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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chanel went to Johnny to give him divorce papers. He told her she wasn’t going to get a lot of money out of him. She said it was called spousal support. He said they were together for two days. She said he was so hot for her that he didn’t make her sign anything so she could get a lot of money. He said his father was right about her. She said she married him for love, but he dumped her. Jake wanted to see Gabi’s phone. He saw how Johnny texted her. She wanted to go sign the deal with Johnny. Jake said he was going to get his way and get her in bed. He said he would take over DiMera and he would have nothing. She said Johnny wasn’t going to get his way. Paulina told Lani that they were going south for the winter. Lani wanted to know what she was talking about. Paulina told her they could go to her place in Miami instead of staying in Salem. Lani told her if they were going to have a relationship, she had to be more present. Paulina said she wanted to do whatever it took to be a good mother to her. Lani told her they weren’t going to Florida with her. Paulina said she was. T.R. ran into Allie and asked about Chanel. Chanel showed up and saw T.R. She wanted to know how she could help her. He said he talk about her role in Possessed. He said he was making the movie with Johnny. Gabi went to see Johnny. She talked to him about Stefano. Johnny wanted to know if she was there to talk about his shares. She said Maggie was going to work with Victor so she could get the shares. T.R. threatened to sue Allie and Chanel if they didn’t do the movie. Chanel told him to sue them because they weren’t doing the movie.

Chanel slipped and told T.R. that Lani wasn’t her cousin. She said Lani was her sister. Lani asked if Paulina was telling her what to do. Paulina told her she would bring her there to see her grandmother. Lani said she couldn’t leave town. She said she promised Chanel that she wouldn’t leave town. She said she needed someone to talk to. Jake went to see Ben. Jake talked to Ben about Johnny and the plan he and Gabi had to put Victor on board of DiMera Enterprises. Ben thought that plan was risky. Jake said he would run DiMera while Gabi would run Titan. Ben asked if they needed Johnny’s shares. Jake said they did. He said Gabi was going to do whatever she could to get the shares. Johnny told Gabi that she didn’t need Jake. Jake told Ben that Gabi was over Johnny’s house making a deal. He said he didn’t trust Johnny. Ben told him it only mattered that he trusted her. Gabi told Johnny that Jake wasn’t a loser. Johnny thought the plan was Jake’s idea. He said he didn’t care about Titan or her. He said Jake had a goal to get DiMera back. He said he wasn’t going to need her. Johnny said he wasn’t the only one who wanted to screw her. He told her to watch her back. T.R. was shocked that Lani was Chanel’s sister. He asked if they had the same father. Chanel said they had the same mother. He said he had no idea. She said she just found out herself. Lani told Paulina that she promised to be there for Chanel. Paulina said she was all better. Lani said she couldn’t leave Chanel. Paulina said she would talk Chanel into going with them. Lani agreed to go with Paulina if she could get the time off. Allie told T.R. there was no way she and Chanel were doing his movie. When T.R. left, Chanel thanked Allie for backing her up. Jake told Ben that he trusted Gabi. He said he had an issue with Johnny. Ben said Johnny was a player. Jake said he was able to read people when he worked with the mob. He told Ben about his time with the mob. He said Johnny was similar to the guys in the mafia that scared him. Gabi told Johnny that she trusted Jake. Johnny said Jake would show that she couldn’t trust him. He said they would make a great pair. He said he would give his shares and his father shares to her. She wanted to call Jake and tell him. Johnny wanted to know why she was going to call Jake. He took the phone from her. When he gave it back, the phone was dead. She said she was going to tell Jake the good news after she told Maggie. She left to tell Maggie the news.

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