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It came to me in the momen yowhew! Hey, there she is.

[ Door closes ] Oh, someone’s in a good mood. I’m kind of like a man who doesn’t see the glass half empty. You know what I mean?

[ Chuckles ] I like your optimism. Care to share what inspired it? Uh, can I — can you — can you give me one minute? Dr. Westbourne. Mr. Corinthos. I want to say thank you for your… discretion. Yeah, just doing my job. And confidentiality is a big part of that. You seem to be doing better. Yeah, yeah. You know, I’m good. Uh… last night is almost forgotten.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] You’re worried spencer might have abandoned you? No, he would never, but there isn’t much time until he has to report to spring ridge. I…wonder what’s keeping him.

[ Chuckles ] A word to the wise, my dear esme — we cassadines live by our own set of rules and our own timetable. Esme. You don’t mind if I borrow mr. Cassadine, do you, dear? Thank you, honey. Mayor collins, what can I do for you? You can start by telling me what the hell you’re up to. Wait, I’m confused.

[ Scoffs ] How could valentin find something out that you, my mom, and the police couldn’t? That’s a very good question. I imagine that valentin just kept digging until he found something, because ever since he was told that bailey isn’t his child, he’s been even more determined to reunite you with your daughter. What are you two up to? Brook lynn: Austin, did — did you just say that gladys is heading to visit valentin? I sure did. Is that a problem for you, brook lynn? Brook lynn, what is going on? Is everything okay? No. What was that all about? Steer clear of gladys. She does whatever it takes to get ahead. This is ironic coming from the woman who calls brook lynn quartermaine her bff. Brook lynn is not my best friend. I-I wouldn’t even consider her a friend, period. Oh, my god. Austin, what is it?

The role of sam mccall is temporarily being played by lindsay hartley.

[ Video game beeping on tv ] Hold that thought, space vermin.

[ Beeping stops ] Oh, gracious greetings. Come on in. -Hi, spinelli. -Hey. Um, I’m — I’m babysitting. Uh, georgie and james are both fast asleep. Um, hey, if you’re looking for maxie, she’s actually at the quartermaines’ — ned and olivia’s nuptial renewal. I came to see you. To what do I owe the honor? Um… uh…

[ Chuckling ] Okay, well, if I may — I may venture a guess, um…. I know…peter is being taken back to prison tonight and dante is his escort. Are you — are you worried for his safety? No, no, I’m not worried about dante. It’s me. We’re readying the prisoner for transport now. I’ll let you know when we’re on our way down. There’s my favorite man in uniform. I don’t wear a uniform.

[ Chuckling ] That’s okay. I like you better out of it, anyway. Mm. I can guess why you’re here, and it’s not to see me. Do you think I would miss a chance to bid peter “bon voyage” on his way back to pentonville? I need to make sure that the man who caused us all so much grief is finally out of our lives. Oh, uh…these cuffs are a bit too tight. Oh, are they? If you don’t like shackles, peter, you probably shouldn’t go on a crime spree. But for now, why don’t you finish saying your final goodbyes to freedom? I hate goodbyes. Oh. How about… “till we meet again”? Hey, bud. Thanks for coming out to cheer me on. Dad, I’m — I’m always here. I’m always here for you, too. Okay. Go, dad.

[ Chuckles ] Thanks. No, everyone’s passing you in the race. Oh. You got it, coach!

Sonny. Drew. Phyllis: Come with me. What? We need to talk management strategy. What? What are you doing? What? What? You don’t have to run interference — there wasn’t a problem. You could’ve fooled me. Really? Anyway, I wanted to tell you — nina and I have been playing a little phone tag. Yeah. She won’t tell me what’s going on in her messages, so I’m assuming… she’s concerned about you. She probably wanted to talk to you about, um… my medication. And why would she do that? ‘Cause I stopped taking them. Hey, man, can I get a beer? El rey sol, please. So, what did you do to get on sonny’s bad side? You want the short answer? I’m not my brother. Spencer, I thought you’d be spending this evening saying goodbye to your family. I was, but this is more important. So is trina’s happiness, and now is not the time to be toying with that. It’s fine, ava. I’ll lock up. Are you sure? I’m just a text away. Good. Thanks for not tossing me out. The night is young. There’s still time. I deserve that. I know. That’s why I said it. I’ve been trying to reach you ever since I left the cabin. I ignored your texts, then deleted them. Trina, there’s so much that I want to say. There’s so much that I have to tell you before I have to say goodbye. I’m he re to say farewelland good luck to spencer. Unfortunately, our young prince seems to have slipped away. What are they saying? Oh. Um, I wouldn’t know. I was just wondering, um, what might be keeping spence. Any theories? He said he had “something to do.” I’m sure he’ll be back. I don’t want you here when my grandson returns. Were it not for my intervention, young spencer might be heading for pentonville right now instead of a soft landing at spring ridge. If you really care about spencer, uncle, you’ll heed my mother and you’ll go. Well, it is really not in my nature to cause a scene. Ah, please do remind my nephew that I’m always on his side. I’m glad you’re here. Yeah. Spencer may not feel the same way. Dr. Collins, is something wrong? Is it me, or did he seem a little too excited to have a reason to leave? I noticed exactly the same thing. It’s like he had somewhere to go, something important he had to do. Everything in place? Johann: We’re right

on schedule. Excellent. Let me know the moment the package arrives. Maxie, I’m finally seeing the whole picture. Seeing what, exactly? How much it means to you… …and to, um — and to everyone else in port charles that peter’s going back to prison tonight. Yeah, my — my safety, my sanity, my family, my whole future depends on peter being locked away for good. Agent devane, from what I understand, you have a personal interest in what happens with peter, as well? He’s my nephew, but any familial bonds have long since gone. Right, yeah, I-I just — I feel like maxie would feel a lot better if you were there, you know, when the transfer took place. And you trying to get rid of me? Peter’s transferhas been arranged down to the last detail. I’m sorry, but I can’t let you observe him being put in the transport. I’ll at least watch you take him away. Maxie deserves a witness. I can live with that. And I want you to promise to call me just as soon as peter is processed into pentonville. That way, I can let maxie know that the danger is over and peter is gone for good. Next time I see you, peter, it’ll be at your trial, where you’ll be convicted. I think you’re taking this much too personally, detective. It’s very unprofessional. You left a trail of blood and carnage from here to cassadine island, hurting people I know and love. You’re damn right I take it personally. If I wasn’t wearing this damn badge — oh, but you are, dante. You are. Yeah, lucky for you. And even though you’re sonny corinthos’ son, you’re still going to enforce the law. So when it comes right down to it, you’re the last person on earth I need to fear. Let me tell you something. You know nothing… about me.

I want you to live a long life, peter, behind those walls, waking up every day, walking around, constantly worrying that someone’s got a shiv for you to stick in your back or a wire to wrap around your neck. I want you to live to be old and gray and realize that everyone out here, we all just forgot about you. Oh, there’s one thing I’m quite certain about, detective. And what is that? No one here will ever forget me. But I-I thought things were — were good with you and dante? Oh. [ Stammers ] They are. I mean, they’re — they’re great. They’re great. I mean, we — we — we love the same movies. We love the same pizza toppings.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, then.

[ Chuckling ] Um… may I posit a theory? That’s why I’m here. Okay, well… dante’s a cop, right? Noble profession, but it does come with inherent risk. And…jason also had a high-risk profession, and — and you ended that relationship to — to try to get a different life for you and your kids — a — a more stable life. Not unlike the one you had, albeit briefly… with drew. Well, s-so? So…drew is back. Yeah, I made the mistake of trying to referee a, uh, disagreement between sonny and curtis. Mm. And that’s when sonny reminded me that I am no jason. There’s only one jason. Mm. Just like there’s only one you. So what you’re saying is that I’m unique and I’m special… just like everybody else. …Just like everybody else. Wow, you really know how to make a guy feel better. Thank you. I’m a doctor. It’s my job. Mm. Good.

[ Chuckles ] But… maybe you should cut sonny some slack. He’s had a rough year or so. Missing, presumed dead. I know the feeling. And I definitely don’t blame him for missing jason, that’s for sure. Yeah… a lot of people do. I’m sorry. You probably came here to forget.

[ Chuckles ] Um, actually, I didn’T. I came here to meet my mother, the matchmaker. Sonny, why did you stop taking your meds? I got careless. Forgot to get the refill, and then I got angry and confused. And I-I wanted to make it right with carly, and I worked hard to make that happen. Maybe too hard? Where does nina come into all of this? Things got heated at the, uh, savoy with drew. Nina intervened. She drove me home. Whose home? My home. She didn’t want to leave until I got help, so she stayed the whole night. Listen, nothing happened. So, um… next morning, we got up, she drove me to G.H. Everything’s good now. I’m — I’m doing good. In that case… I take it your wife knows what happened and how nina got you through it? I mean, do you think I can just shake hands with my son and forget how he treated my wife, with a little help from his friends? And I’ve apologized. I should have seen that spence was taking things too far and tried to rein him in. This is not the time for recriminations. Agreed. For spencer’s sake, we need to pull together as a family. If only spencer were here. Oh, no need to worry, esme. Spencer’s in very good hands. He’s at the gallery. With trina. Spencer, if I was ignoring your calls, it’s because I didn’t want to talk to you. Fine. But this is my last chance to tell you that I realized that esme turned what should have been a fun weekend into an excuse to dredge up old news between you and cameron. Let’s just make one thing clear — everything esme does, from the way she eats to the way she laughs to the way she pours her coffee is a red flag. I’m not excusing her. My world turned upside down when I learned that my father was still alive and married to ava. Esme made me feel like I wasn’t alone. Like I mattered. Oh, please. Spencer, of course you matter! You don’t need esme to tell you that.

[ Scoffs lightly ] Alright, then. This nightmare is almost over. Once peter is safely and permanently put away, we’ll be able to concentrate all of our efforts into finding louise, bring her home. Okay. So… so… about that kiss… yeah. About that kiss… you know, I-I had hoped that you’d kissed me because I’m charming and irresistible and wildly attractive, but… what I suspect is that you were just trying to distract me so that I wouldn’t figure it out. Figure out what? Maxie, I know. I know what happened in the woods, and I know what happened to your daughter.

I didn’t reach out to carly for a very good reason. And will she see it that way? Yeah, I mean, look, I don’t –I don’t want carly to help me because she feels obligated to help me. Well, she is your wife. Right. In sickness and in health, remember? But I don’t want her to come back to me because…

[Sighs] I’m off my medication and she feels she needs to. I want her to — I want her to — to come back to me because… she wants to come back to me. That’s what tonight is all about. Maybe carly would be all in if you were more forthcoming about how your brain chemistry affected your behavior. Liesl obrecht, the woman who brought nutrigruel…

[ Laughs ] …To port charles, is now playing cupid?

[ Sighs ] This isn’t funny! It’s kinda funny. No, it’s not. Yeah, I think it is. She’s so in love with scott… aww. …She’s determined to find mr. Right for me. No, it’S…

[ Chuckles ] So far, I’ve avoided the insanely high-priced matchmaking service. Good. But she is meeting me here in like, five minutes, and she wants a full report with names and faces. And here I thought I had it bad. Oh, please. The worst is over for you. Mm. From now on, you control your own life.

[ Chuckles ] There’s no one with a claim to your heart. Or is there? You know, v-video games have — have rules and — and — and strategies.[ Video game beeping on tv ] But real life doesn’t always come with such clarity in every circumstance, especially when someone that you’d thought you’d lost forever suddenly is alive and well.

[ Explosions on tv ] Ohh. Ohh. Hmm. It appears your starship has been vaporized. No, no, no. No claims on this heart. Being held captive far away from everyone that you know and…

[ Breathes deeply ] It’ll do that to you. And if sam weren’t with dante? Sam is with dante. I see. You don’t poach… which is probably for the best. After all, sonny is dante’s father. You’re already on his bad side. No need to make it worse. Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t order this. It’s courtesy of mr. Corinthos. It’s just like spence to think of trina at a time like this. I mean, the poor thing was taken ill at the cabin, and it put a real damper on what was supposed to be spence’s goodbye party. Well, your concern is noble, esme. I’m sure you were devastated. And I’m going to make sure that trina knows all her friends support her. And then I’m going to give spence a proper sendoff. Uh, esme, don’t you think we should all — should we go to the gallery? Maybe. Oh, trust me. Trina can take care of herself. But spencer’s there, too. Who’s going to take care of him? Mother, how many times do I have to say it? He doesn’t want my help. Not when he has victor and his connections to lean on. But that’s exactly when you should show up, so that he knows that you are his father, no matter what. We all know that victor’s connections come with a heavy price. Felicia. Yeah. Hi. How did I know you’d be here? Oh, god. I can’t imagine. I just left maxie. How is she? She’s counting every second until this is over. But luckily, she’s with someone. Wouldn’t be the good doctor, would it? It would. Hmm. So you noticed. Well, hard not to. Dr. Gatlin-holt — he very clumsily tried to get rid of me so that he could spend more time with maxie alone. It was sweet. Yeah, I-I appreciate the distraction while we make sure that peter becomes ancient history. Peter: Anna devane! Oh, it’s so good

to have familyaround at a time like this. I’m here to see you remanded to prison, where you will be kept from maxie and her daughter for the rest of your life.

[ Sighs ] Speaking of maxie, please do give her my love, yeah? Why, when you don’t know what the word means? On second thought, never mind.

[ Elevator bell dings ] I’d rather tell her myself. We’re on our way down. Let’s go. Move. Maxie: Look, austin, whatever it is you think you heard in the woods — I don’t think I heard anything. I know what I heard. I heard you, maxie. And I heard brook lynn. And I heard you tell brook lynn that it was her idea to pass your baby off as hers. And from that moment… louise was bailey. You’re right. You’re right — brook lynn’s baby is really my louise, and it has been such a burden keeping the truth from everybody, but now you know and you understand why we didn’t — I cannot understand. I don’T. Maxie, I don’t understand why you would do something like that.

Wish me luck.

[ Chuckles ] You’re going to need it. Mm. If I don’t sleep…

[ Both chuckling ] You here to throw that in my face? I was thinking about it, but it would be such a waste of good bourbon, you know? Are you okay? Yeah. What — what am I doing?

[ Chuckles ] Excuse me. Have a seat.

[ Sighs ] Uh… about the other night at the savoy… apology accepted. I haven’t apologized yet. Well, then, what’s with the bourbon? Just let me get this out. Um… I wasn’t myself that night, and, uh, I know you probably — I’m sure you talked to carly, and you — we’re dealing with some stuff and, uh… just going through some things, and — and, uh, I took it out on you. And for that, I apologize. Sonny is full of surprises.

[ Chuckles ] He is. So was mike. Well, I think we’ve given esme a good enough head start. Shall we head over to the gallery?

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hold on. I need to take this. Okay. This is dr. Collins. You know, what if spencer’s on his way back and we miss him? Right. He’s caught between esme and trina, he’s not going anywhere. I’m on my way. I’m sorry. I really wanted to be with you when you took spencer to spring ridge. Patient emergency? I’m afraid so. Go. You sure? Absolutely. I’m perfectly capable of getting spencer to spring ridge on my own. Alright, well, tell him for me that I’m confident that he can handle this. Mm. I will definitely pass that message along. And, you know, we really should get going, you guys, ’cause spencer can’t turn himself in late. I’m sure, if there’s any problem, uncle victor will smooth it out — he’s obviously well-connected at spring ridge. Yeah, and, you know, that’s what worries me. He didn’t just come back to town to make nice with his family. Let’s not forget, just a few months ago, he was working with peter august. But victor turned on him. After peter turned on him. Okay, well, I guess I’d saythey’re enemies then, right? Unless one of them needs something from the other. Peter’s on his way to pentonville. He can’t do anything for victor from there. But maybe victor can do something for peter. People are disappointed in you because they see you for both who you are and who you could become. And who is that? Obviously, someone amazing, or we wouldn’t be all so disappointed.

[ Chuckles ] That, uh… that might be the most you thing that you’ve ever said to me.

[ Scoffs ] Well, all I’m trying to say is that it’s never too late for you to start believing in yourself. We can’t all be trina robinson. And no one else can be spencer cassadine. Maybe that’s a good thing. Oh, boo-hoo.

[ Breathes sharply ] Who knows? Maybe 30 days at spring ridge won’t be a total waste. It brought me here tonight, didn’t it? It did. Lucky me. Well, ava said that you needed to speak with your family, so you better go. Not yet. Uh… kevin told me that I should say goodbye to the people who mattered most to me. So that’s what I’m doing. How could you not understand? You have met peter. You know how dangerous and psychotic he is. No, no, maxie. I totally understand why you would want to keep louise away from peter. It’s the other stuff that I don’t understand, ’cause there’s a lot, right? There’s a lot of lying.There’s a — just — I’m sorry I kept you in the dark! I didn’t have a choice. Ma– you did! Maxie, you did have a choice. There — there are other people besides brook lynn that you could have trusted, that you should have trusted. No, the more people that knew, the greater the chance peter would find out and go after louise. I didn’t even tell my parents. Alright. And brook lynn’s child? What happened to it? She was never pregnant. She just pretended to be. Right, of course she did, because she wanted to get her hands on valentin’s shares of elq. Okay, yes. Part of it was about the shares, but brook lynn really cares about louise. She’s taken care of her all these months, and somehow brook lynn and i have become friends through this. And detective chase — how does he figure in all this? When gladys blabbed to valentin, chase stepped in and he told them — another lie, right? Another lie? Given what’s at stake… I can live with the decisions that I’ve made. If you don’t understand that, I’m sorry. Maxie, wait. Maxie! Wait. I know mac is being extra cautious, but are you expecting updates already? No, no. I’m sure the transfer is going smoothly. Um… I’m actually more concerned about valentin. Look, I didn’t tell you this, but he left a message for me last night saying he had a lead on louise. Really? Yeah, but I haven’t heard a word from him since. I’m sure he’ll be fine, just as long as peter doesn’t know what valentin discovered. That’s all that counts. I’m so sorry I’m keeping you from spending the evening with sam. Dante: Mm. Then again, it is so nice having drew back in her life, isn’t it? That’s not going to work, peter.

[ Shackles clinking ] I beg your pardon? Nothing you say matters. You’re going away, and I can’t wait to see those pentonville gates closing behind you. You are tragically result-oriented. Ah. You should enjoy the journey, dante. Mm. You know what they say — getting there is half the fun. Mm. See the sign? Icy conditions ahead.

[ Brakes squeal ] What the hell?! Mac, what’s going on up there? A car must’ve hit some black ice and skidded off the road. There might be casualties. Okay, well, what are we doing? Are we stopping to help or what?

We’re not taking any chances. I’m calling it in to the state police and letting them handle it. Well, I think that’s a wise choice, mac, given the current circumstances. Next stop, pentonville. Nice try. A car going off the road? Yeah. I’d hope I’d think of something more interesting than that. Well, I do know not to underestimate you, peter. Oh, I’m flattered. That wasn’t a compliment.

[ Chuckles ] You were right about one thing — I am no jason. But just to be clear, sonny, I don’t want to be. You’re a good friend, good man. Most importantly… a good father. We both know what it’s like to lose people we love. People that, you know — great people cannot be replaced. Yes, we do. Oscar was one of a kind. So was jason.

[ Chuckles ] Wow. They reached détente in like two minutes.

[ Laughs ]

[ Chuckles ] Is that how mike was? A kinder, gentler sonny? Hmm. If you know about mike, I take it you’re a friend of nina’S. One of the few and proud.

[ Chuckles ] My lenny was a marine. He’d do anything for a buddy. Hmm. Well, if you’re drawing comparisons, nina and I aren’t that close, but we did share a brother. Was that j? Nina was the only one who called him that. Everybody else knew him as nathan. Nina and I [Sighs] We’re not that close, but we — we share things that bond people for life. I’m glad she has a friend and a sister.

[ Both laugh ] Kind of. In a way, yeah. The thing is, though, with nina, it’s like, what’s the — what’s the right thing to do? Does she fight for sonny or does she sound the retreat? Spence! There you are. Looks like I got here just in time. If you show up at spring ridge too late for them to check you in, it could add to your sentence. I’m sure you wouldn’t want that on your conscience, especially after the way things ended at the cabin. That wasn’t trina’s fault. I didn’t say it was. Anyway, I’m relieved to see you aren’t showing any ill effects after drinking too much. It wasn’t the hot toddy. Oh, that’s right. It was our little game that upset you. But let’s put all that aside… for spence. I can, if you can. Sorr y to interrupt.[ Sighs ] Spencer, we really need to get going. No, it’s, uh, it’s okay. I’m — I’m ready.

[ Sighs ] I’ve said goodbye to everyone that matters. Not everybody. Sorry. You are? I’m a little confused, and…my feelings are a little hurt that you didn’t trust me. But I understand. And brook lynn…

[ Sighs ] You know, brook lynn says that you’re the bravest person that she knows, and I feel the same way. Really? Because I feel like I am terrified all the time. Well , that’s what makeswhat you’re doing so brave. And, um… maxie, I was there — right? — When you brought louise into the world, and…I care about her. I care about that little life. And I care about you. I get it. Nobody in the world is ever going to blame you for wanting to keep your little girl safe from peter august. Okay.

[ Voice breaking ] Thank you for forgiving me. And I should have just told you the truth from the beginning. I mean, really, why? Really? Wait a minute. First, I was wrong not to tell you the truth. Now I’m right? Pick a lane, buddy. Well, okay, but you didn’t know me, and I was just some stranger in the woods with a head lamp. I was a stranger.

[ Scoffs ] Okay, that was then. This is now. You’re not a stranger anymore. What time is it? Dante: What do you care? Where you’re going, you’ll have all the time in the world. The roads look clear. Let’s hit the gas and make up for lost time.

[ Thumping, tires screech ] Mac, what the hell is going on?! We hit something! Hold on!

That didn’t seem to go too badly. You know, if — if drew can put what happened behind us, I’m hoping carly can — starting tonight. Wow, that looked like the beginning of a new friendship. I wouldn’t go that far. Never know. Hmm. Well, since my mother is late and — she’s late?

[ Laughs ] Isn’t she swiss and german? I know, right? It shouldn’t be possible.

[ Laughs ] Which means while I’ve been waiting to talk about my dream man… mm-hmm. …She’s been with hers. Aww.

[ Chuckles ] Even the world’s greatest clockmakers still lose track of time when they’re in love. I vaguely remember what that’s like.

[ Chuckles ] Well, forget the vague and just cherish the memories. Uh…

[ Chuckles ] Drew… since you are no longer on sonny’s bad side and things with sam and dante are still pretty new, why wouldn’t you see where you stand with sam? You said it yourself. I don’t poach. And besides, it was never about that. Then what’s it about? Sam… and what she wants. And what about what you want? I am beyond grateful that drew has come back to us.

[ Video game beeping on tv ] I mean, it’s been wonderful for scout to have her father back. And as for danny, you know, losing jason has been very hard, but having his uncle to lean on has been very helpful. Okay, and how about you? Mm-hmm. Yeah. Ooh!

[ Explosions on tv ] This game is too difficult for adults.

[ Laughing ] Yeah, perhaps, or perhaps maybe just your concentration is divided.

[ Sighs ] Okay, fine. I’m crazy about dante. I mean, we are great together. It’s just that when I’m with drew… you have a history with him that you don’t have with dante. It’s more like I’m reminded of all the things that I — I planned and hoped for, you know? Before jason came back and things ended with drew. Exactly. Okay, but now — now you have a chance to see where things with drew might have led, if that’s indeed what you want. I know 30 days is going to feel like forever, but just remember — you’re not alone. Spence, your father’s trying. Can’t you meet him halfway? Thank you for being here, father. Maybe when I get out, we can, uh… yes. I hope so. Hmm. Okay. See you in a month? Not if I see you first. Oh, spence, I’m going to miss you so much. But I’m interning at spring ridge, so I’ll never be far away. Laura: Time to go.

[ Line rings, clicks ] Johann, speak to me. Johann: The package

is right on time.

[ Breathes sharply ] Valentin can take care of himself. I know. You’re right. Look on the bright side — peter’s going to be locked away for good. And now, god willing, we can find louise and bring her home to maxie. Your secret’s safe with me. I know that now. I know a lot of things I didn’t know before.

[ Engine hisses ] Any sign of what could have caused kendall to lose control of the vehicle? Not yet. What the hell happened? I’m guessing we hit an icy patch and skidded off the road. All four tires have been punctured. We didn’t hit ice. We’ve been sabotaged. Get back in the van!

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