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[ Upbeat music ]

Deacon: Uh, this isn’t what it looks like. I’m not bartending. I’m just covering for paul.

Brooke: Where is paul?

Deacon: Paul and his wife just had a baby. Yeah. So, they’re at the hospital. I told him I’d cover his shift and restock for him so they could spend some more time together.

Brooke: Okay, well that is very thoughtful of you.

Deacon: Well, I am mr. Thoughtful. So brooke, how was your christmas? Because I got to tell you, mine? Off the charts awesome. Want to know why?

Brooke: Let me guess. Is it because you got to spend it with your daughter?

Deacon: Best christmas ever.

Brooke: Hope said it was really special too.

Deacon: She said you guys were up at the forrester mansion, how’d that go?

Brooke: Oh, it was a good traditional christmas. It’s always fun to see it through beth and douglas’ eyes. You know, christmas is all about the children.

Deacon: Yeah. Did eric whip up a batch of that high octane eggnog?

Brooke: You know it. Actually, that’s why I’m here. Eric poured me some non-alcoholic champagne at christmas, and it was so good, you know, since I’m not drinking. And I took a picture of it on my cell.

Deacon: Oh yeah.

Brooke: Oh, so you know what this is?

Deacon: Yeah, we got a bottle of it right here. Pretty popular with the non-drinking crowd.

Brooke: Well, I’d love to get a bottle actually. We’re having some family over for new year’s eve.

Deacon: This is the last one, it’s spoken for, but we’re getting a new batch in so I can have one delivered to your place for new year’s eve.

Brooke: Okay.

Deacon: Yeah?

Brooke: That would be perfecT.

Deacon: Okay.

Brooke: Thank you.

Deacon: Is there anything else I can do for you? Not that I could ever repay you for everything you’ve done for me. You know, brooke, I gotta tell you, I just feel like this is the first time that I really have a shot at a decent life. And it’s because you’ve had your… your faith you’ve put in me. And… oh no.

Sheila: Am I interrupting?

Brooke: What is she doing here, deacon?

Paris: It felt like something out of one of those wholesome christmas movies. But it was real.

Steffy: That’s what christmas at my grandfather’s is all about. Carol song, eggnog flowing, gifts galore and a real true appreciation of the holidays.

Paris: I know you must be thrilled having your mom back in town for the holidays.

Steffy: I am so thrilled I haven’t seen her in ages. It’s so wonderful to have her back.

Paris: And thomas is excited too, I bet.

Steffy: Yeah, he is. My dad too. He and my mom are close even though they’re divorced.

Paris: Must have been tough when your family split.

Steffy: Yeah, yeah, it was. But, you know, of course, I wanted my parents to stay together. But no matter what, it still feels like a family, which is nice. Like the love is there.

Paris: I’m happy for you, steffy. All of you.

Steffy: Thank you. And plus, I got the best christmas gift, my mom says she is staying in L.A. So thomas, me, dad, we don’t have to say goodbye to her after the holidays. She’s going to be around for all of us.

Paris: So you had no idea your mom was coming back when she did?

Steffy: No idea. Complete surprise. She actually walked into my house.

Paris: Oh wow.

Steffy: It’s so crazy. I mean, like we talk all the time, we text and we video chat, but there’s nothing like having your mom there. You know those mom hugs? It’s nice. It’s really nice to have her back for the holidays.

Paris: That sounds magical. Yeah, it definitely is. Except for one guest.

Sheila: Happy holidays to you, too, brooke. Am I not supposed to spread a little bit of goodwill when I can? It’s the season, right?

Brooke: You never spread goodwill. You’re just interested in spreading chaos and your own brand of crazy.

Sheila: Oh well, well, well. What happened? Did somebody put a lump of coal in your stocking this year because you’re even nastier to me than–

Deacon: Okay, all right, ladies, please–

Brooke: You know, I’d like an explanation, deacon. You promised me that you were no longer associating with sheila.

Deacon: I know.

Brooke: Yet I allowed you into our home and into our family.

Deacon: I am so grateful for that.

Brooke: I even supported you spending time with hope on one condition: That you stay away from sheila. Yet here she is. And here you are. So, tell me what’s going on. Are you still involved with sheila? Super emma just about sleeps in her cape.

Paris: Well, obviously, that wasn’t what you expected.

Steffy: Yeah. Spending christmas eve with sheila? Absolutely not. But I do trust my mom’s reasoning for inviting her.

Paris: You just don’t trust sheila. I totally get that.

Steffy: Yeah. Why would I trust her? She’s like a crazy–

Zende: There you are. I’ve been looking everywhere for you.

Paris: You have?

Zende: I even had charlie put out an apb. There are men searching the building as we speak.

Paris: Stop.

Steffy: Wow, comedian. My cousin, wow.

Zende: Thank you.

Paris: One of his most endearing qualities.

Zende: Along with my ability to pull off incredible surprises. Speaking of which, christmas with you was really amazing. I’m just making sure we’re still on for new year’S. I’m thinking romantic dinner, followed by, well, let’s just say it’s going to be epic.

Steffy: Oh, come on, you got to give it more than that.

Zende: No, not happening, this guy’s lips are sealed.

[ Phone chiming ] Oh. And on that note, I have to meet someone. I will see you ladies a little bit later.

Paris: Bye.

Zende: Bye.

Steffy: I’m just going to say it right now, zende is into you. Wow.

Deacon: Okay, there is nothing romantic going on between me and sheila.

Brooke: Is it true?

Sheila: Well, we’re not sharing a bed right now.

Deacon: Okay, stop. All right? I live in a room in the back here. I work here. I mop up. I mean, come on. I didn’t call her and invite her here. It’s a public establishment. I can’t control what she does.

Sheila: Hello, hello. I’m right here. I can speak for myself.

Deacon: Look, all I’m saying is I don’t want to give brooke the wrong impression. Every single good thing that’s happened to me since I’ve gotten out of prison has been a result of hope and brooke being kind to me, all right? I’m not going to mess that up.

Sheila: And being around me, that’s messing it up?

Deacon: Yes! Because I gave them my word–

Sheila: Okay. Stop, stop, stop. You know, whatever you promised brooke and your daughter, that’s your business. But where I go and who I see, that is none of brooke’s concern. Now you might want to let her dictate your life, but she sure as hell isn’t going to dictate mine. It’s not like I have a lot of friends here in L.A. Anyway.

Brooke: That doesn’t surprise me.

Sheila: Fine, fine. Ol’ miss high and mighty. That’s what you do best, isn’t it? But, deacon… deacon’s my friend.

Brooke: But you can’t be in deacon’s life. He’s doing the best he can to turn himself around, and he’s doing a great job. He doesn’t need a negative influence in his life and that’s exactly what you are!

Sheila: Oh my god! You really believe you know what’s best for everyone, don’t you?

Brooke: Actually, I do in this case, yes. Deacon’s better off having nothing to do with you.

Sheila: Is that how you feel, too? I mean, is brooke speaking for you?

Deacon: I feel like in this situation? Yes, sheila. You know, we can’t be seeing each other.

Sheila: You know, you’ve always looked down your nose at me like you’re better than me, but you’re not brooke. I’m a registered nurse. I put myself through school. I made something of myself. And what did you do? You just slept your way up and down the forrester ladder.

Brooke: Oh, come on, sheila. You know my history. You know I went to college and I became a chemist, and then I created the believe formula, and made millions–

Sheila: Whatever, whatever. I cannot understand why ridge looks at you as his destiny when he already has a family with children and grandchildren with taylor. And one of those grandkids happens to be mine, too? I don’t understand why he would want to spend his life with an alcoholic slut like you, it’s beyond me!

Brooke: Oh, god!

Sheila: Yeah, that’s right. I said it. Stephanie forrester’s words. Once a slut from the valley, always a slut from the valley.

[ Chuckling ]

Brooke: You really are certifiable, aren’t you? You are completely insane.

From the very first touch,

Steffy: Zende is a true romantic, that’s for sure. Like most of the forrester men, it’s kind of like a family tradition.

Paris: What is?

Steffy: The big, romantic gesture? You know how my father proposed to my mom? By having a treasure hunt in the caribbean.

Paris: Really?

Steffy: Yeah, we were kids, and they told us the story over and over again, but I never get tired of hearing it. And thomas loved the part where the ring was the buried treasure. So cute.

Paris: Wow, your parents must have been really in love like you are with finn.

Steffy: And like zende is with you. I haven’t seen him so wrapped up like this with anyone. It just makes me curious, you know, to see what my cousin has in store for you on new year’s eve.

Zende: So, my special request from a few weeks ago, it’s actually ready?

Quinn: Yes, it is, and I’m sorry it took so long. I had to get my own life back in order, but I think you’re going to be pleased. I’m pretty happy with it if I do say so myself, and I think paris will approve. Yeah?

Zende: Approve?

[ Quinn chuckling ] You kidding me? This is just beyond anything I could have imagined, it’s stunning.

Quinn: It’s what I do.

Zende: No one does it better.

[ Quinn chuckling ] Wow. Thank you, quinn.

Quinn: You’re welcome. So, let me ask you a question. Does paris know that you’re about to propose?

Deacon: Enough, stop. Both of you. Sheila, I work here? You’re going to get me fired.

Sheila: Like she even cares. All she ever thinks about is herself.

Brooke: This is exactly why I didn’t want you associating with this woman. She is divisive and destructive.

Sheila: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, no. What I am is human. And I’ve made mistakes. Terrible mistakes that I have paid for. But you won’t even give me an opportunity to prove that to you. No, you don’t have even the simplest hint of forgiveness or understanding in you. Why can’t you just be more like taylor?

Brooke: Taylor?

Sheila: Yes, taylor, you remember. The ex mrs. Ridge forrester who can actually be compassionate and show empathy.

Brooke: What are you even talking about, sheila?

Sheila: I got to go to finn and steffy’s christmas eve, and I spent time with my son and my grandson.

Brooke: Okay, that’s kind of funny because steffy would never allow you in her home.

Sheila: But taylor would. She’s the one that talked finn and steffy into inviting me.

Brooke: Why on earth would taylor do something so dangerous?

Sheila: Because she’s kind and understanding and not condemning me. Why can’t you be like that?

Brooke: Never. Taylor may have opened the door to you, just a crack, but I’m going to make sure that I slam that door, I lock it, and I throw away the key.

Sheila: You know, why don’t you stop with all the bravado? Because there is nothing you can do about it.

Brooke: Yeah? You just watch me. I am gonna make sure you come nowhere near my family, especially steffy, finn, and hayes.

New vicks vapostick. Strong soothing vapors…

Brooke: If you think by manipulating taylor, you’re going to–

Sheila: I’m not manipulating taylor. She’s a world class psychiatrist. I wouldn’t be able to do that. She’d see me coming a mile away.

Brooke: Maybe, maybe not. Maybe she’s been gone so long she forgot how truly diabolical you are.

Sheila: Oh, my god! You just won’t quit. You won’t give me the slightest benefit of the doubt, something taylor is willing to do.

Brooke: I don’t even know why she would do that, sheila. You shot her. You kept her away from her family for years.

Deacon: We have to have a timeout, all right? Please before–

Sheila: Why? Why is that? Are you afraid I’m going to go after her? Is that it? And you’d love it, wouldn’t you? Especially in a public setting like this, because then you’d get everyone to believe your you warped opinion of me.

Brooke: I’m serious, sheila. I’m gonna do everything in my power to keep you away from our family and ridge will agree with me because he doesn’t like you either. And I’m going to make damn sure he knows how crazy you are.

Sheila: Please. Brooke, just don’t do this. Don’t come between my son, my grandson and me. Show a little bit of mercy.

Brooke: If it were anybody else, I might. But you’re dangerous, sheila. A sociopath. And steffy and her family need to be protected from you. I am going to make certain that you are out of all of our lives once and for all.

Deacon: Okay, look. It’s time to go. Let’s go. Come on, come on, come on.

Zende: It’s beautiful. Just like paris. Thank you again, quinn.

Quinn: You’re welcome. But you still didn’t answer my question. Does paris have even the slightest inkling that you are about to propose?

Zende: I’m not sure. Are you wondering if I’m moving into this too fast?

Quinn: That’s absolutely none of my business. But you clearly love her.

Zende: I do. I’m certain she’s the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. And I have to believe that paris feels the same way about me.

[ Sighing ]

Sheila: Brooke, brooke, brooke! Threatening to come between my son, my grandson and me. And take away my only friend in deacon. Why can’t she just leave me alone? Not like she’s never done anything wrong in her life. But how. How do I stop her? How do I put her in her place?

Deacon: It’s pretty popular with the non-drinking crowd. I’ll have a bottle delivered to your place for new year’s eve.

Sheila: This is how I stop brooke. And it all starts… new year’s eve. . . .

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