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I have something to tell you. I’m listening. You know that guy I’ve been messaging? On the dating app portia signed you up for? We have our first date tonight. Stop it! On valentine’s day? I know! Aggressive. Or insanely romantic. Tell me everything about him.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Later. What? You’re gonna leave me hanging? I have a patient. Fine. But I’m excited for you. I am, too.

[ Sighs ] Oh. Nuh-uh. You have no business being tired. Excuse me? I’m the one that slept on the bench. I mean couch. That is a couch, isn’t it? Mm. Not up to your standards, huh? I’m just saying, you may want to think about an upgrade. Just a suggestion. Well, lucky for you, there’s no need for another sleepover. No? The authorities checked all the ships leaving port charles last night. No sign of peter. Looks like he found his way out of town. Well, with that guy, anything’s possible. Careful. It almost sounds like you want to crash on my couch again. Would that be so bad? Taggert, thank you so much for coming. You know I’d do anything for trina. Mm. And maybe it’s nothing. And maybe I’m overreacting. I mean, she’s been acting fine. But your mom radar is going off? Yeah. Yeah, it is. Big time. She went away on this weekend trip with all of her friends, and ever since she’s been back, I mean, she hasn’t said a word to me. And that’s not normal for her. I mean, right? Dinner tonight was a good idea. We’ll talk, we’ll figure out what’s going on with trina, get our girl back on track.

[ Gasps ]

[ Chuckles ] For me? I just wanted to see how you were. You know, your first valentine’s without lenny. Mm. But, um, looks like it’s pretty good.

[ Both laugh ] Lenny hated valentine’s day. Every year, I got chocolates, flowers, and a rant that he didn’t need some greeting card company telling him how and when to express his love. Sounds like lenny. Doesn’t it? I thought this could be my way of honoring him. Not to mention, it makes good business sense. How? Well, so many people feel left out on this holiday. Lonely hearts need a place to go, too. Oh, hi! Come in. Hi! Wow. You look incredible. Well, thank you very much. Hot date? Yeah, with my hot husband. Why didn’t you tell me you had plans? Well, you sounded kind of upset when you called. Besides, I figured that you would know that I would have plans tonight. What’s tonight? It’s february 14th. It’s valentine’s day. Yeah. Oh, boy. You don’t even know what day it is. Something big must have gone down, huh?

[ Sighs ] Sorry for keeping you here so late. Valentine’s day is always busy around here. Jason didn’t cheat on me.

You did. You can rewrite this story

any way you want, but the ending is the same.

We are over, and this is on you. If you need me, I’ll be in the office, tackling this list. Joanne, wait. I need one more thing.

I am so sorry. I guess I completely forgot there are still some people who celebrate valentine’s day. I’ll just go. No, you won’T. No! You’ll do no such thing. Come on, come in. Are you sure? Yes, I’m sure. Come in. Take off your coat. Thank you. So, um, I did hear about maxie. You must be so worried. Unless there’s something else going on? No, I mean… maxie and peter’s trail has gone cold, and I am losing my mind wondering where they could be, but the only consolation, ava, thank god, is that maxie’s daughter was found safe. Did peter have her this entire time? No. You remember. Peter showed up in nixon falls and he tried to blackmail me into helping him find louise. Right, and he threatened to tell the truth about sonny. Well, there’s more to that story. A lot more. Would you like a cup of coffee? I’ll get you one. Only if you want to launch me into space. I think I’d like to see that.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I just can’t snap out of it today. Well, that’s understandable, right? You’re worried about maxie. We all are. It’S… it’s valentine’s day. It’s also your anniversary with franco. Thank you for remembering. That means a lot. Go easy on yourself, okay? I’ll try. Yeah? Okay. Hey. Chet, it’s been a while. How’s everything going? Things are terrible. There she is! Aah!

[ Chuckles ] Thank you for making time to see your parents. Wait, shouldn’t you be on a date right now? I will, a little bit later, but I had to spend some time with my original valentine. Well, why aren’t you asking if I have any plans? Do you? No. That’s why I wasn’t asking.

[ Chuckles ] Sit, sit, sit, sit. Come on. Get comfortable. You guys are acting weird, but I’m hungry, so… yeah. I would like to propose a toast. Ah. Oh. To trina. You are strong, intelligent, kind… beautiful. Not that that matters. But it’s true. Mm-hmm. You are kicking ass at pcu, baby girl, and you just organized your very first gallery exhibition. Which was a huge success. If this spencer cassadine can’t see you for the star that you are, it’s his loss. That’s real smooth, taggert. Um… what? So is that what tonight’s about? Spencer? No, it’s — it’s really not, I mean, completely. It just seems like you’re having, you know, kind of a rough time dealing with this young man. Oh, my god. I can’t believe this. Believe what? My own parents think I’m pathetic.

[ Sighs ] Not a fan of valentine’s day, I see.

[ Laughs ] Hey. Hi. So, are you meeting dante here? Oh, I wish. He’s searching for maxie and peter. Oh, I heard he took her hostage. That is awful. That sums peter up in a nutshell, yes. Awful. I really hope they find that guy. Yeah, me too.

[ Sighs ] So? So what? Well, judging from the napkin, I don’t think I really have to ask, but I’m going to have to ask anyway. How did things go with you and sonny last night? I walked in on him in bed with nina. The flowers are beautiful. Thank you. If I’d known about the chocolates, I would have brought them, too. Oh, don’t think I didn’t buy some for myself. I swear, I could feel lenny’s spirit when I paid for them. I miss him. I miss him, too. So, how are you doing? Still on your meds? Yes, ma’am.

[ Chuckles ] Good. How are things going with carly? Last night seemed… so hopeful. Yep. [ Sighs ] I’m taking it things didn’t go as planned? Carly and I are… as far apart as we’ve ever been.

Well, good for maxie. That plan took smarts and guts. And — and good for you, playing along with peter to keep him away from port charles. Must feel nice. What? Well, to be able to tell people that you had motivation other than hiding the truth about sonny. It’s kind of like vindication of sorts, huh? I’d hardly call me vindicated. So, um, any updates on that front? You and sonny, I mean? Why? What have you heard? Nothing. But obviously, there’s something. And you’re acting like you don’t want to talk about it, but I think you do want to talk about it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have come all the way out here. Oh, come on, ava. We’re friends. I wanted company. Is that so hard to believe? Mm-hmm. Sonny and I slept together, and carly walked in on us. I — how was it? Which part, ava?

[ Laughs ] I’m sorry. Never mind. Oh. Carly walked in on you and her husband in bed together. That is… horrible! 100% fully and completely horrible. Mm. I’m sure it was excruciating at the time. And it’s still pretty excruciating. But think to the future, nina. Doesn’t this mean you and sonny can be together? As you can probably imagine, we’re both pretty worried about maxie. It’s all I can think about — where she is, how she is, when is she coming home. I know. It makes me grateful for work. I need the distraction. Me too. Well, came in with amy so she could help with the clothing drive. We just loaded up the donations. I can’t believe how many there are. Have you seen the bins all over the hospital to benefit veterans in need? Of course. I didn’t know that was your doing. After the floating rib explosion, I was back down to one job. Best manager volonino’s has ever had. Well, with all that free time, I started volunteering for a nonprofit that helps veterans with physical and mental injuries — makes sure they have clothing, food, shelter, medicine. Sounds like an amazing charity. Yeah, well, I credit amy for getting the hospital involved. The clothing drive’s been a big hit. Which reminds me — I have a box of stuff that I left at home this morning, but my son is bringing it by any minute. Oh, getting the whole family involved. I like it.

[ Chuckles ] Excuse me. I have a patient I need to see. So, you and elizabeth — how’s that going? Sonny gave excuse after excuse of why they fell in bed together. As if there’s any plausible way to make that okay. Sonny’s still in love with nina and clearly feels compelled to act on those feelings.

[ Sighs ] I am so sorry. I’m not. I’m not. Seeing them together gave me the clarity that I needed. I mean, I’ve been wrestling for months with moving forward, if it was even possible. Now I have my answer. It’s no, by the way. Oh, I figured. Yeah, I mean, I’m not going to sit around while sonny prioritizes the woman who destroyed our family. You shouldn’T. No. Hell, no. I mean, I’m going to move forward. I am. My assistant is calling a divorce attorney as we speak. Divorce? Carly, that’S… necessary. I was going to say more like fast. Are you sure you’re making the right move? I don’t want to burden you with this, so I’m going to go ahead and sit down. Is that okay? It’s no burden, unless you don’t want to talk about it. It’s not — look, what I want is my wife, and that’s not going to happen. Why not? Because carly made it clear that we’re done. Maybe it seems that way now. No, that’s just the way it is, and nothing’s going to change it.

[ Sighs ] Something must have happened, sonny. What was it? I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you what happened. I made this grand gesture to have carly meet me because I needed some kind of a signal that she was willing to fight for our marriage. She didn’t show up? Well, she did, but it was, you know, very late, hours later, and I was… I’d done some thinking. Okay. Uh, carly would say to me that I’m defending nina because I have feelings for her, and I… and I guess it’s true, but I-I can’t shut it down, you know what I mean? These feelings. And as long as they’re there, carly refuses to be with you. I’m — no matter what — I-I told her I loved her, I told her that i didn’t want to lose her. And — and it doesn’t matter. I guess I just should accept that the marriage is over. Bull. You have not done everything you can for your marriage, and you know it.

I love you and I love nina, but I’m afraid I haven’t been a very good friend to either of you. What are you talking about? I should have been more forthright. You’re not responsible for my actions any more than you’re responsible for nina’S. I know, but part of being a friend is saying the hard truths. Okay, say it. You claim you tried everything to right things with carly. Right. Does that include telling her you went off your meds and that nina was there to get you help? No. So you’re still not being honest with your wife. But I told you — you rationalized. Just like you rationalized not telling carly that you and nina fell in love in nixon falls. Relationships need trust, sonny. If you keep repeating the same mistakes, how do you rebuild the trust you lost? How can I rebuild anything, phyllis…

[ Sighs ] …If carly refuses to hear me? The sooner I put this mess behind me, the better. I really need to get on with my life. Okay, and that is a natural reaction, completely. It’s healthy, even. When something hurts, you want to get as far away from it as possible. Hurts? The image of nina and sonny together in bed, I mean, it’s torture. It — okay, either way, the place that you’re in is not the place that you should be making decisions from. Just take a second, a minute — days, even — to process what this means for you and your family before you put something into motion that you can’t take back. Okay. I’m gonna give you some privacy.

[ Sighs ] Hey. The attorney does have one appointment open tomorrow, but it is in the morning, right after your visit with donna and avery.

[ Sighs ] That doesn’t give me much time. What do you want to do? How did you know there was anything between me and elizabeth? We work in a hospital, dr. Finn. Everyone knows. Everyone? Everyone. So are you going to give me the scoop or not? I’m thinking not, actually. Excuse my sister. She’s got the valentine’s bug. If I can’t have my own romance, I might as well help other people with theirs. Oh, well, I’m good, thank you. You sound just like chet refusing to let me set him up. ‘Cause I don’t need to be set up. Tell that to your gaming console. Ever since he and his last girlfriend broke up, he’s been in a total rut. Thanks for that. And by the way, I get out plenty. For casual dates, sure, but I could find your soul mate. Wow. Good luck with all that, chet. I’m going to need it. Yeah. I’ll see you around. You know I only meddle ’cause I love you, right? I know. After everything that your father and I just said, how do you even come away with you being pathetic? You thought I would be spending tonight pining over some guy. No. No, no, no. No. It’s just that you’ve been so quiet lately, ever since you came back from the trip. Your mom is worried that something may have happened in that cabin. So you guys didn’t just ask? Well, we didn’t want to pry.

[ Sarcastically ] This is better. Okay, okay. I’m sorry. You’re right. You’re right. A manufactured sneak attack was not the way to go. But we just want you to know that we’re here for you and — and we love you. And if you have anything that you want to get off of your chest, we’re listening. Mm-hmm.

[ Sighs ] It all started when spencer’s girlfriend — this punk has a girlfriend? Okay. Please, go on. Esme pulled a mean girl stunt at the cabin and I got upset, but I’m fine now. Okay, of course you’re fine now. But it’s no fun to have to deal with esme’s nonsense all the time. What is this girl’s name now? It’s esme. One more again? Esme. Esme. It’s french. It’s something.

[ Scoffs ] That girl is jealous of you, and she’s threatened by you. You think so? No, i know so. I don’t know where sonny and I stand. I don’t know where carly and sonny stand, for that matter. Well, surely, they’re over now.

[ Sighs ] I don’t know. I don’t even know if I’m rooting for that. Listen, ava, the only reason that sonny and I slept together is because we both believed that his marriage was over. He was in so much — he is in so much pain, and I don’t want to see him hurt like that again. Wait, whoa. Why did sonny think his marriage was over? Because carly was supposed to meet him as, like, some sort of sign that she was willing to work things out, and sonny got the impression that she wasn’t coming, and then I showed up, and things just — I don’t know, just progressed. Yeah, they sure did. Sorry. So do you think that it was revenge sex? N-no. I mean, say what you want to say, but sonny and I… we have real feelings for each other, ava, and it was more like we were repressing these feelings and we couldn’t deny it anymore. Come on, nina. You wanted this. You got it. Now what are you going to do with it?

You heading out? I sure am. Oh, wow. You look gorgeous. Yeah? You sure it’s not too much? Definitely not. Your date is going to be blown away. Whoever he is. Yeah, about that. If the dating app doesn’t allow you to exchange photos, how are you going to know who he is? He said he’ll be waiting at the bar, wearing a teal shirt. Oh, mysterious. I’m trying not to get my hopes up. Blind dates are statistically disastrous. Yeah, but it’s no pressure, right? It’s just drinks. At charlie’s anti-valentine’s party. Oh. We’ve been messaging for weeks. I know everything about him. He knows everything about me. We just don’t know what each other looks like. I have a feeling it’s going to go really well. From your lips.

[ Chuckles ] For the clothing drive? Excuse me, are you a veteran? I’m just trying to make sure there’s nothing in here that I gave you. Oh, nice job, biz — donating the fancy stuff.

[ Zipper runs ]

[ Sighs ] Or not. Yikes. What happened to this? That’s the dress I wore when I married franco. I want to go to sonny, but I can’T. Why not? Why not? Because his marriage just exploded. So? Ava, I don’t want to be one of those women that says, “what about me?” That’s kind of tacky, isn’t it? Nina, you slept with a married man. Like I told you, I slept with him because I thought his marriage was over. But okay, point taken. Just forget about morality, you know? Just go for it. No, no, no. I’m not going to do that. I’m not. I’m gonna… I’m going to just stop and think about what’s best for sonny. If it were anybody else, I would tell you to give him space. But sonny and carly have survived a lot, and with enough time, they could survive this. So do not give them time. Carly: Set the meeting. And once it’s confirmed, I want you to go home. Thank you so much, joanne. Hey. Meeting’s set. Okay. Okay? That’s it? Okay? Well, you might as well hear all your options. It doesn’t mean you have to act right away, though you are known for your impulsiveness. Yeah, it’s always worked out like a charm for me, huh? I hope you don’t think I’m trying to tell you what to do. I don’T. I think you’re trying to be my friend. Good, because as a friend, I think I should just warn you that if sonny finds out that you’re taking the divorce route so quickly, he’s going to be hurt, carly. So hurt that it might be the end for the two of you. Are you prepared for that? I wanted carly to meet me halfway so that I would know that she’s willing to fight for the marriage. I don’t know carly well, but it’s clear she loves you. Whatever went down last night, you’re sure there’s no way to salvage things? Uh, well, pretty sure. Well, if you’re waiting for my permission to give up on your marriage, you’re wasting your time. Not everybody’s as perfect as you and lenny. Oh. [ Chuckles ] Lenny and I didn’t have some magical romance. Some days were easy, some days were hard, but we worked on it. When you’re committed to someone, that’s what you do. You don’t just throw in the towel when things get difficult. I’m glad you decided to stay in port charles, ’cause I don’t know what I could have done without this tough love. Emphasis on “love.”

[ Cellphone beeps ] Oh. [ Sighs ] What’s wrong? Carly is meeting with a divorce lawyer tomorrow.

pain with I never meant for any of this to happen. If I would have just stopped for a second to consider the ramifications — hmm. It’s a little late for that now. You think? I’m in love with a man who I cause nothing but trouble for, but I don’t want to do that anymore. Well, you don’t have to. If I know sonny, he’s off somewhere nursing his wounds, spiraling out. You could be the one to steady him. I’m not going to take advantage of his pain. Well, I’m not suggesting you seduce the man, nina. Just be there for him. You love sonny. You want a future with him. Be somebody he can count on. No, I’ve caused too much damage by me being impulsive, and if I care about sonny, and…I really do care about him, I’ve got to stop that destructive behavior. So I take it that’s a no, you’re not going to go to him, then. It’s a no. For once, I am going to do the right thing and I’m not going to seek out sonny. I’m not going to do it. And however things land, I’m going to accept it. Suit yourself. But I think you’re making a big mistake. Did the dress look like thiswhen you put it in the box? I guess I don’t actually know. I mean, it’s been in that garment bag for months. I-I haven’t looked at it. Donating this is a big step. In the moment, it just felt important to helping me move on. So when you last saw it months ago, the dress was still intact? I don’t know how this could have happened. Moths, maybe? Are razor-tooth moths a thing? There aren’t even holes in the garment bag. It looks like somebody shredded this, but who would have done something like this? Maybe it fell apart when you had it dry cleaned. I-I think I’ve looked at it since then. I guess it’s a possibility it… say it. Today is franco’s and my anniversary, and having the dress torn up like this, it just seems like some kind of an omen that… I don’t even know what I’m saying. Look. Let’s get a drink, yeah? I-I’ll reschedule my date. No, absolutely not. It’s no big deal, really, I — oh, my god. What? I just — I remembered that I did look at the dress when it came back from the dry cleaners. I noticed a tear. I guess I just didn’t realize the extent. I’m sorry. I’m really tired today, and my brain is like mush. And… [ Sighs ] Mystery solved. So go, go on your date. Have fun. I can’t wait to hear all the details. I love you. I love you, too. Be right back. We’ll be right here, honey. Oh, god. What? What is that look? Just taking it all in. Taking what in?

[ Chuckles ] You used to be on this singular track, so focused, balancing motherhood with career. Okay, and now? Now you’re just… different. I hope in a good way.

[ Chuckles ] In a great way. I’m not saying you weren’t happy before. It’s just…you seem, I don’t know, lighter, I guess. Honestly, I think that it has to do with me seeing curtis. Is that terribly awkward? No. You deserve joy after everything I put you through. And I did my share of hurting you, too, I know. But look at us now, huh? Coming together when it counts to prop up our little girl. Mm-hmm. And she’s not so little anymore. No, she is not.

[ Sighs, chuckles ] You know what? You need to get out there. I am out. You’re out with your ex-wife and your daughter. Come on, marcus. You should start dating. Oh, here we go. What? You all happy and coupled up now, so you want to see everybody else coupled up. Maybe. Yeah. You know, maybe. Life does seem —

[ Sighs ] It just seems full of possibilities now, and I’m brighter and more vibrant. And I sound like a complete idiot.

[ Chuckles ] No. You sound like a woman in love.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, I’m so sorry. Excuse me. Go ahead. And there goes my valentine’s plans for the night. Patient emergency? Yeah. Okay, um, please tell trina that I had to go to the hospital, I got called away. But give her this for me along with a big hug? Of course. Good luck with your patient. Thank you. Thank you so much. Curtis? Curtis, hi. I am so, so sorry. Yeah, it’s a patient emergency, and I’m going to be — I’m going to be at the hospital all night.

[ Chuckles ] But I promise I’ll make it up to you. I’m not defending sonny, nor do I care if the two of you stay together. But as your friend, I’m just asking if you’re sure. Sonny’s not going to know that I met with a lawyer. If you decide to pull the trigger and he finds out, he will know, and there is no going back. I need this to be over. I am so done with this situation, and this feels like the only way to do it. I need to reclaim my life, sam. Okay. Can you promise me one thing? Maybe. Go in with an open mind. Listen to what the lawyer has to say and then decide if now is the time to talk divorce. What if it is? It hasn’t even been 24 hours and she’s already calling a divorce attorney. And not just any attorney. I know this woman. She’s ruthless. Okay. Just slow down.

[ Sighs ] You don’t know what’s going on in carly’s head. Don’t jump to conclusions. What other conclusion can there be? Carly didn’t tell me anything. I just got this, you know, added on my notification here. What? Oh, no, this is… this is on the — the shared calendar with donna and avery. She probably made a mistake. Talk about honesty, huh? I’m not excusing carly. However, she was deeply hurt by the revelation that you and nina lied.

[ Groans ] And whatever happened last night… right. …Must have compounded that. Okay. So… don’t write her off yet. She’s writing us off. She may reconsider once she’s had a chance to cool off. Listen to me. She’s calling the shots. I ain’t having it.

bad mom had to changeher valentine’s day plans, but it did come with one collateral benefit. And that is? It brought the parental pep talk to an early close. You do know we mean well, right? I know, and I love you for it. It’s just, you don’t need to go overboard, like bringing me chocolate to cheer me up. What? It was the valentine’s day special. I had nothing to do with that. Mm-hmm. Right. Can I help it if I want to celebrate how proud I am of you? You take everything life throws at you with such courage and grace, and I want you to know that if you ever need it, I’ll have your back, always. And lots of friends on the police department.

[ Chuckles ] Got it. Mm. Yeah, it’s good? So good. Uh-huh? Thanks, dad. Anytime, kiddo. Mm. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Elizabeth. Hi. Hi. Uh, amy’s not in here, is she? No, why? No, no reason. No reason. What you got there? Oh, it’s just for the clothing drive. I was just, um… I was just heading out. I wanted to say goodbye. I’ll call you tomorrow, okay? Happy valentine’s day, elizabeth. Finn, wait.

[ Sighs ] I know we didn’t make plans for tonight, ’cause this day isn’t easy for me. I know it’s not. But I kind of think that a nice, mellow family dinner with just you and violet and the boys is exactly what I need. We can just order pizza and watch a movie. That sounds…perfect. I’ll see you later, then. Okay. Okay.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] Excuse me. Do you mind if I sit here? Not at all. Thanks. Teal shirt. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. This is on me. Thank you for your advice. Sound advice or crappy advice?

[ Both laugh ]

[ Sighs ] You’re right. It’s best to hear what the lawyer has to say before taking action. Options are a good thing. And I’m keeping mine open. You know as well as I do that marriage is complicated. When it’s not so raw, you’ll see there is more than one way to resolve things. Or, as lenny would put it, it ain’t over till it’s over.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ]

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