Y&R Short Recap Monday, January 31 2022

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Recap written by Christine

Victoria let Adam know Newman/Locke would be buying Newman Media. She proceeded to get under his skin, so he’d know what it’d be like to work for her. Adam confronted Victor about selling Newman Media without discussing it with him. Victor said he hadn’t lost faith in Adam. Adam suggested that he might quit, and Victor didn’t try to sway Adam’s decision one way or the other. Ashland decided that taking an active role at work was good for his health. Nate was dissatisfied with aspects of his new job. Ashland wanted to expand AskMDNow, and he offered Nate a job. Victoria was bothered that Ashland offered Nate a position without talking it over with her. He told her that if he saw a smart move for the company, he was going to act on it. Victoria said she’d given Adam a taste of what it was like to work with her, and she thought he’d quit. Chelsea and Sally clashed over work. Chelsea didn’t think it was a good idea for Sally to be the face of Newman Fashion. Sharon agreed to take Faith on a trip to see college campuses. Sharon hoped Faith would consider going to a local college. Faith confided in Rey that the idea of going to school in Europe appealed to her, and he told her that it was also good to stay near family. Chance was resistant to Abby’s belief that he should seek therapy. Chance thought he’d be better off if he went back to work. Abby tried to enlist Sharon’s help in convincing Chance to go to therapy, but Sharon said people had to choose to seek professional help. Chance talked to Chelsea about the custody agreement, and it resonated with her, because she gave Johnny up for adoption. Chance wondered if Chelsea thought giving Devon partial custody was a mistake. Chelsea thought Chance did the right thing. Chance told Rey about his plan to return to work. Rey wasn’t sure Chance was ready. Chance felt that if he saved a life as a police officer, it’d make up for the lives of his team that he lost. Rey and Sharon talked about Abby and Chance. The nanny brought Louise home. Adam told Sally and Chelsea that Newman Media was being sold. Chelsea sensed that Sally already knew, but Sally denied it. Sally tried to talk Adam into staying at Newman Media. She thoght he could turn the tables on Victoria, while she was distracted by the rest of her empire.

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