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Sally: I’m back. Did you miss me? I’m totally energized by my trip from new york.

Adam: [ Clears throat ]

Sally: Super productive and super fun, but it would’ve been even better if you had joined me.

Adam: Come on in.

Sally: So I was going to get you a souvenir, like an empire state building snow globe or a statue of liberty keychain, but I decided that you didn’t deserve it. You need to come with me next time and buy your own trinkets, but if you do come with me, nothing romantic. Got it, bucko?

Adam: I’ll try to restrain myself. So trip was productive?

Sally: Very.

Adam: Well, that’s good. I would hate to spend money on frivolous business trips.

Sally: Is everything okay?

Adam: Just a lot going on.

Sally: Yeah, there always is. What’s up? Hey, I’m a good, compassionate listener. You can talk to me. Also, I’m super hungry, so let’s go get something to eat and i will do my best to solve all of your problems.

Adam: Look, I really appreciate the offer, I do, but I have things to do, okay?

Sally: Okay, of course. But I still need a coffee, so do you want me to pick one up for you?

Adam: [ Sighs ] You know what? I could use a break, so let’s go.

Chloe: Good morning.

Chelsea: Hi. Thanks for meeting me here.

Chloe: Yeah. What’s up with that?

Chelsea: You sound nervous.

Chloe: Well, I think it’s a little odd that we’re not meeting at our office, like we do every morning because it’s where we work. It’s our office. It just makes me think that maybe there’s something or someone you’re trying to avoid.

Chelsea: Very perceptive.

Chloe: Okay, so does this have to do with adam or sally or some combination of the two?

Chelsea: Who else would it be?

Chloe: I thought sending sally away to new york bought us some drama-free time.

Chelsea: It did. It gave me some time to think instead of listening to the constant needy chatter around the office.

Chloe: Okay, so are we talking about adam or sally?

Chelsea: We’re talking about all of it. The office, them, the tension. Adam has made it clear he’s moving on. There’s no future for the two of us.

Chloe: Yeah, well, too bad.

Chelsea: So I can’t be around him anymore.

Chloe: Wait, are you quitting?

Chelsea: No, no, I would never do that to you. But I did make an executive decision. I told adam the fashion division needs to relocate to a new location in order to gain some independence from newman media. We’re moving.

Rey: Thank you.

Sharon: [ Chuckles ]

Rey: What’s so funny?

Sharon: Mariah. She’s sending me ideas for venues for her wedding.

Rey: That’s funny?

Sharon: Well, because it’s mariah.

Rey: Of course.

Sharon: So far, she has suggested a recording studio, the old gc buzz studio, and a tattoo parlor.

Rey: She and tessa want to get inked while they’re reciting their vows?

Sharon: I think she’s joking, but I can’t be sure.

Rey: Mm, because it’s mariah.

Sharon: Well, all of those places do represent moments in their love story, so I wouldn’t put it past them, but I just hope they don’t make this decision quickly or take it lightly because I want them to have the wedding of their dreams.

Rey: Well, they definitely deserve it after everything they’ve been through. But you heard what you said, right?

Sharon: What?

Rey: You said you wanted them to have the wedding of their dreams. I can definitely see mariah planning a non-traditional ceremony. For them.

Sharon: Are you accusing me of being an interfering mother of the bride?

Rey: Oh, absolutely. And whether they have the wedding at a cathedral with a horse-drawn carriage or right here at crimson lights, it’s gonna be amazing. And I know that you are so happy to be helping them plan their wedding.

Chance: Morning.


Chance: You know what? I’m gonna make you breakfast. Anything you want, you name it. French toast, pancakes? Maybe just some fruit? Yookay?

Abby: I know that we’re doing the right thing, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

Amanda: You planning some father-son time with dom?

Devon: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. You know, I — I just can’t believe that I’m gonna get shared custody of my little boy. You don’t look convinced, though. Are you still worried that something might go wrong?

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Chloe: You asked adam to move our offices? When did this happen? And where was I?

Chelsea: I probably should have consulted with you first.

Chloe: Probably? Yeah.

Chelsea: I’m sorry! But you were all over my case about finding a way to make this work. And adam declaring there’s no future for us really hit me hard. I can’t be around him or anything that reminds me of him. I’m already selling the penthouse. It would be ideal if I didn’t have to bump into him at work 10 times a day.

Chloe: I understand. I don’t want to run into him once a day. Or once a year.

Chelsea: This isn’t just about my personal, this decision. This is about our business. It’ll be good for us. You know, we’ll have our own space. We’ll be able to focus on the work. We’ll really be able to put our whole hearts into it.

Chloe: Wait. I’m getting a vision. Yes, we should be in a loft or maybe a warehouse space, something, you know, that reflects our creative spirit. Something less corporate and stodgy.

Chelsea: Yes, exactly what i was thinking.

Chloe: I mean, newman media offices are just so uninspiring. I mean, we need something different. I — something in a cooler part of town. Maybe around some galleries or some boutiques. Oh, my god, I love this idea.

Chelsea: I knew you’d be on board.

Chloe: Wait, so what does adam say? Does he agree to this?

Chelsea: Uh, well, at first, he was thrown, but then I think he sort of warmed up to the idea. He sees the value in it. I mean, who knows? He’s probably relieved he doesn’t have to bump into me every day either.

Chloe: So did he say yes?

Chelsea: Well, not yet. But that’s why I wanted to meet with you this morning. I made an appointment with a broker to go see spaces. If we can present adam with the perfect option, he can’t say no.

Chloe: Wow. So when are we doing this?

Chelsea: Now.

Sharon: You are 100% right. I’m thrilled that tessa and mariah are so happy. You know, their excitement and their giddiness, it — it’s infectious. It makes me want to help them.

Rey: Well, it seems like all your kids are doing really well right now. Faith is flourishing at school, and with moses. Noah’s got this new b opportunity with nick.

Sharon: But I’m a little worried about noah.

Rey: Yeah, you said you had some concerns about his reaction to mariah’s news.

Sharon: Yea um…you know, mariah and tessa’s lives right now are blossoming. They’re getting married, they’re starting a family. And I know that noah’s been hurt by love a few times, so I just worry that it might be a little bit painful for him to see tessa so happy with his sister.

Rey: You really think he still has feelings for tessa? I mean, he’s been in town for a while now, seems okay with it, and he sees the bond that mariah and tessa have.

Sharon: Attraction isn’t always logical.

Rey: No, it’s not.

Sharon: And you can’t control those feelings. You can’t just turn them on and off like a light switch.

Rey: Yeah, look, what you’re saying is true, but I think noah is handling this better than you give him credit for. You may be reading into this more than there actually is.

Sharon: Well, that would be the first time I ever did that.

Rey: [ Chuckles ]

Sharon: No, this is more than just my maternal instinct. Nick sees it, too. We both have a pretty good read on noah, and I think this hurts him a little. Nick has even talked to him about it already.

Rey: Well, you know, I’m just a trained detective, not his parent, so I can’t read all the signs.

Sharon: That’s not what i meant.

Chloe: Yeah, let’s check out the loft near here first.

Chelsea: Exactly what I was thinking. I’ll call the broker and let her know. Oh, no.

Adam: Ah, a staff meeting here at society. How productive.

Chloe: Yeah, it seemed like an out-of-the-box place to do a meeting.

Adam: Mm. I see.

Chelsea: Sally, you’re back from your trip already. Seems like you just left.

Sally: Yeah, saw so much amazing stuff in new york, had a private tour of the dior show in brooklyn, did some interviews. Waving that newman fashion flag anywhere I can.

Chelsea: You are quite the cheerleader.

Chloe: Well, we’ll have to set up a time so we can go over all of your new york adventures.

Sally: Yeah, how about after adam and I are done here? We can meet back at the office.

Chelsea: We’re not going back to the office.

Sally: Oh. Are you staying here for the rest of the day?

Chelsea: No, we’re going out to look at new spaces for newman fashion.

Sally: What?

Chelsea: Yeah, we’re relocating.

Sally: Wh– since when? Why didn’t anyone say anything to me?

Chloe: Uh, you were out of town.

Chelsea: Because we make the decisions. You work for us.

Sally: And adam approved this?

Chelsea: Well, adam’s standing right next to you. Why don’t you ask him?

Adam: No concrete decisions have been made yet.

Chelsea: Right, but we’re going out today to find the right space.

Sally: Great, cool. So when do we leave?

Chelsea: “We”?

Sally: Yeah. Newman fashion. Go, team. Is that cheerleader enough for you?

Adam: Hey, let’s grab a table, get something to eat. You said you were famished.

[ Clears throat ]

Chelsea: It’s unbelievable. She didn’t waste any time.

Chloe: Okay, you know what? Let’s just focus on the new office.

Chelsea: She’s not even trying to hide her intentions. It’s blatant. And adam, it’s like this whole thing’s appealing to him. I don’t even recognize him anymore. What can I du with less asthma?

Adam: Thank you, andy.

Chloe: I doubt that sally has any ea what went down between you and adam. I mean, she was too busy annoying everyone in manhattan. She doesn’t know that he said that you two have no future.

Chelsea: And when she finds out, you think she’s gonna calm down or be emboldened by it?

Chloe: I don’t know, but I do think that you’re reading into her behavior.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Chloe: I mean, listen, she just got back from new york and she just wants to brag about her productive trip, and she ran right to the big boss.

Chelsea: But that’s a problem in and of itself. She doesn’t report to him. She reports to us. And then we deal with adam. That’s the chain of command. She’s — she’s flaunting her connection to him right in front of us. She’s a hypocrite who lied when she said she was gonna keep things professional.

Chloe: [ Sighs ] You know, you sound like someone who has not gotten over adam.

Adam: Oh, I could go for an omelet right now with tomato and broccoli and monterey jack.

Sally: You know, I cannot believe that they were gonna move offices without telling me. Did you see how dismissive chelsea was?

Adam: Look, no decisions have been made yet,kay? I am the decision-maker, so please just calm down.

Sally: Yeah, but they’re making it seem like it’s a done deal.

Adam: But it’s not. I would know that, right? It was chelsea’s idea, so just let her do her due diligence. She’ll find a location, and we’ll go from there. No point in getting worked up if it might not happen.

Sally: Alright, well, it does make me feel better hearing you say that, but, I mean, the way that she treats me — really?

Adam: It wasn’t entirely her faulT. You came in hot, bragging about your private tour of the dior show, and you knew how she would react. Just don’t antagonize her.

Sally: Antagonize her about gushing about fashion? Really? That’s my job. If she can’t handle it, she needs to find a new line of work.

Adam: Why don’t we just get back to talking about actual work instead of workplace politics?

Sally: Gladly. Let me tell you about the interview I did with a hot new designer.

Chloe: I’m gonna give it to you straight. I love you, but I am done managing your moods. So, uh, can we move on, yeah?

Chelsea: Okay.

Chloe: Great. Okay, so, listen, we need to figure out how to get more autonomy for newman fashion. It is great that we’re gonna get a new office, but what we need is a bigger staff.

Sally: [ Laughs ]

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Abby: Louise just took dominic to his music appreciation class.

Chance: [ Chuckles ] You know what? I still can’t believe that that exists for kids his age.

Abby: Yeah, it’s supposed to help him with his cognitive development. You know, I was thinking maybe I would go with him or I was gonna keep him home. You know, I want to spend as much time with him as possible, but then I thought it’s probably best for louise to take him for him to stay on his regular schedule. I hope devon does the same.

Chance: Dominic’s routine is not the only thing that’s on your mind right now, is it?

Abby: Well, I mean, I have to hire another bartender at society.

Chance: Come on. That’s not why you were upset earlier.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Chance: Hey. I don’t want you to hide your feelings from me. Okay? Tell me what’s going on.

Abby: I just — I can’t help thinking, will dominic think we didn’t love him enough to fight for him?

Chance: What? No. No, he’s not gonna think that. You know why? ‘Cause there was nothing to fight. There was only a bond to honor and to respect.

Abby: I’m just — I’m not sure that that’s true.

Chance: You love both brad and victor, didn’t you? Yeah, and I don’t think dominic’s gonna think any differently. Just as devon and I are gonna love that little kid with everything we got.

Abby: I just — I keep feeling that — I mean, what if there was another solution, something that was better, something that felt right?

Chance: Baby, this is right. And this is what little boy’s gonna know going forward, just all kinds of love, from all three of his parents. Including his extended family, which is 85% of genoa city.

Abby: He definitely won’t have a lack of aunts and uncles and cousins.

Chance: No, he sure won’T. He’s gonna grow up thinking he’s the luckiest little boy in the world. And with you as his mom, I tell you, that’s exactly what he is.

Abby: [ Sighs ] My foundation doesn’t settle…

Amanda: Okay, it’s not that i think that anything is gonna go wrong, it’s just my job to be prepared for any possible contingencies.

Devon: Yeah, I understand that. But I believe that this custody agreement is gonna go through. I mean, I trust abby and chance and christine.

Amanda: Yeah, I do, too, on the whole, and I do believe that they were being sincere yesterday. But they have had some time to think, and the paperwork still hasn’t been filed, so until it is, nothing is set in stone.

Devon: I know. I know that’s true, but I think that they truly believe that me having shared custody is the best thing for dominic, or else they wouldn’t have come around the way they did, you know?

Amanda: Yeah, no, i absolutely agree. And this is just the nature of being an attorney, okay? Until I can dot my I’s and cross my t’s, I just can’t relax.

Devon: I understand, and i have complete faith in you.

Amanda: As you should. I’m gonna make sure that this happens for you so that you can spend a lifetime loving that little boy.

Devon: I want you to know that I’m so happy to have you on my side.

Amanda: Yeah?

Devon: Yeah. And when I imagine my future with dominic, I see you right there with me.

Amanda: Well, I can’t wait.

Sharon: Do I need to remind you that you are an amazing stepdad to noah and mariah and faith? They adore you, rey.

Rey: I like to think I have a great relationship with all of them.

Sharon: You do. And I know that you are trained in the art of investigation, reading people. You even helped save mariah when she was kidnapped. I would never insinuate that you have a lack of insight into my children.

Rey: Thank you. I’m not fishing for compliments, though. Look, you and nick have a unique understanding of how your kids tick, which surpasses mine, which makes sense since i haven’t been around them until they’re much older.

Sharon: Well, you may get the opportunity when mariah and tessa adopt.

Rey: Yeah. I’m looking forward to being there from the beginning. But the real question is, are you ready to be a grandma?

Sharon: Oh, I’m fine.

Rey: I mean, you don’t look like a grandma.

Sharon: Well, thank you. I’m just thrilled at the idea of having a new baby in the family. It’s a really nice thing to hope for and dream about.

Rey: That is a beautiful dream. And you are gonna make a beautiful grandmother.

Sharon: Oh, thank you. You know, your idea of a grandmother is a little outdated. You know, grandmas come in all shapes and sizes. I mean, why can’t a grandma look like this?

Rey: Ooh. Oh, yeah, you are so right. You know, and as far as hot grandmothers go, you are the hottest.

Sharon: Oh.

Rey: [ Chuckles ]

Sharon: Well, you’re gonna be a hot grandpa.

Rey: Oh, yeah?

Sally: So he asked me how to get to carnegie hall. I thought he was setting up for a joke, so I said, “practice, practice, practice.” But then I realized he was just asking for directions, which i took as a compliment ’cause apparently I do not look like a tourist. Hey, you asked me about my new york trip. These are the highlights. What’s wrong? Are you still worried about my problem with chelsea? Look, I’m sorry that I unloaded on you. It was unprofessional.

Adam: I have bigger work issues on my mind right now than your feud with chelsea.

Sally: Okay. Like I said before, I’m a good listener. You can bounce ideas off me. I asked you to breakfast. I’ve been talking the whole time. Please tell me what’s bothering you.

Adam: Are you sure that you can listen as a friend and not as an employee of newman media?

Sally: Absolutely. What’s going on?

Adam: My father said he’s gonna be taking a more hands-on role at the company.

Sally: Ouch. Are you sure you’re not making this out to be harsher than it is?

Adam: No. No, there’s no softer way to put it. I’ve lost credibility with my father.

Sally: Okay, well, what triggered this? I mean, why is victor butting in now?

Adam: He thinks I put the company at risk by falling for billy’s idiotic plan.

Sally: Yeah, but you didn’T. So no harm, no foul. So why is he throwing his weight around?

Adam: Because this — this is what he does. Just when you think everything is going smoothly and you’ve earned his trust, he just likes to throw you off-balance.

Sally: [ Clears throat ] Well, it must be frustrating having victor undermine you.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah. He’s constantly testinme. I always seem to fail in his eyes. I mean, granted, we have had a complicated relationship and i haven’t been a model son, but ever since we started working together at newman media, I’ve made an effort to get back in his good graces, and I thought things were going smoothly. Until now. Suddenly he’s back to second-guessing everything I do. It’s demoralizing.

Sally: I’m sorry.

Adam: Yeah, and the problem with this current issue is i don’t even know where it’s coming from. It’s like the accusation of me falling for billy’s plan is an excuse. See, victor’s always three moves ahead, but I don’t even know who his opponent is this time.

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Adam: Look, I, um — i probably shouldn’t have confided those things to an employee.

Sally: No. I’m glad you did.

Adam: Just, you know, if your division is affected by what victor is doing —

Sally: Well, do you think it will be?

Adam: [ Sighs ] I don’t know. I don’t know. Just pretend like you didn’t hear any of that.

Sally: Don’t do that.

Adam: Do what?

Sally: Backpedal. It’s cowardly. You said it. Own it.

Adam: Alright. I own it.

Sally: Good. Because I get what you’re feeling. The lack of trust is exhausting and makes it hard for you to do your best work.

Adam: Look, I appreciate you listening, but I was not looking for advice. I just — I really need to know that you’re gonna keep what i said to yourself.

Sally: I’m on your side, adam, and if you ever need to talk again, I’m here. Look, I know what it’s like constantly having to prove yourself. I kept having to do that atforrester back in L.A., And i kind of get the sense that that’s what’s gonna go on with chelsea and chloe.

Adam: Well, it may just be a function of being a part of a successful business. You know, you have big egos and high stakes.

Sally: I thought I had a good thing going when it was just chloe and me. But now I can see that that was too good to last.

Adam: Hey, you know what? We should get back to the office.

Sally: Yeah. Well, might not be my office for much longer. Okay, so, what is with this sudden interest in relocating newman fashion? Is that your idea or chelsea’s?

Adam: Oh, that’s definitely hers. But it might have been my fault. I told her in no uncertain terms that we’re over and there’s no future for us. She wants to avoid the day-to-day awkwardness of working in the same place.

Sally: Yeah, well, I’m sure chelsea sees it as a bonus if we move offices. That way, I can’t just pop in and run something by you.

Adam: Possibly.

Sally: Yeah, but that’s not fair because I want the day-to-day run-ins with you. For professional reasons.

Adam: Mm.

Sally: And it’s ironic because I’m the reason that newman fashion is on the map because of my design for victoria’s dress. And now I have no decision-making power whatsoever, and chelsea is constantly putting me down.

Adam: Look, I don’t wanto go over all this again, okay? You are obviously very talented and you are business-savvy, but for now they are your superiors. You answer to them. And I’m sure one day that you will have your own line again. But you just have to be patient.

Sally: Is that something that you’d be willing to invest in? Because I would be totally okay with that.

Adam: That’s a very nice try. Why don’t we just focus on the business we have before we start thinking about launching new ones?

Chloe: Now that we’ve seen what’s out there, I love that we have decided to move our office. I mean, there are just so many better places for us.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: And the place that we love, it looks like we can get a deal.

Sharon: I didn’t mean to overhear, but are you moving offices?

Chloe: That’s the plan.

Sharon: Ah. Why would you do that?

Chelsea: Uh, just change of environment. That’s all.

Sharon: Well, I know that you’re selling the penthouse. Do you feel the need to put more distance between you and adam at work, too?

Chelsea: This is a business decision, not a personal one.

Chloe: Yeah. We just — we just need to expand.

Sharon: I get it. Good for you.

Chloe: Yeah, we’re just looking for, younow, k more creative location.

Sharon: Yeah, a little inspiration. I love it.

Chloe: I’m excited to have a new workspace. I mean, finally we get to start creating our stuff again.

Sharon: Yeah, that — that does sound exciting.

Chelsea: You know what? Um, I’ve got to put sugar in this. Excuse me. Hey. Rey.

Rey: Hey.

Chelsea: How are you?

Rey: I’m good. Come. Join me.

Chelsea: Oh, you know, i meant to thank you again for sending that christmas gift for connor.

Rey: [ Chuckles ] Well, i hope he liked it. I bet you miss him, having spent all that time together over the holidays.

Chelsea: Yeah. We’re very close. I’m just glad he got to spend time at my place.

Rey: Yeah, from what I hear, it’s not gonna be your place much longer. You’re selling the penthouse?

Chelsea: It’s true. It time to get away from all those memories.

Rey: Yeah. It’s for the best. I’m sure you’ll find a great new place.

Chelsea: Yeah. I’m looking forward to it.

Rey: You should.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Chloe: Hey. So, is your coffee sweet enough?

Chelsea: You know what? I forgot to get the sugar.

Rey: Oh, that was my fault. I distracted her.

Chelsea: Rey and I started talking, and it totally slipped my mind, but that’s okay. Actually, we need to get to the office to gethe ball rolling. It was good to see you, rey. And thank you again for connor’s gift.

Rey: It’s my pleasure.

Chelsea: You know, it’s nice talking to somebody who genuinely cares about my well-being, no ulterior motive, just a sincere “how are you?” It’s refreshing.

Rey: Well, I don’t think that should be such a rare occurrence.

[Tv chatter]

Chloe: We found our new space.

Chelsea: It’s perfect.

Chloe: It’s big.

Chelsea: So we can expand.

Chloe: It’s got a great creative vibe.

Chelsea: Which will help us create great content.

Chloe: And attract young, vibrant talent.

Adam: Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but, uh, I’ve actually been giving this more thought, and now is not a time to incur more costs, okay? I don’t want to make a big cash outlay for an expensive new lease.

[ Both stammer ]

Chloe: Okay, well, uh, that is the best part — because they are offering a deal… because they want new tenants in this part of town.

Chelsea: The money we save on overhead we can use towards hiring new staff.

Chloe: Expansion and growth. Those are good things for a business.

Adam: Yes, they are. I mean, I’ll have to look at the numbers, but it’s — it’s hard to argue with your logic, i guess.

Chelsea: Excellent. Excellent. We will let the finance department handle signing a new lease.

Adam: Is it really what you want?

Chloe: It’s best for the business.

Adam: Okay, well, maybe chelsea s riwat — it would be best overall if we aren’t crossing paths all day long.

Chelsea: Excuse me.

Sally: Hey, chelsea. How is the search for the new offices going? I would love to have some input.

Chelsea: Oh, I’m sure you would. Talk to chloe about it. She’ll fill you in.

Sally: Hey. What do I have to do to get you to treat me with a tiny speck of respect?

Chelsea: To be honest, I’m not sure I will ever be able to cut you a break.

Sally: Okay. Well, I know that’s not a reflection of my talents or my abilities. You may pretend like my ideas are subpar, but you know better than that. This is personal. Which I don’t understand because there’s nothing going on between me and adam.

Chelsea: Save it. I know this game you’re playing. I wrote the rule book on it. You may pretend you’re not after him, yet you monopolize his time, and I think you and I both know why. Stop playing me for a fool.

Sally: I did nothing. Chelsea just went off on me. Again. It’s really starting to grate on my nerves.

Chloe: No. It is starting to grate on my nerves. I’m not sure how much of this i can take. Something’s got to give.

Rey: Understood. I’ll be there shortly. Okay. I got to go.

Sharon: I had a feeling.

Rey: Thank you.

Sharon: So, how’d your talk with chelsea go?

Rey: It was good. It was good. You know, um, she has a positive attitude about starting over. I feel for her. It’s gonna be tough with all the reminders of everything that went wrong.

Sharon: Yeah, I’m sure there’s something around every corner that can be a reminder of what happened last year.

Rey: Yeah. Even me. I’m a living, breathing reminder, and so are you. And adam.

Sharon: Well, she is putting some distance between herself and adam. I know she’s selling the penthouse, and now there’s talk of her and chloe getting a new office space.

Rey: Those are all good ideas. Too much time around adam can’t be a good thing.

Sharon: Agreed. But, um, you seemed to put her at ease. You have a good rapport with her.

Rey: I was just asking her about connor. I know she loves to talk about her son, like most parents do. Ah, I got to go. I’ll see you later.

Sharon: Okay.

Rey: Mwah. Bye.

Abby: Look. That’s so nice that louise sent us this video of dom in his music class.

Chance: Oh, look at him go. He’s a total charmer.

Abby: So cute.

Chance: So engaged with that teacr.

Abby: Yeah.

[ Sighs ]

Chance: What are you thinking about now? Hmm? You wish we would have gone to class with him?

Abby: No. Maybe it’s not dom that I’m worried about. Maybe it’s me. That I’m gonna struggle handing my son off to devon.

Chance: Abby, that’s not what we’re doing. He’s still gonna live here a majority of the time.

Abby: Okay, but what about the days and the nights that he’s not with us? I mean, I’m worried that it’s gonna break me.

Chance: Hey. Are you kidding me? That is not gonna happen. Abby, you were tough enough to defy everyone, including the government, and track me down and find me in spain. And when I felt like I couldn’t come home, you didn’t back down until I changed my mind.

Abb this is different. That was me refusing to give up someone that I love. This is me having to just walk away, even if it’s only for one day a week. I just — I don’t think that I’m strong enough. My plaque psoriasis…

Chance: I’m so sorry you’re hurting like this. It kills me to see it.

Abby: Don’t apologize. I’m the one who should feel guilty…because this is the best thing for you and for dominic and devon. It’s just — it’s just difficult.

Chance: Well, should we call christine, tell her we changed our minds?

Abby: No. No. We can’t go back on our word. ‘Cause, yes, this is horrible and it hurts, but… it’s the right thing to do.

Amanda: Hey, I am heading out to a meeting with a potential client who wants to set up a trust for her grandchildren.

Devon: Well, that’s really cool. Making sure her family’s taken care of. Maybe I should think of doing something like that for dominic.

Amanda: Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

[ Cellphone pings it’s from christine.

Devon: What’s she say?

Amanda: They have approved our amendments to the custody agreement. Everything is on track.

Devon: [ Laughs ] Yes.

[ Chuckles ]

Chloe: Okay, well, that was a fast exit.

Chelsea: I don’t want to be in that office with that woman for another second.

Chloe: Okay. I have tried to give you your space and accommodate your needs on this, but you are making it really tough.

Chelsea: How?

Chloe: I took this job with adam, my mortal enemy, in part because of you. I built us a viable business for you to come back to. I sent sally to new york to help you. I am moving the business across town to help you. I am giving and giving just to appease you, and you’re not giving anything back. I have done everything that i can to make this work, and i cannot handle the bickering. It is d fobamorale, and it’s bad for business. We need sally. She is valuable to our business, but you don’t seem to realize that or care. So I’m done trying to help you. It’s your turn to figure this out.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Sally: Well, chelsea just bit my head off again.

Adam: Look, look, I don’t want to hear about it, okay? I had enough of it at the restaurant. And I’m definitely not getting in the middle of it. In fact, that’s why I signed off on the plan to move offices.

Sally: Okay, but I —

Adam: Please, please don’t argue with me. It was my decision to make, and I did.

Sally: Alright. I appreciate that. And you’re right. You shouldn’t get in the middle of it. It’s not fair to you. But I also have to look out for myself. I will not be treated like that. And I get the feeling that chelsea’s trying to squeeze me out, and now that victor is gonna be more involved, I don’t know what’s gonna happen to newman fashion. And I don’t think that he respects or cares for the division, so I’m in trouble here.

Adam: What would you like me to do about that?

Sally: Well, you know chelsea better than anyone, so maybe you can give me some pointers on what to look out for?

Adam: All I know is you need to figure it out with her if you want to keep the job, okay? Because as much as I have come to appreciate your ability to land on your feet, if your plan is to go to war with chelsea, I don’t like your chances.

Sally: I think you underestimate me.

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