Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, February 9, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Ashland (now played by Robert Newman) makes it clear to Adam that he and Victoria own Newman Media and they will make the decisions about the future of the company.

Victoria approves of Sally as Adam’s Chief Operating Officer of Newman Media and later tells Ashland she approved Sally because Sally is an opportunist and that will be beneficial to them in the future.

Victor has a talk with Ashland about the clinic in Peru and Ashland admits to Victor that he set up a shell cooperation in Peru to give the clinic money since the clinic saved the life of a friend. Ashland also tells Victor that he didn’t tell Victoria about it because he didn’t want her to think he was jumping to the head of the line because he had given money to the clinic.

Victor tells Nikki about his conversation with Ashland and that he thinks Ashland is hiding something because he had an answer to every question and the answers seemed rehearsed.

Lily goes to Nikki for advice because she has been doubting herself in her first few weeks running Chancellor Industries. Nikki advises Lily to listen to Jill, enjoy doing her job, and think about what Katherine and Neil would want her to do at the company. Nikki also tells Lily that the most important thing she should do is trust her instincts.

Ashland gets a call from someone who tells him that there is someone in Peru asking questions about him. Ashland tells the person not to worry and just stick to the plan.

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