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Recap written by Christine

Chelsea and Abby bumped into each other at Society. Chelsea met Dominic, then she and Abby talked about their sons. Chelsea was sure Abby was glad Chance was back. Abby called his return a miracle. Chelsea wasn’t sure her return would have the same kind of happy ending. Abby assumed Chelsea’s rough patch was behind her. Chelsea wasn’t sure how people would react to her return – she may not have burned all the bridges, but she certainly set some fires. Abby was sure people would forgive Chelsea. Chelsea could take being shunned as long as she got to spend time with her son. Abby said no one in this town, especially Abby’s family, should judge Chelsea. Abby said Chelsea should let her know if anyone gave Chelsea a hard time. Chelsea mentioned that she and Adam spent Christmas together, for Connor. Abby admitted she was impressed with how Adam turned his life around. Chelsea said he was great with Connor, and he’d been surprisingly considerate with her. Abby asked if Adam and Chelsea might got back together.

Chelsea said she and Adam put each other through the worst, but they were still standing. Abby said that could build resilience. Chelsea was trying to put her past behind her, since dwelling on it wouldn’t help her or the people she hurt. Abby said Adam changed too, and maybe Chelsea and Adam could rebuild. Chelsea said that would be hard, but it you never know. Abby thought it was a step in the right direction that Chelsea and Adam co-parented so well together. The last few months taught Abby a lot about family and unity, and it wasn’t about Chance – all the friends and family around her helped her through the ordeal. Abby and Dominic went to the kitchen to talk to the chef.

Chloe joined Chelsea and asked how her Christmas was with Connor. Chelsea said it was perfect, and Adam was civil and pleasant. They got to work, and Chloe said she wanted to get back to design and sales. Chelsea wanted that too, and she’d been sketching out some ideas. Chelsea said she had an interesting afternoon with Sally and Adam here at Society. Chelsea thought Sally was smart and ambitious, and a handful. Chelsea said there was definitely an air of competition in the air, and Sally tried to top Chelsea’s ideas when they were brainstorming. Chloe thought healthy competition was good. Chelsea thought “healthy” was the operative word. Chelsea said that Sally had been trying to impress Adam. Chelsea said if she worked with Sally, she was going to have to be the boss, and she wanted that in her contract.

Adam and Chance ran into each other at Crimson Lights. They made small talk, and Adam said he skipped Chance’s welcome home party because he wasn’t sure he’d be welcome. Chance said the party was overwhelming because he was welcomed as a hero, and he didn’t feel that way. Adam said that Connor had a gift for Dominic. Chance invited Adam and Connor to drop by some time. Chance heard from Abby that Adam was pretty busy with Newman Media and being a single parent. Adam thought it was nice of Abby to paint him in a positive light, but he was sure Chance had his doubts. The last time they talked, Chance said he and Adam couldn’t be friends. Adam said he deserved that, and he was trying hard to redeem himself. He thought it was going well. He had a long way to go, but he made a lot of progress, especially with his family. Adam had to earn the trust of a lot of people, and Chance was at the top of the list. Chance said Adam didn’t owe him anything. Adam asked Chance to grab coffee. At first Chance said he was too busy, but then he changed his mind and sat down with Adam.

Adam and Chance talked. Chance admitted that he hadn’t adjusted to being home yet. Adam read a bit about Chance’s mission, but the articles were light on the details. Adam knew how hard it was for Chance to be undercover in Vegas, though. Chance wasn’t ready to talk about Spain with Adam, although he might be some day. Adam missed a lot of time with Connor, and it hurt, and when he came back, he mistakenly focused on all the things he wasn’t their for instead of enjoying his time with his son. Chance recalled Jack saying something similar about Kyle. However, Chance thought his situation was different. Adam said every father thought that. Chance said he was thousands of miles away thinking he was saving the world when he should’ve been protecting his family. He didn’t think Stitch would’ve taken Mariah if Chance was in town. Adam knew all too well how guilt could keep you rooted to the past. Adam recommended focusing on the day to day stuff with Dominic because that was how you created a bond. Chance wished it worked that way. Adam urged Chance to learn from Adam’s mistakes. Chance said Abby was waiting, and he left.

Back at Society, Abby dealt with the seafood supplier and Dominic started crying. The call wasn’t going well, but she had to hang up because of the baby. Chance arrived and said he’d take Dominic home for father/son time. Abby was concerned because Chance was new to childcare, but Chance said he could handle it.

At Crimson Lights on the patio, Elena told Sharon that she was giving notice on the apartment upstairs because she was moving in with Nate. Sharon was excited for Elena and Nate. Elena said moving in made sense, but she did have some concerns about the overlap between home and work, now that Nate was her boss. Sharon thought it’d be fine, since Nate and Elena were in love. She said every relationship had an issue or two, and at least Elena and Nate knew what their issue was. Elena hoped they could strike a good balance – she didn’t want to go home and talk about work over dinner.

Sharon thought Elena should think of her house as a respite from the hospital. It wasn’t realistic to never talk about work, but Nate and Elena could set up a designated evening when they didn’t talk about the hospital. Elena knew that would be hard, but she thought they could do it. Sharon said Elena and Nate should make their home a place for both of them. Sharon noted that it could be tricky because Elena was moving into Nate’s. Elena never thought of that. Sharon asked if Elena had some things to bring and if Nate was willing to give up some things to make space for her. Elena said yes, and that Nate was clearing a space right now. Sharon said not to look at it as Elena moving into Nate’s, they should see it as creating a home together. Laughing, Elena said Nate had these two purple lamps that she couldn’t wait to get rid of. Elena had been a little worried about this, but after talking to Sharon, she felt really excited about the new adventure she and Nate were going on.

Nate went to Devon’s house. Devon assumed Nate would be busy making room for Elena’s stuff at the house. Nate said he’d just dropped off a bag of things to New Hope’s donation center. Devon hoped Nate got rid of those ugly purple lamps, but Nate said he kept them because they were expensive. Devon said Elena would throw those away the first day she got there. Nate had come to check on Devon, because Devon had seemed down at Christmas dinner. Devon said he’d just been thinking about Dominic on his first Christmas. He was surprised Nate noticed, since he and Elena had been busy talking about moving in together. Nate asked if that bothered Devon. Devon thought it was good news, and he was happy that they’d moved past everything that happened. Nate noticed the framed picture of Dominic’s footprints, and Devon said it was a thoughtful gift from Abby. Nate wanted to talk about Devon’s feelings. Devon missed having Dominic at the house. From the day Dominic was born, Devon felt a connection to him, and having Dominic stay over made that bond stronger. He was struggling with not having a more constant role in Dominic’s life.

Devon said he’d love to play a bigger role in Dominic’s life, but he didn’t think he needed to do anything about it right now. He was the godfather, and he could go visit Dom any time he wanted, plus he’d just spent a lot of time with the baby. He thought that it was important for Dominic and Chance to bond right now. Nate got that, but he thought that Devon should talk to Abby and Chance about spending more time with Dominic and making it official. Devon recalled Amanda saying the same thing, but he didn’t think legally inserting himself into the Chancellor’s lives was going to help them heal. Devon said he went into this situation with his eyes open. Nate noted that Devon was attached to Dominic. Devon said that attachment made him want to do what was best for Dominic, and he didn’t think catching Abby and Chance off guard was best. Nate respected Devon’s concern for the family, but he thought Devon had a spot in that family too. Nate said that when Devon went into this arrangement, he didn’t expect to deliver the baby or for Abby to leave Dominic with him. Devon said Abby didn’t abandon Dominic. Nate’s point was that there had been unexpected challenges, outside the original arrangement, and Devon had been supportive throughout, so he’d earned the right to spend more time with Dominic. Nate thought Dominic would thrive with Devon’s continued love and support.

Devon appreciated Nate’s advice and valued his opinion. Nate advised Devon to go to Abby and explain how he felt. Devon appreciated Nate’s perspective because he was starting to feel like it was selfish to want to spend more time with Dominic. Nate said Abby loved Dominic with all her heart, and she’d want to do whatever would bring more love into his life.

Sally ran into Tessa at The Grand Phoenix and re-introduced herself. Sally loved Tessa’s performance in Tuscany at the wedding. Sally was a huge fan. Tessa said thanks, but she didn’t strike up a conversation. Sally understood that no one in this town was ever happy to see her. That was reinforced on Christmas, which she spent alone, so Sally was trying to reach out to people she admired and respected. Sally had been a fan for a long time. She saw Tessa on GC Buzz, getting in trouble for taking some lines from Mariah’s diary and making it into a hit song. Tessa said it was a long time ago. Sally felt a connection to Tessa. She thought that Tessa had been maligned for doing what any artist did – taking words and thoughts and turning them into something more meaningful, no matter where they came from. Sally said all anyone could hope to be was someone who channeled their strengths and flaws into making the world a better place. Tessa realized Sally was comparing her designs to Tessa’s songs.

Tessa said most of her songs were about her and Mariah’s relationship, with Mariah’s permission. Tessa didn’t really write about her personal experiences, more about the emotions she felt. Sally could relate because she channeled her emotions about wanting to get back to the top after being counted out into designs for Victoria’s wedding dress. Tessa thought the point of the bridal gown was to capture the bride’s essence. Sally said that was true, but ambition was a trait she and Victoria shared. She always thought it’d be cool to design a wardrobe for a singer to wear on tour. Tessa said she normally wore regular clothes. Sally thought she could come up with something that fit Tessa’s personality, and since they were both fighters, that would be a good starting point. Noah showed up for his meeting with Tessa, and he was cool toward Sally. Sally took the hint and left.

Noah told Tessa that Sally was trouble, and he brought up what she did to Summer and Kyle. Tessa said she, along with everyone else in this town, heard what Sally did. Tessa said Sally was desperate to make friends, but Noah thought she was working some kind of angle. Tessa felt bad for Sally, because she’d been ostracized by everyone, but Noah thought Sally was getting what she deserved after what she did to Summer. Noah knew Tessa liked to take in strays, but he thought she should stay away from Sally. Tessa wasn’t trying to be Sally’s best friend, but she could relate to being an outsider. It was sad that Sally spent Christmas alone. Noah said Sally brought that on herself. Tessa said she’d been in Sally’s position once, then people got to know her, and now she had a life she never could’ve imagined. She was thinking that they shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

Noah was always impressed with Tessa’s big generous heart even if it was directed at people who didn’t deserve it. “Thank you, I think” Tessa said. Noah hoped he captured that in the album cover. He got rid of the thing that Mariah didn’t like. Tessa loved the cover, and it’d always remind her of Mariah because she was thinking of her when he took the shot. Noah thought that explained why Tessa was content and glowing in the photo. He guessed love would do that. She said she and Mariah were thinking of having a baby. He was happy for them, if that was what they both wanted to do. She said that it was – Mariah was in a better place, and Tessa was ready. Noah said it was a big step. Tessa told Noah that their conversations about her relationship helped, so he deserved some of the credit for helping Tessa get there. Mariah texted Tessa. Noah claimed he was excited to be an uncle, but after Tessa left, he looked sad.

Tessa went to Crimson Lights to get Mariah’s favorite drink. Tess thanked Sharon for the invitation to Christmas dinner. Sharon said Tessa was family, and it wouldn’t be the same without her. Sharon said it’d kill her for Tessa and Mariah to wake up in a cold impersonal hotel on Christmas morning. Tessa said that she used to live in cars, so she felt like she was living large at the Grand Phoenix. Sharon said that nothing in the hotel belonged to Tessa and Mariah. She thought they needed their own space, especially if they wanted to start a family. Tessa wondered what Sharon was trying to sell her on. Sharon offered Tessa and Mariah the apartment above Crimson Lights. Tessa called Mariah to talk it over, and they decided to take the place. Sharon promised she wouldn’t hover, but she would give them special treatment, like making sure all of their favorites were stocked at Crimson Lights before Mariah left in the mornings. Tessa got choked up because there was a point where she didn’t have anyone, and now she was part of this big beautiful family

Chance couldn’t get Dominic to take the bottle. Devon came by. Dominic started crying. Chance was at a loss because he’d changed the baby and walked him and given him the pacifier, and nothing he tried had helped. He wondered if Dominic was sick and needed to go to the doctor. Devon thought Dominic was just tired. Confused, Chance pointed out that Dominic wasn’t going to sleep. Devon explained that babies didn’t just fall asleep when they were tired. Devon took Dominic and Abby came home just in time to see her son calm down in Devon’s arms.

Chelsea went to Adam’s office to say that she and Chloe worked out the terms of her contract, and she’d officially be on board soon. Adam closed the door and said he and Chelsea could talk about their relationship. He said they weren’t able to talk privately before because of Connor. “Don’t forget our three way date with Sally,” Chelsea added. Adam wanted to know why Chelsea gave him a painting of the lake house. He wondered what she was trying to tell him. She said she just meant that she missed the time when they first moved in there. She asked if he remembered what it was like, before Sharon. He did remember. She asked if he ever missed it. Before he could answer, Noah let himself in. Chelsea thanked Noah for playing hockey with Connor on Christmas Eve. Noah smiled and Connor was great, unlike his old man. Adam said he took this abuse because he knew it wasn’t as mean-spirited as it was a couple years ago. Noah said Adam wasn’t as mean spirited as he was a couple years ago. Noah left. Adam brought up the painting again. Chelsea told Adam not to read so much into it – she saw the painting and she thought of him and their time on the lake. She wasn’t trying to pressure him. He said he didn’t feel pressured. He had fond memories of that time, but they couldn’t get it back, and they had to move on. She said they were moving on as parents to Connor. She realized she made the right choice coming back, because Connor was so happy. She hoped that they could spend as much time as possible together while Connor was on break. At some point, Sally had come up to the office, and she was standing in the hallway listening with her arms crossed.

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