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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Johnny turned out to have the devil in him. He said he wanted to see Marlena’s face when she found out he had the devil in him. Chanel looked for him and found him before she heard him talking with the devil voice. She told him that he missed their kiss. He said nothing stopped them from doing it now. Roman, Kate, Steve and Kayla were drinking together. Steve told them Brady hired him to look for Kristen. He said Brady thought Kristen was framing him. Roman told Kate he was going to hire Steve to look for Philip. She told him he didn’t need to hire Steve to look for Philip. Sami told Lucas that she couldn’t be with someone who kidnapped her. She said she was done with EJ. Lucas thought about kidnapping Sami. She wanted to know what was wrong. Steve said the theory was Kristen was holding Philip captive to frame Brady. Kate asked if he thought Philip was alive. Steve said that was the theory. When Steve and Kayla left, he let Kate know he would find Philip. Roman told Kate Steve would find Philip. Kate said he wasn’t going to find Philip. Lucas told Sami he wanted to be with her. She told him she wanted to leave town.

Kate told Roman that Philip was alive. He wondered if she would have said anything if he didn’t ask her. She said she and Victor were going to get Philip the help he needed. She asked him not to say anything about Philip being alive. Steve and Kayla went to see John and Marlena. Marlena apologized to them for what she did. Kayla said she didn’t have to apologize. Marlena said she did. Lucas asked Sami why they had to move. Sami said it was about them now. She said there shouldn’t be any distractions. He thought she meant EJ. She said he would come after him when he got out of jail. He said he could handle EJ. She said they shouldn’t have to. She said they could go to Phoenix and visit Will. She said they could do anything. He said as long as they weren’t in Salem. She agreed with him. She said they should hurry up and leave town. Roman told Kate that Brady could go to prison. She said he wouldn’t go to prison. She said she and Victor rescinded the missing person report so Brady wouldn’t get in trouble. Roman was glad she trusted him. He said she was a mother who wanted to protect her son. He said he would keep her secret. Marlena apologized to Steve and Kayla for what she did to Tripp. Kayla said what shocked her more when she kissed her. Marlena was shocked. Sami wanted to know what was stopping Lucas from wanting to leave town. He said nothing was stopping him. She wanted to know what was going on. He flashed back to talking to Allie about EJ kidnapping her. Sami told him they couldn’t screw things up again. She said if their relationship was going to work, they had to be honest with each other. She asked what was bothering him. Steve told Marlena that the devil turned into him, but eventually turned back into Marlena. Marlena was still shocked. Lucas told Sami that he wanted to be honest with her. When he was about to tell her something, Kate and Roman showed up. Lucas told them that he and Sami were back together. He also told them they were leaving Salem.

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