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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena apologized to Paulina for ruining her wedding. Paulina said it was her own fault that it happened. She said the devil did her wrong, but she was the reason why she lost Abe. Chanel ran into Abe. She apologized to him for ruining the wedding. A man name T.R. went to see Johnny. He wanted to make sure Johnny kept his word. He said he wanted to know about what was going on with the Marlena Evans’ Story. T.R. told Johnny that he wanted his movie. Johnny said he promised his grandmother he wouldn’t tell the story. Marlena asked Paulina if she thought she and Abe would get back together. Paulina said she opened up to her before and now she was single. Marlena apologized for betraying her confidence. Paulina said it wasn’t her. She said she knew Abe still loved her. She said he would never trust her again. Abe told Chanel what happened with him and Paulina wasn’t her fault. He said Paulina should have told him a long time ago. Chanel said it was her truth to tell. She said she saw how happy they were then and unhappy now. She thought the bad karma came back around and bit her. She said her husband dumped her out of the blue.

Nancy apologized to Craig for doubting him. He told her she didn’t have to apologize. She said she should have trusted him. She said she should have trusted them. He told her there was no reason for her to feel insecure. He said she was a wonderful person with a kind heart and a wicked sense of humor. He said that was one of the reasons why he loved her. She said she loved hearing that, but there was a part of her that still needed to know that he was attracted to her. He said that was his part. He said he loved her and was truly sorry. She said she was happy they could talk openly about it. She said she felt guilty. He told her not to feel guilty. When she walked out of the room, he looked nervous. Chanel told Abe that her relationship with Johnny wasn’t a fling. She said he humiliated her as if everything they felt was a lie. Abe said he couldn’t imagine how that felt. She said it was bad. She said that was why her mother thought they should take Johnny’s money. He asked if she wanted that. Marlena asked Paulina if she thought Abe would want to make amends. Marlena said she knew how happy she made Abe. Paulina asked if he told her that. Marlena said she hasn’t spoken to Abe after what happened. She said that was why she didn’t go to Johnny and Chanel’s party. Paulina said she knew she heard about the party. Marlena said she didn’t. Paulina said Johnny broke her daughter’s heart. T.R. was upset that Johnny didn’t want to write the movie. Johnny said his grandmother ended up possessed. T.R. said that was a good thing. He said they could have done sequels. Johnny said he had ideas. T.R. said it took more than ideas. Johnny picked up a weapon. T.R. said it was going to take a lot to make it in Hollywood. Abe comforted Chanel. He said he was glad that she had a friend to help her. He said he and Lani were closer. He said he hoped they would be closer too. Chanel said she wanted that too. Marlena told Paulina he didn’t understand why Johnny hurt Chanel. She said Johnny said he loved Chanel and wanted to be with her. Paulina said she was going to make Johnny pay for what he did to her daughter. T.R. asked if Johnny was willing to work to get what he wanted or was he going to rely on his father’s money. Johnny said he was right. He wanted to know what to tell his grandmother. T.R. said he would be the bad guy if it made him feel better.

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