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Ashland: Well, I’m sure you would be relieved if billy and i were to make peace. He was rather insistent about that last time he spoke to victoria.

Lily: Yes, and he was sincere.

Ashland: Really? He talks a good game, but can we really rely on his word? In tuscany, when he erased the video that gaines made about my past, victoria and I thought we could trust him. And the next thing I knew, he’s trying to blackmail me.

Lily: Okay, I have no interest in rehashing what happened with gaines. Alright, you know billy had no intention of releasing that video, and he even acknowledged that it was wrong of him to even threaten to do so, okay? But he’s paid the price. He took the hit to his reputation, so just accept that you won and maybe just leave him alone now.

Ashland: You know, what is it about that man that compels strong, intelligent women to rush to his defense? I find it utterly mystifying. Enlighten me, please.

Victor: By the way, adam tells me that billy was coming after him and newman media. But for one reason or another, he failed, you know?

Victoria: Did adam happen to tell you why?

Victor: No, supposedly, billy just dropped the idea for some reason.

Victoria: Yes, I am that reason. I found out that he was about to sue the company and force adam to admit that the story of ashland was true, so I told billy that I wasn’t gonna stand for it and I demanded that he back down or else I would come straight to you and adam.

Victor: Ah. So you’re willing to blow his cover.

Victoria: And trust me, he knew that I wasn’t kidding. If it weren’t for me, newman media would be in a huge mess right now.

Victor: Uh-huh. So then you and adam are even.

Victoria: Do you really think that it’s that simple, dad?

Victor: Oh, what’s so complicated about it?

Victoria: Oh, daddy, I did what I did not to help adam. He should’ve been protecting newman media himself.

Victor: I don’t want you to use this situation to go after adam. I don’t like it.

Sally: Come on. Say yes. Be spontaneous and come to new york with me. You said that there was work that you could do there, places to go, people to see. We’re gonna have fun together. I promise. Yes, the midwest has its charms, but in the dead of winter, wouldn’t you rather like to escape to someplace with a little more pizzazz?

Adam: It does sound very tempting, but —

Sally: No “buts.”

Adam: There’s a lot going on at work right now.

Sally: We’re talking about new york city, the media capital of the world. I’m sure half of the people that you’re making deals with are based there, and the other half have phones. So you can stay on top of it during the day while I’m collecting my interviews, and then when we’re doing working, we can paint the town.

Adam: You just have it all figured out, don’t you?

Sally: I do, actually. I used to live there. There’s a lot of great places that I can show you, and there’s a hole-in-the-wall italian place. The food is to die for. It is like having your very own nonna back in the kitchen, cutting the fettuccine by hand.

Chelsea: You’re still here? Poor sally must be freezing. You’re used to the winters here, but sally’s a california girl.

Sally: We can talk about this later.

Adam: Actually, I can give you my answer now. As much as I appreciate the offer, the timing is not great.

Sally: Okay. Here. Thank you.

Adam: You’re welcome. Okay, goodbye.

Chelsea: What was that about?

Sally: Nothing important.

Chelsea: What exactly did you offer adam? Alice loves the scent of gain so much,

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Sally: You’re right, I am turning into an icicle, so I’m gonna head back inside.

Chelsea: Is there a reason you don’t want to tell me what you and adam were discussing? Because I’d like to believe you were being straight with me when you told me you were keeping things strictly professional.

Sally: Oh, my gosh, did you think I was hitting on him? Not at all. I was just sharing with him the very few ideas that you approved — not that he’s at all interested in the details — just to show him that we are working together and that I’m a team player, which is what everyone seems to want from me.

Chelsea: Well, I’m sorry that adam didn’t have the time to go over that with you. It’s probably ’cause it’s my fault, you know? He has plans with me later. I’ll be sure to fill him in for you.

Sally: Thanks. That would be great.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Chloe: Sally, you left your things at the table. I wasn’t sure if you were coming back.

Sally: Yeah, I was just heading back in.

Chelsea: And I’m headed to the office, so I’ll see you both later. Actually, I’ll see you after your trip to new york. Have a productive time.

Sally: Will do.

Chloe: Is everything okay?

Chelsea: Absolutely. Why do you ask?

Chloe: Seemed a little tense out here.

Chelsea: Well, I got the impression sally just made another move on adam, and he shot her down right in front of me. So go easy on the poor girl. She must be humiliated.

Chloe: [ Sighs ]

Lily: When victor puts a target on your back, you need all the support you can get. So you may be on his good side now, but I would not count on that continuing.

Ashland: Well, if your goal is to elicit sympathy for billy, it’s not working. He was given ample warning that, by trying to derail the wedding, he’d be crossing the line. But that didn’t stop him from flying gaines over to tuscany, did it? So as far as I’m concerned, billy deserves every consequence of his own exceedingly poor judgment.

Lily: Okay, I don’t know what victor told you, but he didn’t go after billy because of what happened at the wedding. And it definitely had nothing to do with his loyalty to you. He has hated billy for year. He will use any excuse to go after him.

Ashland: I’m well aware the bad blood between them goes back a long way and that tuscany was just the final straw.

Lily: No, there is no final straw for victor. It’s an ongoing vendetta for him.

Ashland: [ Sighs ] Your daughter, matilda, is it?

Lily: I think we can leave my daughter out of this.

Ashland: [ Sighs ] How charitable would you feel if someone had repeatedly broken her heart the way that billy has done to victoria?

Lily: So, sorry, what are you saying, that it justifies the three of you continuing this war into infinity? I mean, is that what you’re trying to tell me?

Victoria: I’m not attacking adam. Look, billy and adam are locked in this endless battle. Billy wants me to believe that he’s left that all behind, but I’m sorry, I’m not falling for it.

Victor: Mm, and you shouldn’T.

Victoria: Just as you should be willing to admit what is staring you right in the face. You’ve given adam way too much responsibility. He can’t handle it. I get why you did it.

Victor: Do you think I have blinders on?

Victoria: No, of course not, daddy. I mean, I know that it was a loving gesture, a very generous gesture between father and son.

Victor: And I’m not gonna rip all that out from under him by selling newman media to you.

Victoria: Well, then, fine, if you feel that adam needs propping up, then take the proceeds from the sale and buy him a new company.

[ Sighs ] Maybe this time, supervise him a little bit more. But setting all of that aside, and purely from a business standpoint, can you imagine combining these companies? Chanccomm combined with newman media and newman/locke, I mean, we would be an unstoppable force. We would the dominant player in the communications industry. Daddy, how can we pass on that? Cats really know how to do… less.

Sally: What? I didn’t do anything.

Chloe: You weren’t flirting with adam out there?

Sally: It was a work conversation.

Chloe: Mm-hmm.

Sally: Okay, in case you’ve forgotten, adam asked to speak with me. And he’s still our boss. What was I supposed to do, spit in his eye?

Chloe: [ Chuckles ] You — you are very lucky that you’re going to new york to take these meetings.

Sally: Yeah, I hope this trip really is about me interviewing young and up-and-coming designers, and not something that you and chelsea cooked up just to get me out of the way until you can figure out how to get rid of me.

Chloe: We would be shooting ourselves in the foot. You are the face of the brand. No one wants to see you go.

Sally: Except chelsea.

Chloe: Not even her. Look, you guys just have some tension that you need to work through, and hopefully that will be easier once you’ve had some space from each other.

Sally: Yeah. You may be right about that.

Chloe: I know I am.

Sally: Somehow chelsea’s convinced herself that I’m the problem. The only thing standing in her way of some grand reunion of her perfect family, but adam has zero interest in that, whether or not I’m in the picture. With me gone, she may finally have to face that sad reality.

Lily: I really don’t understand. What is it about hounding billy that gives you such enormous satisfaction?

Ashland: Well, not much at this point. The man has so little left to lose. He’s already trashed his own career, and as far as seeking revenge, you know, there’s a point of diminishing returns.

Lily: Okay, billy hasn’t trashed anything, okay? He’s coming to work with me at chancellor as my coo, and he will redeem himself as long as you, victor, and adam don’t interfere.

Ashland: Now I see what has you so riled up. You want to know how this is going to affect chancellor. Well, it’s a smart move by keeping an eye on billy where you can see him, keep him busy, you know, ’cause a guy like that, if he gets bored, he’s bound to create his own drama. Seldom a good idea.

Lily: I really don’t need management advice.

Ashland: It’s fine, I get it. You need to know if you’re inviting more retribution by bringing billy on board. Now, you needn’t worry about me. My focus is elsewhere.

Lily: Okay, good.

Ashland: I was just telling your cousin nate that my lab results were rather encouraging after the latest rounds of this new treatment. It’s not to say that I’m cured, but it’s the best news that I’ve had in quite a long time.

Lily: Wow, ashland, that’s — that’s really great news.

Ashland: Thank you. As a cancer survivor, I thought you’d appreciate what I’m going through. And the last thing that I want with my new lease on life is to expend any energy — negative or positive — on billy abbott. So if he sticks to his word and moves on from the past, he has nothing to fear from me.

Lily: Honestly, that’s really good to hear, and truly, ashland, I really do wish you well.

Ashland: Same to you. You and billy.

Victor: Oh, sweetheart, you outbid us for chanccomm. Why isn’t that enough?

Victoria: Hold on a second. Excuse me. Aren’t you the one who just said that I’m your daughter?

Victor: It’s a major triumph. Now you want to buy newman media on top of it?

Victoria: Yes. It would be a breeze. Am I right?

Victor: Oh, I see. Overconfidence is a very dangerous thing, you know.

Victoria: Daddy, cyaxares was originally a part of locke communications. It would just be a simple reintegration.

Victor: Let me ask you, does ashland regret selling the company to us? Does he disapprove of how adam is handling things?

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Ashland’s focus has been on his health. That is his number-one priority. But, yes, we have discussed what it would mean to combine the strengths of these companies. Newman media, chanccomm, and newman/locke — I mean, there would be endless opportunity for synergy and cross-promotion.

Victor: So then ashland is on board with your sudden urge to gobble up my company?

Victoria: You know what he’s always said. He’s always said that what he likes about me the most is my ambition.

Victor: Well, that’s what i like about my daughter, as well, you know. Which doesn’t mean I’m gonna sell the damn company to you.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Why not?

Victor: Because I want to give your brother adam more time to prove himself as ceo. I’m not gonna yank the damn thing out from under him just because you saw through billy’s duplicity before he did.

Victoria: Well, I won’t deny that I’m disappointed, but maybe it is for the best. Since adam seems distracted with all of the issues in his life, it’s only a matter of time before he runs the company into the ground, at which point, i will buy it for a lot less.

Victor: I don’t see that happening, okay? Not only do centrum multigummies

taste great.

Lily: Sondra, hey, it’s lily. Hi, question for you. Do you have a copy of the baxter acquisition contracts? Uh, oh, okay, great. Yeah, if you could send me a copy of that when you get a chance, that would be amazing. Thank you. Actually, while I have you on the phone, is billy in with jill right now? Oh, no, no, don’t interrupt. I was just wanted to, you know, make sure it was going well. Oh, okay. That sounds like a good sign. Great. [ Chuckles ] Well, thank you for the intel. Okay, have a good day. Bye.

Victoria: Hello.

Nikki: Well, hello. Congratulations on your big win. I was so excited to hear that jill accepted our bid.

Victoria: Chanccomm will make a wonderful addition to the newman/locke portfolio.

Nikki: Oh, yes, everything is falling into place beautifully. Business-wise, acquiring chanccomm is a tremendous opportunity, and I’m just as pleased with the side benefits.

Victoria: Such as?

Nikki: Well, for one thing, billy doesn’t have a media outlet to weaponize against our family. I mean, we never could trust his judgment, even when the two of you were still together.

Victoria: No argument there.

Nikki: And amazingly, your father seems just fine with you besting adam. I think he was really very impressed with your boldness.

Victoria: I just came from seeing dad, and he congratulated me.

Nikki: Well, how about that? A major business upset that didn’t cause any strife. Very refreshing.

Victoria: Well, I wouldn’t get too used to it if I were you.

Nikki: Well, as this family’s resident optimist, I hope that it will start a new tradition. And here’s another one. It’s just a little something from your right hand to mark the occasion.

Victoria: Oh, mom, you shouldn’t have done that.

Nikki: Now, I know that champagne is the traditional celebratory gift, except that i don’t drink. And the other popular favorite is cigars.

Victoria: Ugh, no.

Nikki: Exactly. Then I thought about flowers, but I figured that ashland would have that covered, and then inspiration struck.

Victoria: Shoes! Oh! They’re perfect.

Nikki: I hope that when you wear them, it will remind you of your victory and they’ll bring you a little extra luck.

Victoria: Mom, they’re gorgeous. I love them. Thank you so much.

Nikki: Oh.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

Nikki: You’re welcome, darling.

Victoria: Mm. Oh, I just wish that I had been wearing them when I went to meet dad.

Nikki: I thought you said things went well.

Victoria: The first part of it did. That’s when he said that he respected my — my powerful business move.

Nikki: And then what?

Victoria: Well, then I made another one, which didn’t go over nearly as well.

Victor: Have you got a minute, son?

Adam: Dad, hey. I wasn’t expecting to see you back here.

Victor: Let’s talk about billy’s scheme.

Adam: I’m not sure there’s much more to say about it. He saw that the plan wasn’t gonna work, so he waved the white flag. It’s a total surrender.

Victor: Apparently it wasn’t about waving the white flag to prove to everyone that he was a bigger person, as lily claimed.

Adam: I assumed as much. What did you find out?

Victor: Victoria found out what his plan was, and she put a stop to it.

Adam: I assume that she told you about it.

Victor: He had intended to pressure you into admitting that the things he wrote about ashland locke were true. That way, he would be vindicated, and so would chanccomm.

Adam: Obviously, he never would’ve succeeded. So how did victoria uncover all this?

Victor: That doesn’t make any difference. She was very upset by this whole thing.

Adam: Okay, well, last time we were all together at the ranch, she made a point to tell me how concerned she was with billy’s bad behavior, so I’m assuming up until that point, she had fooled him.

Victor: You’re missing the point, son. Victoria saw the whole picture, you didn’T. And you should have.

From the very first touch,

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Nikki: You and jill haven’t even signed the papers, and you’re gearing up for more?

Victoria: Look, I want to go after newman media for the same reason that I acquired chanccomm.

Nikki: Sounds like you want to own the world.

Ashland: Why, nikki, you say that like that’s a bad thing. But I do think that you have hit on the perfect slogan for our company — “newman/locke. We own the world.”

Victoria: For the record, that’s not my goal.

Nikki: Well, then, what is?

Victoria: Look, chanccomm used to belong to newman enterprises, and newman media used to be a part of locke communications group. I just want to bring everything back under the same umbrella, where it belongs.

Ashland: Sounds reasonable to me.

Victoria: It’s classic roll-up strategy. You maximize your resources, you cut your operational costs, you increase your reach and your revenue.

Nikki: Uh-huh. Is that the only appeal?

Victoria: Why? Is there something else that you think it could be?

Nikki: Oh, I don’t know, maybe another way to stick it to adam.

Victoria: Oh, mom. I have far more important things to do with my life. By the way, since when did you care so much about adam’s welfare?

Nikki: Oh, believe me, i don’T. I’ve just been enjoying the peace in our family, and I don’t want anything to disrupt that.

Victoria: Well, I guess you and dad seem to feel the same way, since he turned down my offer in order to keep adam employed and to protect his delicate feelings. But I think that you should probably be on the lookout for another pair of spectacular shoes, just in case dad comes around.

Ashland: Shoes?

Victoria: Yes, it’s our new ritual. Instead of cigars and champagne to celebrate our business conquest, baby gets a new pair of shoes.

Ashland: I like it.

[ Laughs ] And, nikki, just for future reference, I wear a size 11.

Nikki: Duly noted.

Victoria: You might want to start shopping soon, however, since things could move along fairly quickly.

Nikki: Darling, I hear what you’re saying, but I hope that you will let go of this idea of buying newman media. The last thing we need is to have you and adam in the middle of a turf war.

Victoria: Well, I really don’t think there’s any way of avoiding that, mom. Maybe dad could buy adam a new plaything.

Nikki: Oh, victoria.

Victoria: I’m sorry, I can’t help it. It just bugs me that there’s a-a company out there with my name on it that is not a part of my empire.

Adam: Victoria is the mother of his children. She had more opportunities to catch him in a lie than I did. And, I mean, why wait for billy to confess before she came to you anyway? Why didn’t she warn us?

Victor: You’d rather quibble over timing instead of acknowledging what almost happened. A lawsuit against our company would have been rather devastating, son.

Adam: Okay, let’s be clear. Nothing almost happened. I was still in a fact-finding stage. I would’ve figured it out with or without victoria’s help. And even if I hadn’t, I wasn’t gonna use the videos of billy drinking and gambling.

Victor: That’s tantamount to billy boy saying he had all the facts against ashland locke, but he didn’t intend to use them.

Adam: It’s nothing like that. And I’m nothing like billy abbott. I was only gonna use the videos if we needed to challenge his credibility.

Victor: He would’ve pushed you to use them. So what was this spectra woman doing anyway, walking around with a camera and taping all of the antics of billy boy? Was she in on it?

Adam: [ Scoffs ] Of course not.

Victor: Oh, really? How do you know?

Adam: Because I know.

Victor: Huh.

Adam: Sally was just as shocked as I was when he blurted out the truth.

[ Sighs ] Look, I get why victoria’s worked up, okay? She wants to protect her husband, she wants to protect her business reputation, but i promise you, we were never in any peril. And neither was newman media. You don’t need to spend another minute thinking about this.

Victor: Now, you agree that we have a lot of plans for our company, right?

Adam: I agree.

Victor: Mm-hmm. And, uh, you also agree that we accomplished what we set out to do with billy boy, namely bring him to his knees.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Trust me, I’m more than ready to wash my hands of billy. Focus on the job and all the responsibility that you’ve given me.

Victor: Talking about that, son, I am going to take a more active role around here.

Adam: Dad, you… that is completely unnecessary. Don’t need to do that.

Victor: I’m not asking you for approval. This is not up for debate. I’m gonna take a more active role around here. Alright? You have a nice day, son. Kids can change minds,

Victoria: Tell the vendor it’s called a deadline for a reason. No, no excuses. Well, then use a north american source. We have contracts to meet here.

Ashland: A firm hand at the wheel. I like it.

Victoria: Oh, something smells good. Is that coffee?

Ashland: Indeed, a fresh pot at that. Please, take a break with me.

Victoria: Gladly.

[ Sighs ] Take a seat.

Ashland: No, I’ve been sitting all morning. Feels good to move around.

Victoria: Look at you. Look at you, you’re so full of energy.

Victoria: I love that you feel well enough to spend all this time at the office with me.

Ashland: It’s my favorite place to be.

Victoria: Oh. That’s so sweet.

Ashland: You know, I’m surprised that nikki didn’t get behind the idea of you acquiring newman media.

Victoria: That’s okay. I’m not gonna hold it against her. She wasn’t exactly thrilled en we went after chanccomm, until it became clear that it wasn’t gonna cause a rift between my father and me. You know, it’s in her instinct to reduce family tension.

Ashland: Well, I got to hand it to you, you were spot-on about victor’s reaction. It’s as if he was proud that you had the guts to snake the deal out from under him.

Victoria: Well, I haven’t always understood my father the way that I do now. I used to think that he favored his sons over his daughters, especially adam because he’s so ruthless. But then I realized that he just likes winners.

Ashland: That’s very insightful.

Victoria: And it plays to my advantage right now, since i seem to be on such a roll. Ever since I fell in love with you, coincidentally.

Ashland: I hate to break it to you at this point, but victor did break your perfect winning streak, rejecting your bid to buy newman media.

Victoria: True. But he left the door open for me to change to change his mind.

Nikki: Hi, darling.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart. Hi, my baby.

Nikki: I don’t think I have to guess about what dilemma you’re wrestling with.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Nikki: Yeah, I just spoke with victoria. Found out she has her sights set on newman media.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Had she consulted with you about that?

Nikki: Why would she? I’m only her coo.

Victor: Meaning you’re as surprised about that as I am?

Nikki: Our daughter never seems to run out of ideas.

Victor: Uh-huh. So what do you think about this one?

Nikki: I think that is a discussion you should have with her. And I’m sure she will have a very compelling offer for you, should you ever be willing to entertain it. And, of course, that would be your decision to make.

Victor: But you’re not willing to tell me what you think about it.

Nikki: Did you tell adam that victoria suggested this sale?

Victor: Son, I have respect for what you have gone through in your life. I know you had a tough time growing up. But I’ve always had faith that you would work it all out and evolve to be the man that you’ve become now. I’ve made it perfectly clear to everyone in the family that i will never turn my back on you. Ever.

Adam: I’m going to prove to everyone that you were right to believe in me.

Chelsea: Knock-knock.

Adam: [ Sighs ] What is it?

Chelsea: Well, I popped in to return a few e-mails, and i realized we never made a specific plan.

Adam: For what?

Chelsea: For our get-together later. You get first dibs on my time. You decide when and where.

Adam: Um, look, something has come up.& I’m just — I’m not sure that i can do it anymore.

Chelsea: Okay, well, you have to eat, right? I mean, I can bring you takeout later.

Adam: Look, if it’s important, why don’t we — why don’t we just get it out of the way right now? What is it you wanted to say?

Chelsea: Are you trying to make a point or draw some sort of line? If so, you can accomplish that without being a total jerk.

Adam: You’re right. I’m not trying to make a point. It’s not even about you. I’m annoyed with somebody else, and I shouldn’t take it out on you. I’m sorry.

Chelsea: Apology accepted.

Adam: Thank you.

Chelsea: What happened?

Adam: I was just reminded, when you are a newman, there is no such thing as independence.

Unleash the freshness…

Lily: Thanks again. Oh. “I’m so proud of you, babe. And I’ll definitely be back for your first day as ceo. I know you’re gonna do amazing things at chancellor. Love you madly, billy.”

[ Chuckles ] Ohh.

Victor: [ Sighs ] You know, this is an unforgiving game. You can be an expert, can even be a grand master, but you take your eyes off this damn board for a few seconds or make a wrong move, the entire strategy falls apart. All is for naught.

Nikki: I know you’re drawing an analogy, but I’m not sure who is in danger of making a mistake like that. Adam and victoria or perhaps you?

Victor: Well, to be frank with you, I’ve been very happy with how things have been going with the newmans. You know, abby has her family back. Nicholas and I are talking again. And adam has turned his life around and has become part of our family.

Nikki: Ashland’s health is improving, too. Victoria’s feeling very optimistic about their future together.

Victor: And, baby, you and i have never been stronger.

Nikki: Yes, we have attained a rare state of equilibrium. One that I wish would last forever, but…I don’t know, it somehow seems precarious.

Victor: Yeah. It’s somewhat like waiting for the other shoe to drop, you know? And when it does, it could mean a major shift in our family.

Nikki: The fact that you’re this worried has me worried.

Victor: Don’t you worry now. Okay? I adore you. I love you.

Chelsea: Victor’s back to being victor again, isn’t he? Figures. But you kind of had to guess this was gonna happen eventually anyway, right?

Adam: Well, it doesn’t make it any less irritating.

Chelsea: I’ve lost count of how many times that man has pushed you aside and patronized you. It’s kind of the dance you do. But you always come out ahead in the end. My money’s on you.

Adam: I don’t know why I let him get to me.

Chelsea: Because you love him. And victor loves you, too. Exasperating as he can be sometimes.

Adam: Thank you.

Chelsea: For what?

Adam: It’s nice. It helps, having someone around that knows my history.

Chelsea: Well…it’s my history, too. So if you ever need someone to talk, someone who’s well-versed on the never-ending saga of the newman clan and all their foibles, I’m available.

Adam: Well, I might just take you up on that.

Chelsea: Well, how ’bout right now? Drinks on me.

Adam: Hmm.

[ Chuckles ] Why not?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Victoria: My father wanted to know what you thought of my interest in buying newman media.

Ashland: Well, I hope you told him I support you 100%.

Victoria: I did. But I got the sense that he might have seen it the other way around. That you wanted cyaxares back, and I offered to buy it just to make you happy.

Ashland: Just when I thought he was done underestimating you.

Victoria: And overestimating adam.

Ashland: Is there any truth to what nikki said? I mean, does some part of you relish punishing adam for his past crimes?

Victoria: It’s not about punishment. I’m not a vindictive person.& It’s about recognizing that adam never earned that position in the first place. Yes, look, I know people probably think the same thing about me, that I am where I am because of nepotism. It’s a — it’s an assumption that I fight every day.

Ashland: I know you do.

Victoria: Which makes it all the more frustrating that adam actually was handed an entire company by our father.

Ashland: Well, what victor giveth, he can taketh away.

Victoria: And I’m gonna make sure that happens.

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