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The ice princess? It was genuine last I looked. And when was that?

[ Sighs ] I don’t know. Luke always took care of all of that. How comforting. Well, all I know is I did not try to pass off a fake diamond. Tracy… the warrant for your arrest is valid. I’m so sorry.

[ Sighs ] There’s nothing I can do. Okay, I’m calling our lawyer. Hold on. I know you. I know how I feel. You want to tell me what that kiss meant to you?

[ Chuckles ] It meant a lot, actually. Okay. Proof that my connection with you is real, that my heart is ready to be happy. You’re important to me. You’re important to me. So I’m happy that I kissed you. But it can’t happen again. Is willow in trouble? Oh, no. Oh, my gosh, no. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to alarm you. Oh, good.

[ Sighs ] Alright. I just had a very good heart-to-heart with kristina, and I-I think that she’s on board about us being friends.

[ Sighs ] What’s wrong? Well, uh, you may not want to be my friend after you hear this. Hey, trina, what — what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be away? Our trip got cut short. Weren’t you and your friends having any fun? I’m not sure it could have gone any worse. My final check before I go to the big house. Should I put it on my books for ramen and postage stamps? Spence. I think you’ve seen too many prison movies. Well, who needs fiction when I’m about to experience the real thing. One step at a time, okay? Your grandmother’s on the way, and I’m sure some of your friends will stop by to wish you well. Yeah. I’m not holding my breath. Valentin. Hi, it’s me. Can you call me back? I — I want to know what it is you’ve discovered about louise, and I want an update on you — if you’re alright. Anna devane. What a pleasure. Speak for yourself. I don’t understand why you’re so worked up, carly. It’s the “not understanding” part that’s the problem, sonny. I have asked you for time and space, and instead you cook up some over-the-top display of love. And that — that’s a bad thing? No. It’s not the right thing. And after all these years, you should know me better than that. I know — I know you better than anyone.

Oh, it all makes sense now. What makes sense? Did you follow me here all the way from the netherlands? Dean? Dan? Dave. Dave. Dave the dumpster diver — that’s what luke used to call him when he was sniffing around us in amsterdam. He was obsessed with nailing luke on some trumped-up charge. You found a new angle. Have you been targeting my mother? Just doing my job. Ah, yes. Like it was “just your job” to hold me and luke at the belgian border for 12 hours without cause. That sounds a little above and beyond the call of duty. Above and beyond the law. So here’s the deal — I don’t answer to any of you. Ms. Quartermaine, you’re in our custody now. Yeah, I don’t think so. You’re not taking my aunt anywhere. Austin: You know, I am kind of a bonehead about a lot of things, but can you — [ Laughs ] Maxie, explain something to me. If us kissing makes you happy, why don’t you wanna do that again? I like you, austin, a lot, but until I have my daughter back, I can’t give us the focus that we deserve. I understand. Do you? N– uh, no. Okay, those aren’t just words. I really do care about you. I just can’t give into my feelings, I’m sorry. Not ever? Not yet. I understand peter’s being transferred today. I suppose you’re on, uh– on your way to the hospital to supervise. No. The transfer is being handled. Ah, well, may his trial be swift and his incarceration infinite. Oh, yes. On that, we do agree. And coffee. Can we at least agree on that, as well? As in, do I like it? As in, can I buy you a cup? Give us a chance to get better acquainted. I think I know all I need to know. But thank you. Oh, it pains me that you despise me so. Particularly now valentin means so much to us both. Have you heard from him? Not since yesterday. I haven’t been able to reach him. He did seem a little distracted when we last met. You’re worried about my son. I didn’t say that. You didn’t have to. Are there problems with your friends? Don’t worry, spence. No matter who shows up today, I’ll be at spring ridge every week to see you. I’ll do whatever you need to help you through. And then, apparently, spencer and esme left. Apparently? I was passed out. Trina, how much did you have to drink? Just the one, I promise. I’d never had hot toddies before. Underage drinking is just ill-advised. Lesson learned. Apparently, whiskey is not my friend. Neither is esme. From the sound of it, she had quite a hand in the night taking a turn. Did she ever. Why is that girl always nearby when there’s trouble? You used to, uh, appreciate when I thought outside the box. I mean, you know me better than anybody. Maybe we don’t know each other anymore.

[ Sighs ] Carly, that’s not true, and when you see what I got planned, I’m gonna prove that to you. I appreciate you trying. I really do. I mean, the flowers, the meals, and now this big surprise — but? It’s not what I need. Well, tell me what you need. I have told you, sonny, over and over again! Well, then give me something concrete that’s gonna save our marriage, that’s gonna… that’s going to get you to come home.

Compliments of corinthos coffee — it’s a “welcome back” gift. I’m happy things are going so well for you post-release. Everyone has been very kind. Alright, so now, why do I not want to be friends with you? Because I have failed my daughter. Again. How? Willow needs something from me that I just — I-I can’t give her. Says every mother from the beginning of time. Willow’s been more accepting and understanding than I even deserve, especially when it comes to wiley. Good. So that sounds like you’re on the path to rebuilding your relationship. Yeah, I hope so. You know, I just —

[ Inhales deeply ] I want the best for willow, and I just — I just want to be a mother to her. Harmony, you are her mother. I’m a liability. Tracy isn’t going anywhere with you until we speak to your superiors. And you are? Drew cain. I see you’re familiar with the name. I was debriefed by your bosses at the wsb, but new memories have surfaced since then — memories that I believe would be of use to the agency. You know, maybe you’d rather share your experiences with our online readership. I’m michael corinthos, the ceo of aurora media’s digital division, and we would love to get the scoop. So you’re suggesting that I go public instead of cooperating further with the wsb? Well, it’s an option. What do you think, dave? I mean, are you willing to grant my small request or do you want to explain to your higher-ups why I’m not willing to play ball anymore? What is it you want? I want you to call anna devane. If you hear from valentin or you see him, can you just please ask him to call me? Yes, I will. Thanks.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Excuse me. Hello. Anna devane. What’s the problem? Okay, I’m on my way. Thanks. Wsb business? Got to see a man about a dog. Well…

[ Sighs ] Uncle victor, thank you so much for coming. Oh, please, it’s a pleasure. Thank you for including me. So, how are you doing on this not-so-celebratory occasion? I’m, uh… I’m hanging in there, yeah. And you’ll continue to do so, day by day, hour by hour. Minute by minute, if he has to. And listen, if, uh — if you should, uh, at any time, feel a little out of your depth, please reach out to a guard by the name of samuel. I’ve arranged for him to… well, look out for you. For real? Wow, that is, um — that’s amazing. I-I don’t know how to thank you. Oh. It’s my pleasure. Victor, could I have a word, please? Uh, yeah, uh, certainly. That should make you feel a little better. I’m so grateful for my uncle. And you. For everyone who’s trying to make this easier. I just wish you could add your friends to that list. You’re not the only one that thinks esme is trouble. Cam and joss told spencer that night. Do you think they got through to him? I don’t know. I just still can’t believe that he’s into that girl. He’s young. He’ll learn. When? Someday.

[ Laughs ] You know, often, it takes the right person to come along before someone can realize that — that they should have something better. So, um, how did you leave things with cam and josslyn? I — I think we’re good. I told them that there are no bad feelings about them being together, even though it was awkward with a capital “A.” I remember how you used to feel about him.

[ Laughs ] I’m sorry you had to hear that. What? [ Laughs ] Why? No, I was honored that you shared it with me. I just hope my advice helped. It did. You told me to be honest about my feelings while also prioritizing my friendship with joss. And? And what?

[ Laughs ] And have you been completely honest with them? Just tell me what I can do to make this right between us. I would tell you if I thought you’d listen. Okay, I don’t want to — forget the “time” nonsense ’cause it’s — it’s not nonsense, sonny. It’s not nonsense. Yeah, but I’m — I can’t give you that. Okay, well, great. That’s awesome. You can’t give me that. No, because then — listen.

[ Sighs ] Time away from me means time away from our daughters, our life together.

[ Stammers ] Is that what you want? I don’t want any of it! I hate being away from the girls and every morning, when I wake up and — and I open my eyes and you’re not there in bed with me. But you broke my heart. Not to mention the humiliation factor. Well, who’s humiliated? Me! By — by what? Oh, I don’t know, sonny, the multiple people who knew about you and nina before me? Or how it happened behind my back? Or I find out about it in a hearing room in front of everybody? I didn’t want you to — are you kidding me? I’ve never felt as stupid! I did not want you to find out that way. I wanted it to come from me. But it didn’T. Not one word. Well, I — I — I planned to. I’ve told you now how many times? And then jason died, and, you know, I — I don’t want to make this about an excuse. I know it’s not an excuse. I know that jason dying made everything fade into the background, okay? I get that. So you understand? That part, yes. So you forgive me?

I was honest with joss and cam. Or at least as honest as I could have been without hurting anyone’s feelings. I liked cam back in the day, but we both realized it just wasn’t right, and that’s no one’s fault. It just…is. How did you feel about that? Lousy. Well, did you tell your friends that? Didn’t you hear the part about me not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings? You should never have to suck it up, trina. I think I would be open to that now. I’ve learned that shoving it all down doesn’t help. Especially not you. And if you haven’t guessed, you are my priority in this entire scenario. Well, thanks for listening. Always. So that’s it. I talked to cam and joss, told them that I was over it, and we can just all move on. And over “it,” or over cam? Both. Do you think that has anything to do with spencer? My friends have every right to be angry. Our weekend away was a disaster. I hope trina’s okay. She’ll be fine, but please, by all means, worry more about trina than the girlfriend you’re leaving behind. Look, all of us who care about spencer want him to be safe while he’s inside spring ridge. However, I don’t think it serves his interests to rely on whatever guard you’re in league with. Can I help it if I happen to have friends who he can avail himself of? Just like the mayor has friends. Just like you have friends. Only my friends seem to be a lot more useful to spencer right now. So instead of scolding me, perhaps you should be thanking me. Tracy: Anna, finally. Are you aware that your fellow agents are harassing a grieving widow? Mother — what my aunt means to say is thanks for getting here so quickly. Of course. What’s going on? We need some clarity on the grounds for arrest. The arrest being…? Me. I’m under arrest for something I did not do. Yeah, we think one of the agents has an agenda. Oh, I’ll ask some questions. Could you be quick? I have a plane to catch. Mother. Oh, luke left some loose ends that I need to tie up. God knows what he was into before he died. Because that’s helpful. I’ll be right back. Drew, thank you for interceding on my mother’s behalf. You stuck your neck out, and you didn’t have to. We’re family. That we are. One thing I know for sure — I-I have terrible timing. How can you say that? First of all, I kissed you, so if timing is the issue, it’s mine. Is there a “second of all? Mm, yeah. [ Laughs ] Me, the woods, a baby popping out? Is any of this ringing any bells? Yeah, I have some vague bells. I don’t want to think what could have happened if you weren’t there that night. I’m really glad I was there with you and louise. Me, too. Honest follow-up question — okay? If we hadn’t met in the woods — if we’d met, you know, in a cafe, or, like, a library… what? Or a, uh, a box store? Yes. Okay, so if we met in a box store, you’d still be friend-zoning me? You’re not friend-zoned. I mean… okay, yes, you’re friend-zoned, but it’s only until things get settled. Okay. Totally get it. Thank you. And just so we’re clear, I’m not expecting you to, like, wait for me. You’re well within your rights to move on. Is that what you want? I want you to be happy. Yeah? And… maxie, in this moment with you right now, totally happy. I don’t have any plans to go anywhere or do anything… you know, unless you have a problem with that. Not even the tiniest bit. I get why jason dying made it difficult for you to tell me about nina. Then why is there still distance between us? I told you, I’m not gonna be with nina. So, we still love each other, right? Of course, sonny. Then what’s the problem? I just want for this to have never have happened. I-I cannot turn — that’s one thing I can’t do, is turn back time. I know. If I could, I would. If I could erase what happened in, uh… …nixon falls… being mike and everything, I would. Would you, sonny? I mean, really, would you?

if given the chance… would you choose to forget everything that happened in nixon falls? Everything that happened with nina? I mean… if it meant that we would be t-together and happy, yeah, I would. That was almost convincing. Well, I don’t know —

[ Stammers ] Anything that I say is not good enough. I got some — I’m — oh, I forgot — I got props being delivered — props? Props? Yeah, I’m — what are talking about? I’m — I’m recreating o-our wedding in martinique.

[ Laughs ] That — that’s the surprise? Well, you said you knew the plan. I-I knew you had something planned. I didn’t know what it was.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, that’s what it was. But you know what? You don’t — we don’t have to. I mean, we can — doesn’t have to be martinique. Well… I could do anything that you would want me to do. I don’t care. What’s better than martinique? Well, not much. No. I mean, as far as grand gestures go… …that’s pretty perfect. Esme: This entire town hates me. You don’t think that you’re overreacting just a little? Who do I have besides you? I’ll wait. Um… kevin and, uh, my grandmother, for starters. Please. They tolerate me at best because of you. I-I’m sorry, I couldn’t help eavesdropping, but esme, please, if there’s anything you need while my nephew’s away, you know I’m always available. See? Uh, if you’ll excuse me a moment. Thank you. That’s very sweet. And earnest. You see, I do know a little something about feeling unwelcome. You do? Oh, yes. Matter of fact, I’ve just got an earful from our good dr. Collins. What are you still doing out here? It’s freezing. Oh, I was just waiting for laura. She should be here any minute. I’m sorry. For what? I should have told you that I was inviting my great uncle. You’re allowed to invite whoever you like, spencer. Yeah, but grandmother has made it painfully clear that she doesn’t trust victor. Laura’s concerned. But if victor is important to you, then he should be here. The last thing you want to start this next chapter is regrets. Trina: Spencer is my friend. Sure, he makes idiotic choices, and his girlfriend’s a nightmare, but he’s basically a good guy. Not that I’m ignoring what he did to you. You do not have to justify anything to me. I know spencer is a complicated young man.

[ Scoffs ] You think? I may not be able to trust him, trina, but I do think he benefits from having you in his life. I just want that friendship to be reciprocal. I want you to benefit as well. Not just be a target for esme’s jealousy.

[ Scoffs ] Esme has nothing to be jealous of. Anyway, if you really feel uncomfortable about supervising spencer when he starts working here, that’s — that’s fine. I will happily keep the two of you apart. Apparently, the buyer that you recently sold this piece of the ice princess to had it appraised, and the fragment is close to worthless. Wow. If that’s true, it’s news to me. Well, the wsb has doubts about that. Anna, why is the wsb involved and not interpol? Jockeying for jurisdiction is my guess. The ice princess is of enormous interest, as well you know. All too well. Put a shadow over our lives for decades, really. I mean, everyone wanted a piece of that thing. Its history alone is of immense value, not to mention its monetary worth, which is to say there will be no shortage of scrutiny as to how this case is handled.

[ Sighs ] How did you find a buyer? I used an intermediary — someone who has done deals for luke and me in the past. I’ll need a name. I also need you to walk me through where you store this diamond and how often you have it appraised and the contact information for the previous buyer. Does this mean that my mother is not under arrest? Well, I think arrest is a little aggressive, don’t you? Especially since tracy is so willing to cooperate. I-I’ll make a call and have — have them void the warrant. We were given the green light. Yeah. You know what? And we’ll discuss your conduct later. Could you just wait outside? Can you — thank you. Okay, uh, so I’ll need every detail, now, of where the diamond was, how it was passed from luke to you — every detail. Go. Michael surprised willow with an upcoming trip to paris, and to get a passport, she needs a birth certificate, what? So she doesn’t have a birth certificate? She lost it? Whatever. Get another one. It’s easy. No, it’s not easy, alexis. Willow doesn’t have a birth certificate, and it’s — it’s my fault. I don’t get it. She was married. She — she was in school. She had a driver’s license, or has a driver’s license. You can’t have all those things and not have a birth certificate. Look, I know. The one that she had, it wasn’t — it wasn’t official. I lived on a commune when I gave birth to willow, and, um, that community didn’t — they didn’t exactly adhere to societal norms. What does that mean, exactly? I forged willow’s birth certificate.

I really appreciate you trying to help out with those agents. Mm, that diamond has always brought bad luck. I would never tell my mother this… then I won’t either. Part of me is relieved that someone took it off her. I don’t blame you. Ned, has your mother ever mentioned someone threatening luke over the ice princess? Not that I recall. Why? Oh, just wondering. Um… I’m so sorry that your vows ceremony was overshadowed with this nonsense. It really was a lovely ceremony. With a lovely officiant. Thank you. Don’t worry. Nothing could ruin today. I was and still am the happiest man on earth. Keep it that way. That’s the plan.

[ Laughter ] Thanks again. Great. That’s a good start. So when you get home, I’ll have an agent reach out to you to ask some further questions. Okay, just make it a competent one, please. I’ll do my best. Hi. Thanks. Okay. Hi, maxie, it’s me. Are you free right now to meet? Okay, good, great. Where are you? You’re kidding. You forged your daughter’s birth certificate? Well, not me personally. Oh, well, in that case… there was this guy on the commune who could recreate official-looking documents. What was wrong with the actual document? Well, everyone in the community was worried that if we filed with the state that it would attract scrutiny or be used to track us. So that’s it, right? You’re not leaving anything out? Yeah. Sadly, it’s just — it’s just, you know, typical groupthink, paranoia. That must have been some forger if no one questioned the certificate. I was so worried that this day would come that my — my stupid decision to live off the grid would impact willow, and here we are. Alexis, you should have seen how excited willow was at the prospect of traveling abroad. She’s never been out of the U.S.? No, and I can’t be the reason that — that — that — that doesn’t happen for her. I’ve caused her way too much pain and unhappiness as it is. You do realize I’m not a lawyer anymore. Yes, but you used to be, and you’re smart. And…. [ Sighs ] And most importantly, I — I trust you. Please, alexis, I — I can’t lose my daughter over this. I’m just gonna go check on wiley. Okay. Eventful day, huh? Oh, yeah. Usually is around here. Hmm. Hey, look, drew, um… it was a useful threat in the moment, but if you ever want to go public with what victor did to you… I’d be happy to help. Thanks. One way or another, victor’s gonna get what’s coming to him. When you’re young, time seems infinite, but I can assure you, this time that spencer’s away will just fly by. I hope so. Well, you know the old saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Sextus propertius. Well, I’m impressed. Spence audited a roman civ class. He got really into ancient poets and philosophers. Anyway, when, um, sextus wrote that, I’m sure he had friends to distract him.

[ Chuckles ] A wise man once said, “if everyone likes you, you’re probably not being true to yourself.” Who’s the author? Me. I don’t think supervising spencer will be a problem. I’ve got, like, a million texts and voicemails from him saying that he’s sorry about what went down at the cabin. A million, huh?

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh. [ Sighs ] There he is again. I just don’t know what to say to him. I mean, I was a mess that night, and the worst part is, I don’t even know how messy. You know, spencer may be trying to touch base with you today because he’s — I mean, did you know that he has to report to prison this evening? Oh, my god, I totally forgot. He must be, like, freaking out. Yeah, he probably is. But he has his grandmother, his girlfriend — any number of people to lean on, really. And yet, he keeps calling you. Oh. Surprised you didn’t hear all that excitement down the hall. Well, we were kind of busy. What happened? Nothing for you to concern yourself with. Good. I’m concerned enough already. Have you spoken with valentin? No. Why? Well, I got a voicemail from him and it sounded urgent, and now I can’t get ahold of him. What would that have to do with me? Anna, what did valentin’s voicemail say? He said he has a lead on louise. I’m glad I chose right, because there’s — there’s just so many memories to choose from. Like, a lifetime’s worth. God, I remember you were so determined not to marry me. My god, you fought me at every turn. I thought I was protecting you, I-I wish I could say it was the last time that I did the wrong thing for the right reason. And you finally gave in, despite your fears. Because I trusted you, and now you gotta trust me. I want to. [ Laughs ] Yeah. Listen. So what we can do is, like, we can, um… we just take it slow, right? Tonight will just be like the first step. Tonight would be beautiful. I know it would. I mean, it would be filled with romance and nostalgia.

[ Chuckles ] And then what about tomorrow? Tomorrow? Or next week or the week after that, or the months because… reliving martinique isn’t gonna change what is so clear, sonny. What? W-what’s that? That this — what we have between us right now — it’s not working for you, and it’s definitely not working for me.

[ Mid-tempo music playing ]

alright, I’ll think of something, alright? I’ll figure something out. Oh, I was hoping you would say that. And only if it’s no trouble. Listen, I — I’ll call a-a lawyer colleague, see what can be done, and you got to stop with the “I’m too much trouble” thing. Okay. Okay. After everything you’ve done for me… come on, you don’t owe me for any of that. I’m not doing anything out of obligation. I’m doing it because we’re friends, and that’s what friends do, right? They help each other out. Thank you. Thank you. You have no idea how much I appreciate this. Well? Leo is showing wiley how to build an aqueduct using cookie dough and milk. Aww. Maybe the boys will get into building. And not the family business? Michael wouldn’t stand for it.

[ Laughter ] Well, look, wiley could absolutely do anything that he wants, but for the record,

elq would benefit from any business helmed by those two. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Aren’t you forgetting about somebody? Scout is part of that generation, too. Oh. Right.

[ Chuckles ] It’s going to be wild, isn’t it? Watching them grow up, seeing who they become, what they do, who they love. Parenthood, what a ride. I mean, it’s scary and overwhelming at times. But…yeah. So worth it. So worth it. Those agents, thank you, are insisting on escorting me aboard my flight to amsterdam. Could be worse. They could be escorting you off to prison. True. But there is one thing that I have learned on this trip, and that’S… nothing and nobody can hold me back. Try not to test that theory, will you? Please?

[ Chuckles ] Oh. You have your family back, ned. Protect them. I will.

[ Sighs ] I, uh… I meant what I said earlier. I love you too, mother. Okay. Laura: Hey, sorry I’m late. The you — oh, you just missed spencer. He’s gone? Momentarily. He said he’d be right back. Oh, thank god.

[ Sighs ] How was the vow renewal? Oh, it was beautiful. Until the wsb showed up and tried to arrest tracy for counterfeiting the ice princess. I can’t tell if you’re joking. I’m not joking. Why would she do that? She didn’T. Or so she says. But I believe her. You know, first, luke dies, then the diamond gets counterfeited, and victor has resurfaced. That’s not a coincidence. Esme: Do you have someplace you need to be? That’s the third time you’ve checked your watch. Hmm. You don’t miss much, do you? I’m an observer of human behavior. It’s why I’m studying psychology. Wow. My family will give you lots to analyze. Speaking of, I don’t see my nephew outside anymore. You’re absolutely right. Spencer sure seems desperate to reach you. He just feels bad that his girlfriend is the legitimate worst. Maybe. Either way, it’s a good thing that you are not hung up on him.

[ Door opens, closes ] You’re wrong, carly. I wish I were — wait, wait, no, no. No, what we have does work. You proved it to me in martinique. You — I pushed you away, and… but you — you knew better. Because I had faith. And now, I-I have the faith. You told me we were stronger then. And we were, but we’re strong now. Listen, at least do — do me a favor. Just meet with me, okay? And show me that you’re willing to try. Sonny, what if I’m not ready when you want me to be? I’ll be waiting. But if you’re not ready now… maybe you never will be.

[ Door opens, closes ] Valentin knows where louise is? Oh, no, no, that’s not what he said exactly. No, I mean, the voicemail was very light on details. I-I don’t understand. Um… how could valentin have figured something out that you, my mom, and the police couldn’t? Well, that is a very good question. I imagine that valentin just kept digging until he found something. Because ever since she was told that bailey isn’t his child, he’s been even more determined to reunite you with your daughter. Austin: As I live and breathe. What are you two up to? Austin, did you just say that gladys is heading to visit valentin? I sure did. Is that a problem for you, brook lynn? Brook lynn, what is going on? Is everything okay? No. What was that all about? Steer clear of gladys. She does whatever it takes to get ahead. This is ironic coming from the woman who calls brooklyn quartermaine her bff. Brook lynn is not my best friend. I-I wouldn’t even consider her a friend, period. Brook lynn: For what it’s worth, maxie, you’re the bravest person I know.

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