Y&R Short Recap Monday, January 17 2022

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Recap written by Christine

Adam and Victoria verbally spared over business and Victor. Adam suspected Victoria was plotting and that she was trying to turn Victor against him. Victoria told Adam that Victor might not always have his back. Adam said that Victor might not always have Victoria and Ashland’s back either. Ashland was concerned, but Victoria wasn’t worried that Victor would turn on them. Billy came home and reported to Lily that his apology to Jill went well, and she was on board with him coming to Chancellor as Lily’s COO. Lily told Billy about Adam’s text, and like Lily, Billy took it as a threat. Abby and Devon talked alone. Abby felt betrayed. Devon didn’t want things to get ugly, but he felt he was doing what was best for Dominic. Devon admitted he didn’t think Chance was capable of being a good parent right now. Abby was stunned when Devon said he saw himself as one of Dominic’s father figures. Abby didn’t think it was good for her family for Dominic to be separated from them, even temporarily.

Chance told Amanda that he understood where Devon was coming from, and he thought it’d be a good thing for Dominic to have more people to love him. Abby told Chance they had to call the lawyer and fight Devon with everything they had. Chance wanted to discuss this first. Amanda warned Devon that if this went to court, he had to prepare for things to get ugly. Devon hated that it might come to that, but he couldn’t back down. Victor told Michael he was looking to solidify Newman/Locke and Newman Media. Victor was pleased with Victoria, but he’d noticed some immaturity in Adam. Victor didn’t trust Ashland. He was concerned that if Ashland recovered, he’d want to run Newman/Locke. Victor didn’t want an outsider running his company. Victor wanted Michael to look into all this. Michael was interested in the job as long as it didn’t take up all his time. Michael wanted to have free time for his family. Victor promised to work with Michael’s schedule.

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