Days Short Recap Friday, January 28, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Johnny called the judge to thank him for finding his father guilty. Belle apologized to EJ for letting him down. He said he knew he was too arrogant to listen to her. He regretted taking the stand. He thanked her for believing in him when his family didn’t. Later, they returned and EJ screamed. He couldn’t believe he would be wasting his life at Statesville for 10 years. She wanted to help him avoid the press. He wanted her to go be with Shawn. He said he needed time to himself before he went to prison. She wanted to wait for him in the hallway. He insisted that she leave. Belle figured out that he planned on escaping. He realized it was better for her not to know anything. She told him that he would never see his kids again if he ran. EJ finally agreed not to escape. He decided to trust her. Belle vowed to clear his name. Chad texted Abby because he thought she was in Boston with her parents. Gwen texted Chad back with Abby’s phone. Kristen dragged a heavy black bag into a room. She said that Ava and Gwen owed her big time. Johnny found Chad alone and told him about Abby leaving without saying goodbye to him or the kids. Johnny hoped she made it back home in time to film the movie. Chad was shocked he was still filming it. He told him about TR and he threatened him. He also told him how much he wanted to film the movie. Chad didn’t think it was a good idea to film the movie. Chad offered to take over his shares of DiMera while he was shooting the movie. Johnny was sure he could handle running DiMera and filming his movie. He tried to turn Chad against EJ, but he had sympathy for his brother. Chad found out that EJ was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Chad couldn’t believe it, but Johnny thought he got what he deserved.

Chad walked out of the living room after the things Johnny said about EJ. He called Jennifer to ask about Abby. Jennifer told Chad that Abby wasn’t there. Kristen dragged Abby into a room on an island. Abby grabbed her head when she woke up. Kristen told her that she wasn’t at the DiMera mansion. She said she was on a deserted island. Abby tried to get up and leave but she woozy. Kristen grabbed her gun to stop Abby from leaving. Abby recapped what happened to her. She knew Kristen did something to Sarah. She wanted to know where she was. Xander heard Gwen on the phone with Ava. He heard her mention Kristen. He wanted to know why she was talking about her. She was able to cover her tracks and he believed her. He apologized for canceling their trip to look for Sarah. Gwen apologized for overreacting to him looking for Sarah. They had sex with each other and proposed to her. Sarah appeared in the same type of house as Abby.

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