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[ Dramatic music ]

Taylor: Brooke’s been unfaithful to your father?

Thomas: And not just with anyone, mom.

Steffy: With deacon.

[ Taylor gasping ]

Ridge: I have an idea. Let’s forget about that night.

Brooke: I wish I could.

Ridge: Well, why don’t we start by you stopping to torture yourself. It’s a good start.

[ Brooke sighing ]

Brooke: I’m just so ashamed, ridge.

Ridge: I know. I know that. I can feel it in… every corner of this house, every ounce of your being. You need to learn to forgive yourself. When do you think that’s going to happen?

Brooke: Probably never.

Ridge: Never, huh? That’s a long time. It’s going to be hard for all the people that love you. So, that’s your plan? You’re just going to keep punishing yourself?

Brooke: There’s really no punishment too great for what I’ve done.

Ridge: How about that? How about we keep going to meetings? I’ll go with you. You can go as many times as you want. I know I can’t fix this for you… but I want to fix it with you. I’m here. Don’t forget that.

Paris: I care about you. I’m falling for you. I thought you felt the same way too. You’re gonna end things before we’ve even given ourselves a chance?

Carter: We’ve already let this go too far, paris.

Paris: We kissed a few times.

Carter: And I shouldn’t have let that happen.

Paris: And each kiss was more incredible than the last one. Don’t tell me you don’t feel it too. It’s not just me. These feelings are strong, carter. This connection… why are you letting it go?

Grace: Zende is who

my daughter should share

her life with.

End it with paris

or I’ll go to ridge.

Paris: There’s something between us, carter. Your eyes are giving it away. I don’t know why you’re suddenly trying to deny it.

Carter: I’m not denying you.

Paris: You said you couldn’t stop thinking about me. That you even see a future for us.

Carter: I do, paris. That’s all true. You’ve been on my mind constantly since that first kiss. I’ve fallen for you more than you even realize.

Paris: So, I’m right. I’m not crazy. You have fallen for me.

Sheila: Hey.

[ Finn sighing ]

Finn: Sheila.

Sheila: I–I know. I should’ve called first.

Finn: You just– you can’t show up in my office without giving me a heads up first.

Sheila: I–I was just at the bakery around the corner and… I just picked up a little treat for you. I know it’s silly, but I… I just wasn’t able to do things like this for you when you were a boy. They’re chocolate chip cookies. You can save them for later or take them home and share them with kelly.

Finn: Thank you. That’s–that’s really nice of you. But you–you… what if steffy were here? You know how she feels about you coming around.

Sheila: Yeah, but I know how busy she is. Your wife is always working. She’s always at forrester creations, so I imagine she’s spending a lot of time with her mother as well.

Finn: Yeah, she is. It…it means so much to steffy to have taylor back in town.

Taylor: Deacon? How could she– how could she turn to deacon?

Thomas: We’ve been asking ourselves the same question.

Taylor: You guys, this is a– this is a very serious accusation. I–I… I can’t imagine that brooke would actually do this. Put her marriage at risk again. Are you certain?

Steffy: Oh yeah.

Thomas: Yeah.

Taylor: How do you two know?

Thomas: We, uh, we heard it from douglas. Hello?

Paris: You can’t give this a shot?

Carter: I can’T.

Paris: You can’T. Carter, you can talk to me about anything. That’s why we connected so well. We can be real with each other, so just be real with me.

Carter: It’s hard to explain.

Paris: Look, I said if this is about zende, we both agreed to be casual. It wouldn’t be hurting anyone.

Carter: I don’t think everyone would see it that way.

Paris: What matters is how we see it.

Carter: Paris–

Paris: We can’t worry anybody else.

Carter: You know it’s more complicated than that.

Paris: It doesn’t have to be. And I know you’re worried about what the forresters would feel.

Carter: Zende’s one of them. He’s family.

Paris: That family adores you, even after what happened with quinn, and I’d like to think one day, they’d eventually be happy for us.

Carter: In a perfect world, I’d like to think that too, paris, but I won’t jeopardize your standing with the family or this company.

Paris: Let me worry about that.

Carter: Paris, it’s not about them.

Paris: What is it about then? It shouldn’t be about anything but us. This pull we have for each other. I can’t explain it, you can’t explain it, but it’s here and it’s not going anywhere. You want me as much as I want you. Tell me I’m wrong. You can’t because you know how good we can be together. I don’t know why you’re doing this, but I refuse to give up on us.

Sheila: I…I missed out on so many milestones when you were young. I… I knew you’d have a great life with your father and his wife. Giving you up as a newborn was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Finn: From what I’ve heard, my father kind of pressured you into it.

Sheila: Yeah, well, it did feel that way, but I don’t want you to resent your father more than you already do. There’s nothing that I can do to make up for the time that we lost. I–I just pray that I’ll be able to spend more time with you and hayes during your future. I–I don’t mean to put you on the spot again. I realize that there are things that I’ve done in my past that certain people won’t be able to forgive me for.

Finn: Yeah, I mean… steffy is definitely not there yet.

Sheila: I’m pleasantly surprised about taylor. Her ability to allow for forgiveness, I… I’m really hopeful that she’ll be able to convince her daughter one day. However, there is one person hellbent on making sure I have nothing to do with you or hayes’ lives.

Finn: Who?

Sheila: Brooke. I’m not too concerned. I have a suspicion brooke’s day of reckoning is gonna be here sooner than later.

Taylor: Douglas. What does douglas have to do with any of this?

Thomas: Douglas kept mentioning that he saw grandma kissing santa claus. Yeah, I was confused too. We all were.

Steffy: Yeah.

Thomas: But, uh, we found out that douglas that night had actually gone up to the house. He’d left his, uh, his little peanut butter stuffed animal there, so he, in the middle of the night, went up there and…

Steffy: And that’s when douglas saw brooke through the window kissing some dude in a santa hat.

Thomas: Except for it wasn’t jolly old st. Nick she was kissing, it was deacon.

Steffy: Yeah.

Taylor: Okay, hold on a second. How do you guys know it was deacon? It was probably your father.

Douglas: Nope. It wasn’t dad. I know that because I asked douglas and he said it happened on new year’s eve, not christmas eve.

Taylor: Okay.

Steffy: Remember? Dad couldn’t get home to brooke that night.

Thomas: Yeah. The jet actually couldn’t take off because of the storm, so dad didn’t return until the following day.

Steffy: So, then brooke turned to deacon.

Taylor: Oh, my god. That’s why she’s been acting so weird. I–I can’t imagine that your father would be okay with any of this, but… look, guys. I’m not making excuses, but it was just a kiss.

Steffy: That’s the thing.

Thomas: Yeah.

Steffy: It wasn’t just a kiss. Deacon spent the night.

Taylor: What?

[Inspirational soul music]

Grace: Why were you

hiding it? Because you know

it was wrong.

Whatever this is between

you and paris, it ends

today or else I’m going

to the forresters.

End it with paris.

Have I made myself clear?

Carter: When you start- to smile,

you make it impossible–

Grace: Hi, sweetheart.

Paris: Mom. Hey.

Grace: Is this a bad time? You seem a little preoccupied.

Paris: No, I just got back. I was at carter’S.

Grace: Huh. Carter appears to be quite the resource for financial advice. It’s nice of him to offer to help you with your investments.

Paris: Yeah.

Grace: You seem down. Have you eaten anything?

Paris: I’m really not hungry, mom.

Grace: Why don’t you try reaching out to zende? Maybe he’d like to join you for dinner? He’s such a good guy and he cares so much about you, sweetheart.

Finn: I need to check on some patients.

Sheila: Oh, I’m just glad I got the chance to see you. I’ve got to get out of here anyway.

Finn: What did you just mean about brooke just now?

Sheila: I–it was just something general. I mean, brooke’s never been supportive of me, but I’m not gonna let her or anyone meddle in my relationship with you.

[ Brooke sighing ]

Brooke: I wanna thank you for joining me at another meeting. Even though I am diligent about going, it was just really nice to have your presence there with me for added support.

Ridge: It’s eye opening, isn’t it? Seeing all these strong, amazing people fighting to hold on.

Brooke: I’m right there with them.

Ridge: Yeah. You’re fighting your fight. It amazes me how you can just be so honest and open with strangers.

Brooke: I trust them. We’ve become friends.

Ridge: Yeah. I don’t talk to my friends like that.

[ Brooke chuckling ] You know what stuck with me? You saying that drinking isn’t the worst part. That’s the shame that comes after.

Brooke: Yeah. It’s what happened after the alcohol that frightens me. The fear of waking up the next morning and the fear of every single day.

Ridge: You know what I see from the outside? I see this woman, this… beautiful woman standing up in front of all of these people, telling the truth about what happened on new year’s eve. I’m so proud of you.

Taylor: Okay, so, so douglas saw brooke kissing deacon. This has got to be so confusing for him.

Steffy: We didn’t want to drag douglas into this any further.

Douglas: Right. Or get into a situation where it was douglas’ word against brooke’s and…

Steffy: So, we got proof.

Taylor: Proof? What kind of proof?

Steffy: We used charlie to hack into dad and brooke’s security footage.

Taylor: You did what?

Steffy: I know, I know. Pushing the envelope here, but mom, we had to.

Thomas: Yeah, we were just looking out for dad.

Taylor: Of course you were, but, oh guys–

Steffy: Wanna see it?

Taylor: Yes.

Thomas: Okay. Okay.

Steffy: Everyone had gone home and then deacon comes back alone.

Taylor: Huh.

Steffy: Now, take a look at this. Look at the timestamp.

Taylor: Oh, my gosh. Is that–that’s him leaving the next day.

Steffy: Yeah.

Taylor: S–so, he really did spend the night.

Thomas: Yeah.

Taylor: How could brooke do this to ridge?


Grace: I can tell you’ve got a lot on your mind. Is there anything I can do to help?

Paris: No, mom, but thank you. I’ll be fine.

Grace: You are too young to be so stressed. What about what I suggested? Seeing what zende’s up to? I see how you smile when he’s around.

Paris: He’s probably busy working and we have a launch coming up, so.

Grace: He really is remarkable, and he loves you so much. He’s good for you.

Paris: All right, mom. I have a meeting coming up in a few minutes.

Grace: Okay, go. I’ll see you at home later. No rush.

Paris: All right.

Grace: Okay.

Paris: Bye, mom.

[ Grace moaning ]

Paris: I’ll see you later.

Grace: Okay.

[ Phone ringing]

Carter: Hello?

Grace: Carter? Grace buckingham.

Carter: Hi, grace.

Grace: I just spoke with my daughter. I gather you did what I asked? You ended things with paris?

Carter: I did, but it wasn’t to protect myself. I did it to protect paris.

I can’t watch her throw

away everything she worked

hard for at

forrester creations.

Grace: I’m glad you feel that way.

I couldn’t agree more. Paris can not be involved with you. You have to see that.

Carter: It’s over.

Grace: Good. It’s what’s best for paris and for you.

Now, I don’t have to go

to ridge and the forresters. But, I’ll be watching, carter. Make sure you stay away from my daughter.

Sheila: My plan worked. I got you to drink again, brooke. It’s only a matter of time before you screw up even worse… and your whole world comes crashing down.

Ridge: There are no secrets. You just stood up in front of everyone and showed them who you were. Your authentic self. And you were honest and raw and… I don’t even know how to explain this, but… seeing your bravery in front of everybody… made me love you even more.

Brooke: Oh, god.

Taylor: Brooke spent the night with deacon?

Thomas: Dad has been defending brooke for decades, and all the while, she’s just played him for a fool.

Taylor: Yeah, but it explains why she has been acting so weird lately, right?

Thomas: Yeah, because brooke is terrified that dad will find out.

Steffy: How much more is dad gonna take? How many more so called accidental kisses is he going to put up with? How many times can brooke cheat on him for him to actually say enough?

Taylor: He’s been so loyal to her.

Steffy: Beyond. Brooke’s just taken advantage of dad. That’s why we have to do something. Okay, mom, I know you didn’t come back to L.A. To break up dad and brooke. Thomas and I know you wouldn’t do that.

Taylor: No, of course.

Thomas: Well, brooke has been doing a good job of that on her own.

Steffy: Once dad finds out about brooke and deacon, that’s going to be the final straw and as much as I hate the thought of dad being in pain, it’s good to know that you’ll be there to help him. Finally, you two can reunite and we can all be a family again.

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