Days Short Recap Monday, January 17, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

“EJ” told Abby that he wanted to ravage her. He said he has been waiting a long time to do it. Belle told EJ that Chad was going to help him. EJ wasn’t sure. “EJ” kissed Abby. Chad asked what he was doing. Chad hit EJ. Trask showed up while Kate and Lucas were talking. Trask said she wanted to make sure EJ paid for what he did. She said she wished Sami was there to testify. Chad asked “EJ” what he was doing kissing his wife against her will. “EJ” asked how he knew it was against her will. She said it was an attack. He said he wanted to kiss her one last time before he went to jail. The devil thought his plan to get EJ to kiss Abby would get Chad to send EJ to jail for a long time. Kate and Lucas continued to talk about what he did to Lucas. Nancy told Chloe and Brady that Craig was cheating on her. Nancy told them what she found that proved Craig was cheating. Nancy asked if Chloe noticed Craig was acting different. Chloe said she hadn’t talked to him in weeks. Nancy thought it was strange when she was going through her issues with Philip. Abby tried to calm Chad down about EJ. She said she didn’t know why EJ would kiss her when Chad was about to testify against him. Gabi and Jake talked about Johnny being able to vote with EJ’s shares. Jake thought Johnny and EJ’s shares could do a lot of damage. Gabi thought Johnny could stop their plan too. Jake thought Johnny could be an ally for their cause.

Chad showed up in the court. He told the judge he was ready to testify. He testified that EJ should have the book thrown at him. Belle told Chad that she talked to her. Trask asked if Belle had a private conversation with Chad. Belle said she didn’t. The judge asked if Trask wanted to redirect. She said she didn’t. The judge said they would be back with the next witness. The devil called Chad a traitor for what he did to his father. Chad told him to ask EJ about it. EJ asked what he was talking about. Brady told Nancy that Philip accused them of having an affair when they didn’t. Chloe told Nancy to talk to Craig. Nancy said she was still there for her no matter what. Chad told the devil that he was glad that EJ would be going away for 10 years. When he and Abby left, the devil told Johnny that he was glad that he got EJ’s shares. Lucas told Kate that Chad wasn’t helping EJ. He wanted her to leave so he could testify. Nancy asked if there was something going on between Chloe and Brady. They said there was nothing going on between them. Nancy said she needed a place to stay if she left Craig. Lucas testified that Jason on was the one who held Sami captive. She said he was the same one taking money from the DiMeras. Belle questioned Lucas about having direct knowledge that EJ kidnapped Sami. She asked how they knew he didn’t kidnap Sami. When Abby and Chad got home, she questioned why EJ would make a pass at her. Chad said no one knew what EJ would do. She wanted to know what he was going to say at the trial. She asked if EJ was innocent. Jake and Gabi schemed to get Johnny to join them. The devil showed up while they were talking. The devil told Jake and Gabi that they should be introduced if they were going to be talking about him. Johnny introduced himself to Jake. Johnny wanted to know why they were talking about DiMera when Jake didn’t work there. Gabi said he still had shares in DiMera. Jake and Gabi said they wanted him to help them get what they wanted. Lucas told Belle that he had nothing to do with Sami’s kidnapping. He said EJ was jealous that he and Sami were together. Belle asked if he had an alibi for Sami’s kidnapping. Trask objected to her question. Lucas said he was with his brother Philip when Sami was kidnapped. He said Philip is missing. Belle said he couldn’t prove he had an ally. While Lucas was testifying, EJ had an outburst. He threatened to kill Lucas.

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