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[ Dramatic music ]

Ridge: You kissed deacon?

Brooke: I really am sorry. I know I should have told you when it happened. I know.

Ridge: This can’t be right. You wouldn’t do that.

Steffy: Dad’s going to need a lot of support to get through this.

Taylor: Yes, he is. He’s going to need support from all of us.

Steffy: Yeah.

Thomas: Got your texts. Are we doing this? We telling dad about brooke and deacon?

Steffy: Mom already told him.

Thomas: What?

Brooke: That’s right!

Sheila: Are you drooling?

Deacon: What?

Sheila: Careful. Somebody’s very jumpy.

Sheila: Why the hell do you always have to sneak up on people?

Sheila: I wasn’t sneaking, I–I just walk softly. What–what are you looking at anyway?

Deacon: Nothing. I just–I’m just thinking.

Sheila: Just thinking.

Deacon: Yeah.

Sheila: Well, then it must be about brooke. That would explain the drool, but… not the jumpiness. What’s going on with you, deacon? What’s got you so on edge?

Deacon: If I seem like I’m on edge, it’s because every time I turn around, there you are, staring at me with that creepy smile, harassing me about brooke.

Sheila: Harassing you? You know, I, I’m just trying to be a friend talking about things that I know interest you. And I know brooke is, is that number one topic. Although lately, when I bring her up, it’s–it’s like it’s upsetting you. Why, why is that, deacon? Because I certainly don’t want to talk about something that brings you any pain, but I am not a mind reader. You’ve got to be able to tell me.

[ Sheila gasping ] Unless it’s something that we can’t talk about in here because we could always go back to my hotel room if you’d like, and you know, have a little pillow talk.

Deacon: You are relentless, aren’t you? All right. I might as well tell you the truth because it’s coming out anyway.

Sheila: The truth? What do you mean?

Deacon: The truth about me and brooke. About what really happened that night that we got drunk.

Thomas: Okay, well, how’s dad doing? Is he okay?

Taylor: No, he’s not. He’s desperately trying to figure out another explanation for what happened.

Thomas: Another explanation for brooke to be kissing deacon?

Steffy: You know dad. Defending brooke ’til the end.

Thomas: Whatever. You know what? He’s probably just shocked. And this just needs to sink in.

Steffy: I’m sure brooke is going to turn on the waterworks and have some kind of excuse.

Taylor: Well, that’s exactly what she’s going to do. You know, you guys should know this. Brooke relapsed, so she’ll probably also just blame the alcohol for what happened, you know.

Steffy: Yeah, I’m sorry that happened to brooke, but that shouldn’t matter, because dad warned her over and over again to stay away from deacon, to not have him in their house, and she ignored dad. She even encouraged deacon to start hanging around. I mean, are we really surprised that brooke ended up kissing him? That he spent the night because that is exactly who brooke is. She can’t help herself. I mean, it wasn’t that long ago when she was caught kissing bill, now deacon. And in six months from now, it’s probably going to be another guy. Because when it comes to brooke, there’s always another man. We just got to get dad to finally realize it.

Brooke: I was… I was drunk, ridge. And I know that’s not an excuse, I do. I’m just–I’m really ashamed, okay?

Ridge: You were wondering why you drank. Now, you know why?

Brooke: I do?

Ridge: Yes. Deacon. He spiked your drink.

Brooke: No.

Ridge: He spiked your drink with something. That deceitful, little weasel. He wanted to get with you and he knew he couldn’t do it when you’re sober. So he–he did that. And you know what that is? That is criminal.

Brooke: No, I don’t think–

Ridge: Okay, now just–just…try to remember everything that happened that night. All of it. I’m amber, I’ve lost 128 pounds with golo,

Sheila: You and brooke got so drunk that not only did you share a kiss, but you shared her bed?

Deacon: Yeah, that about sums it up.

Sheila: Oh my god, this is too good, too good. You know the names they call her? They’re–they’re true, aren’t they?

Deacon: Okay, you know what? Stop. That’s not cool, all right? Nothing happened.

Sheila: Nothing? Sure.

Deacon: What part of passed out drunk aren’t you understanding? Even if I wanted something to happen, neither of us were in any state to make it happen.

Sheila: That you can remember.

Deacon: I can’t believe I gotta say this again. I woke up on top of the sheets, completely dressed. Now, just knock it off.

Sheila: All right. So it was just a kiss and a sleepover. That’s still explosive. That’s enough to ruin brooke’s marriage. Why would you tell me this?

Deacon: It doesn’t matter anyway. It’s all about to come out.

Sheila: No, brooke would never tell ridge. He’ll just walk away from her for the millionth time.

Deacon: Yeah, he’s going to be upset at first, but then logic should kick in. I mean, it was one kiss.

Sheila: And you shared a bed. Oh, I knew you were keeping a juicy secret from me, but god, I had no idea how juicy.

Deacon: Yeah. Well, it’s not going to be a secret much longer. Brooke decided that she can’t carry it anymore, and she wants ridge to hear it from her. She’s probably telling him right now.

Thomas: You don’t think dad’s actually going to buy whatever story brooke comes up with, right?

Taylor: Your dad doesn’t want to believe that brooke betrayed him, especially with deacon. He said I was misinterpreting.

Steffy: It’s kind of hard to misinterpret camera footage. There’s no denying deacon spent the night.

Thomas: This has got to be enough for dad to leave brooke, though. Yeah?

Steffy: Should be. But if she plays him again, I don’t know.

Thomas: We’ve tried over and over again with brooke, but… gosh, dad has got to wake up and leave brooke once and for all.

Brooke: I don’t think you want the details, ridge.

Ridge: I don’T. I don’t want the details. I need them. I know it’s going to hurt, but I’m your husband and I’m here for you and I want to know. So please.

Brooke: Ah, I, I told you what I remember.

Ridge: You told me about the drinking, but there’s something else you’re leaving out. There’s got to be. I understand why, but you gotta be completely honest with me because this doesn’t make any sense to me. Everything was fine until deacon comes in the house and you start drinking.

Brooke: No, it wasn’t like that. He didn’t want me to drink. In fact, he tried to stop me.

Ridge: Oh, he tried to stop you.

Brooke: Yeah, he was genuinely concerned.

Ridge: He’s a very genuine guy, yes. But, when you asked him to drink with you, you didn’t have to twist his arm or anything.

Brooke: I was very insistent. Almost like I was drinking already, but I hadn’t been. I just had some of that non-alcoholic champagne, you know, that bottle that we had–

Ridge: Did you put your glass down somewhere when you weren’t paying attention? Where he could have spiked it?

Brooke: No. Why would he risk that, especially in front of the children?

Ridge: I don’t know. But why–why is any of this happening? Why? Why would you all of sudden start drinking? Why would you all of a sudden kiss that man?

Brooke: It was an impulse. He was telling me how much he loved me. He never stopped loving me. And I just let it happen. Drinking always brings out the worst in me.

Ridge: Deacon brings out the worst in you. Trying to get a picture here. You guys, standing, what, over here? So, what, you’re just, uh, kissing with him, what? In a santa suit? Because that’s what douglas saw, right?

Brooke: Uh, yeah. He saw him put on a santa hat and I–I don’t know. He just found this hat and he put it on. We thought it was kinda funny at first.

Deacon: You thought it was funny?

Brooke: I’m sorry. I really am sorry. Be ready for whatever life throws your way.

Sheila: What, brooke is telling ridge right now? Oh, god. This is, this is too good.

Deacon: You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?

Sheila: You have no idea the way brooke treated me years ago, pretending to be my friend. It was all a lie. She hated me and the names that she called me. “Crazy, lunatic, psychotic.” No, she is just as bossy today, just as determined as she ever was, and telling me that I am never going to have a place in my son’s life? In my grandson’s? She’s going to do everything in her power to make sure of it? What gives her that right? So, yes… the idea of brooke finally having a little comeuppance? I do find joy in that. Immense joy.

Steffy: You know what’s so sad about all of this? None of this had to happen. If dad stayed with you, he would be truly happy. He would be. Instead, he’s dealing with all of brooke’s drama.

Taylor: I understand that you feel that way, steffy, but, you know, there is so much history even before the two of you were born.

Steffy: Oh, I know all the history. She slept her way through the forrester family. She became obsessed with all the wealth and the power, and the lifestyle. I–I just hope that dad finally sees brooke for who she truly is.

Taylor: Oh, gosh. You have no idea how many times I have thought the same thing. She always finds her way out of it. You know what?

Thomas: Mom?

Taylor: Not this time.

Thomas: I mean.

Ridge: You don’t have to apologize to me. Deacon did this. After you kissed, did anything else happen? I–I know he spent the night here. So after that kiss, you told him it was inappropriate, you would, you would never do that again. And he was so drunk, he just, you were kind enough to let him sleep on the couch.

Brooke: I was pretty out of it, ridge. And deacon knew that I should go to sleep, so he helped me.

Ridge: He helped you. He helped you to bed?

Brooke: He led me upstairs and–

Ridge: And what?

Brooke: And when I woke up the next morning, he was, he was there right next to me.

Ridge: He was there?

Brooke: Yeah, but not in–

Ridge: No, I know, where I, yeah, he was there.

Brooke: Nothing happened, really.

Ridge: Nothing happened?

Brooke: No.

Ridge: How do you know nothing happened? He didn’t touch you?

Brooke: No!

Ridge: Didn’t undress you?

Brooke: No, ridge, I swear, nothing happened. I–I was under the covers and he was on top of the covers, and we are both fully dressed. Really, I promise you nothing happened.

Ridge: Why do you keep saying nothing happened? What does that mean? “Nothing happened”? The guy comes in this house, you drink with him, you make out with him, you wake up with him, in our bed. That, that’s something.

Brooke: I don’t know. I’m just so confused. I’m really confused about that whole night.

Ridge: What’s confusing about it? Deacon did exactly what I, I thought he would do. He did exactly what I, I told you he would do. You give him an opening, and he hurts you. It’s what he does, this is all on him. Kids can change minds,

Brooke: I should have listened to you. I should have learned from my mistakes. You could have had so much more, ridge. Could have had a life with taylor, and a family with steffy and thomas. Everything they ever wanted. Instead, you got this. This mess. I don’t know why I keep slipping up. I don’t know why I keep sabotaging our marriage, but I do. I could understand if you want to walk away. But that’s not what I want. I want you. I will always be by your side. I choose you, ridge.

Ridge: You let me down. You hurt me.

[ Brooke sighing ] But you’re the love of my life. You’re my logan. I gotta get some air. I’m gonna make this right.

[ Brooke sighing ]

Steffy: I wouldn’t wanna be be brooke right now. Did you see the look in mom’s eyes?

Thomas: Long time coming.

Steffy: Wish I could be there, watch mom take her down.

Thomas: Yeah, mom’s not gonna put up with any of her excuses, that’s for sure. “Oh no, I can’t believe it. Like, he just fell on my lips, and then we kissed, and then slept on my bed. I just don’t know what happened.”

Steffy: Uncanny impression.

Thomas: I forgot the whole wiggle and jiggle that goes along with it. But I just don’t understand how dad falls for it every single time.

Steffy: I know, it’s mindblowing.

Thomas: Yeah, especially since mom is ten times the woman that brooke is. I mean, she, she’s given her entire life to helping others. She’s a world-renowned psychiatrist. And, and, and brooke? I mean, who the heck has she ever helped?

Steffy: Brooke will never compare to mom. Never.

[ Knocking ]

Brooke: I’m not in the mood for visitors.

Taylor: At least I knocked. I know what you’ve done, brooke. I know all about you and deacon.

[ Door creaking ]

Deacon: Ridge, I told you–

[ Deacon groaning ]

Ridge: Get up.

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