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Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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[Mellow music]

Ridge: I hate being at odds with you because it ruins my day.

Brooke: Yeah, me toO. When you walked out–

Ridge: I walked out because I’ve got a temper and when I get angry, I don’t want to say something I’m gonna regret.

Brooke: I know, I know. I understand.

Ridge: Do you?

Brooke: Really, I do.

Ridge: Mh-mm?

Brooke: I just… think we need some time alone.

Ridge: Uh huh?

Brooke: So, maybe we should take a trip up the coast? You know, nice little drive.

Ridge: Sounds really nice.

Brooke: Yeah. Just focus on us and our relationship.

Ridge: Mh-mm?


Brooke: I know that there’s been some distractions lately.

Ridge: Are you talking about that big fat elephant in the middle of the room? And before you start, that is probably the nicest thing I’ve ever said about deacon.

Brooke: Yeah. No, I mean it, really. We need to recharge.

Ridge: I think you’re right. Let’s do it.

Brooke: Okay, I just gotta tell steffy and thomas.

Brooke: No, any forrester business can wait.

Ridge: It’s not forrester business. I was gonna tell you last night but you already asleep, but… uh, taylor’s back.

[Somber music]

[Seagulls cawing]

Steffy: Mom, I love that you’re here.

Taylor: Thank you. Don’t get it on the whites!


Steffy: I know this isn’t the waldorf or anything.

Taylor: Oh, please. These amenities come with the most gorgeous grandbabies a grandma could ever ask for.

Steffy: I loved seeing you this morning with kelly and hayes. It was so cute.

Taylor: Honey, it was amazing. And you got to get some work done.

Steffy: And I’m so grateful for that. Finn had a late shift at the hospital, so it was really nice. And I’m so excited for you guys to finally meet face to face.

Taylor: I am too. Honey, they’re beautiful. Kelly and hayes. Remarkable doesn’t even begin to describe them. I’m so proud of you.

Finn: Morning. Or, uh, afternoon.

Taylor: Hi.

Finn: It is long overdue, but it’s nice to finally see you face to face.

Taylor: Yes. You too. Look at you. Oh my gosh. I was just telling steffy how proud I am of her. Congratulations on your beautiful family. Come here.

[Deacon sighing]

Paul: Hey, deacon.

Deacon: Yeah?

Paul: Don’t forget to clean the bathrooms.

Deacon: Okay.

Sheila: So do you use a sponge or a toothbrush when you clean the toilets?

Deacon: I’m glad you’re having fun.

Sheila: Deacon, I always have fun.

Deacon: Did you order food to pick up or something? Is there a reason you’re here?

Sheila: I could give you about a thousand reasons why I’m here and what you could do for me, but… I’ll settle for just an answer to one question.

Deacon: Shoot.

Sheila: Why are you here? Why are you cleaning when you could be living with me? Are you really willing to stoop to that kind of a low just to get close to brooke?

[Tense music]

Deacon: I wouldn’t call an honest day’s work sinking low.

Sheila: I think it is for a man of your talents.

Deacon: For my talents, what would those be, sheila? Conning? Gambling?

Sheila: Surviving.

Deacon: You know, that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m just trying to survive. You know, normally I’d be at the bar, knocking them back. I’m trying to clean up my act.

Sheila: To win brooke?

Deacon: To have a place in my daughter’s life.

Sheila: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. This is all about hope, deacon. You know, you can’t honestly tell me that on some level, this isn’t about brooke, too.

Brooke: Taylor’s back?

Ridge: Yeah, she surprised, steffy yesterday.

Brooke: Oh, she surprised her. So she didn’t even let steffy know? She didn’t call her or text her or give her a heads up?

Ridge: No.

Brooke: That’s kind of strange.

Ridge: Strange, why? It’s her mother, she can come whenever she wants, it’s not like some roommate from college stopping by.

Brooke: And you saw her, too?

Ridge: Yeah, it was me and steffy and thomas. It was, uh… it was nice.

Taylor: I was planning on staying at a hotel, but steffy–

Steffy: And I said absolutely not.

Finn: And I would have said the same thing.

Steffy: You just got back. I’m not giving you up that quickly.

Taylor: Okay, well, we’ll see how long that lasts. No one wants their mother hanging around.

Steffy: Oh, please. If it were up to me, you would never leave. Kelly and hayes were so excited to see you. Not as excited as I was.

Taylor: Oh. I love you so much, steffy.

Steffy: I love you too, mom. It’s so good to have you back.

[Music: “I swear”]

Deacon: I just want a relationship with hope.

Sheila: And brooke, too.

Deacon: She is hope’s mother.

Sheila: You want a lot more than a co-parenting relationship with her.

Deacon: I just want a relationship with my daughter. All right? That’s it. It’s going pretty well. You know, I stopped by the cabin yesterday, and it turns out that hope likes martial arts. So, there’s something else we have in common.

Sheila: You’re a martial artist?

Deacon: I can handle myself. And I did just get out of prison, not summer camp.

Sheila: Wow. Whoo!

[Giggling] I would’ve thought martial arts would have been a little too structured for someone like you.

Deacon: Well, it was in the beginning. It was also exactly what I needed. I had a lot of rage when I was a kid. It was a perfect outlet. I mean, you think that I’m bad now, it could have been a hell of a lot worse.

Sheila: Well, it’s a good thing you know how to take care of yourself. That karate could come in handy with ridge.

[Tense music]

Brooke: Oh, I’m happy that you and steffy and thomas got to spend time together as a family with taylor.

Ridge: It was nice. Seeing the kids, they were so excited, like– like… kids under a christmas tree. It was nice.

Brooke: Oh, good. I bet taylor was so excited to see kelly and hayes.

Ridge: Saw ’em this morning. They sent a picture. Do you want to see it?

Brooke: No, that’s okay. I’m sure it was sweet.

Ridge: This is hard for taylor, you know? She, uh… she’s committed to her work, and it’s really impressive what she does, you know?

Brooke: Yeah. Yeah, it is. So, uh… when does she go back to this really impressive work?


Ridge: Come on, she’s missed so much. With hayes and her daughter’s wedding, I think… maybe she’ll stick around.

Brooke: Oh.

Taylor: So, finn, how are you holding up?

Finn: I’m good, it was a long shift to the hospital, but I love my work. Oh, you’re– ah, you’re talking about sheila and my father and, uh… that whole mess.

Taylor: I don’t want to overstep here but steffy told me that… sheila was your biological mother and… your adopted father is actually your biological one. Has to be a bit of an emotional roller coaster for you.

Finn: Maybe more of a train wreck. But, uh… yeah. I don’t know.

Taylor: Yeah, you don’t– you don’t have to know. This is an emotional time. I’m here if you want to talk.

Finn: Thank you. I… appreciate that offer. I might have to take you up on it one day. But… right now, I just want to be there for my mom. She was lied to as well and I wanna make sure she’s okay.

Taylor: I’m sure she will be in time. How could she not be with a wonderful son like you?

Steffy: He is a wonderful husband. And father.

Taylor: You know, things might get… worse before they get better. Just– just hold on to each other. As tight as you can and don’t let go and everything is gonna be okay.

Steffy: Mom.

Taylor: No, it’s just– it’s– this is what you hope for. That your daughter will find a love like the two of you have. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you happy.

Wait, oh, yes

Brooke: A longer visit?

Ridge: Yes, it seems that way.

Brooke: Okay, well, how long?

Ridge: I– I don’t know. Maybe she’llstay for good this time.

Brooke: Stay for good? I mean, what about her job, her work?

Ridge: She’s a psychiatrist. Not like we don’t need psychiatrists in los angeles. Look, she missed her family.

Brooke: Yeah, sure she did. So, I guess my next question would be… why now? I mean, I’m sure she missed her family the entire time she was gone. So…

Ridge: You okay?

Brooke: Yeah, I’m okay. Why wouldn’t I be?

Ridge: You just seem a little off. I mean, are you okay with… taylor being back home?


Taylor: Then I walk into the kitchen and steffy and phoebe are covered from head to toe with frosting.

Steffy: It was an epic food fight.

Taylor: I was mortified and I ask them, “who did this?” And they both just pointed at each other. That’s twins for you.

Finn: I love these stories, but, um, I gotta head back to the hospital.

Taylor: I completely understand.

Steffy: I’ll see you.


Finn: All right. Heading out. And maybe I’ll… I’ll bring some frosting.

Steffy: Babe! No, not in front of my mom!

Taylor: Oh, come on, there’s nothing that you can think of that your father and I haven’t already done.

Steffy: Mom. No.

Taylor: What? You think you came out of nowhere?


Taylor: Oh, steffy, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so happy.

Steffy: I am. Yeah, things are really good. It’s almost perfect.

Taylor: Almost?

Steffy: Well, as… good as things are, just always feels like there’s this, like… dark cloud hanging over us. I know what it is. The reemergence of deacon and sheila.

Sheila: You know, you’re right. What you said the other day, I am… jealous of you. How you did it, how you got brooke on your side was amazing. You know, you’d have nothing without her. Just like me. Nothing.

Deacon: Sheila, I do feel for you.

Sheila: Don’t patronize me.

Deacon: I’m not, I’m not. I do. I think the big difference between hope and finn is that hope is ready to have a relationship with me.

Sheila: Finn wants one with me too. Steffy is just doing everything in her power to make sure that that doesn’t happen.

Deacon: I do feel for you. But this is your deal to fix. I can’t get wrapped up in this again. I can’t blow this, don’t you understand? I’m starting to get closer to hope. We’re forming a real bond.

Sheila: And you’re getting closer to brooke, too, aren’t you? Which is driving ridge crazy.

Deacon: I’m not doing any of this to rattle ridge’s cage.

Sheila: But your presence is causing trouble and between ridge and brooke and you’re not the least bit upset about that, are you? I mean, you’d love to see the demise of– of brooke and ridge’s, you know, fairytale love story. That would give you a chance for chapter two. Deacon and brooke. Am I right?

[Intense music] O man, that’s a whole lot of wrinkly that his biological mother is…

Steffy: A sociopathic criminal? Yeah, yeah, it’s been a lot for the family. Sheila’s presence has affected all of us.

Taylor: And now deacon’s back.

Steffy: Perfect timing, huh? Perfect timing. I don’t know how much you’ve talked to dad, but, deacon’s return has put a big strain on his marriage.

Taylor: I did talk to your father. I… I don’t mean to wish any ill will towards brooke or her marriage.

Steffy: No, of course not. But how can brooke allow to deacon back into their lives?

Taylor: Well, hope wants a relationship with her father.

Steffy: I get that, it’s a terrible decision. But hey, I… I get it. Brooke should know better.

Taylor: It’s just so hard on your father.

Steffy: I can’t even imagine. Brooke had an affair with deacon while he was married to brooke’s daughter, bridget. Like, that’s crazy. It was an awful, horrible time, and that’s when… hope was born.

Taylor: Yeah, I remember it well. You know, your grandmother, stephanie, had A… a horrible nickname for brooke during that time. That was a scandal that… rocked all of us. Your father and I were together then and, god, it was so hard for him. Still, so many painful memories.

Steffy: And what does brooke do? Welcomes deacon back with open arms. It’s not right. And it’s not fair to dad.

Ridge: So, out of all the uninvited people that showed up here over the years, you have a problem with taylor?

Brooke: I didn’t say that, ridge. But I shouldn’t have to remind you of our very long and complicated history. Yes, I’M… I’m happy that you and taylor and steffy and thomas all got together as a family, and I’m sure that taylor is very excited to see her grandchildren. And douglas, oh my god, he must be thrilled!

Ridge: Hey. Thank you for understanding.

Brooke: Yeah, of course. And if I’m understanding of that, then you could be understanding of the significance of deacon in hope’s life.

Ridge: Oh no, no, we’re not doing that.

Brooke: Yeah, I think we kind of have to.

Ridge: We don’t have to do that at all. I thought we were going on a trip up north or something. Up the coast.

Brooke: I thought so, too.

Ridge: Okay.

Brooke: But if you wanna talk about how you appreciate my understanding that taylor’s back, I think at least we should have a discussion about deacon.

Ridge: I’m sorry. Are you comparing deacon and taylor? Because you can’T.

Brooke: Okay. Well… I think you’re conveniently forgetting how much pain taylor cost me. Look, I don’T… want to argue about this. I don’T. I realized that deacon’s presence has caused us a lot of issues.

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: And I don’t want that, ridge, because I love you.

Ridge: Yeah?

Brooke: Yeah.

Ridge: I love you. But I will never see deacon the way you see deacon. He’s a con artist. He’s a bad person and he has caused you so much pain and I don’t need to be reminded of that over and over again.


Deacon: Hey, brooke, you ready for some karate lessons? Oh, I thought you were gonna be at the office. How you doing, ridge?

Ridge: Karate lessons?

Brooke: Deacon was down at the cabin teaching hope karate, and I walked in and I just joked that–

Ridge: Oh, you were joking with him? Ah, okay. All right, so this guy, this is what I mean. He can walk into my house every time he wants, and now… he’s joking with you? What are you? A cute, little family now?

Deacon: Well, ridge, I’m not trying to upset you, but we are family. And yesterday, we were a happy one.

Ridge: Really.

Deacon: Uh huh.

Ridge: And you still don’t see how this clown is trying to weasel his way back into your life.

Deacon: I think I’ve made my intentions known.

Ridge: We all know what your intentions are, deacon. We know your intentions. You want to get back into hope’s life, you want to redeem yourself, I get it. I hope that that never happens. But that’s not your whole plan, is it? You want to be with brooke. You want to be with my wife.

[Tense music]

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