Y&R Short Recap Thursday, January 27, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Dominic has a hard time falling asleep on his first overnight visit at Devon’s place.

Abby continues to have doubts about giving Devon shared custody of Dominic but she does a good job of hiding her feelings for Chances sake.

Chance gets a letter from the wife of one of his team members thanking him for paying for her husband’s funeral. The letter also says that Chance shouldn’t blame himself for what happened on the mission and he should be happy because that is the best way to honor the lives of the members of his team. Abby is touched when Chance reads her the letter and tells Chance they will get him the professional help he needs to cope with his feelings but Chance tells Abby that he only needs her help and support.

Mariah and Tessa love Noah’s idea that they should have a listening party for Tessa’s new album to celebrate their engagement. Noah goes to Society to drown his sorrows because he is in love with Tessa and Tessa is marrying Mariah. Tessa sees Noah getting drunk and he tells her he is celebrating her and Mariah’s engagement. Tessa offers to drive Noah home but he says that would not be a good idea and then leaves promising Tessa he will not drive home.

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