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Recap written by Christine

Chelsea was at home. She had a picture on her tablet of Adam and Sally holding hands. Chelsea narrowed her eyes, then she called Chloe and said she wanted to meet Sally.

Sally and Adam were in his office, and he’d just asked her if she knew who was sending him the anonymous videos of Billy acting like a jerk. Sally thought Adam was actually asking her if she was the one sending the videos. She asked why he jumped to that conclusion. He thought it seemed like something she’d do. She said that was something the old Sally would do, but she’d turned over a new leaf. He didn’t believe her. He noted that she’d said she was worried about his feud with Billy. He also recalled that he’d asked her to spy on Billy. She pointed out that he told her to forget he’d said that. He knew, but he said she liked going rogue and following through with a plan regardless of whether anyone else was on board. She said that was called independent thinking, and he should value that trait since it put Newman Fashion on the map. He did value it, unless it went against his best interests. She asked how he’d react if she admitted to being the anonymous source. She contended that it was in his best interest to have an anonymous spy who was on his side.

Adam said that if Sally confessed, he’d probably thank her, but tell her to cut it out. She asked why. He said she was putting herself in a tricky position, and she replied that this was her favorite part. Adam said that Billy could catch Sally and get angry and take action against her, which could, at best get uncomfortable, and at worst… Sally thought that she could protect herself, if she was the source. She knew the Abbotts, and they were all bark and no bite. Adam said that might be true for Jack and Kyle, but Billy had gotten violent before. Sally was flattered that Adam cared. He said of course he didn’t want to see her get hurt. He then added that he cared about all his employees. She asked if she was no different than the guys who worked in IT, and when he said yes, she asked if he’d kissed the other employees on multiple occasions. He conceded the point, but he said he didn’t want the IT guys running afoul of Billy either.

Sally thought that it would be easier for Adam if he didn’t know who the source was. It’d give him plausible deniability, and it’d be easier for him to maintain journalistic integrity. He thought she made an excellent point. She asked if the information he received would help him in his battle. He said it was a good start. Chloe showed up and said that Chelsea wanted to meet Sally. Adam hoped Chloe and Sally could convince Chelsea to take the position. Sally said she’d do whatever it took.

Rey and Sharon were at Crimson Lights. She talked about the Christmas menu, and he smiled because he loved seeing her so happy. She said this was the first time in years that she’d have all three of her kids for Christmas. He’d miss seeing everyone in Miami, but he was excited about the holiday celebration in Genoa City. She asked about inviting Nick and Christian over for Christmas dinner. He was fine with that, but he didn’t want Adam to come. She was sure that Adam had his own plans with Connor. Chelsea entered and said hello. Sharon asked how long Chelsea had been back. Chelsea got back today. Rey asked how Chelsea’s mom was. Anita was doing well – she’d regained most of her mobility. Chelsea was sorry if Anita hit on him. Sharon noted that Rey neglected to tell her about that part of his security detail. He replied that mature chicks dug him. Rey asked how Chelsea was. She was good, but it was a bit unnerving being back. Sharon thought that was understandable. Chelsea wasn’t sure she was going to stay past the holidays. She was sure several people in this town would be happy if she didn’t stay in Genoa City.

Sharon was sorry for what happened to Chelsea due to her stroke. Sharon knew that Chelsea was psychologically affected and thought Sharon and Adam were having an affair, and it pushed her over the edge. Chelsea apologized again. She felt grateful she was even allowed in Crimson Lights after she’d injured Sharon in this very establishment a few years ago. Sharon accepted the apology. Rey noted that he’d already forgiven Chelsea for poisoning him. Chelsea said she completed her therapy and she felt like she made a full recovery, and the courts agreed. Being with Connor helped. Sharon asked what was next for Chelsea. She didn’t know. Chloe wanted Chelsea to work for her, and Chelsea was impressed with what Chloe and Sally accomplished. Sharon asked if Chelsea was a fan of Sally’s work. Chelsea knew more about Sally’s reputation than her work, but she thought the dress Sally made for Victoria was stunning.

Chelsea was meeting Sally in a couple minutes to see if they were compatible. Chelsea noted that Sharon once worked with her and Chloe, so she’d know that these kind of collaborations could be fraught, and you had to have the right chemistry and spark off each other. Sharon saw Sally and Chloe walk in. Sharon coolly stated that Sally tended to create sparks wherever she went. Chelsea and Sally met, and Sally extended a hand. Chelsea stared at it.

Sally, Chelsea and Chloe went to the patio. Rey was glad Chelsea was doing better. He thought it was good for her to be with her son. Sharon said that if Chelsea wanted to be part of Connor’s life, she’d have to stay in town because Adam had full custody. Rey hoped Adam didn’t ruin the progress Chelsea made. Sharon said that Adam and Chelsea would have to co-parent and if Chelsea took this job, they’d have to work together on a daily basis. Rey said that Adam was at his best when he was with Connor, but when Adam went after Billy, Rey saw signs of the old Adam. Rey was worried that Adam and Chelsea would bump heads and it’d cause her to have a major setback. Sharon said co-parenting without conflict wasn’t easy. Rey noted that Sharon and Nick were able to deal with Faith’s issues this year and bring her out the other side, safe and sound. Sharon took Rey’s hand and said she couldn’t have done it without him. She wondered how she got so lucky.

Rey asked Sharon if she ever missed working in the fashion industry. Sharon was curious what Chelsea’s next chapter would be like, but Sharon was happy with her own life. She’d worked hard to become a therapist. She also didn’t want to spend time with Sally. Rey couldn’t picture Sally and Chelsea seeing eye to eye.

Sally said she was designing Victoria’s dress, she looked to Chelsea’s fashion for inspiration. Sally was sure she’d learn a lot from Chelsea. Chelsea liked Sally’s plans for Newman Fashion’s video platform. Sally was exploding with ideas, but she was eager for Chelsea’s input. Chelsea was sure the camera would love Sally’s over the top energy. Chloe thought the three of them could build something extraordinary. Chelsea wasn’t sure she was coming to Newman Fashion or even staying in Genoa City. Chloe said she built this platform for Chelsea, plus Adam wasn’t going to let Chelsea take Connor and leave. Chelsea wanted Chloe to leave Connor out of this. Chelsea said she couldn’t become a partner in this collaboration based on a hard sell. She needed to know who she was getting into bed with. Chloe said that Chelsea knew her better than anyone. Sally was going to leave to let the others talk, but Chelsea wanted her to stay. Chelsea trusted Chloe, but in order to make this decision, she needed some honest answers from Sally.

Chelsea said that Sally was good at flattery, but it didn’t work on Chelsea. Chelsea was sure Sally knew about her past, just like Chelsea knew about Sally’s. Chelsea knew Sally ran from L.A. in disgrace, had trouble with Phyllis, Summer and Lauren, and that she had a botched relationship with Jack. Chloe chided Chelsea. Sally didn’t know she was such a hot topic in Minnesota. Chelsea had her sources, which she used because she wanted to know who she was potentially getting into business with. Chelsea was wondering how Sally wasn’t a liability. Sally thought people could say the same about Chelsea, since no one but her best friend would hire her. Chelsea wondered if Sally was deflecting because she was afraid to answer. Sally said she’d made mistakes and made enemies mainly because she spent her whole life fighting to protect what was hers. It was a constant struggle, which Sally was sure Chelsea understood, since Sally did indeed know all about Chelsea’s past. Sally said that she and Chelsea were a lot alike – the things they wanted were out of reach, so they did whatever it took to level the playing field. Sally didn’t apologize for that, because it was how she survived. Sally said she planned to pour that energy and drive into making Newman Media a success. Chelsea was impressed.

Chelsea, Chloe and Sally entered Adam’s office. He was pleased when Chelsea said she was joining the team. He said she was the best designer he’d ever known. Chelsea said she and his son looked forward to seeing him tomorrow. Chloe and Chelsea started to leave, but Sally sat on Adam’s desk and asked if they could talk. Chloe said she’d walk Chelsea out, and they left. “What do you think you’re doing?,” Adam asked Sally. Sally assumed Adam would want her to fill him in on her meeting with Chelsea. She was proud of herself for winning Chelsea over. He asked if Chelsea was hard to convince. Sally said Chelsea was strong willed, and she had some concerns about working together, but Sally though they were going to get along well. Adam hoped Sally didn’t stay behind to make some point to Chelsea or mark some imaginary territory. He said Chelsea had been through enough and she was Connor’s mother, and he didn’t want drama. She shifted gears and said she hoped he continued to get useful and pertinent information from his secret investigator. He said he did too.

Chelsea and Chloe went to the penthouse. Chloe wanted to talk about Newman Fashion. Chelsea wondered if Sally’s success at Newman Fashion was going to go to her head and make her unwilling to take orders from Chelsea. Chloe said they hadn’t discussed it yet. Chelsea said Chloe sold her on a leadership team consisting of two people – Chelsea and Chloe. Chelsea said that Sally was ambitious, and she ran her own fashion house. Chelsea wondered if they’d have to look over their shoulder to make sure Sally wasn’t trying to muscle in past us. Chelsea wanted to know how, exactly, Chloe was going to keep Sally in check. Chloe stated that Sally burned her last bridge with Lauren, and Chloe offered her a helping hand. According to Chloe, Sally had been working her tail off, and Sally was grateful. Chloe didn’t think Sally was planning any coups. Chloe thought that if Sally was willing to work for her, she would also be willing to work for Chelsea. Chelsea thought that would change in a heartbeat if Sally had her way. Chelsea just met Sally, but she knew the type. Chelsea said Sally was out for number 1, and she wasn’t going to stop until she got to the top, and she probably already had a plan to make it happen, most likely involving Adam. Chelsea asked about the dynamic between Sally and Adam. Chloe claimed they were just boss and employee. “Good. ‘Cause that’s a boundary I wouldn’t want to see breached,” Chelsea replied.

Lily was at The Grand Phoenix. Billy called from home and they chatted. She was memorizing the bios of people on the Chancellor board of directors, because Jill was setting up a get-to-know-you meeting. Billy suggested Lily take a break and come home, because he had something planned. She said she was on her way. When she arrived, she found that he’d set up a backdrop and lights, and he said they were going to do role-playing. He said that now that she was stepping into running Chancellor, every major publication would want to do a profile on her. She said the PR chief mentioned it, but she’d been too busy to worry about self-promotion. He thought that was a mistake and that she should be prepared.

Billy noted that Lily had been the face of a brand, with Brash and Sassy, and she’d done many interviews for ChancComm, but this was a new league. He wanted to do a head shot and be her coach. She asked if he had the qualifications for this. He feigned offense, then he said he had years of media experience and a halfway decent camera. She didn’t really want to do this because it sounded like a lot of work, and she came home to relax. He said she’d been amazing with him, and he was grateful, but this was about her now, and he wanted to support her and focus on her.

Billy wanted to do a mock interview. Lily complained, but then she promised to stop being a smart-ass because she knew he put a lot of work into it. She hated this so much, but she knew he was right about her needing to be prepared. He introduced himself as Studly Wonder from Famous CEO Daily. He asked her some questions about her daily routine. She thought that raising twins prepared her for running a corporation. He asked if she was saying executives were like toddlers. She said her co-CEO at ChancComm was a handful, but she missed working with him. He asked about her leadership style. She thought she was adaptable to the situation. Her role models were Katherine, Jill and Neil. She thought one of her key strengths was managing people.

Lily told Mr. Wonder to ask her the hard questions. He asked how much she loved the man she was with. She said she’d reviewed Billy’s qualities, and his scores were off the charts. Billy and Lily did a photo shoot, in a montage set to music, then they kissed. Lily admitted that was fun. She knew people would wonder how she went from prison to running a corporation, so she was glad Billy made her practice. He thought she could handle whatever question anyone threw at her. She knew she could handle this job, but knowing he was behind her made all the difference. They shared a deep kiss.

Later, they cuddled on the couch under a blanket and looked at the photos he took. He was amused because she made fun of how bad the pictures were – they were blurry, and in some his thumb was in the frame. He said he’d get her a real photo shoot with a professional. She shifted gears and asked if he was going to let Jack know he was tricking Adam into thinking he was drinking and gambling. He took what she said to heart, and he thought she was right – he needed to tell Jack the truth. He’d hurt Jack too many times, and he didn’t need to unnecessarily make Jack suffer while he was getting back with Adam. Lily was still worried about Billy’s plan, but she believed in him as much as he believed in her. He said it was going to be a wild ride. She agreed and put her head on his shoulder, then her smile faded.

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