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Ciara: [Sighs] Okay, you are not gonna tell me what’s going on, are you?

Ben: No, I am not going to tell you. I’m gonna show you.

Ciara: Okay. Ha. Where are we?

Ben: Home.

[Eerie off-key notes]

Julie: Who are you? And what are you doing in my house?

Craig: Nancy, we need to go someplace where I can talk privately.

Nancy: I have nothing to say to you–you know what, why don’t you just call your little floozy and ask her to pop open the champagne, because you have finally gotten rid of the old ball and chain?

Chloe: Dad, you said you’d tell her.

Craig: I tried to, but she dumped a bowl of clam chowder on my lap and stormed off before I could get it all out.

Nancy: Get all what out? My husband is cheating, my marriage is over–what else could there possibly be? Obviously you two know something I don’T. Now, which one of you is gonna tell me about it?

Kristen: I thought you might like some dessert. Would you like some peach pie?

Abigail: You can choke on your pie, kristen.

Kristen: [Laughs] Well, you don’t have to get snippy about it. I would let go if I were you.

Abigail: No. Not until you tell me what you did to my uncle steve and aunt kayla.

Kristen: What do you think I did to them? Earlier you were droning on about being a dimera. And how do dimeras eliminate problems?

Abigail: Oh my god. You killed them.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Ciara: Home? Baby, I know what our home looks like, and this is not our home.

Ben: Well, I should have said our new home. Because I’ve been looking at apartments for a while now, and this is the best one yet.

Ciara: You’ve been looking for an apartment without me?

Ben: Well, I wanted to surprise you. Looking at apartments can be stressful, and I think you’ve had enough of that going on already, so I narrowed it down to my top three favorites, and then I asked julie to come take a look at them, and we decided together that this is the best one.

Ciara: Yeah, but ben, I love our apartment.

Ben: But we got a baby coming.

Ciara: Really? Hmm, well, I must have just forgotten about that part then, huh?

Ben: You know what I mean. We’re gonna need more room. I mean, think about it. I mean, maybe we could squeeze in a crib at most, but what about everything else? What about all the other baby paraphernalia–the diapers and the toy boxes and… the diapers.

Ciara: The diapers.

Ben: The diapers.

Ciara: Okay, listen, our baby isn’t gonna need all that fancy stuff–just the essentials.

Ben: Ciara.

Ciara: Mm-hmm.

Ben: You’re a brady and a horton.

Ciara: You’re right.

Ben: I am right. And we are not buying all that stuff. Your family is buying all that stuff.

Ciara: Oh my god, we’re not gonna need a bigger apartment, ben, we’re gonna need a warehouse.

Ben: Mm-hmm. So then maybe I can show you around a bit. Because in the words of our real estate agent, the second bedroom over here is crying out to be a nursery.

Johnny: You don’t recognize me?

Julie: Stay back!

Johnny: Julie, it’s me. Johnny dimera.

Julie: Oh. So it is.

Johnny: So…what’s with the broomstick?

Julie: You broke into my house.

Johnny: I’ve scared you. I’m so sorry. I didn’t–

Julie: I’m sure being raised a dimera, you were told that you do not have to obey the common decency laws of behavior, but you were misled. You do not just walk into somebody’s house.

Johnny: You’re right. It’s a-it’s a real problem of mine. You know, when-when I get obsessed about these ideas, I start turning them around in my head, and all of a sudden I just forget what I’m doing. I really am really sorry.

Julie: Really? When these obsessions are going around and around in your head, do you go into any random building? Do you have a reason for walking into this house?

Johnny: [Chuckles] Actually, I did have a reason. I was, uh, I was wanting to talk to doug.

Julie: Talk to doug about what?

Johnny: Well, I wanted to talk to someone else who knows what it’s like to have the devil inside him.

Craig: Nancy, we need to talk privately. Can we please just go back to our room?

Nancy: It’s my room, buster!

Chloe: Mom, please just calm down.

Nancy: I do not need to calm down! And I do not need to go back to our room and talk privately. Looks like you know what’s going on, and he knows what’s going on. And you know what, I dumped clam chowder in your father’s lap at the pub, so if salem is still salem, in about 20 minutes, the entire town is going to know… that you broke our marriage vows. So, what is there to talk privately about? Wait, did you shag my best friend? Ooh, maybe it was the tramp at the reunion. You know, you need to stop, craig, with that “we need to talk in private” and just be straight with me!

Craig: I will, but not with an audience. I’m going back to the room.

Chloe: Mom, please, he’s trying to do the right thing. Just go be with him.

Nancy: What in the name of god did I do to deserve this?

Kristen: No, I didn’t kill them. I simply…neutralized them. See, they didn’t give me a choice. They were sticking their noses into my business.

Abigail: You know, there are people who think the right to privacy doesn’t extend to kidnapping.

Kristen: And they were humiliating themselves in the process, and, pfft, the two of them were galivanting around rome dressed as a priest and a nun, and they were thought they were play acting, but ironically they really are now living a celibate and cloistered life.

Abigail: Meaning?

Kristen: I mean, I always thought they were skittish. Maybe they found some peace.

Abigail: Are they here on this island?

Kristen: Oh my god, dear, dear abigail, you really need to curb your journalistic impulses. I mean, honey, you don’t wanna meet the same fate they did.

Kayla: What the hell have you done now, kristen?

Nancy: Just… just yesterday, craig, we were in that bed together, and I thought I was the happiest woman in the world. No, I was the happiest woman in the world. Because I didn’t know who you were or what you had done. I was just a happy, ignorant fool.

Craig: I’m sorry, nancy. I’m so sorry that I hurt you. You’re the most wonderful woman in the world. I would–

Nancy: Just stop it, craig. Just stop. I do not want to hear how wonderful I am, and I especially don’t want to hear about how much pain you’re going through or how much this hurts you, and how hard it is on you.

Craig: You’re right. You’re right. Of course.

[Small laugh] I’ve been such a coward.

Nancy: Oh my god. I think I wanted–I think I know why you wanted me to come back here and be alone with me. Oh, craig, you want to tell me that it was all a big mistake, right? That you really don’t love her. That you want my forgiveness. And that you’re never gonna see her again, right? Isn’t that what you want to tell me, craig?

Julie: What are you saying to me?

Johnny: Well, it turns out that the movie I was planning to make is back on, and since now doug has gone through the same thing my grandma marlena went through–

Julie: You know, johnny, it was really nice of you to visit with us when you got back from italy and lovely when you dropped by at christmas. And doug is so appreciative of the flowers and the cards you sent when he was in the hospital.

Johnny: I, uh–

Julie: Right, you never did any of those things. You’ve never bothered with us at all. And now you want to talk to my husband, who’s been through hell… to find out what hell is like. I suppose to make money off of his suffering, off your grandmother’s suffering.

Johnny: Well, I talked to her and she’s fine with it.

Julie: Well, god bless marlena, and good luck to her. I’m not fine with it. You’re really turning out to be sami’s little boy, aren’t you? Combining your father’s arrogance with your mother’s towering insensitivity!

Johnny: Oh my god, I… I offended you. I didn’t mean to. I mean, you’re right about me. I am all those things you said. I’m sorry, really sorry. I…I do everything wrong. I am like them.

Julie: You’re just young and stupid. I was in the same place myself, as I dimly recall.

Johnny: Look, can I… can I just step back outside, knock on the door again, and start over, and this time not act like a jerk?

Julie: Another-another time, johnny. I’m really on my way out now. I’m busy. I am going to take a housewarming gift to ben and ciara.

Johnny: Really? They’re, uh, they’re moving?

Julie: Yeah. Well, they have a new baby on the way. Of course, with everything that has been happening, I want them to be sure they have this, and to put it right outside their new home.

Johnny: I’m sorry, do you smell smoke?

Julie: No. No, nothing’s on.

[Rapid beeping]

Johnny: Sounds like it’s coming from the kitchen.

Julie: My god, you’re right! My god!

[Beeping continues]

Johnny: [Sighs]

[Beeping stops] Oh. This must have set her back 4, 5 bucks.

Ben: So, we could make the room that’s next to the nursery into a home office, if you decided that you wanted to work from home.

Ciara: Okay, but aren’t we jumping the gun a little bit here? I mean, why pay rent for a more expensive place before we even need it?

Ben: Because you are in your second trimester, and this baby is gonna be here before we know it. So, at least if we move in now, give us a little time, fix some things up, and we won’t be under so much pressure.

Ciara: I guess.

Ben: Hmm. But we do need to act fast, because we’re not the only ones interested in this place.

Ciara: Oh, okay.

Ben: Look at this place.

Ciara: What did you just tell me about “no pressure”?

Ben: Good point.

Ciara: Yeah.

Ben: I love this place. I do. But we are not moving in here unless you love it too. So what do you say?

Abigail: What fate did they meet? You still haven’t told me.

Kristen: I told you everything you need to know. I did not kill them.

Abigail: So you said. But where are they? What did you do to them? Because I found steve’s eye patch and their driver’s licenses stashed over there in that drawer, so they’ve got to be somewhere here on the island.

Kayla: You killed him? You killed him? You–you bitch!

Kristen: Let go of me, you lunatic!



[Both shouting] Damn it, kayla! The nuns are gonna be here any second. Oh god, what the hell am I gonna do with you?

Kayla: Steve. Did kristen really kill you? Where are you?



Steve: [Coughs] Oh…oh, my god.

Kayla: Oh my god. (Man 1 vo) I’m living with cll

Kayla: Oh, thank god, she said she killed you.

Steve: Sweetness. Sweetness.

Kayla: Thank god. Oh my god.

Kristen: You do know that your evidence doesn’t prove that they’re here. So, if you’re not gonna take my word for it, then go look for yourself, hmm?

Abigail: You’re kidding, right?

Kristen: Oh, abigail, you’re not a prisoner here.

Abigail: That’s exactly what I am.

Kristen: Well, guess what, the warden just granted you a yard pass, hmm? Would you like a magnifying glass or a deerstalker cap? Or maybe a snakebite kit, hmm?

Ben: So, what do you think of this place?

Ciara: Well… I do like the layout. And it would be kind of fun fixing this place up.

Ben: Ah!

Ciara: Yeah. When–when would we sign the lease?

Ben: I already did.

Ciara: What?

Ben: Mm-hmm.

Ciara: No, but–no, you just said that–

Ben: Baby, it’s the first of the month–I had to move quick. Other people wanted this place. I didn’t want to lose it. What? Look, I made the landlady agree that she would tear up that damn lease if my wife didn’t absolutely love it. But since you do, legally, we could spend the night here.

[Both giggling] If we really wanted to. So, what do you think, mrs. Weston?

Ciara: Oh god. I say yes.

Ben: [Whispers] She said yes.

Julie: There was a fire on top of my stove!

Johnny: Whew! Well, thank god for the smoke alarm.

Julie: Yeah, well, thank god for my trusty fire extinguisher. But it doesn’t make any sense. I mean, I never turned that stove on.

Johnny: Ooh, that means it’s malfunctioning. Now, I don’t mean to be an alarmist, but you want someone to look at that right away. I mean, imagine if it happened again in the middle of the night, say.

Julie: Suppose you’re right. But I really think I need to get that cross over to ben and ciara.

Johnny: Why don’t you let me take it over to them? I’d like to do something to get back in your good graces.

Julie: You wouldn’t mind?

Johnny: Nah, wouldn’t mind at all. All I need is their new address.

Craig: I can’t ask you to forgive me.

Nancy: Why not? Craig, we’re not the first couple going through this. I mean, we can get by it. Sure, I’m still mad as hell at you, but… but, hon, if you still love me and I love you, we can get past all of it. All you have to do is promise me that this will never happen again, and–

Craig: I can’t do that, nancy.

Nancy: Craig, are you telling me that you’re in love with this woman?

Craig: I am in love, but it’s not a woman.

[Small augh] I’m in love with a man.

Trelegy for copd.

Chloe: This feels like being in the waiting room at an er, and there’s been a horrible crash, and you’re just waiting to find out who makes it and who doesn’T.

Brady: Chloe, I’m not trivializing this at all, but this is not a matter of life or death. No one’s gonna die here.

Chloe: I know, but I just don’t know how my mom’s gonna take it, you know? Craig is her whole life.

Brady: No, you are underestimating your mom. She’s tough. She is a formidable woman.

Chloe: I know. I mean, I know that she’ll survive, but will she be the same?

Nancy: [Sobs] So, after all these years, I’m just a cover story? I mean, you’re sleeping with me, but you’re dreaming of men?

Craig: No, nancy, I love you.

Nancy: No! No. Just as a friend, right? But you never bothered to tell me how you were feeling!

Craig: That’s because I never knew how I was really feeling!

Nancy: Are you telling me that this is the first person–man–that you’ve ever slept with?

Craig: No. No. When I was younger, I knew I was attracted to men, back when I was in college. We weren’t married then.

Nancy: But you were sleeping with men.

Craig: Yeah. Yeah, I was. I was, and then… I realized that that’s not what I wanted. That’s not the life I wanted to live. So I put those feelings aside, nancy, and I-and I married you.

Nancy: Ha ha ha ha! Woo-hoo! Lucky me! But craig, I have feelings too.

Craig: Nancy, nancy, I did love you. I wanted to build a life with you. I never cheated on you.

Nancy: Until now. Okay, craig, you didn’t just say you slept with this man, you said you loved him. And you know, you say that you love me. Are you bisexual? Come on, craig, after all these years, you owe it to me to tell me the truth!

Craig: Yeah. I do. I owe you the truth. I’m gay.

Ben: In the hopes that that would be your answer, I planned ahead. So, mrs. Weston, there are some of your favorites– marshmallow-infused hot cocoa right over there. But that’s for later. Because for right now, I think, maybe, we should just christen this place a little bit. If you know what I mean.

Ciara: I think I do know what you mean. I saw that you made the bed up. You planned ahead.

Ben: You did see that?

Ciara: My baby’s little planner.

Ben: Oh my god. I just wanted tonight to be perfect… and it’s gonna be.

[Ciara laughs]

[Knock on door] Oh, what?

Ciara: Who on earth could that be? It’s a brand-new apartment. How do they know we’re here?

Ben: You know, it’s probably julie, but I’m gonna tell her there was an emergency. Can I help you? Rob did his best to manage his constipation

Steve: Can’t believe you’re here.

Kayla: I was so scared. What happened?

Steve: [Mutters] Kristen. She showed up at our hotel room in rome. She had a gun. She said you were fine, but I didn’t know what she’d done to you.

Kayla: I don’t even know what happened. I don’t even know where we are. She drugged me, I guess. I just woke up a few minutes ago.

Steve: So did I. Last thing I remember, I was trying to get the gun away from kristen, and she must have knocked me out and drugged me somehow. I-I-I woke up, I was in that trunk.

Kayla: What is this place?

Steve: Let’s see. There are supplies. There’s bottled water, flashlights, emergency kit. Some kind of an alarm on that wall over there. Here we go.

Kayla: Look at this. There’s lanterns and there’s-there’s hurricane safety pamphlets.

Steve: This must be some kind of storm shelter. I bet we’re on an island.

Kayla: I’ll bet you it’s not bali ha’I.

Abigail: You’re trying to scare me.

Kristen: No, abigail, I’m just giving you fair warning. It is a jungle out there. I love saying that, because it’s literally true. But you saw for yourself when you left before.

Abigail: Cameras?

Kristen: Well, yeah. I mean, I don’t want the servants to pinch the silver. Oh, wait, there are no servants. There’s no one out there to help you. See, we are on an island in the middle of an ocean. I mean, you can go out there and play robinson crusoe, make a raft, paddle away. But you’re not the first to try. See, most die in the jungle before they ever see the water. And the ones that do get that far, well, I mean, they just are dashed up on the rocks. You see, abigail, this really isn’t a beach of your dreams.

Craig: I can’t expect you to understand.

Nancy: I understand perfectly. You married me, craig, knowing you were attracted to men. I married you because I loved you. It never occurred to me to ask, “is there anything that you’re keeping from me, hon? Like you’re gay?”

Craig: I didn’t tell you because I managed to control those feelings, nancy. You and I had a good marriage. We had beautiful children.

Nancy: We have a good marriage and beautiful children based on lies. Come on, craig, why now? I mean, why him? Whoever he is?

Craig: It’s different now. I’m in love. And now that I know the way I feel about this man, and that it’s him… I’m sorry, nancy, there’s just…there’s just no turning back.

Ciara: Johnny! Hi!

Johnny: Hey.

Ciara: Oh, so good to see you! Come in.

Johnny: You too!

Ciara: Ben, this is my cousin, johnny dimera.

Ben: Right. What do you want, johnny?

Ciara: Ben!

Johnny: No, no, it’s okay. I get the sense you guys weren’t expecting visitors. But I come bearing gifts, or a gift, from julie.

Ben: Thank you.

Ciara: Wow.

Johnny: Yeah. Happy new home.

Ciara: Wow. Well, that is so sweet, but why didn’t she bring it herself?

Johnny: She had some fires to put out, but she wanted you guys to have this right away. Didn’t want you spending another night here without it to protect you. She wants you to hang it outside.

Ciara: Wow. That’s-that’s beautiful. But why… why does she think that we need protection?

Johnny: I presumed it was because the devil’s after your baby.

If you have postmenopausal


Ben: Was. He was after our baby. But the devil has been exorcised.

Ciara: Yes. Thank god, marlena is fine now, and it is all over and done with.

Ben: Now, you were the one who was going to make a movie about this, right?

Johnny: Is. Is gonna make a movie. Yeah. It seems the producer wants it done right away.

Ben: Oh, well, you know what I’d like to be done right away, johnny? I would like for you to keep my wife, my baby, and myself out of your damn movie. How about that? No, no, because I think you making a movie about what happened to dr. Evans is creepy, and especially the fact that this is your grandmother–you really wanna make money off of what happened to her?

Johnny: Ah, that’s right. You’re devoted to her. She was the person who helped you after you, uh… well, ben, you’re not the only person who’s not thrilled with the idea of this movie. But the truth is, my grandma’s fine with it.

Ciara: Thank you for bringing this over.

Johnny: Yeah, uh… julie sent a hammer and nails with me, so I think she wants this thing up asap outside.

Ben: That’s a great idea, actually. Thank you for bringing this by, johnny. Appreciate that. Nice, uh, nice seeing you.

Johnny: Right. Well, it was great seeing you.

Ciara: So good seeing you.

Johnny: And I think that this baby is going to have one protective father.

Ciara: Yeah.

[Ben hammering]

Abigail: I wouldn’t be so smug if I were you. Your house of cards is crumbling.

Kristen: Well, I’m not smug. I’m self-assured.

Abigail: Let me ask you this. Did you happen to send chad a text saying “don’t worry about me, I’m fine”? Thought so. So, turns out, on the very same day that you decided I needed a little sea air here, I told chad everything that you had done to kate, and mentioned you’d done the exact same thing to sarah. So, how long do you think it’ll be before he figures out that I didn’t just voluntarily leave him and my children?

Kristen: Oh, he’ll figure it out eventually.

Abigail: He will. He won’t stop until he finds me.

Kristen: Oh, well, this is finally property. He’s welcome at any time. So, abigail, darling, why don’t you just sit, relax, rest, and let me get you a drink.

Abigail: No.

Kristen: Okay, fine. Fine. So, nighty-night, and don’t let the bedbugs or tarantulas bite.

Abigail: You’ve overplayed your hand, kristen. This is all unraveling.

Steve: You know, kristen thought that xander had hired me to look for sarah horton. But when I told her it was about philip, she tried to cover, but she looked relieved. And xander was convinced that sarah didn’t leave salem on her own volition.

Kayla: Kristen?

Steve: Maybe. I’d like to know just how many salemites are on this island.

Chloe: Brady.

Brady: Yeah.

Chloe: I’m really mad at him. I mean, he’s my father. I love him, and I know that he’s in so much pain, but I’m really, really mad at him.

Brady: It’s okay. It’s okay. I’d be worried if you weren’T.

Chloe: He must have told her by now. Oh god, help her get through this.

Nancy: How long have you known this guy?

Craig: A few months.

Nancy: And after a few months, you know you’re in love with him? Craig, how can that be?

Craig: Because he’S… he’s changed everything for me, nancy. He’s helped me face things that I’ve-I’ve spent my entire life trying not to face. And for the first time in my life, I know who I am, nancy. And I can’t go back to living the way I was. I just can’T. And that’s why… you’re the most–

Nancy: Just stop! Just stop it right there. I do not want to hear another word out of your mouth. Because now it’s my turn. Avoiding triggers, but can’t keep migraine attacks away?

Chloe: Thank you, for being here.

Brady: Yeah, well, that’s what friends are for, right? No matter what, we are friends.

Chloe: Yeah. And I’m just thinking about how this-this changes everything. You know? Like, what’s it gonna be like from now on? Birthdays, christmas… it’s never gonna be the same. I’ve known… I’ve known and loved this family since I was 15 years old, and now I just feel like it’s-it’s gone forever.

Nancy: You are not gonna be the one to say it’s over, craig. It’s gonna be me. Because I cannot be with a man who could just throw our lives away after all of this because he just realized something he should have been honest about years ago. Craig, you should have told me, before I was your wife.

Craig: Nancy, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Nancy: I don’t care how sorry you are! You know what, I can’t really stand to look at you anymore. I want you to leave, because our marriage is over. It’s dead. And craig, you are dead to me too. Now, get out of here–I can’t look at you one more second.

Craig: Nancy.

Nancy: Get out of this– my room. Get out of my room, now. Go, craig! I–just–


Abigail: I’m not gonna just sit around here and do nothing. I’m gonna find uncle steve and aunt kayla. And when I do, we are all getting the hell out of here.

Kayla: So, you think sarah’s here too?

Steve: I don’t know for sure. But I have a feeling we’re not alone on this island. We need to get out of this place and find out who else is here.

Kayla: I’m ready if you are.

Ben: Whoa, wait a second.

Ciara: What? What’s wrong?

Ben: Nothing. Just…this.

[Eerie off-key notes]

Demon johnny: “Oh, just this.” [Scoffs] And they talk about the banality of evil.

Ciara: Oh, I am gonna have to call grandma julie first thing in the morning and thank her.

Ben: It was so nice of her.

Ciara: Yeah. And so like her. To want to bless our baby, bless us, bless our home, and keep us all safe.

[Intense, eerie music]

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