Days Short Recap Monday, December 13, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate went to the police station to identify the prosthetic leg. The leg was under a sheet. Rafe picked it up. She said it was Philip’s. She had the serial number for the leg. It was a match. She was shocked and started crying. Roman wanted to be there for her, but she demanded that Rafe arrest Brady for murder. Rafe understood Kate’s pain. He said the police didn’t have enough evidence to arrest Brady. She went ballistic on Rafe. She cried in Roman’s arms. She stopped crying. She told Roman that they didn’t know that Philip was dead. Rafe said he would let her know what was going on. Roman took Kate to the squad room. They saw Chloe. Kate slapped her. Kate blamed her for causing her son pain. She said it would be Chloe’s fault if Philip was dead. Roman took Kate out of the police station. Chloe cried. Belle was with Brady at the hospital when John came in the room. Brady said he wanted to help the police find Philip. John told him he would do it. Brady didn’t want him to do it because Marlena needed him more right now. John said he wasn’t going to walk out on him. Brady told him he was okay. Belle told him to find Marlena. John ended up leaving. Belle wanted to focus on Brady’s case. He said he didn’t remember ordering a drink from the pub. She said there had to be an explanation for why his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. She said they should check his credit card statement to see if there were any charges from the pub. She look at his statement on her phone. She said there was a charge. She said she would talk to Roman to see if she could get an itemized receipt. Rafe noticed Chloe at the police station. He brought her in the interrogation room. She cried when she saw Philip’s leg. She got a call from Brady, but she didn’t answer the phone. She said she didn’t know what to say to him. Roman brought Kate to the pub. She told him she wanted to be alone. She went upstairs. Belle came in and asked him for Brady’s itemized receipt. Roman found the receipt. The receipt said Brady had six shots of whiskey. Brady remembered talking on the phone with Tate when he got hit. Kate showed up in his room. She told him if Philip was dead, he was going to be dead too. John ran into Susan at the hospital. He apologized for what she went through with the devil. She understood. She said she knew it wasn’t Marlena’s fault. She said she knew Marlena would never hurt a baby. He wanted to know who she what she was talking about.

Susan told John about her visions of Ben and Ciara’s baby. She said the devil had evil intentions. Shawn showed up and said Susan was right. They all realized the baby was why the devil came back after all this time. Shawn and John left to find Ben and Ciara. Ciara wanted Ben to take her home. Marlena showed up and overheard their conversation. Marlena said she understood why Ciara wanted to go home, but she promised she would take care of the baby. Ciara said she had a sonogram appointment and had to go back. Marlena said Ciara promised to keep her safe. She said John could find her. Marlena asked Ciara to stay longer. Ben said he wanted to go to the appointment, but he could stay with Marlena if she was scared. Ciara wanted to talk to him alone. When Ben and Ciara were alone, she told him she needed him too. She said she wanted to go home. Ciara told Ben something was off with Marlena. She said nothing made sense. She said Marlena was starting to scare her. Marlena came out and ask if everything was okay. Ciara said it wasn’t because Ben made his choice and it wasn’t her. Ciara walked off. Marlena apologized to Ben for driving a wedge between them. Ben said Marlena was the reason why they were about to have a child. He said he would talk to Ciara. He said he would make her understand. He promised Marlena they would stay. Marlena and Ben went back to the cabin. Ciara wasn’t in the cabin. Marlena said they couldn’t let Ciara get back to Salem. When Marlena opened the door to stop Ciara from leaving, John showed up. Shawn called out to Ciara when he went to her apartment. She was at the door.

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