope: So apparently he wants peace and stability in his life and he believes that my mother can`t give that to him.

Deacon: Of course Brooke can give that to him. I mean if he can`t see that she`s the one…

Hope: Dad, I think the only thing that he sees is you and his disgust and his anger.

Deacon: And being with his other family he can pretend I don`t exist.

Hope: Possibly. But he loves mom.

Deacon: He cares about her on his terms. I mean, God forbid she has her own opinion.

Hope: Yeah, I think there might be some truth to that, I mean heaven forbid that she, I don`t know, give you a chance or come to your defense when you`re getting beaten up.

Deacon: Yeah, you should`ve seen him when your mom came in there and told him to get his hands off me, said that I hadn`t done anything. I mean he was angry, but he was more than that. He was… he was crushed.

Hope: And he still turned his back and walked away.

Deacon: Yeah, but it pained him to do it. And that part of him wanted to put his arms around your mom and forgive her. And that`s….that`s why I`m so surprised that you`re telling me all this. I mean, you really think that this is, this is it? You really think that Ridge has finally given up on your mom?

Carter: You have no idea how much I wanna see where this can go. How much I wanna kiss you. Touch you.

Paris: You`re feeling what I`m feeling. How good we could be together.

Carter: Could, yeah. Doesn`t mean we should.

Paris: Carter, don`t ask me to give up on this before it even starts.

Carter: That`s exactly what you have to do. We have to put a stop to this before we cross the line, before feelings get hurt.

Paris: Who says they will?

Carter: I do. Paris, I`ve never been able to make a relationship work.

Paris: Well maybe with the right woman that`ll change. She`s out there, Carter. And I`m not saying she`s definitely me. But you know what, I`m throwing my name in the hat. Because this chemistry we have, this connection between us? We owe it to ourselves to try.

Deacon: Look, here`s the deal. Even if Ridge says it`s over, even if he`s off pouting, having one of his epic tantrums… thank you very much, Stephanie and Eric for not course-correcting that, by the way, but I mean, come on, he`s done this a million times, right? You know, he storms off, says he`s never coming back… he always comes back, right? Come on. I mean, that`s why they`ve had a thousand weddings.

Hope: And now the other love of his life is back in town. And… they spent the night together.

Deacon: Taylor? For real?

Hope: Yeah. So, obviously mom is devastated. And that`s why I wanted to come here. Because I asked her… does she really want to save her marriage to Ridge. And she said yes. So I told her that I would support her. So that`s why I want to talk to you.

Deacon: I mean, honey, I feel for Brooke, I really do, but I… I don`t know what I could do.

Hope: You… you could talk to Ridge. Make him understand. Convince him not to give up on my mom.

Thomas: You know I wish that Phoebe could be here to see our family back together.

Steffy: She`d be just as excited as we are.

Thomas: Yeah. Hope you understand what this means to us, dad, you coming back home. I mean, look, I know… I know you had this connection. Brooke. An attraction that you`ve had with her that`s…. it`s a long time right? Years and years since before Steffy and I were born. I understand the power of an attraction like that and… but that doesn`t excuse the abuse, you know… the drama, the pain, the betrayal that you`ve gone through with her. So thank you. Thank you for seeing that. And thank you for giving yourself the life that you deserve.

Brooke: Ridge, is that you? Oh.

Sheila: Hello, Brooke.

Brooke: What do you want, Sheila?

Sheila: You know I mean I just happened to be in the area and I thought I`d stop by.

Brooke: You know, I`m kind of busy right now, so…

Sheila: Yeah, busy failing at another marriage? I heard. Destiny, it`s not what it`s cracked up to be, is it?

Carter: After everything with Quinn… after everything was done I could barely look at myself in the mirror. Knowing what I did to Eric and I won`t do the same thing to Zende. I`m not letting you risk your future with the Forrester family.

Paris: Zende will understand. We`re not…

Carter: I`m not worth it.

Paris: Yes, you are. You just don`t see it yet.

Deacon: Alright, I`m just making sure I`m clear on this, daughter. You want me to go talk to Ridge? The guy that doesn`t listen to reason? Who hates my guts, and oh hey, by the way, physically attacked me the last time I saw him. That Ridge?

Hope: Mm-hmm. Yep. Cause doesn`t that send a message? That, in spite of everything that you just said, that you would still go to him and show him that you don`t want Brooke. I know you care about mom. And I know you want to make her happy, and so do I. So do it, dad. Save mom`s marriage.

Steffy: Thomas is right. It`s an immense relief, knowing that you could have peace. The contentment you deserve.

Ridge: Okay, I`m, umm, ah…

Thomas: Hey, ah, maybe we ought to…

Steffy: Yeah. I love you.

Taylor: I love you back. Bye. Hi.

Ridge: Hi.

Taylor: Look, I… I know that Brooke is such a big part of you and I`m sure your head is spinning right now.

Ridge: You… but I… I feel safe. That`s a weird thing to say, I feel supported, but… but you`re right, no… my head is spinning. It is, because I don`t know what happened, I don`t know why Brooke started drinking, why she would make out with Deacon, spend the night with him, I don`t… I don`t understand why she would throw everything away.

Brooke: Get out! You need to leave.

Sheila: I just got here.

Brooke: I mean it, Sheila. I`m in no mood.

Sheila: In no mood? For what? For threatening me? For getting in my face, telling me that I will have no place in my son`s life, my grandson`s? I love Finn. I love him with all my heart and yet you were thrilled at the thought that I may never get a chance to know him. But you didn`t know what you were talking about, did you? Yes, one of us is losing a chance with a loved one today. But it sure as hell isn`t me.

Carter: You have to go.

Paris: Is that what you want? Is it?

Ridge: What?

Taylor: When I, when I hear you talk about Brooke I, I hear the pain in your voice. You’re mourning your marriage. It`s OK, Ridge. I… I don`t expect you to stifle your feelings. I don`t, I don`t expect anything from you really. Just… just be here with me in this moment while we figure this out. Let`s spend some time together, find out where this might lead… God, it`s been, it`s been really… really great being in your arms. Kissing those lips. Where we go from here, who knows. But whatever happens, I`ll support you. You`ll never doubt my love for you. You`ll never question it. I won`t betray you. I won`t let you down. I`m here. I`m right here. In this moment.

Sheila: Ridge is finally free of you, Brooke. And he`s going back to Taylor where he belongs.

Brooke: I am not listening to this. You really need to go, Sheila.

Sheila: Because you know I`m right. Ridge deserves to be with someone like Taylor, someone with class, dignity, someone who understands forgiveness. Are you, are you really surprised that he would be drawn to a woman like her? Someone with that much goodness, it… it must feel amazing after all the years that he spent…

Brooke: All the years that he spent with me? Is that what you’re trying to say?

Sheila: Your husband was gone for one night and you`re making out with Deacon. Can you even imagine Taylor doing something like that?

Brooke: I was drunk.

Sheila: Which really isn`t great for your image, is it? Sounds tremendous: no, I only cheat on my husband when I`m drunk!

Brooke: I`m not a drinker. Not anymore.

Sheila: Except for holidays.

Brooke: I don`t know what happened that night. I have no idea what made me drink. And you know what that feels like, Sheila? Being completely out of control? I am not giving up on my marriage to Ridge. I`m not going to let one drunken night ruin what I have with my husband.

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