Y&R Short Recap Monday, December 27 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Abby was supportive of Chelsea’s efforts to rebuild her life. Abby was impressed with the way Adam had turned his life around and asked if he and Chelsea might reconcile. Chelsea didn’t rule it out. Chelsea wanted to be Sally’s superior at work, and she had Chloe put that in her contract. Chance talked with Adam and invited him to come by the house sometime. Chance felt bad about not being there for his family. Adam urged Chance to leave that in the past and move forward. Elena told Sharon she was moving out of the apartment. Sharon gave Elena some advice on making the move to Nate’s place go smoothly. Devon admitted he missed having Dominic around. Nate encouraged Devon to tell Abby that he wanted to formalize his role in Dominic’s life. Devon wasn’t sure about the advice, but he appreciated it.

A lonely Sally tried to connect with Tessa, as a potential friend. Noah told Tessa to steer clear of Sally. Tessa knew what it was like to be the outsider, so she felt bad for Sally and didn’t want to judge her. Tessa loved what Noah did with the album cover. Tessa informed Noah that she and Mariah were thinking of having a baby. Noah said he was happy, but he didn’t look like he was. Tessa and Sharon connected, and Tessa was grateful to be part of the family. Sharon invited Tessa and Mariah to move into Elena’s old apartment, and they accepted. Chance took care of Dominic by himself, and it didn’t go well. Devon showed up and successfully calmed the baby down. Adam told Chelsea that they couldn’t be together. Sally overheard Chelsea tell Adam that they and Connor should spend as much time as possible together while Connor was on winter break.

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