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Recap written by Christine

It was New Year’s Eve. Lauren went to The Grand Phoenix to talk with Phyllis. According to Phyllis, Kyle and Summer took Nick to all the hot spots for his birthday, and he had a really good time. Lauren wondered what Phyllis would be doing tonight, since Jack wasn’t an option. Phyllis claimed that spending time with Jack tonight was never an option for her. She didn’t have plans, and Crystal, would be managing the hotel tonight. Lauren declared that Phyllis would spend the evening with her and Michael. Phyllis didn’t want to be a third wheel. Lauren said Chloe and Kevin would be there. That didn’t sound more appealing to Phyllis, and she didn’t want to be a fifth wheel. Lauren said she needed Phyllis to referee between her and Chloe, because there was still some tension after Chloe let Sally switch the wedding dresses. Lauren said she’d be hurling insults in Phyllis’s ear all night long and getting it out of her system so she didn’t ruin Michel and Kevin’s night. A night of trash-talking did sound appealing to Phyllis, and she accepted the invitation. Lauren thought Phyllis should text or call Jack and say Happy New Year, so he’d know everything was good between them even though she rejected his Christmas invitation. After Lauren left, Phyllis texted Jack. “Hey, Lauren told me you’re on a business trip. Hope it goes well. Guess I’ll see you next year.”

At their home, Abby fed Dominic and cooed over him. She flashed back to Devon asking for shared custody of Dominic. Chance came downstairs when he saw that Abby and Dominic weren’t napping anymore. She said her nap wasn’t nearly enough to make up for all the sleep she lost last night thinking about Devon’s request. Abby was caught off by Devon’s desire to alter the contract they made before Dominic was born. She thought that if Devon had said this up front, she it would’ve changed a lot of their decisions. She pointed out that they’d all agreed to this contract. Chance said that the plan didn’t take into account all the crazy things that happened this year. Abby thought they owed Devon a lot, and she was glad he wanted to be a part of Dominic’s life. Chance knew that it would be important to Dominic to have a relationship with Devon as he grew up. Abby didn’t want to jeopardize that. Chance asked if Abby was thinking of saying yes to Devon’s request.

The more Abby thought about what Devon was asking, the worse she felt. She said she could’ve asked anyone to take care of Dom while she was away, and she chose Devon. She wouldn’t have done that if he’d told her that he was having a hard time maintaining emotional boundaries. Chance said it might not have been an issue back then. Chance wondered if it didn’t become an issue until he got back and Devon saw him struggling. Abby didn’t think Devon would hold that against Chance. If anything, Abby thought Devon had an issue with her parenting. Chance didn’t think anyone would question Abby’s parenting. Abby said Devon may have found it irresponsible of her to drop the baby on Devon’s doorstep and head off to Spain. She reminded Chance that even he had some concerns about that. Chance said he was concerned about Abby’s safety. He understood why she felt compelled to look for him, and he was sure Devon did too. Abby said Devon might think that a good mother would never abandon their baby, under any circumstances. She thought that was why Devon wanted to be a bigger influence in Dom’s life and wanted to be his protector. She added that Devon witnessed her letting Stitch back into their lives, which showed terrible judgment. Chance didn’t think anyone could blame Abby for that. He said there was no way Devon could’ve known Stitch would do any of that. Abby clarified that Devon knew something was off with Stitch. It made her wonder if Devon’s protective instincts were better than hers. Chance urged Abby to breathe.

Abby and Chance wondered how Devon would react if they said no. Chance asked how far Abby thought Devon would go. Abby couldn’t believe they even had to think about this, since Devon had been so supportive up until now. Chance was sorry he mentioned it. He assumed the contract was solid. Abby said Christine looked over it line by line. She hoped it wouldn’t be an issue that she handled the contract while Chance was gone. He was sure it would be fine, and he doubted things would get to that point. He said whatever they decided, they had to be respectful of Devon’s feelings. Abby said even though they assured Devon time and time again that he’d always have access to Dom, it must be scary for him that he didn’t have a legal guarantee. “But look, we have to do what’s best for our son and our family,” Abby stated. Chance agreed. He suggested they go for a walk to clear their heads, and she agreed.

Nate and Elena were at Crimson Lights on the patio. They kissed as they talked about moving in together. He couldn’t wait to wake up with her in his arms. Devon showed up to help Elena move. Elena didn’t realize Devon would be involved. Nate had invited Devon to help. Elena went upstairs to box things up to be moved. Nate asked how things went with Abby and Chance. Devon hadn’t heard anything yet, and the more time that went by, the less optimistic he felt. Later, Devon was off somewhere, and Nate and Elena talked about him. Nate noticed something seemed off with Devon, and Nate brought her up to speed. Nate felt bad about convincing Devon to approach Abby and Chance about his feelings. Elena thought it was too soon to assume that Chance and Abby would turn Devon down.

Chance and Abby’s walk brought them to Crimson Lights, where Elena and Nate were excited to see the baby. Nate mentioned that Elena was moving in with him. Dominic smiled at Elena, and she thought he remembered her. Abby knew that Devon had Elena check in on Dominic while Abby and Chance were in Europe. Elena said she spent Thanksgiving with Dominic and they bonded. Devon came downstairs to see what was keeping Elena and Nate, and things were awkward with Abby and Chance. Elena and Nate exited the scene. “How’s my little guy doing?,” Devon asked Dominic, who smiled. Chance said they were out for a walk, and they didn’t have a decision for Devon. Devon said to take all the time they needed. He started to leave, but Abby pulled him aside to talk in private.

On the patio, Abby said she had a lot of questions, because she didn’t see this coming. Devon didn’t foresee it either. Abby asked if Devon was mad at her and Chance about something. He said no. this was just about him wanting to spend more time with Dominic. He also wanted her and Chance to be able to rely on him, the same way Dominic could. “So when you say that you want my son to be able to rely on you, is that because you think he can’t rely on me?,” she asked. Devon said that wasn’t what he meant. Abby asked if Devon thought she abandoned Dominic when she went to Spain. He said she wasn’t criticizing her parenting skills or Chance’s. He knew Abby and Chance were going through a lot. Abby knew about the conversation Chance and Devon had, and she said that Chance would learn how to take care of a baby. Devon was sure Chance would be a great parent. Devon maintained that he was just trying to help, but Abby thought it was more to it than that. “You’re not asking to babysit. You’re asking for shared custody. For legal rights to my son!,” she yelled. Devon didn’t intend to make Chance and Abby feel so defensive about this. He concluded that this was a bad idea. Dominic cried, and Abby went back in.

Chance told Abby that he had it under control. Devon entered and watched from a distance as Chance and Abby tried to soothe Dominic. As Devon was leaving, Chance and Abby got the baby to stop crying. Nate and Elena returned, and Devon said something came up, and he couldn’t help Elena move after all. He left.

Sally approached Adam at Society and asked if he’d considered her proposal to hang out on New Year’s Eve and do nothing together. He thought it all depended on what the “nothing” was. She said they could go to dinner or a jazz club. He thought that was at odds with doing nothing. She said they could hang out and watch a movie. He didn’t want to watch a New Year’s themed movie, and he didn’t like her idea to watch a slasher film. She suggested Hitchcock. They took turns rattling off Hitchcock movies, and he revealed that he was a huge fan. “Cool, then maybe you’ll hear from me. Or not,” she said. He left.

Chloe was at Chelsea’s. They talked about their kids, and Chloe said that Esther set the clocks forward four hours, so the kids could ring in the new year while still making bedtime. Connor would be at a sleepover tonight. Chloe invited Chelsea to hang out with her, Kevin, Michael and Lauren, but Chelsea was planning a quiet evening at home. She was thinking of inviting Adam over, since she had such a great view for the fireworks. Chloe sighed. Chelsea said not to make a big deal out of this, and she noted that she spent Christmas with Adam. Chloe said that lots of parents sucked it up and spent Christmas together for their kids. Chelsea was offended because she took that to mean that Adam wouldn’t have anything to do with her if it weren’t for Connor. Chloe said that wasn’t what she meant. Chelsea insisted that she and Adam were friends, even after everything she put him through. Chelsea stated that Adam hired Chloe, then he hired Chelsea, and that had to be a sign of something. Chloe thought he did that because he felt guilty. Chelsea knew Adam cared about her from the heart and not out of obligation. Chloe was dismayed when Chelsea revealed that she still wanted to be with Adam.

Chelsea didn’t want to hear the same old argument about why she and Adam shouldn’t get back together. “You would think that after everything that he’s put you through, I wouldn’t have to remind you,” Chloe stated. Chelsea acknowledged that her relationship with Adam was toxic in the past, and it caused her to almost lose her mind, but she learned from her mistakes and left them in the past. Chloe said there were so many beautiful, sweet, non-toxic men who’d make Chelsea so happy. Chelsea maintained that what she and Adam had was unique. Chloe asked if Chelsea felt incapable or unworthy of having a normal relationship. Chelsea said that Christmas was normal and special, and she hadn’t felt this happy or more at peace in a really long time, and that had to count for something. Chloe was glad that Chelsea and Adam were able to be civil for a few hours, but that didn’t mean it’d work out in the long run. Chelsea was convinced Adam changed, and she’d changed too.

Chelsea admitted Adam was skeptical about getting back together with Chelsea, but she thought that, in time, he’d trust her again. Chloe realized that she couldn’t talk Chelsea out of this. Chloe plead with Chelsea to spend tonight with her friends, and she said Chelsea could call Adam tomorrow. Chelsea wondered why it was so important to Chloe that she didn’t see Adam tonight. “Does Adam have plans with Sally?,” Chelsea demanded to know. Chloe didn’t know, but she admitted that Sally had been evasive about her plans for the night. Chelsea believed that Sally didn’t want to admit she was spending New Year’s Eve with Adam because Chloe warned her so many times to stay away. Chloe noted that she’d warned Chelsea too. Chelsea thought that was totally different because she and Adam had a history and a child. Chloe didn’t want Sally or Chelsea to get mixed up with this snake. Chelsea asked how Chloe was going to stop Sally and Adam’s plans. Chloe said Adam didn’t need her permission to date someone. Chelsea got even more worked up at the mention of the word “date.” Chloe urged Chelsea to stop stewing over this and come hang out with her friends. Chelsea decided that she would do something for New Year’s, but not with Chloe.

After Chloe left, Chelsea called Adam, who was at work. She sounded upset and claimed she had something important to discuss. He asked if she and Connor were okay, and she replied that she didn’t want to discuss it over the phone. He immediately went to the penthouse and was alarmed when he didn’t see Connor. She said Connor was fine and on a sleepover. Adam asked why Chelsea was so upset. Chelsea said it was nothing specific – she couldn’t take it anymore, and she had to get out of this penthouse. She said Adam should understand because he’d left the penthouse for the same reason. She said the memories were haunting her. He totally understood. Chelsea said she tried to get past it for Connor, but he didn’t know everything that happened here. She brought up the hurt she and Adam caused each other. All the time she spent trapped in her own mind screaming to get out. She wished she could go back in time and get herself to realize what she was throwing away before it was too late. Adam could relate. He said if she was asking for permission to move, she had it. He stated that he gave her the penthouse, so she could so whatever she wanted with it. She wasn’t asking for permission. He said if she was looking for forgiveness, she had that too. She tearfully said the loving memories hurt more than the dark ones.

Adam didn’t think it was good for either of them to dwell on the past. She said it was easy for him to say because he moved away. She couldn’t help but think of that New Year’s Eve two years ago. He tried to get hr not to go there, but she said she couldn’t help it. Two years ago, they spent New Year’s Eve at the penthouse. They’d connected without words and watched the fireworks, and she’d known this was where she wanted to be. The next day, they’d decided to put their family back together. He pointed out that a lot happened since then. Chelsea remembered the hope, love and excitement they’d felt two years ago. She asked what happened and how they lost it all.

Chloe and Kevin were at Society. He showed her a party tiara he got for Bella. He also got himself some 2022 glasses because he thought if he wore them, it would make Miles laugh. Chloe didn’t seem interested, and Kevin asked what was wrong. She said she was worried about a work situation. She told him about the Chelsea/Adam/Sally New Year’s Eve situation. Kevin knew this could be an issue since Chelsea had a history of overreacting when she got jealous.

Kevin said that two reckless women competing for the same manipulative narcissist in the same workplace was a recipe for disaster, but there was nothing Chloe could do about it for tonight. He asked if they could please just enjoy their last date night of the year. She wished she could, but she spent so much energy building the platform from scratch, and she couldn’t just sit back and watch it blow up. Kevin didn’t think it’d be the worst thing if Chloe lost this job and never had to worry about Sally and Adam again. Chloe knew she only got involved to give Chelsea a soft place to land, but she was invested now, and she couldn’t watch all her hard work go down the drain. Chloe said that Chelsea and Sally were nonchalant about the whole thing, meanwhile they were on a collision course. She didn’t understand how such beautiful talented women who had so much going for them could get sucked into thinking that Adam, of all people, was worth fighting for. Chloe thought Adam deserved to be alone and miserable for the rest of his life. Kevin flippantly suggested Chloe just tell Adam that. Chloe took it as sincere advice and decided that she would try and convince Adam that it was in his self interest to leave both women alone.

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