Days Short Recap Tuesday, February 1, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Johnny went to Ben and Ciara’s new place. He gave them the cross that Julie had for them. Ciara wanted to know why she would give them a gift like that. Johnny thought it was because the devil wanted their baby. He talked to them about his movie, but Ben didn’t want any parts of it. Ben thought it was weird that he wanted to make a movie about what happened to his grandmother. Johnny said that Marlena was fine with him making the movie. Ben put the cross up on the wall. Johnny put his hand on Ciara’s stomach. He said that her child would have a protective father. Nancy demanded that Craig and Chloe tell her what they were keeping from her. Craig wanted to tell her in private.  He took her to the Salem Inn. Chloe advised her to listen to him. Brady held Chloe as Nancy followed Craig to the Inn. Chloe wasn’t sure if Nancy could handle what she’s about to hear. She was upset that she was losing the family she knew when she was a teenager.

Craig told Nancy that he never meant to hurt her. She was upset, but she thought they could work things out. She wanted him to promise her that he wouldn’t do it again. He said he couldn’t do that. He admitted to her that he loved a man. She couldn’t believe she was a cover story the entire time. Craig told her that he was attracted to men when he was younger. He admitted that he slept with men when he was younger. He didn’t want that anymore so he put his feelings aside and married her. He said he loved her and wanted a life with her. Nancy asked Craig if he’s bisexual. He told her that he was gay. He said it didn’t take away from their marriage. She said their marriage was based lies. She wanted to know why he wanted to confess now. He admitted that he was in love and there was no going back. He told her that he knew the man for a few months, but he helped him see things a different way. Craig said he knew who he was now. Nancy told him their marriage was dead. She said that he was dead to her too. She ordered him to leave. Abby demanded to know where Steve and Kayla were. Kristen told her that she didn’t kill them. Abby didn’t believe her so Kristen opened the door so she could look for herself. Kristen warned her that the jungle was a vicious place.

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