General Hospital Short Recap Friday, February 11, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Phyllis advises Sonny not to give up on his marriage and to be completely honest with Carly so they can build trust between them again. Carly has her assistant make an appointment with a divorce attorney for her and Sam advises Carly to go to the appointment to find out her options. Sam thinks Carly should seriously consider if now is the right time to file for divorce. Carly’s assistant accidentally puts the appointment on Donna and Avery’s calendar which gets texted to Sonny.

Ava advises Nina to give Sonny space because if she gives him space he and Carly will get back together.

Terry heads to her blind date that she met on the dating app. The only way she will know who her date is because he will be wearing a teal-colored shirt. Chet sits down next to her at the bar so she thinks he is her date.

Elizabeth is distracted and sad because Valentine’s Day is her wedding anniversary with Franco. Elizabeth wonders why the dress she wore for her wedding with Franco is torn up when it was in perfect condition when she put it in the garment bag to donate to the hospital clothing drive.

Trina tells Portia and Taggert what Esme did to her at the cabin and they offer their support to her and Taggert orders Chocolate mousse to cheer up Trina.

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