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about the eggs.They’re not my best. Are you kidding? You’re already breaking the — the deal. Straight talk. These eggs were perfection. Clearly, you haven’t lost your touch. This place is truly striking. Yeah. For years, I barely used it. Yeah, but you kept it anyway. Yeah, well, there’s a lot of memories. Yeah , that — that connectionwith your friend stone. Yeah, he was my best friend. And I miss him. You know that I used to… I used to come here and just spend time by myself. A refuge of sorts. Something like that. Yeah. Now it’s just home. What do you mean? It’s over. Carly: You’re gonna hear it from sonny, so you might as well hear it from me now. He’s moving out. Sonny is going to take avery with him to his penthouse at the harbor view towers. And you’ll stay with donna at the lake house. Yes, and I hate the idea of avery being away from her home and her sister. Avery adores donna. Okay, well, we need to come up with a way so she doesn’t suffer. Carly. Avery loves you. So there’s no getting around it. She is going to suffer. Then how do we make her suffer less? I have a feeling you’re gonna pay a price for that smooth move of yours.

[ Groans ] Yeah, well, it was worth it. Yes, it was. When I realized that you took off to go after maxie… you were jealous? I was terrified. Promise you’ll never do anything like that again, not without me. Well, that depends. On what? On whether you promise not to land yourself in O.R. In emergency surgery again. I will try. Then I will, too. So, when do I get to see our girl? As soon as our girl sees her girl. Right now, maxie is picking up louise as we speak. Oh, felicia, you didn’t have to come here. You could have stayed with them. I know, but this was something maxie had to do alone. Ned: The baby was napping, so it might be a minute to get her up and ready. Is this how you imagined this moment? Getting your daughter back? Ah. Uh, no. Never. I never imagined it at all, actually. I mean, I would imag inethis whole thing being over. I imagined peter dying. Actually imagined that lots of times. I got pretty creative with it. He bit it in all kinds of ways. Uh, hyenas, comets, dunked in a fryer, sandblasted even. Wow, you did get creative. Yeah, I had three deaths for every letter of the alphabet. So I-I imagined peter dying a lot. But when I got to the part where I would bring louise home, everything would go dark. Why, do you think? Because the more time that went on, the less sure I felt that she would want to come home with me. And if that were the case, um, [Clears throat]… …Would I be strong enough to leave her here with brook lynn? Maxie, she’s yours.

[ Chuckles ] Is she, though?

[ Voice breaking ] Brook lynn is the only mother she’s known.

[ Baby cooing ]

Sorry about that, stella. Duty calls. Uh, fortunately, it was a false alarm. So that’s good. Okay, so where were we? Trouble. Right. And I assume that you’re talking about curtis’s father, marshall. Yeah. For all his bluster, curtis is a sensitive soul, and he’s vulnerable, too, especially to marshall. I’m afraid that he wants his father so badly that he’ll ignore all the signs telling him

not to get too close. You’re making it sound like marshall is out to hurt curtis. Is he? I suspect you two could use a minute to talk, and I sure as hell could use a minute to catch my breath.

[ Laughs ] Well, I hope to see more of you, marshall. Yeah, yeah, maybe, uh, you’ll come catch a gig. I’m rehearsing with the band. We’re almost ready to go public. Yeah? Yeah, yeah, I’ll get you front-row seats. That’d be awesome. Yeah. Once I found a venue.

[ Clears throat ] Subtle.

[ Laughter ] Well, subtlety is my specialty.

[ Laughs ] Excuse me. Yep. So you’re making progress. One day at a time. It helps to have zero expectations. Hey, uh, did you catch that little scrap of information that your dad just dropped? Oh, about having experience with men like sonny? Yeah. I mean, are you still digging into his past? Mm. Man, I had to let it go, you know, partly because I hit a wall. But the other part was, you know, I was wondering if what I know is already enough. Huh. You mean, like, turning over more rocks could risk what you’ve already built. I get that. And I’m building a lot more. I didn’t tell you — portia and I are moving in together. Come on! Congratulations, man.

[ Exhales ] She’s a very lucky woman. Not if whatever marshall is hiding comes back to bite me — and portia by association. Well, hey, my offer still stands. You know that, right? You just say the word, and we put my plan into place. As far as I know, sonny has no intention of restricting your access to avery when he moves out. Well, I should certainly hope not. Yeah, but it’s sonny. That could change at a moment’s notice. So if sonny tries to come in between you and avery, I can lobby on your behalf.

[ Sighs ] Lobby to keep a child with her mother — how charitable. I’m just saying, ava. And in return? You ensure avery’s presence in my life in exchange for what? My presence in hers. I don’t want to take any of your time away from avery. I just want to see her. Hmm. Well, you could certainly be a useful ally. But… why should I bargain for your diminishing influence over sonny when my little friend nina has much, much more?

[ Scoffs ] Nina: I’m so sorry. Yeah, we’re all sorry. How do you feel? Well, my headache feels better, you know. I don’t think it’s hit me yet. Well, it certainly hit you last night, didn’t it? Well… so you don’t — you don’t remember anything? Mm… sonny: It’s me.

Does that mean sonny

or mike?

‘Cause sonny’s not doing

really good these days,

so mike might be

a better option for you.

And I know how much

you looove mike. No, go ahead. Let it play. Let it play.

And I’m being stupid

right now.

It’s me, and good or bad,

and it’s not really good

right now.

I’m at charlie’S.

Where are you?

Oh, boy.

I just needed to talk

to somebody,

and you and i

always have nice talks.

[ Click ] I shouldn’t have done that. What? Drunk called me? That’s not what bothers me. Well, but — but something’s bothering you. Yes. It’s your drinking. The sad truth is that peter was my responsibility, and I failed him and everyone he ever hurt. Go on. Go on about what? Go on. Just say it. Just get it off your chest. Well, I would if I knew what you were talking about. Um, just, I’ve done everyone a service, and I should never spend another moment thinking about peter. He’s gone. It’s over. Forget it. Move on with my life. Blah, blah, blah. Something like that, isn’t it? Well, you got one part wrong. The part about peter being gone. Man, I love her sleepy eyes after a nap.

[ Chuckles ] Um, you know, I-I found a few other things in the garage that I forgot to pack up for felicia the other day, so… and I’ll help you load the car. There’s nothing in the garage, is there? Not that I’m aware of.

[ Door closes ] Did she sleep okay? Yeah, she slept great. I mean, it took her a little while to get used to the room here, but music always helps. Put on some springsteen lullabies and she conks right out. I didn’t know that. You know everything. Well, I’ll teach you, okay? Lesson number one — she loves to be held, what? Mind blown. Right? Go, baby. You know who that is? That’s your mommy. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ]

What could be taking maxie so long? Maxie will take as much time as she needs. It’s been almost a year coming. Exactly. Sue me if I’m anxious about seeing my family finally intact again. Hey, you don’t think brook lynn could be making this difficult for maxie? Look, you know, I could — I could send a couple of units over there to take care of things. Hey! You were saying? Well, that was a bold move. Yeah, well, I’m quite capable of taking bold action when necessary. Just ask peter august. I-I think they’re smiling. Maybe — wait, is that — is that a laugh, or are they crying? D-do you think we should go in there? No, give them another minute. Aren’t you worried about brook lynn? Of course I am. But she can’t avoid what’s about to happen, nor can we do anything to make it better. Well, I hope you’re wrong about that last part. Chase, all we can do is just be there for her. So what’s next? Wait, today or…? For you, your future. The charade of you and brook lynn living together is now over. Maxie’s taking her daughter back home, so there’s no reason for you to live together anymore, right? So what will you do now that you can go your separate ways? Brook lynn: I put together some notes on our girl’s likes and dislikes, you know, how we’ve been doing things. Basically, everything you need to know about bailey — louise. I’m sorry. I keep — brook lynn, stop. I promise I’m gonna get it. You already have it. My daughter has had one name her whole life. I’m not gonna take it away from. But she’s louise. You named her for lulu to honor your friend.

You are my friend, too. So starting now, baby girl, your name is bailey louise. What do you think? I love it. Drew: Yeah, I really think it could work, you know? I think it’s as simple as offering your dad a job, and then the clearance and the paperwork would necessitate that he’s gotta reveal something about his past. I mean, it’s not rocket science. But it has its advantages. Yeah, I think it’s better than going around asking questions because — ooh! — It might get back to him, you know? So then marshall has to answer the questions directly and honestly. That is assuming that, uh, marshall doesn’t pick up on the plan. With you at the helm? Look, all it takes is a soft touch, and, brother, you got that in spades.

[ Chuckles ] So you’re in? Are you sure you’re down for this? I mean, you already got a lot on your plate without me piling on more. I just went all the way to europe to clean off that plate. But is it clean, though? I mean, yeah, peter’s gone. But is it done? Yeah, there may be one or two things left on my to-do list. So now I’m an alcoholic. No, I didn’t say that. Good. Don’T. Look, sonny, we had a deal. I’ve been honest with you the whole time. No, you drink too much. I-I turn down drinks all the time. Let me finish. Okay, all right. You drink too much for someone on mood-stabilizing medication. You’re a doctor now? No, I’m a patient. And believe me, I’ve had my own lapses. But you can’t compare the two. I’m not comparing them. I’m just remembering. “Take as instructed. Swallow pills whole and do not mix with alcohol.” I’ve been managing my medication — did you manage it last night when you couldn’t stand straight and you were slurring your words? Or when you stopped taking your medication altogether? For years, you have waged war on me. You have confronted, attacked me in public. You have conspired to keep my child away from me, using the very same tactics that you have used to keep nina from her grandson. My grandson. Now… you seek my assistance to ensure that you are not the one shut out by none other than sonny and his new lady? Nina is always one traffic jam away from a meltdown in a straitjacket. I have outlasted every one of sonny’s affairs. Oh. Every single one. So you ask yourself this, ava — you really want to test the flavor of the month against me?

My concerns are “what if”S. I don’t know anything for certain. No offense, but it kind of sounds like you do. How? H-h-h-how might marshall hurt curtis? He wouldn’T. He would not intentionally. But this secret past that he’s dragging around — it just might. And you know nothing about it? No more than you do. Marshall was gone for 40 years. Now he’s back with some vague story, hinting there’s trouble in his wake. Do you really need to know more than that to be worried? No. No, not really. So just keep your ears open. That’s all I ask. And thank you so much for the consult. Anytime, anytime.

[ Grunting ] Hey. Better? Oh, much, man. How about you? You two have a nice catch-up? Yeah, I gotta cut it short, unfortunately. I, uh — I got stuff to do. I’m gonna look for you at that gig. I might see you sooner than that. I’d love you to give me a call. Get my number from curtis because I, uh — I might have a proposition for you. Yeah. Oomph-oomph! No, no, no. Take it easy. See you, guys. What are you talking about? Peter’s gone. I-I saw him take his last breath. He’s dead.

[ Sighs ] Dead, uh, definitely. Gone? I don’t know about that. I see him sitting on your shoulder dripping doubt into your ear. All the while, he’s got this… shadow that he’s draped around your neck with regret. Will you answer me something honestly? Of course. Do you not think that I bear some responsibility for the way that he turned out and all the blood he spilled? Don’t you? No, I don’T. You tried to save him and nearly got yourself killed. The next time around, do us all a big favor. Now, you see this here? This part in here? Your heart that you gave to peter? Next time, give that to some guy who really deserves your love. But n-not valentin cassadine.

[ Laughing ] Oh. What? God, you’re so weird. Are you okay? I’m great. Because it wouldn’t surprise me if you felt some aftershocks after what went down. I did what I did for my family and friends, and I don’t regret it for a second. If that makes me cold and unfeeling, so be it. It makes you neither of those things. Really? And I’ll prove it to you. Okay, well, I guess it’s time to go. Do you want to say goodbye? I’m gonna say see you later. I mean, we’re gonna have tons of play dates, right? As many as we can manage. I wanted to thank you, all of you, for everything you did, everything you gave up. It means everything to me. Thank you for entrusting us with little bailey louise. Um, there was one more thing about the names. You know what? Don’t — don’t keep it for my account, you know? No, I, uh — I meant your name. Um, I thought if I’m gonna be mommy, that you should be mama. Mama brook lynn. Really? Yeah, I can live with that. Good. Bye-bye, sweetie. All right, bailey lou… I’ll get the door. …Let’s get out of here.

[ Sobbing ] Sweetheart. Carly… when sonny was gone, you and I worked together for avery’s well-being. I see no reason to change course now. I love my daughter. My daughter loves you. And I will see to it that you remain a part of her life. Okay? Okay. Okay. What happened last night was on me, not my meds. No, but, sonny, they’re one in the same. Come on. You know that. Your meds — they keep you level, and they make you responsible, but not if you overindulge. Okay, case in point — would you have called me last night if you hadn’t been drinking? I would have called you sober. Really? Yeah. That would have been a first. You are looking down the barrel of a divorce because you played fast and free with your meds. You don’t know that. And I don’t know that.

[ Scoffs ] What I do know is, right now I’m going through a divorce, nina. And you’re here. I-I just think that you’re changing the subject. You’re trying to — what was the subject? I don’t know what the sub– I-I just can’t right now remember what the subject was. Can you just — come here. Come on.

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