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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole went to Rafe’s house to talk about his arrest. Ava wanted to believe he was set up but she remembered that he didn’t believe her when she was accused of a crime. She wondered why she should believe him. Nicole didn’t know what she was talking about. Ava told her that Rafe accused her of attacking her bear. Ava talked about how she would have handled things back in the day. She assured Nicole that she’s a good person now. She said she’d never believe that her best friend would go after her man. She added that she was staying away from Rafe for now so that her past connections don’t mess up his case. Shawn wanted to make things right with Rafe after arresting him. Rafe knew he was doing his job. Shawn believed he was being framed. He just couldn’t get the connection between the accusers. Shawn wanted to know if Rafe still thought Ava was the one who set him up. Rafe has seen her be sweet on the surface but plot behind his back. Shawn was willing to check out Ava’s connection to the men who accused him. Rafe warned him to be careful doing it. Nicole arrived just as Shawn was leaving. She told Rafe that she saw Ava and thought she was guilty.

Paulina yelled at TR and told him to stay away from her. He promised not to hurt her. She said it was too late for that. She wanted to know why he was there. He told her that he changed his name and that he was a film producer now. He said that she might know one of his filmmakers. He told her about Johnny. She was upset at the idea of his name being said. She said he was the one who broke her daughter’s heart.  TR was surprised she had a daughter. She said her daughter had nothing to do with him. She told him that she had Chanel years after they broke up. Paulina lied and said she was her only child. He knew what he did to her was unforgivable, but he said he wasn’t that man anymore. She said he would never change. He wanted to take her out to dinner, but she didn’t want to go anywhere with him. Lani arrived and wanted to make sure everything was okay. Chloe overheard Craig call someone sweetheart on the phone. She waited for him to get off the phone so she could confront him. She accused him of cheating on Nancy. Craig admitted that he did cheat on her. He told her that he was cheating on her with a man. Chloe was confused and asked him if he was gay. He said he loved Nancy, but he was attracted to men. He said if that made him gay, then he was gay. He talked to her about the man he met and how they had great chemistry together. He never meant to hurt Nancy. Chloe told him that he had to end the relationship. He said he couldn’t because he’s in love.

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