Days Short Recap Tuesday January 25, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ned wanted Xander to give him money for Sarah’s flight information. Xander said that he found her. He said the deal was off. Ned said he bought an expensive watch. He couldn’t return it because he loved it. Xander said that we lose things we love. Chad called Abby to find out where she was. Belle arrived at the DiMera mansion to get some things for EJ. Chad refused to do anything to help EJ after he forced himself on Abby. Belle didn’t think EJ would do that. Later on, Chad went to see Xander to look for Abby. He told Chad that Abby was working on a theory about Sarah. She said that she didn’t think she was the real Sarah. Xander thought the mask thing sounded crazy. He really thought that when Chad told him that Abby saw Gwen and Sarah at the same time. Abby was in for a shock when she took off the mask and saw Ava underneath it. Abby wanted to know why she was dressed up as Sarah. Ava said she was just having fun. Abby didn’t buy it and got her phone out to call Rafe. Ava hit her in the head with a rock. Gwen wanted to know what they were going to do now. Ava wanted to kill Abby. Gwen refused to kill her.

Ned walked by Ava and Gwen and offered to take Abby away if they paid the right price. Shawn brought EJ to the station to meet with Belle. Trask was happy to finally get a DiMera in jail. Shawn took EJ to the interrogation room when Belle showed up. Trask made fun of Belle for making the mistake of putting EJ on the stand. Shawn joined them. Shawn and Belle banded together to stand up to Trask. Later, Shawn debated with Trask about Rafe being a dirty cop. Shawn defended Rafe to Trask. She said crime went up since Rafe was in charge. She thought he made a lot of the arrests to take the heat off of him. Shawn told her that Rafe is a good cop. Trask wanted Shawn to look through Rafe’s files to look for a pattern. She wanted him to investigate the arrest Rafe made that night. Belle talked to EJ about what he did to Abby. He said he never left the courtroom. He told her that he was signing the papers giving his shares to Johnny. He told her that she could ask Johnny if she didn’t believe him. EJ insisted that Chad was setting him up. Belle thought it was crazy, but EJ said he didn’t touch Abby. Shawn went to Rafe’s place while he was with Nicole. He interrupted their time together. He told Rafe that his latest arrest proved that he planted evidence in the case. Shawn put the cuffs on Rafe.

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