Days Short Recap Friday, December 17, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander and Gwen ran into Rex. Xander asked him where Sarah was. Rex asked how would he know. Xander wondered what he was hiding. Rex said he hadn’t seen Sarah in months. He said they were never together. Gwen tried to get Xander to leave for the airport, but he wouldn’t move. Xander kept asking him questions about Sarah. Rex said she dumped him the same way she dumped him. Xander was confused. Rex was getting upset and wanted to leave. Xander asked where she was if she wasn’t with him. Gwen tried to get Xander to leave for the airport again. He said he couldn’t leave now. He said he had to find out why Sarah had been lying to him and why she was sending misleading texts to Maggie. Steve went to Kayla’s office and told her about Marlena’s stunt with Ben and Ciara. They hoped Marlena got the help she needed. Steve tried to kiss Kayla. When he pulled back, Kayla saw the devil’s face. John asked Belle if there was any news on Philip. She said there was no body. She said she hoped they didn’t find one. Chloe called her and told her Brady was arrested. John wanted to go with Belle to the station, but he stumbled. She said he went ten rounds with the devil. She wanted him to rest. Chloe went to see Brady at the police station. He said he was having visions about what happened but he couldn’t see anything. She said she there was something she could do. He asked her to check on his father. He thanked her for believing in him. Belle went to see Brady. She told him about Marlena and that Philip was still declared dead. Brady said he wasn’t surprised his grandfather sold him out. She said they needed something concrete to discredit the evidence. She realized the pub had a security camera they could check.

Chloe went to see John. He told her about going up against the devil before they talked about Brady. John couldn’t believe Victor and Kate declared Philip dead. Chloe told John she believed in Brady. When Chloe left, John called Steve. When Steve didn’t answer, John tried to call Kayla. Kayla told the devil to stay away from her. The devil said Kayla was what she needed to repay Belle and Shawn. When Kayla’s phone rang, the devil threw the phone. Kayla ended up on the floor. The devil used Kayla’s keycard to get in John’s room. The devil said it was time to wake up. Kate hugged Philip when he was in her room. She asked how he survived Brady’s attack. Philip said Brady didn’t attack him. He said he went after Brady. He said he set the whole thing up. She slapped him. Kate couldn’t believe Philip made her think he was dead. He said that’s why he was there. He said he wanted to let her know he was okay. He said he thought she would be proud of him. He told her how he did it. Philip told Kate that he saw Brady and Chloe talking outside of the pub like he didn’t exist. He said when Chloe left, he hit Brady with a crowbar and then dragged him to the bushes. Philip said he took out Brady’s credit card to buy shots at the pub. He said he got a bottle of alcohol and used a syringe to inject Brady. Philip said he sent himself the messages from Brady’s phone. Kate couldn’t believe Philip went to such lengths to ruin Brady. He reminded her of her wrongdoing. She said what she did didn’t compare to what he has done. He said she never had his back. He said he threw his prosthetic leg in the river. He said he was using his old one. Kate said she couldn’t believe Philip did all of this for Chloe. He said Chloe lied to him and they deserved what happened. He said they would never know it was him. She said she couldn’t keep it a secret for long. She reminded him of how many people mourned his death. Chloe knocked on the door for Kate. He told Kate to ignore her.

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