Days Short Recap Wednesday, December 15, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Shawn tried to convince Ben that Marlena was possessed by the devil. Mardevil told Ben that Shawn was lying. Shawn told him that John wouldn’t abuse her. He would have believed it if she were really Marlena. Ciara was on the phone with Susan. She talked to her about protecting her baby. Belle arrived to talk to her. Ciara told her that Ben was at the cabin with her mother. Shawn tried to untie John so he could tell Ben the truth about Marlena, but he couldn’t do it. Shawn told him that she was using her powers to keep John tied up. Rafe was shocked that Nicole slapped him. She didn’t like the fact that he kissed her in the town square. He didn’t understand why she was upset. She said that she would tell Ava if he did it again. Ava arrived and wanted to know what happened. Allie told Lucas that she wanted him to get back together with Sami. He didn’t think she wanted to be with him. She reminded him that he slept with Nicole. He thought that meant he would have had a chance with her, but that was going to make her more determined to get EJ back. Ciara and Belle talked about Marlena being possessed by the devil again. Ciara was worried that she left Ben with her.

Mardevil admitted that she was going to corrupt Ciara’s baby to her heart’s desire. Belle was upset to find out that her mother wanted Ciara’s baby. She didn’t know what to do because she couldn’t stay locked up in her place forever. Belle wanted to call Shawn, but she couldn’t get through to him. Belle wanted to go to the cabin, but Ciara tried to stop him. Lucas and Allie continued to talk about Nicole and Sami. Nicole covered up what she said to Ava. Sami told EJ that she refused to give him a divorce. He realized that and wondered why she wouldn’t do it. She said that she loved him and he loved her. He said he stopped loving her the second she told him that she cheated on him. She said that Nicole wasn’t better than her. He shocked her when he said she was better in bed. She didn’t believe that so she kissed him to prove she was right. EJ told Sami not to throw herself at him again. She told him that his body was saying something different. She said he would never be rid of her. Mardevil conjured up a necktie and used it tighten it around Ben’s neck. Lucas and Allie continued to talk about Sami and how she holds EJ to a different standard from him. Allie thought he might have been the one who kidnapped Sami. Mardevil tried to strangle Ben and John, but Belle arrived to stop her.

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