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Any sign of what could have caused kendall to lose control of the vehicle? Not yet. What the hell happened? I’m guessing we hit an icy patch and skidded off the road. All four tires have been punctured. We didn’t hit ice. We’ve been sabotaged. Get back in the van!

[ Vehicle approaches ] Brook lynn: Sleep well, baby girl. Mommy loves you. I’m really glad that you finally know the truth about louise. It has been awful lying to you. Right. Yeah, no. I-I can imagine. You’ve had to juggle a lot of lies with a lot of really well-meaning people. It sounds to me like a weird version of hell. Yeah, well, I had to do what I had to do. And, uh… what? Uh, you know, maxie, there’S… I just — I-I can’t help but wonder if you kissing me now is just another diversion. Nina: Hey, johnny. Is phyllis around? Nina. How long are you going to avoid me? Well, you’re the one who’s responsible for my true relationship with mike coming out in court, so I don’t know. Unsinn! I did you a favor, and we both know it. -Did bailey go down? -[ Sighs ] Like a champ. She had a big day. All those people cooing over her. You know, it must be exhausting being that cute. You would know. Why, thank you.

[ Chuckles ] No, I mean, when you were a baby. You probably had really chubby cheeks. Well…

[ Sighing ] I will never understand shoes that hurt you. Ugh! What’s to understand? These boots make my legs look amazing. They do.

[ Scoffs ] You know, believe it or not, I, uh, I really enjoyed today. Yeah, me too. I’m just glad we got out of there before the wsb came to arrest granny. Oh, it wouldn’t be a quartermaine party if the police weren’t involved. That’s so true. But still, I hope it didn’t mar ned and olivia’s big day. Oh. No way. Nothing could diminish their happiness. Not after how hard they fought for their marriage. Yeah, you’re right. Sometimes two people just belong together. Wow. Look at you.

[ Chuckles ] Carly won’t know what hit her. But what are you doing out here? It’s freezing. Yeah, I know. I just didn’t want to wait inside. I was just anxious, you know, and I just wanted to — I wanted to see carly arrive so that I can greet her… with my rose. It’s very romantic. Thank you for what you did for me in there. It’s my pleasure. And what you did to the stateroom is amazing. It definitely has that island vibe. Not too much? No. Oh. Carly will see how much effort you put into everything and realize how important this night is to you. I just want everything to be perfect. Well, it won’t be if I am still here when she arrives, so I’m out. -Good luck. -[ Chuckles ] Alright. Mm. I just hope that this makes it right for me and carly. Just meet with me, okay? And show me that you’re willing to try. Sonny, what if I’m not ready when you want me to be? I’ll be waiting. But if you’re not ready now… maybe you never will be.

[ Footsteps approach ] We meet again. Look sharp. This could be an ambush. Yeah, copy that. What the…? Hey! Hey! What —

Olivia and I, we’ve had our issues. Well, so have me and my dad. Many — many, many issues. But, um, I’ve really come to appreciate how good the two of them are together. I hoped my mom and dad would find their way back to each other. But I’ve had to accept that that’s probably not gonna happen. Maybe they don’t have what ned and olivia do, that — that connection, that’s something that makes you want to fight against all odds. No one’s ever fought that hard for me. You deserve a love that strong.

[ Sighs ] You don’t have to say that. I said it because I believe it. Well, it’s a mighty generous thing to say to a person like me. Whoa, whoa, whoa. A person like you? What is that supposed to mean? It means you can cut the act, chase. I know what you really think of me! I still wish I could have gone with mac and dante. I wanted to watch peter locked behind bars. That way, I could have taken a picture and I could have sent it to maxie, and then she would know for sure that she could get on with her life. Oh, felicia, look. Now that peter is dealt with, we will be able to concentrate on finding louise. Okay? Yeah. Maxie’s been through so much already. A dangerous psychopath is the father of her child. And all those fruitless searches for louise.

[ Sighs ] And the whole time, she’s had to handle it alone. Maybe austin will change that, you know? Yeah. You know what? I like him. He seems like a really good man, and lord knows maxie deserves that. I don’t know what I would do without mac. How long has it been again? Not long. I’m really waiting for a message from valentin. You said he had a lead on louise. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Peter behind bars and a chance to bring her home? Yes. Everything would finally come together. I thought that you understood. I-I understand that you’re under a lot of stress and that it was really hard for you, that people that you love were really worried about louise. Yeah, and I hated every minute of it. I told you that. But that has nothing to do with our kiss. I wanted to kiss you. Yeah. O-okay. I just — I can’t — I can’t help but wonder if… you know, maybe there aren’t some other factors in play, given your state emotionally. Oh, that is a very clinical assessment, doctor. Maxie. I know how I feel. Come on. You have been lying to me, right? You’ve been keeping a secret from me since the moment that we met. Did you befriend me out of some kind of necessity? Because everybody else in this town knows you really well, so they would have known that something was up, so you turn to me to keep them at bay because I’m new, I’m safe. You are anything but safe! Brook lynn and I lived in constant fear that you were going to remember she was in the woods that night. I should have stayed away from you like I intended to, but I… I was drawn to you because I feel something for you. Am I — am I alone in that?

[ Cellphone ringing ] This is something that I have to deal with. Can we — can we talk later? Sure.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Well, I would have risked prison before betraying sonny’s trust like that. That’s easy to say now, knowing it won’t happen.

Liebchen. I don’t want to fight. You’re my niece. You know I’m always on your side. Who did you call when you needed help with peter in nixon falls? Me. I did, and you almost died because of it. Ah, that’s all over. Listen…I understand what it’s like to make bad choices for love’s sake. To be condemned for following your heart. You need a friendly face. Here I am. Let’s sit. I was — I’m just looking for phyllis — she’s not here. But I am. Please sit with me, hmm? Have you eaten? Britta and I were supposed to have dinner, but I was a tiny bit late, and she ditched me. No. I’m sorry, aunt liesl. I’m not hungry. Then we’ll drink. What happened to ruin your appetite? I had another run-in with carly. It doesn’t matter where I go, it seems like she’s there. And it doesn’t matter what I say or do, she always takes it in the worst way possible — with reason. But still, I get the feeling she’s more interested in hating me than she is helping her own husband! Why does sonny need help? You missing jason? Always. Hm. He was my sounding board, you know, my voice of reason. Even when I ignored his advice, he never held it against me.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I would be willing to listen, or I can just get out of your way and let you think in peace. No. I don’t want you to go. What about you? Are you thinking about jason tonight, too? Actually… oscar’s been on my mind. Oh. Yeah. Joss and I miss him a lot. You know, oscar and josslyn used to come to this bridge all the time. I’m so incredibly grateful for the few short years I had with my son, but, god, I just — I really wish we had more time. Yeah, life is — life is precious. Mm-hmm. Shouldn’t waste a second. Then why am I stuck on this bridge unable to make a decision? I don’t know. What are you trying to decide? About me and sonny. She’ll be here.

Ugh. Still no word from mac. Silly of me to even try, right? He’s got a lot going on. You’re really on edge, aren’t you? I can’t help it. He said he would call me just as soon as he got to the prison. I’m — shouldn’t they have gotten there already? Well, the roads are frozen. It might have slowed them down. Maybe. You really believe that? You think something’s wrong? When has dealing with peter ever gone right? Come on. Call mac from the car. Got it. Sonny is waiting for —

[ Cellphone rings ] I’m sorry. Excuse me. No. Go ahead. Kristina?

[ Sighs ] I know this is probably none of my business, but I want my dad to be happy. He’s waiting for you on the haunted star. Are you going to show up? Kristina, I know you love your father. But you’re right. This is none of your business. Wait. S-so that’s a “no”? Carly, he’s standing

on a freezing deck

waiting for you with his heart on his sleeve! Can’t you at least meet him halfway? I mean, I helped him put everything together. And trust me — he pulled out all the stops to show you how much your marriage means to him. I mean, you can’t turn your back. I-it’ll crush him. That’s not what I’m doing. Okay, kristina? All I asked for was a little bit of space. Well, just show up!

[ Sighs ] Please? Just tell me that you’ll at least hear dad out. I can’t do this right now. Goodbye, kristina.

[ Cellphone beeps ] Hey.

[ Sighs ] You okay? No. Aunt liesl, I’ve wanted to talk to you. I really have. But how could I with what happened in court? I only told scott what I suspected about you and sonny to keep you out of prison, and it worked. Thanks to my scott’s brilliant strategy, you’re a free woman. These are different circumstances. Whatever’s going on now, I promise not to say a word to anyone. I swear. You swear? Okay, well, sonny, he’s having some health issues. It got so bad that I was afraid to leave him alone. I mean, I even spent a harrowing night at his place. I’m just thankful that I got him to realize that he needed some help. And then right after that, wouldn’t you know, I ran into carly, and I tried desperately to tell her that her husband was in trouble, but she refused to listen to me. You told her sonny was sick and she didn’t care? No, I — I never got that far because she wasn’t hearing anything I had to say. Sounds like you weren’t trying very hard. Aunt liesl, I’m a little conflicted because sonny, he doesn’t want carly to know what he is going through. I don’t care what sonny or carly want. I care what you want. And…I don’t think you want sonny and carly to get back together.

[ Door opens ] Brook lynn, you can’t just say something like that and storm out, especially when I don’t know what the heck you’re talking about. Oh, please. You act all nice, but I know the truth. What truth?

[ Sighs ] When we first moved in here, I overheard your conversation with dante telling him what a horrible person I am, how you want to protect bailey from my influence.

[ Sighs ] You listened in on my conversation with dante. I’ve been trying to figure out why you’ve been so hot and cold with me lately. Brook lynn, that was just talk. I didn’t mean it. Then why’d you say it? Because I-I slipped. I said it would be a mistake if I developed feelings for you.

[ Scoffs ] That’s much better, chase. Thanks for clearing that up. I was referring to bailey. I mean, that’s what we’re doing here, right? God — [ Sighs ] If I develop feelings for you, it would complicate things, so — so I had to downplay it to dante. He’s a sharp guy. So I said all that crap about you not being my type. Did you really have to take it that far? I mean, you said awful things about my character. You said yourself I am a terrible liar. So, yeah, I went too far to make sure that dante bought it. So you don’t think I’m a horrible person?

[ Sighs ] Just the opposite. Brook lynn, I have come to realize… what a truly good person you are.

The role of sam mccall is temporarily being played by lindsay hartley.

Crisis averted. James just wanted a glass of water. Alright. So, where were we? Oh, yes — your destiny. Choosing a path. New life with dante, second chance with drew. Gosh. Dante and I are great. Okay? I mean, I love seeing him with scout and danny and rocco. He’s — he’s a great father. He’s — he’s really stepped up and taken care of all the kids’ needs. What about your needs? I am not discussing my sex life with you! Okay. No complaints. None. Oh! Okay. Well…

[ Laughs ] Enough said. Um, but by your own admission, though, you have unfinished business with drew. I mean, if jason hadn’t come back, yes, we were starting a whole new life together, so it’s really hard not to ask “what if”? I see no harm in asking.

[ Door opens ] Oh. Sam. Hey. I, uh, didn’t know you were here. Um, are georgie and james sleeping? Uh, yes. Both young ones are asleep. Is everything alright?

[ Sighs ] I kissed austin, okay? And? It was horrible!

[ Ominous music plays ] Dispatcher: Prison transport

1411, what is your status?

[ Static crackles ]

Prison transport 1411,

please respond.

[ Beep ]

[Weakly] 10-999. 10-999, I repeat. Officers down.

[ Breathing heavily ] Multiple injuries.

sonny has planned this elaborate surprise at the haunted star. He’s re-created martinique. Which is where you two got married, right? Yeah. Second wedding. I mean, sonny really knows how to make a romantic gesture. So then what are you doing here and not there? Because I don’t need romance right now. I need some space to figure out my feelings, you know? I — sonny wants me to commit right here and right now to fighting for my marriage and — I mean, am I wrong for not wanting to meet him halfway? Let’s just back up for one minute. You — you just said that you don’t need romance, that you need time. And you said this to sonny. Yes. And he still went ahead and he planned this elaborate surprise. He wants you to come, despite how you’re feeling right now? Yes. Well, that’s not about meeting sonny halfway. That’s — I mean, you know that’s just sonny being sonny trying to fix things on — on his timetable.

Wow. Thank you. I’m so glad that you understand. I think I do. Which is why I’m gonna ask this. Are you positive that you don’t want to go? You really think I’m a good person? I don’t — I don’t think. I know. Look what you did for maxie. Not to mention how you put yourself at risk to protect bailey from her lunatic father. Lied to my family. Oh, so much lying. Yeah, well, good thing for bailey you can lie with the best of ’em.

[ Laughs ] Never thought I’d hear detective harrison chase condone duplicity. Listen to me. What you did is incredible. It may not have started out for the noblest of reasons, but you came through with flying colors. You stuck to your promise. Y-you — you protected bailey. You treated her like your own daughter, all while you were taking some serious hits to your — to your reputation and your character. Well, I would do anything to protect that little girl. Me too. Because you and me are partners. Which is exactly why we can’t be anything more than friends. But have you, though, considered it? Damn.

[ Sighs ] Okay. It’s clear. Oh. He’s regaining consciousness! Okay. Good. Alright. Well, where’s mac and peter? Oh, I don’t know. You be careful. Dante. Dante.

[ Groans ] It’s me. Can you talk?

[ Groans ] Oh, my god! Mac! Oh, honey! Where’s peter? He escaped.

[ Sighing ]

[ Footsteps approach ] Carly?

This is just great. You — you say you don’t want to fight, but then you accuse me of not wanting sonny and carly’s marriage to work! Slow down and calm down. I’m not accusing you of anything, except perhaps of not going after what you want.

[ Sighs ] I’m on your side, nina. I want you to be happy. Tell me. Tell me. Do you love sonny? Sonny is committed to his marriage, aunt liesl. That was not my question. You know, he fell in love with me when he was “mike.” Mike — a man without a past. He was still sonny then, and he’s sonny now. Scott told me he even admitted under oath that he fell in love with you. That doesn’t just disappear. It does, if you have a wife and children. You can’t forget about that little detail. Sonny loves carly. But perhaps he loves you, too? No. Aunt liesl, I cannot. I cannot be the woman that breaks up carly and sonny’s marriage. Don’t be ridiculous! Marriages break up all the time. Are you going to live your life based on what others think? Do you think sonny and carly do? If you love sonny and he loves you, why shouldn’t you be together? Sorry, dad. It’s — it’s only me. I saw you leaving. I did. I-I came back. I thought you’d see me coming up the dock. No, I was — I was busy. I was, uh — I was lis– look. I got this — these — when I came back from nixon falls, I lost the wedding band, so I-I bought two more, since it’s the beginning. Look. I’m sorry, dad. You don’t have to be sorry. Carly’s always late. She knows how — how important this night is to me. What are you doing here? Um… I wanted to be here for you. Um, because carly’s not coming. I called her. -You didn’t have to do that.-Well, I couldn’t help myself. I-I wanted her to know how important this night was for you. But carly said she couldn’t do it. Do what? Meet you halfway. She said that? She — she — she didn’t even want to try? So carly’s really — she’s not coming? I can’t decide what to do. Do I show up at the haunted star, or do I call sonny and tell him I can’t come? Look. I get it. Alright? Let’s just kind of work it through a little bit. Okay. Well, I know this much — champagne and candles are not going to fix what’s wrong between me and sonny. And he should respect my request for space. Agreed. But is that something sonny would really do? Who knows anymore? Sonny has been all over the place since he came back from nixon falls. But he should at least try for my sake. -Absolutely. -This is typical sonny, though. He has to be in control of everything. And he made tonight feel like an ultimatum — show up or else. What if it is?

[ Crying ] Please. We have to get him to general hospital. If we move him before he’s stabilized, we could lose him. Okay. Oh, mac, please. Hang in there. I love you so much.

[ Crying, sniffles ] How you feeling? Ahh. What’s going on? Mac was shot.

[ Sighs ] So they’re trying to stabilize him right now to move him to G.H. It was peter. It was peter. I-I can’t believe I let him escape. Can you tell me what happened? Yeah. I was in the van with peter and the guard. And the van lost control and was swerving everywhere, and then it just stopped. Spike strips. Yeah, I managed to avoid them. Oh, well, I’m glad somebody did. Okay. So the van swerved and stopped.

[ Sighs ] I got out. I left peter and the guard in the van. Mac joined me. We were searching for what caused the accident. I-I noticed the tires had been punctured and — then there was a light that came from over here. A car. Description? No. It was an suv ’cause the lights were too high up. Okay. And then I sensed… someone walking up behind me, and I turned, and it was kendall, but he hit me over the head before I could do anything. Kendall. Okay. Do you know who shot the pentonville guard or this man? No. No. I came to. I heard the dispatcher. I called it in, and then I passed out again.

[ Sighs ] How’s mac? I don’t hear any sirens leaving. They’re still working on him. Any sign of peter? No. My guess is he and kendall took the gunman’s car. Then he could be anywhere. We’ll find him. We have to. And just for clarification’s sake, um, austin’s kiss was not satisfying? What?! Well, you said it was horrible. No, no. That’s not what I meant. The kiss was…great. It just got really messed up afterwards. Oh. I need to hear this.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Uh, excuse me.

[ Clears throat ] Austin! Hi. Austin: Hey. Um, I’m in the E.R. We got patients coming in. There’s a shooting on route 31. Wait. That’s the road to pentonville. What’s going on? There was a shooting on route 31. Spinelli: I’m on it.

[ Beep ] I put you on speaker. Uh, who was shot? I-I don’t have the details. What I know for sure — one cop injured. That must be the prison van. Oh, my god. Mac and dante. Is there any other information? This is what I can tell you. Multiple injured.

Sonny has to know that he’s in the wrong. I mean, he — he’s got to know that he shouldn’t be pushing like this, but it’s almost like he can’t help it. Because he can’t stand the idea of losing you, losing you and the kids and the family. All of it’s way too much for him to lose. So what — what if it’s not an ultimatum and it’s — it’s more a — a cry for help, you know? He’s got to believe that the two of you have a future together. So just maybe what — what if instead of thinking of it as caving… what if you think of it as throwing him a lifeline? What am saying? Of course you’ve considered it. You’re hot, I’m hot. -Oh. Not what I meant. -Oh, you don’t think I’m hot? No! I mean, yeah! Y-y-yes! Definitely. Ah. No, but I was talking about you as a — as a person.

[ Chuckles ] I-I like you — brook lynn. That’s — that’s why we’re friends. Friends. Right. Because… anything more would be too complicated. Exactly. So it’s out of the question. I’ve never even considered it. Neither have I. Then it’s settled, then. It sure is. I’m gonna go to the ladies’ room, okay? Feel free to order without me. I’m gonna leave my stuff here. Don’t steal anything. A drink it is.

[ Door opens ] Anyway, he insisted he wanted to be alone, and I was already late for work, but I hated leaving him there like that. Yeah. [ Sighs ] No. I get your point. He’s too proud to let me see him in pain. But you should’ve seen the look on his face when he realized carly wasn’t coming. It broke my heart. And then he told me to leave. And now my dad is all alone on the haunted star. Right. Yeah. I know. I will give him some time. But I’m calling him when I get off work. And speaking of work, I should probably get going. Thanks for listening, mol. Love you, too.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Wsb agent: Agent devane, what do you think? Well, I think kendall saw the strip in the middle of the road and he did nothing to avoid it, that he intentionally disabled this van in order to allow the gunman or the gunmen to move in.

[ Sighs ] I need tire tread prints from the other car on the shoulder, yeah? Alright. Thank you. Agent devane. Any news on the chief? Yeah. He’s on his way to the hospital. Thank you for asking. So what about kendall? Did you find him? Five miles up the road. Great. I will follow you in my car. I want answers. You won’t get them from him. Kendall’s dead. Austin. Is there an update? No. They just got here. -Maxie! -Mom. James, georgie. Where are there? They’re with spinelli. What happened? Is mac…? Mac — mac was shot. He’s lost a lot of blood, and it took forever to stabilize him, but he’s here now.

[ Voice breaking ] It doesn’t look good. No, mom. He’s gonna be okay. He is. What about dante falconeri? Cubicle 2. Thanks. Mm-hmm. Dante.

[ Monitor beeping ] Hey. Hey. Ohh. Mm. Oh, gosh. I’m okay. Yeah. Yeah. I’m — I’m fine. I’m, uh… sorry to put you through this, though. Guess it’s the downside of dating a cop, right? No. There’s no downside to having you in my life. Oh, really?

[ Laughs ] Really. I’ll — I’ll make sure you remember that.

[ Laughs ] I’m lucky to have you in my life. I’m lucky to have you.

May I please get a refill? Vodka tonic. Sure. Now’s your chance. What? For what? I just heard sonny’s daughter on the phone. Kristina was saying sonny’s in a bad way. Perhaps he’s still sick? What? I thought he got his medication. But maybe he didn’T. He could be in trouble, aunt liesl. Only one way to find out. Sonny’s at the haunted star. All alone. We’re checking for signs that kendall was injured here. He probably succumbed to his injuries and was dumped where the police found him. Yeah, don’t waste your time. Kendall was shot point-blank, killed instantly. I’m guessing he and august had a disagreement. No, it was planned. Peter hates loose ends.

[ Sighs ] Update the bolo, that our prisoner is traveling alone and he is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. What’s going on with mac? Can we see him? One of you can go in there, and only for a minute. Okay. That would be you, mom. Pl ease tell me one ofthose dead bodies was peter. No. I-I checked first thing. Peter’s still out there. I’m not ready to give up on my marriage. So this isn’t about what’s fair. It’s about what we both need emotionally. Okay. And what do you need right now? I need sonny to know that I’m still in this. I’m not giving up, you know, but we can figure things out without closing the door on our marriage, right? Thank you.

[ Laughs ] Mm. Thank you, drew. I mean… thanks for talking with me and clarifying everything. Always. I’m really glad we bumped into each other. Me too.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Excuse me. Anna. Wait. Wait. What happened to dante? What? Can you hear me? Can — mac and dante were transporting peter to pentonville, and they were ambushed. They’ve both been hurt. And what about august? There’s no sign of him. Damn it. Hey. What? What?

[ Sighs ] Peter august escaped. That’s that.

[ Cellphone ringing ] I should get that. Of course.

[ Sighs ] Dante, what’s up? There’s something you should know. Mac was shot tonight. How bad? We don’t know yet. He’s on his way to surgery now. What happened?

[ Sighs ] The transport van was ambushed. Peter escaped. Brook lynn: What? The transport van was ambushed. Mac was shot and peter escaped. Oh, no. Chase? Hey, chase, you still there? Oh, no. No, no, no, no!

[Crying] No, no, no, no, no! There you go, sweetheart. Safe and snug. Daddy’s here now. We’re together… and I’m never letting you go.

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