Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, February 22, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Chance, Abby, Devon, and Amanda spend the evening worrying about Dominic and eating Chinese food together. Chance tells Devon that he doesn’t think he will ever have the bond with Dominic that he and Abby have with him. Devon tells e Chance that a fatherly bond has nothing to do with biology it just happens by spending time together. Devon explains that Neil adopted him when he was a teenager and e they had a very close father and son bond. Devon tells Chance that he thinks he will have a strong father and son bond with Dominic he just needs to give it time.

Nate asks Victor for his advice about Ashland’s job offer to work at Newman Locke. Victor tells Nate to consider if he really wants to give up medicine and switch to a career in business.

Phyllis and Jack tell Traci about the strange text messages that he has been getting telling him to go to Los Angeles. Phyllis tells Traci that they suspect Jack’s son Keemo has been sending him the text messages. Phyllis and Traci advise Jack to call Keemo because he might be trying to reach out to him. Jack is forced to admit that he has been lying to everyone for years and that when Keemo mother Laun died Keemo told him that he didn’t want to have a relationship with him.

Jack has drinks with Victor and after a talk with him Jack decides to go to Los Angeles and find out who has been sending him the text messages.

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