Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, December 28, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Lauren tells Phyllis that Jack canceled a meeting with her because he is in New York. Phyllis thinks Jack went to New York to get away from her and Lauren encourages Phyllis to spend New Year’s Eve with Jack. Lauren sends a text to
Jack asking him how long he will be in New York, and he responds that he will be in New York a few weeks. Phyllis thinks its for the best that Jack won’t be home for New Year’s Eve but, she is sad because she will be alone for New
Year’s Eve.

Abby and Chance are shocked when Devon asks them for shared custody of Dominic. Abby and Chance talk after Devon leaves and Chance thinks Devon is asking for custody of Dominic because Devon doesn’t trust him to take care of Dominic. Chance tells Abby he told Devon he felt overwhelmed by becoming a father. Chance also tells Abby he is having a hard time bonding with Dominic. Abby thinks that Devon is going through the same thing Mariah went through with Dominic and he will realize that they are Dominic’s parents. Abby also tells Chance that he will bond with the baby he just has to give it time.

Victoria figures out Billy is only pretending to spiral out of control when he pretends to be drunk while they talk and she takes the drink away from him and smells it and discovers it’s only apple juice. Billy and Lily go to Victoria’s office late and tell her about the plan to restore his reputation. Billy, asks Victoria to keep quiet, about the plan and she agrees to keep quiet for a price .

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