Y&R Short Recap, Monday January 3 2022

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Recap written by Christine

It was New Year’s Eve. Chelsea implored Adam to take her back, but he let her down easy. He thought that if they got back together, they’d only hurt each other and Connor. Sharon and Rey celebrated their one year anniversary. Sharon took pity on Chelsea and invited her to join them, and Chelsea accepted. Sally and Adam spent time watching movies, and Chelsea saw them together. Adam and Sally gazed into each other’s eyes when the clock struck 12, but they didn’t kiss. Chance’s plans for a romantic evening with Abby went awry when she admitted she was worried about him. He revealed he felt disconnected from everyone except her. He felt like he didn’t have what it took to be a good father, possibly because he’d been abandoned by his own father. She vowed to help him through this. Devon celebrated New Year’s with Amanda, but he couldn’t help thinking about Dominic. Because Amanda didn’t get a chance to know her father, she felt that Dominic deserved the love of both his fathers, Chance and Devon, and she wanted to help Devon on this journey. Devon and Amanda went home for a private romantic celebration.

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