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Chelsea: Shouldn’t school be out by now? Where’s connor?

Adam: I promise, he will be home right on time.

Chelsea: “Home.” As in here. Right. How has the transition to the ranch been?

Adam: Well, when he got back from boarding school, I thought it would be important for him to have some stability and consistency, and living here has given him both.

Chelsea: And how’s it been for you, being so close to victor? And everybody else who lives on the property?

Adam: You’re asking about me and sharon.

Sharon: There you go. One for the road.

Rey: Thanks, love.

Sharon: You seem a bit on edge today. Are you working on a big case, putting away a bad guy?

Rey: The opposite, actually. Today I find out if my former partner will be my future partner.

Sharon: Chance.

Rey: He has a meeting this morning with the chief — earlier than planned.

Abby: So you’re going down to the station to meet with paul?

Chance: Yeah.

Abby: You don’t think it’s a little too soon?

Chance: No, no, it’s just a preliminary conversation. I promise, no stakeouts, no interrogations, nothing like that. We’re just gonna map out the timeline for my return.

Abby: So you’re still planning on easing back into work, right?

Chance: Absolutely, okay? I want to get as much time as i can with you and dominic. That’s my number-one priority.

Abby: Good, because I want as much uninterrupted quality time with you as I can get. I think it’ll be good for us and our family.

Chance: So do I, so do I. This is — this is the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

[ Both chuckle ]

Abby: So, um, where’d you go last night? I was a little bit worried when I woke up and saw a note that you were getting some air.

Chance: Oh.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Abby: Oh. I’m not expecting anyone.

Chance: Me neither. Christine.

Christine: [ Chuckles ] Chance, welcome back. I’ve got some big news.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Chance: I’m not okay. And — and it’s getting harder to pretend like I am.

Devon: Who you pretending for?

Chance: Feels like everyone.

Devon: Even abby?

Chance: I can talk to her about some of it, but not everything.

Devon: Well, that’s unfortunate, man, ’cause I know that she would want to know what’s going on with you.

Chance: She’d want to reassure me that everything is great and that I haven’t done anything wrong. And in her eyes, I’m the perfect husband and the perfect father.

Devon: You don’t see yourself like that?

Chance: It’s just not who i am, man. I let her down before our baby was even born. I mean, I failed her.

Devon: I don’t know how you figure that you failed anybody. You’re home. You made it. You’re alive. You know, you have a brand-new son. You got a great wife.

Chance: Do I deserve it? You know, I made commitments to abby and dominic. I’m gonna do everything that i can to try to live up to them. But — but the question is, can I?

Amanda: Hey. Is everything okay?

Devon: Hey. Yeah. Yeah, everything’s fine. Why?

Amanda: Because I think i know you pretty well at this point, and I can tell something’s weighing on you. I mean, last night was the first time you ever left while I was sleeping. Is something up?

Devon: Yeah, it’s chance. I’m — I’m worried about him.

Billy: Oh, look who’s here. Follow my lead. Hey, there. How’s the happy couple? Huh? How’s married life? How’s newlywed life?

Victoria: Well, that’s a very interesting question, given the things that you said about ashland and me when we spoke earlier.

Lily: Uh, you know what? Let’s go find our table.

Billy: No, I’m fine, I’m fine. I mean, look, look, I am a man of leisure, okay? I get to eat and do whatever i want whenever I want. Eat, do whatever. And now that the kids are gonna be going to boarding school, i really have no responsibility at all, so, wow, that’s impressive. You guys are giving the side-eye like you’ve been married for decades. I’m fine. In fact, I am so good, I owe you a thank-you. So, ashland, come with me, we’re getting a drink. Come on.

Do I need to pretreat my


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Devon: [ Sighs ] I ran into chance last night at society. And we had a conversation that didn’t really make me feel too comfortable.

Amanda: Why? What did he say?

Devon: He said he’s been feeling very guilty about abandoning abby throughout the entire pregnancy. Not to mention mariah getting kidnapped while she was carrying the child and him not knowing anything about it. And then on top of it all, while he was gone, you know, he lost every single person on his team, and he came back the only survivor.

Amanda: Wow. I mean, that is a lot to absorb in a short period of time. I think that his emotions are understandable.

Devon: No, I mean, yes. It’s to be expected. I don’t know how he could be in a good head space after what he went through. But he’s clearly struggling, you know? Struggling to find any kind of normalcy being back home, and that concerns me ’cause I don’t want it to affect dominic.

Sharon: I’m surprised that chance would want to return work so soon.

Rey: Well, apparently he got the all-clear from his doctor.

Sharon: I wasn’t thinking about his physical fitness.

Rey: You’re wondering if he’s emotionally ready.

Sharon: Being a police officer is a stressful job, but he’s also a new dad.

Rey: Mm.

Sharon: Even if he hadn’t just been through a terrible ordeal, it wouldn’t be unusual for him to take paternity leave.

Rey: Well, I think that’s up for him and paul to figure out. And I do want him to do whatever’s best for him. But I have to admit, I want my partner back.Le

Sharon: Aww, you lonely without your bff?

Rey: Oh! A cop and his partner have a special bond. We have each other’s backs in life-and-death situations.

Sharon: Not to mention all the hours in the squad car talking about sports.

Rey: Don’t make light of that. I was 75% successful in turning chance into a soccer fan, and i plan to finish that project.

Sharon: Well, I hope you achieve that goal because, otherwise, you’re gonna go back to trying to make me watch.

Rey: Oh, I’m never gonna give up on that.

Sharon: Look, one day soon, you’re gonna be on a stakeout with chance, talking about world cup, and then you’re gonna spot the bad guys and you’re gonna spring into action.

Rey: Yeah, just like that.

Christine: So I got a call from my old boss. He thought I might want to be the one to share this news with you.

[ Sighs ] Thanks to the intel you provided, identifying the attackers of the safe house, the follow-up team was able to track them down and catch them.

Chance: You’re kidding.

Christine: No, wait, it gets better. The people that set the bomb revealed the location of the leader that you had been hunting down. He’s been apprehended, too, chance. This whole thing, it’s over.

Abby: Oh!

Chance: Wow, that is unbelievable to hear.

Abby: That’s a huge weight off of our shoulders, right?

Chance: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Was everyone involved arrested?

Christine: Yeah, I believe so. I mean, once they were getting interrogated, they all sort of turned on each other quickly. So that means this case is officially closed. It also means that you no longer have to have a security detail.

Abby: [ Sighs ] My god, babe, we are officially safe. That means we can finally have our lives back. Oh.

Chance: [ Chuckles ]

Ashland: I think I’m gonna turn down that offer of a drink.

Victoria: You seem to have had enough already.

Billy: Oh, that’s right, you two have to go back to the office. I don’T. I don’t have a job right now. Thought I was gonna miss it, but I really don’T. And, you know, let’s just be honest, I’m an abbott. I got plenty of money in the bank.

Lily: Okay, billy, stop. This isn’t funny.

Ashland: You should listen to your better half.

Billy: I do listen to her all the time. And she listens to me, because she accepts me for who I am. You know the feeling, don’t you? I mean, clearly victoria has forgiven you for plenty of things. And all fairness to you, you forgave me for many things, as well. I actually think we have something in common. She likes a little bit of that risk-taking kind of stuff, you know? Ashland, do you play poker? Only for fun, of course. Come on, let’s have a game, me and you, mano a mano. You name the stakes.

Chelsea: I am not trying to pry when it comes to you and sharon. I have completed therapy, and all of those dark, poisonous thoughts are behind me. But I can’t help being a little curious.

Adam: Okay. Well, let me put your mind at ease, I, um, barely see sharon anymore. I don’t have any reason to go to her side of the property, and vice versa. I mean, she and rey are building their life together. And I’m focused on connor and newman media.

Chelsea: You sound good. Focused.

Adam: I am.

[ Sighs ] Truth be told, I’d love to live somewhere other than the tack house. See enough of my father at work, and I’d like to be closer to the office, but connor, he loves the open spaces here. He likes being by the horses and close to family.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Adam: Faith has been great. She’s been giving him riding lessons, so grandpa victor and grandma nikki can do no wrong in his eyes.

Chelsea: Good. Oh, that all sounds wonderful. But are you sure connor’s doing okay? I mean, he seemed fine on our video chats, but it’s such a small window into his life.

Adam: No, I’ve been watching him like a hawk to see if there’s any emotional trouble, but I genuinely think he’s doing well.

Chelsea: Good. Good. I’m relieved to hear that, ’cause it’s been hard, adam, being away from him for so long. There’s so many changes in connor’s life. I mean, he came back to genoa city, he moved into a new house.

Adam: I know, I know. He’s been dealing with it like a champ. I promise. Honestly, his biggest concern is he misses his mother. So your surprise return, it’s gonna make his day.

Chelsea: Thank you for saying that. Earlier, you said you were glad to see me. Does that mean you missed me, too? Maybe it’s another refill at your favorite diner…

Amanda: Listen, I would never impugn your motives. Okay? I know that you are coming from a good place. You are concerned whether or not dom is okay. But do you think that chance’s mental state may cause him to neglect the baby in some way?

Devon: No, I don’t think that. I… chance is a responsible guy. He’s always been that, his whole life. And that’s the most important part of being a father. So…

Amanda: Yet you’re still worried.

Devon: Yeah, I can’t help it. You know? The only thing that I know is that I want dominic to have the best life possible, and I also want to be there to help chance out, especially ’cause he opened up to me. And I think I know a way to achieve both those things, and it’s just that I need to spend as much time with dominic as i can.

Sharon: You know, the way we’re rhapsodizing about your relationship with chance, it has me wondering if I should be jealous.

Rey: Oh, stop it. You’re much cuter than he is.

Sharon: Oh, good. I’m glad there’s at least one thing you prefer about me.

Rey: And you are the kindest, most compassionate person I’ve ever met. You are warm and beautiful and the love of my life.

Sharon: Aww, that’s more like it.

Rey: Mm.

Sharon: Chance is lucky to have a partner who’s so generous with compliments.

Rey: You know, I was actually considering heading down to the station to offer my moral support while he met with paul, but you’ve already made so much fun of me.

Sharon: No, I would never make fun of that. I think that’s a really sweet thing to do.

Rey: Yeah?

Sharon: Yeah. Go cheer on your partner. You know what? Tell him I said good luck.

Rey: Will do.

Lily: Billy, nobody is playing poker, and please stop joking about gambling.

Billy: Honey, it’s a harmless game of cards, okay? Ashland, you kind of owe me one.

Ashland: I don’t owe you anything, and I’m going to decline.

Billy: I can round up some of the old boys. I’m sure they’re still kicking around. I mean, I haven’t been clean all that long.

Ashland: I’m not about to feed your addiction.

Billy: Oh, really? That’s where your moral boundaries stop, ashland? You got no problem setting a trap and stripping me of my dignity, but now you’re a straight-shooter? Now you’re mr. Trustworthy?

Ashland: You’d been warned. I told you that digging around in my past would be a losing proposition for you. You brought this on yourself, billy.

Billy: Yeah, I’m in the wrong. That’s rich coming from you.

Victoria: Enough, billy. Why don’t you go to a gamblers anonymous meeting or something?

Billy: Oh, wow, there you go. That’s why you get paid the big bucks. Yeah, I’m not gonna do that, victoria.

Victoria: Don’t do this because you’re gonna regret it.

Billy: Oh, believe me, i regret many things in my life. This is not one of them.

Victoria: I can’t watch this anymore. We should go.

Billy: I think that went well.

Lily: Yeah, maybe too well.

Adam: Did I miss you? I’m not sure how to answer that.

Chelsea: I didn’t mean to put you on the spot. That was not my intention. My therapist encouraged me to be more direct, but maybe coming out and saying it like that was too direct.

Adam: I just — I thought we talked about this.

Chelsea: We did, adam, but not in person, so I thought that we could do that now.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Did I not make it clear how i felt? I thought I did.

Chelsea: I remember what you said. That we need to forge our own paths moving forward separately, but I don’t know, I heard something different in your voice today. You seem more at peace, like maybe you’re willing to get past what I did.

Adam: I do feel more at peace for a number of reasons. But as far as forgetting and forgiving that you tried to frame me for attempted murder, I really don’t think we should have that discussion when connor’s gonna be walking through the door.

Chelsea: You’re right. Another time.

Connor: Mom!

Chelsea: Connor! [ Laughs ] Hi! Oh, my boy! Hi!

Connor: Grandpa said there was a surprise. I was secretly hoping it was you. I’ve missed you so much.

Chelsea: Not nearly as much as I’ve missed you. Oh, my baby! Oh!

[ Chuckles ]

[ Laughs ] (Kids chatter)

Abby: Can you believe it? No more security following us around, no more looking over our shoulders. It feels like this is the start of a new chapter.

Chance: Yeah, it sure does, huh? Hey, um, I’d love to stay and talk about it, but I got to get to this meeting with paul.

Abby: Yeah, yeah, sure. Good luck.

Chance: Thank you.

Abby: Love you.

Chance: I love you.

[ Doorbell rings ] Hey, man.

Devon: Hey.

Chance: Come on in.

Devon: Thank you. Thanks. Hey.

Abby: Hey.

Devon: Figured I’d come by and check on dominic.

Abby: Yeah.

Chance: Yeah, of course, of course. Hey, I meant to call you this morning, man. I just wanted to say thanks for listening last night.

Devon: Oh, yeah.

Chance: Sorry if I seemed a little off-balance.

Devon: Please, don’t apologize for nothing, man. It’s completely understandable.

Abby: You know what? We got some great news. The people who bombed chance’s safe house and their bosses, they have been arrested.

Devon: Really?

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: That’s fantastic news.

Chance: Yeah, you know, little disappointed I couldn’t finish the job myself, but, you know…

Abby: Oh, come on, you gave your people the information that helped arrest the perpetrators.

Chance: Yeah, you’re right, you’re right. That’s a good thing.

[ Chuckles ]

Devon: That’s a great thing. Really, it’s — we should celebrate it. You guys want to go and grab a bite or something or…?

Chance: No, I wish I could. I got to get to this meeting, so rain check.

Devon: Alright.

Chelsea: You have grown so much, but you look happy and healthy.

Victor: Well, now, connor, you tell her that is what life on the ranch does to you, right? I mean, fresh air, all this room to play games in, right? And grandparents who dote on you.

Connor: Now mom being here makes it perfect.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Good day for all of us.

Connor: Want to go down to the stables? I can show you my favorite horses.

Victor: You bet. This is your home. You do anything you want to, okay? You show mom around. Okay.

Adam: You had to know she was coming back at some point.

Victor: Mm. Was her sudden return supposed to shock us or what?

Adam: No, she’s actually been trying to get ahold of me for the last few days. I was always in the middle of something when she called.

Victor: I need to know what her return means to you.

Victoria: I’m so sorry that you had to deal with billy’s latest scene.

Ashland: Well, I don’t hold you responsible. I almost feel bad for him. As much as I hated the way billy used my history for blackmail fodder, it’s sad to see him falling back into his old habits.

Victoria: Well, it makes me even more certain that sending the kids to boarding school was the right thing to do.

Ashland: Well, now that we know what’s going on, you don’t have to keep worrying that billy’s up to something.

Billy: What are you worried about? I think that went great. I think victoria and ashland bought every minute of it.

Lily: Yeah, it’s just your drunken tirade felt a little too real to me.

Billy: Honey, I was just faking it.

Lily: I know, but the venom in your voice when you were accusing ashland, it was pretty chilling.

Billy: Well, ashland deserves everything he gets, and it was all part of the act. We know what we’re doing here.

Lily: I know, I’m just worried that you’re gonna get too caught up in this. Like, what if you go so deep into this facade that you lose sight of the goal?

Billy: I’m in control, okay? I’ve never been more focused in my life.

Lily: [ Sighs ] Okay, well, if that’s true, then there’s something I want you to do, and you’re not gonna like it. Super emma just about sleeps in her cape.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Adam: Listen, there is no future for me and chelsea as a couple. We’ll always be co-parents to connor, but we have done too much damage to each other to get back what we had before.

Victor: Right. I’m relieved to hear you say that, for your sake, okay?

Adam: Yeah, my primary concern is connor. And I know it’s gonna be hard for him to deal with his parents’ separation.

Victor: Well, he’s a strong boy. He’ll persevere.

Adam: Well, hopefully having chelsea back will help. He needs all the love he can get, especially from his mom.

Victor: Now, you know, she’s a fiercely protective mother, and I respect that. But, son, she’s toxic for you. As your relationship was toxic, as well.

Adam: As much as I appreciate the advice, I’m not crazy about getting love-life critiques from my father.

Victor: I am telling you for your sake. I’m supportive of you. Your work at newman media has been fantastic — very good. I’m very impressed. The thing that screws your life up is your romantic entanglements.

Abby: There you go. So, christine had some big news, but I have even bigger news in the life of dominic newman abbott chancellor.

Devon: Why? What’d he do?

Abby: He sat up today.

Devon: He did?

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Devon: Get out of here. Oh, my gosh. He’s advanced for his age, isn’t he?

Abby: Yeah, a little. It was very exciting.

Devon: Oh. I have to admit, actually, i probably could’ve seen this coming, ’cause while you were gone, he started working on doing that.

Abby: Really?

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: Oh, well, [Chuckles] Maybe we have a little gymnast on our hands.

Devon: Oh, man. Did you get it on video?

Abby: I did. I will text it to you.

Devon: Thank you.

Abby: So, you ran into chance last night? He was in such a rush to get to the station that I didn’t get any details, but how’d he seem to you?

Sharon: Thank you. Hey.

Rey: Hey.

Sharon: How’d it go with chance?

Rey: You can ask him yourself.

Sharon: So the conquering hero returns.

Chance: Oh, please.

Sharon: Well, rey told me a little bit about your mission.

Rey: Well, I can tell you more now. Chance just found out that all the criminals have been caught.

Sharon: That’s amazing.

Chance: Yeah, you know, just doing my job. A job I didn’t technically finish, so calling me a hero is a bit of a stretch.

Sharon: What you did is heroic in my book.

Rey: Mine, too. And, chance, you can be modest all you want, but I full intend to brag about my partner.

Billy: Please don’t tell me you’re gonna ask me to drop the plan again.

Lily: No, I’m not gonna do that. I’m on board. My mind hasn’t changed. I just — I want you to add a step.

Billy: Which is what?

Lily: I think you need to tell jack what’s going on. Let him know this whole thing is a charade. It’s not fair. I mean, I already feel bad that we’re lying to victoria. The look on her face? She was mortified.

Billy: Victoria sat back while ashland, victor, and adam tore me down. Okay? Why should I feel remorse about rubbing in the consequences of what they did to me in her face?

Lily: Because jack has nothing to do with that, okay? It’s not fair to let him think that you’re drinking and gambling again.

Billy: I see your logic and i understand your compassion, but my righteous brother is not gonna go along with this plan. In fact, he could blow the whole thing up. We were alone when my husband had the heart attack.

Devon: I don’t think it’s a secret that chance is still… trying to adjust to being home. You know?

Abby: Yeah, I mean, he’s admitted as much to me. I guess I’m just optimistic that he’s gonna get past this.

Devon: Can’t be easy for him to process everything that’s happened.

Abby: I hate that he keeps beating himself up over going away. And, yes, I understand that he feels bad that he wasn’t here for me and for mariah, but no one holds that against him. Everyone who loves chance understands the circumstances, and we know that he is dedicated to the greater good. I mean, it’s one of the things that I love about him.

Devon: I know. I know that, and maybe spending time home with you and with the baby that can sit up on his own now will make things a little easier on him.

Abby: Yeah. I just — I keep telling myself to be patient, that chance is gonna get back to his old self. It’s just gonna take longer than I thought.

Sharon: Chance, you may not think of yourself as a hero, but I think you deserve a free drink, and I own this place so I get to make the call.

Chance: Can’t argue with that, huh?

Rey: No.

Sharon: What can I get you?

Chance: Oh, I don’t know. I, um… you know what? Let me get right back to you. Excuse me just for a moment. Hey, christine.

Christine: Hi.

Chance: It’s good to see you again. I have to apologize to you. I was a little overwhelmed by the news earlier, and I forgot to thank you for everything that you did while I was gone.

Christine: I just tried to keep nina and abby up to date.

Chance: Well, you did much more than that. I mean, they told me what a great source of support and information that you were to them. So I thank you. I’m so grateful.

Christine: Yeah. I was happy to help, well, until my information became inaccurate. Breaking the news of your death to your mother and your wife was definitely one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

Chance: Yeah, I, uh…can’t even imagine.

Christine: I hate that they had to go through that, and it’s not like I’m blaming you. I know you had to do that for the safety of your family and the sake of the mission, it just…

[ Sighs ] It wasn’t easy at all.

Chance: Well, thank you again. I got to get going. Dom’s gonna be up any minute, but it was great to see you.

Christine: Okay.

Victor: Do you feel like going down to the stables?

Adam: No, I don’t want to be constantly hovering over chelsea’s shoulders. She deserves to have some alone time with her son.

Victor: Alright.

[ Cellphone chimes ] What’s that?

Adam: [ Chuckles ] It’s another video of billy from our anonymous sender, and it looks like it is not at a bar for once. It’s at the coffee house with victoria.

Victoria: I, um, I just wanted to see how you were doing.

Billy: Fair to middlin’. I’ll be much better once I get out of here and have a little something stronger to drink than coffee.

Victoria: A little early, don’t you think?

Billy: Oh, I don’t know about that. It’s cocktail hour in paris. Thinking after that, I’ll hit up a poker game and probably lose a small fortune. Then, maybe jump on a private jet and go to vegas and just lose myself entirely because that’s what you expect me to do, right? And I wouldn’t want to disappoint.

Adam: Billy is certainly fulfilling expectations.

Victor: Well, now, his downfall was predictable. But who the hell sent this to you? Can whoever it is be trusted? You have no idea who sent this to you.

Adam: Those are all great questions, and I don’t know the answers. But I will find out.

Victor: We had better find out.

Billy: I have good reason for keeping jack out of the loop. I know him. He’s gonna want to save me or, you know, help fix me, and that’s gonna add legitimacy to my downward spiral.

Lily: Yeah, but it’s also gonna inflict emotional pain on him. Jack is an addict, so if he sees you spiraling out of control and feels like he can’t help you, that’s gonna be really painful for him.

Billy: Yeah.

Lily: Do you really think it’s worth it to put him through that?

Billy: No, okay? It’s not ideal. But in the end, it’s gonna be fine because I’m not actually spiraling.

Lily: No, I know, but you’re lying to your brother, and he might not be able to forgive that. Look, just — it’s something to think about, okay?

Billy: Okay. I appreciate it, ’cause the fact is we’re in this together. So jack is out of town, and we will make up our minds by the time he gets home.

Lily: Okay, sounds good.

Billy: I have to ask you, is there another reason why you want to bring jack into our little circle of trust?

Lily: What would that be?

Billy: Someone else to hold me accountable just in case I do start falling apart.

Lily: No, I mean, it’s great, you know, to always have more people on your side, but, no, if you’re saying that you have things under control, then I — I trust you.

Billy: Thank you. Hold on a second. There’s a woman that’s about to sit down right now, I feel like she’s been following me for the last couple of days and I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

Lily: I think that actually might be sally.

Billy: What?

Lily: I mean, the disguise is decent, but I overheard her and adam talking about spying on you. That has to be her.

Billy: Wow. She has no idea that she’s playing right into our hand, does she?

Lily: What do you think we should do?

Billy: Let’s give her a show. How did olay top expensive creams?

Sharon: I’m just so happy that chance and abby have a happy ending to their story. It must be such a relief for them to be home and safe and able to move on with their lives.

Christine: Oh, I’m sure it is, yeah.

Sharon: Well, excuse me.

Christine: [ Sighs ] So, um…paul admitted he thought it might be a little too soon for chance to go back to work. What do you think?

Rey: Well, I don’t know enough to answer that question. I mean, this is only the second time I’ve seen chance since he’s been back home. Don’t get me wrong, I’m rooting for him to rejoin the force at some point, but…I don’t know if he’s ready.

Christine: He shouldn’t rush things.

Rey: I think the mission took a lot out of him — maybe more than any of us realize.

Devon: Mommy told me that you sat up for the first time, buddy. Good job! Such a good job, man. Aww. I know you’re happy that mom’s back. I hope you’re not tired of seeing my face, though, ’cause i tell you what, I’m gonna be visiting you all the time. Okay? That’s right.

Connor: That was really fun, mom.

Chelsea: Have I mentioned how much I missed you?

Connor: You have a bunch.

Chelsea: Well, get used to it ’cause you’re gonna hear it 100 more times.

Connor: Can you spend the night here with us tonight?

Chelsea: You know what? Now that I’m back, I am going to be staying at the penthouse, but we can plan lots of visits.

Adam: Uh-huh, and even though your parents aren’t together anymore, that does not change how much we love you, connor.


Chelsea: Nobody is more important to us than you are.

Victor: You just know that the whole family is here for you, okay? And soon we’ll go out riding.

Adam: You know what? Maybe you could stay with your mom in town tonight. You have a lot more catching up to do, right?

Connor: Yeah. Is that alright?

Chelsea: Nothing would make me happier.

Ashland: I refuse to worry about billy abbott. He’s lily’s problem, at least for now. I don’t know how long she’ll put up with his self-destructive streak.

Victoria: Yes, but I’m worried about her leaving him. You know, there’s only so much someone can take when billy careens off course.

Ashland: Which you know from experience.

Victoria: If she does leave him, billy’s gonna get a lot worse. Being alone without someone to rein him in, that’s an even more dangerous place for him to be.

Lily: I’m sorry, you’re carrying cards around as a prop?

Billy: Always be prepared — that’s my motto.

Lily: [ Scoffs ] You stole that from the boy scouts.

Billy: You gonna help me out?

Lily: Billy, please put those away.

Billy: What’s the big deal?

Lily: No, I’m serious. I’m not amused.

Billy: Lily, I can see you’re not amused. It’s not a problem.

Lily: Okay, gambling is not a joke, okay? Not something you just do casually.

Billy: We’re not gambling. There’s no literally no money on the table. I’m simply just feeling the cards.

Lily: Okay, you know what? That’s it.

Billy: Lily.

Lily: I’m done.

Billy: Hey, relax.

Lily: No.

Billy: Lily, come here!

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