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Deacon: Oh, man. Brother, you are a mess.

Sheila: Ouch. Ooh, that looks painful.

Deacon: Great.


Sheila: You either got a hit by a bus or somebody really, really doesn’t like you. So, which is it, deacon? Or do I even have to ask?

Brooke: I told ridge about everything that happened on new year’s eve. The kiss with deacon. Everything. And I told him I wouldn’t blame him if he walked away from me. But he didn’T. He told me that he loved me and that we would work through this.

Hope: Well, if you both want to, you will.

Brooke: If it ended there, but it didn’T.

Liam: ‘Cause ridge went after deacon.

Brooke: I was afraid that might happen. When I got to il giardino, though, they were there and they were fighting, they were hitting each other, and ridge kept hitting deacon over and over again. And I ran in and I yelled for him to stop. And I told him that deacon didn’t do anything. And ridge… ridge couldn’t believe that I was defending him. I think that I– I went too far. I made a terrible mistake.

Ridge: All right, you kids, I didn’t come over here to cause drama.

Thomas: No, you didn’T. You came over here to be with our family, where you belong.

Steffy: We know you’re hurt and you’re frustrated. But you came here ’cause you know that we hear you and we respect your feelings.

Taylor: No matter how complicated those feelings are.

Thomas: No, no, it’s not complicated. The reality is, is you know where you should be. And we don’t want you going back over there because of what brooke does. She manipulates you. You get caught in that same trap over and over again, so you need to stay here with our family.

[Glass crunching]

Deacon: Seemed like a good idea at the time. Ah, just be careful of all the glass.

[Glass crunching]

Sheila: So, what are you, running a fight club back here?

Deacon: I’m really not in the mood for jokes. Besides, it hurts too much to laugh.

Sheila: Well, it– it would appear your visitor bruised more than just your face. Am I right?

Deacon: I think the less I talk about this, the better, especially with you.

Sheila: Yeah, but you know what? I am a nurse. You should let me take a look at that–

Deacon: It’s– it’s– it’s okay, it’s okay. It’s nothing.

Sheila: Nothing? No. No, this is definitely something. What, did you run into ridge’s fist after he found out you spent the night with his wife?

Hope: Mom.

Liam: Hey, look. Ridge hasn’t had any time to cool off yet. Right? I mean, I’m sure after his scrap with deacon, he was really wound up.

Brooke: Yeah, yeah, he was. And the way he looked at me. He was in so much pain, like he just couldn’t take it anymore. And that’s exactly what he said. He said he can’t do this anymore. And now he’s not picking up his phone. I mean, I don’t know what to do. I need to talk to him. Why isn’t he taking my calls?

Thomas: All right, I’m gonna get you a new ice pack.

Taylor: Oh, that’s a good idea. You know, ridge, I understand that you lost your temper, but–

Ridge: Oh, no, but lo– I couldn’t get him. I had to do something because I know deacon did something to brooke that night, I know he did.

Steffy: No, no, no, no, no. Don’t make brooke out to be some kind of innocent victim. She wasn’T. And her reaction today proves that. Dad, come on.

Thomas: Steffy’s right. You said it yourself. She– she defended deacon.

[Ridge sighing]

Steffy: After everything that deacon has done, brooke sided with him, not you. You let her off the hook with that kiss. Letting deacon stay in your bed. And she thanks you by telling you to leave deacon alone? Dad, this is too much. If brooke can’t even give you the smallest amount of respect, she doesn’t deserve a life with you.

[Sheila laughing]

Sheila: Look at that. Oh…

Deacon: What, you don’t believe me?

Sheila: What, that you took it easy on ridge?

Deacon: I could’ve annihilated him if I wanted to.

Sheila: Yeah, well, then why didn’t you?

[Both grunting and groaning]

Deacon: Ah! Come on.

Brooke: Ridge! Ridge!

[Deacon grunting]

Brooke: Oh, my god, ridge!

What are you doing?

Stop it! Stop it!

Deacon: Restrained myself for brooke.

Sheila: Oh. Deacon sharp, the peacemaker.

Deacon: Sometimes the best thing a fighter can do is not fight.

Sheila: Yeah, but you know what? You had the chance to– to knock ridge down a peg and– and show him who the alpha dog, was and you didn’t take it.

Deacon: There’s a– a technique in martial arts where you use your opponent’s momentum against them. You let them defeat themselves.

Sheila: Oh, okay.

Deacon: Ow.

Sheila: Well, you’re such a big winner. Where’s brooke now?

Deacon: I don’t know.

Sheila: Probably with ridge.

Deacon: I said I don’t know. But she was here, and when she saw what ridge was doing, she defended me. Ridge: I’m not making excuses for brooke.

Steffy: Because she doesn’t have any left.

Thomas: Yeah, she used them all up.

Taylor: Well, your father isn’t happy with the way she reacted, so…

Steffy: Brooke betrayed him.

Taylor: Steffy–

Steffy: No, it– it’s more than that. Okay, she didn’t rush into deacon’s arms, but she took his side. She made dad out to be a bad guy.

Taylor: Well, you know, one thing I– I do know is that violence isn’t an answer. It never solves anything.

Steffy: Neither is forgiving brooke over and over again.

Taylor: All right, you’ve made your feelings very clear. But this is– this is your father’s life. These are his choices.

[Hayes fussing] I’m–

Steffy: Hayes is awake.

Taylor: Yeah, I’m gonna– I’m gonna get…

[Door opening]

Steffy: Mom doesn’t want to be in the middle of this.

Ridge: ‘Cause she understands I have to do this on my own.

Thomas: But you don’t, ’cause you can do it with your family. Okay? We’re here for you. We’re not judging you.

Steffy: We can see how unhappy you are. And it’s infuriating because it doesn’t have to be this way. Yes, you love her. We’ve accepted that. But you need to accept that she’s never gonna change. She’s never gonna commit herself to you the way mom could.

Brooke: He’s still not answering. Ridge. Please call me back. I love you and I am sorry. And we really need to talk about this and get past this. Please.


[Hanging up phone] Oh, god, this isn’t working.

[Sighing] He’s not taking my calls. And I’m not going to just sit here and risk losing the man that I love.

Liam: What do you– broo– hey, brooke? What are you–

Hope: Mom, where– where are you going?

Brooke: I’m going to find ridge. And I’m pretty sure I know where to look.

Sheila: I hope you don’t think that brooke was impressed by your caveman antics, because getting into a fistfight, that is not a romantic gesture, that is a red flag.

Deacon: You’re right. Brooke didn’t like iT. As a matter of fact…

[Deacon groaning] … Brooke didn’t like it at all. Yeah. When she came in and saw what was happening with ridge, she yelled at him to stop. Said that wasn’t my fault, that I didn’t do anything.

Sheila: What, she yelled at ridge?

Deacon: Yeah, she practically had to pull him off me.

Sheila: Oh, now that is an image! Brooke coming to your rescue? I– ridge must have exploded.

Brooke: He was furious. Yeah, then he tried to pin everything on me. Everything from, you know, new year’s eve, the kiss, her drinking. You know, he actually said that I violated her, that I lured her up into their bed. But, you know, brooke, she shut him down. She said that if anyone was to blame, it was her.

Sheila: Oh, and how did that go over?

Deacon: Well, you know, the guy’s a textbook egomaniac. You know, he made it all about him. You know, said that brooke wasn’t loyal, said that she chose me over him. All because she wouldn’t go along with his lies.

Sheila: She really is such an angel. But I certainly don’t see her here patching you up.

Deacon: Nah, she went– she went after him.

Sheila: Went after him?

Deacon: He was angry. He walked out on her.

Ridge: I love how much you kids care about me.

Steffy: Mom cares, too.

Thomas: Yeah, but she’s not gonna come down on brooke. She’s got too much class for that.

Steffy: Yeah, she’s not gonna tell you what to do about your marriage.

Thomas: Though we all know what you should do. I mean, it’s pretty obvious, come on. There’s a reason that you came here right now and you didn’t go home with her. Because you know that her promises don’t mean a damn thing, and I know that sounds really harsh. It does. I don’t want to be the one saying this. Brooke I– is– is a huge part of douglas’ life, and she’s also– she’s hope’s mother. But… she’s hurting you. And I don’t like seeing that. And I don’t understand why you can’t see that there is someone in the other room right now that would never, ever betray you the way that brooke has.

Steffy: Defending deacon? This is what brooke’s been doing since he came here. Ignoring your warnings, your concerns.

Thomas: Steffy’s right. She does, she ignores your warnings, she ignores your concerns. I– it’s– it’s never gonna stop. Do you know what? I feel like I’ve said my piece and I– I don’t need to speak for steffy. I’m just gonna get some fresh air. Okay?

Ridge: What about you? Need some fresh air as well, or?

Steffy: You’re not getting off that easy. You heard from thomas. Now you’re gonna hear from me.

Hope: Ridge has walked out before, but he always comes back.

Liam: Yeah, well… it’s kind of how destiny works, isn’t it? No matter what.

Hope: My mom is right about one thing, though.

Liam: Mm?

Hope: This is not going to be solved via text message or a phone call. They actually need to sit down with each other and look– look each other in the eyes and–

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: Hopefully, ridge will see that she’s sorry. That she wasn’t choosing deacon over him, that– that she saw them fighting and wanted it to stop.

Liam: Yeah, that’s a– he has to understand that. She’ll make him understand it.

Hope: Yeah. I just– I don’t know how I feel about my mom going over to steffy’S. I’m sure ridge is there, but I don’t know what else she’s walking into.

[Vehicle approaching]

[Engine shutting off]

[Car door shutting]

[Footsteps approaching]

Brooke: Thomas. Is your dad here?

Thomas: Why?

Brooke: I– I don’t have time to explain. I just need to see him right away.

Thomas: He doesn’t need to see you.

Liam: So… what do we do now? I mean, we just head back to the cabin?

Hope: No, I– I want to be here for my mom if she can’t find ridge.

Liam: Hey. She’ll find him. And it’s gonna be okay. Your mom walked in on ridge beating up your father, right? Like, she– she freaked out like any rational person would, and she’ll explain that to him.

Hope: Well, the sooner she does that, the better. I can’t stop thinking about those things steffy said to me. About where ridge belongs and who he should love and be with and–

Liam: Yeah, that’S…

Hope: I just hope he remembers how much he loves my mom.

Brooke: I see your father’s car right there.

Thomas: Yeah, he’s here, but you shouldn’t be.

Brooke: I need to speak to him.

Thomas: Not right now. Just go home. Wait for him there.

Brooke: Thomas, I can’T. This is too important.

Thomas: If dad wanted to see you, then he would’ve come to your house. But he didn’T. He came here to be with me, steffy and our family.

Brooke: Oh, my god, what are you doing? I really need to talk to ridge. There’s something I need to discuss with him. So, please get out of my way–

Thomas: It’ll have to be another time and another place. I’m not letting you anywhere near my father right now.


Ridge: All right. Here we go. I know what you’re gonna say.

Steffy: I said all of this even before mom came back.

Ridge: And I realize your mom coming here has brought out a lot of emotions and feelings for you and your brother. That has nothing to do with my situation with brooke.

Steffy: But dad, you don’t need to be in this situation. You don’t need to keep repeating the cycle. Like, aren’t you tired? Aren’t you tired of the lies and the secrets, always sacrificing your happiness for hers?

Ridge: That’s not what I’m doing.

Steffy: That’s what it looks like. That’s why thomas stormed out of here. He’s done watching you absolve brooke. Not after all of the infidelity and the indiscretion. Like, please tell me your eyes are finally open and you see brooke for who she truly iS. She’s a serial cheater, dad. She’s never kept her vows to you. She’s had her head turned by… your brother. And your father, bill, so many other enemies. She never puts you first. I mean, how many times do I have to say it? You’ve warned her to stay away from deacon and she ends up kissing him, and then she wakes up next to him–

Ridge: All right, I know–

Steffy: — In your bed!

Ridge: I know what happened.

Steffy: Ugh.

Ridge: And I get that you’re angry and you’re frustrated. And I am, too.

Steffy: I’m angry and frustrated with you. Because when– when are you gonna get off this merry-go-round? You just bend over backwards for the logans, you do everything that they want, even if it makes you miserable. Somebody has to say it, dad. Someone’s going to say it. Brooke’s never gonna be– she’s never gonna commit herself to you. She’s never gonna be loyal to you. Not the way mom could be. Mom tried to find happiness without you, and she did. She threw herself into work, and I’m really proud of her for that. But what about you? What are you doing to make yourself happy? Because whatever’s happening with brooke, it clearly isn’t working. So, what the hell are you doing, dad? This is–

Taylor: Steffy! Your father isn’t doing any of this to hurt you. He loves you and your brother so much.

Steffy: Well, mom, he needs to hear this.

[Taylor scoffing] Dad, mom is an amazing person and she loves you. How do you not realize that? How do you keep rejecting someone who is so loving? You just keep choosing brooke over her!

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