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Recap written by Christine

Adam, Chelsea and Connor went to their old penthouse, and Connor was excited because it looked just like it did the last time he was here. Adam said Connor had two homes – he’d stay here sometimes and the rest of the time at the ranch. Connor said this would be the coolest Christmas ever because Chelsea was with them. Connor reminisced about pizza and movie nights, where they were all together, like a real family. Adam said that Connor would have so many movie nights now that his mom was home. Pleased, Connor asked if he could stay up late on movie nights too, but Chelsea said he’d still have a bed time. Chelsea sent Connor upstairs to check out his room. Chelsea thought Adam handled that well. Adam said the important thing was that Connor knew they’d always love him. Chelsea agreed. It was strange for Chelsea to be back here. Adam moved to the ranch partially because there were too many memories in the penthouse. She asked which memories – the memories of what they once had or the memories of what it turned into.

Adam said this stirred up good and bad memories. Chelsea wondered where it all went wrong and what they could’ve done differently. He said it wasn’t any one thing, and they couldn’t go back. She said there was so much good, like their son. He stated that making their son feel secure was the most important thing. He got up to leave, and she asked what was going on with Chloe and Sally. He said he gave Chloe total autonomy. Chelsea countered that he hadn’t been completely hands off – he flew Sally to Tuscany for Victoria’s wedding. He said he did that because Sally made the dress with Newman Media money, and he was going to Tuscany anyway, so he gave her a lift. It turned out to be a good thing because it gave a boost to the platform. He said Chloe and Sally made a good team, and Chloe had her heart set on Chelsea joining them. Chelsea needed to discuss it with Chloe and meet Sally in person before she made up her mind. Adam wondered why Chelsea was afraid she wouldn’t get along with Sally. Chelsea just knew it was a possibility. Adam said there was no rush or pressure. He went upstairs to say goodbye to Connor.

The blonde mystery woman who’d been recording Billy was Sally. Chloe caught her at Society and confronted her about the disguise. Chloe saw Billy and Lily leaving earlier, and now she saw Sally smiling at her phone like the cat that caught the canary. Sally lied at first, but Chloe didn’t believe her, so Sally revealed that she’d been spying on Billy. She was concerned because Adam and Billy were battling, and if Billy retaliated against Newman Media, everything Sally and Chloe accomplished could go up in flames. Chloe told Sally to stick to designing. Sally tried talking to Billy the other day, but he wouldn’t tell her what was going on. Chloe wasn’t surprised since Sally worked for the enemy. Sally said she spoke to Billy with empathy, which no one else was showing him right now, and he responded. Chloe asked if Billy bared his soul. Sally said no, but she came away from the talk even more worried about what he was capable of, so she decided to follow him and see what he was planning. Chloe said Sally didn’t know what she was getting herself into. Sally knew that Billy and Adam hated each other, Adam was furious with Billy about that hit piece he published, and Billy would never forgive Adam for the death of Billy and Chloe’s daughter, even though Adam has changed. Chloe noted that Sally said she wasn’t even interested in Adam, but he had her running around playing Harriet the Spy. Chloe thought Adam was pulling Sally’s strings like a puppet and using her.

Sally clarified that Adam had no idea she was the one sending him the Billy videos. Skeptical, Chloe asked if Sally was sure she and Adam didn’t discuss what a threat Billy could be or discuss spying on him. Chloe said Adam could be manipulative. “You think that you’re special. You think that you can get close to him without getting burned. That you’re different,” Chloe said. Sally felt she knew what she was doing. Chloe thought that Sally was trying to impress Adam, but she was just playing into his hands. Chloe mocked Adam’s talk about wanting to be a better person and father. Sally thought Adam was sincere. Chloe countered that Adam and Victor just took Billy’s job and kicked him while he was down. Sally argued that Billy brought all this on himself when he published the story about Locke, but he didn’t want to take responsibility, so he was blaming Adam. Now Billy was spiraling out of control and targeting Adam and Newman Fashion. Chloe said Sally was in the middle of something potentially dangerous, and Adam was egging her on. Sally stated that Adam tried to talk her out of it. It was apparent to Chloe that he didn’t try hard enough. Chloe had been saying all along that people got sucked into Adam’s orbit and they got badly hurt. Sally thought Chloe meant Chelsea. Chloe said that it happened to a number of people. She added that Chelsea was back in Genoa City. Chloe asked if Sally was going to scheme with Adam, or if she was going to be part of the team with Chloe and Chelsea.

Don’t bother knocking. Just come on in,” Adam sarcastically said as Chloe and Sally entered his office. Chloe said Chelsea looked fantastic. Adam agreed. Chloe wanted Chelsea to join Newman Media. Chloe only took this job to give Chelsea a soft place to land. Adam said he wasn’t sure Chelsea wanted this job as much as he and Chloe wanted her to want it. He said that if Chelsea couldn’t commit to this, they would have to move forward without her. Chloe was adamant that Chelsea would take the job. Chloe thought it was understandable that Chelsea was cautious, and Chloe thought Chelsea needed to know that she’d be working in a supportive environment and that people wouldn’t be distracted by personal baggage or vendettas. Adam and Sally were on board with that. Chloe left the office, but Adam asked Sally to stay behind.

Sally felt like she’d been called into the principal’s office. Adam said Sally wasn’t in trouble. He told her about the anonymous videos he’d been getting of Billy. Sally thought that this anonymous person, who was willing to stick their neck out without expecting anything in return, sounded pretty special. Adam said the information on Billy piqued his interest. Sally was sure the anonymous source would be pleased to hear that. Adam said Billy might be planning a counter-attack, so it was good to have an arsenal at the ready. He wanted to know who the source was though, to make sure he wasn’t walking into a trap. A knowing Adam asked Sally if she had any idea who this anonymous source could be.

Chloe showed up at Chelsea’s and begged her to come work at Newman Fashion. Chelsea needed time. Chloe countered that she’d given Chelsea months. Chloe said she’d done all the heavy lifting with the platform, and she was even working with Adam, for God’s sake. Chelsea didn’t think it was best for her to work at Newman Fashions. She was doing some thinking while she was away, and she realized she was disconnected from everything and everyone in this town except Connor. It made her think maybe she didn’t belong in Genoa City anymore.

Noah ran into Tessa and Mariah at Crimson Lights. He showed her the album cover he made, and Tessa pretended she liked it. Mariah critiqued it and suggested some changes to make the cover fit Tessa’s style. Noah tried to get Tessa to take his side. She stammered that it needed work, but she was sure they’d find something they could all be happy with. He wanted her to stop being diplomatic and tell him if she was siding with him or with Mariah. Tessa refused to take sides. Noah apologized. He admitted that the bad album cover was a prank. He’d added some elements he knew that they wouldn’t like. Mariah and Tessa laughed. Tessa liked the way Mariah had been about to go to war with a world-famous artist just to protect Tessa’s image. Mariah said she was willing to take Noah down a notch for Tessa any time.

Faith and Moses arrived. Moses met Noah. Noah teased Faith about being a snack thief, and Tessa recalled the time that Faith took a bite out of her brownie. Mariah said Faith was very generous, and she was lucky to have her as a younger sister. Faith laughed that Mariah was so protective while Tessa went for the jugular. Faith thought Mariah and Tessa were like sweet sitcom parents. Mariah and Tessa exchanged a look about the significance of what Faith thought was idle chatter. Noah thought that Mariah and Tessa would be the perfect parents. Tessa changed the subject to the album cover. Devon had been playing Tessa’s music at the house, and Moses loved it. Faith said she’d overheard Moses singing some of Tessa’s songs. Moses was working at Devon’s business as an intern, so he was helping out with Tessa’s album. Tessa felt lucky to have Devon in her corner – he’d given her so much freedom on the project. She wasn’t sure where she’d be without Devon. Mariah suggested they show Faith and Moses the cover art, then she said she had to go to work. She left. Noah was explaining his artistic process, and Faith said they had their very own star. Noah asked if she meant him or Tessa. “Uh me, obviously,” Tessa said, and everyone laughed.

Moses thought it was cool that Noah and Tessa were working together, like they had a vision for the album. Noah said Tessa’s music blew him away. Tessa liked how Noah’s photographs captured things most people didn’t notice. Noah said all he had to do was capture the feelings he got listening to her songs. Faith and Moses went to their own table to let the artists work. Noah noticed how fast Mariah took off earlier. He hoped his lame joke didn’t upset her. Tessa said Mariah just had a lot going on. Noah asked if Tessa was okay. She was, and she had a lot to be grateful for. He said she had a lot to be proud of – she made something beautiful and it inspired him. He thought the album cover should celebrate that. Across the room, Faith observed Noah and Tessa. Later, Tessa left.

Moses tried to leave Faith behind while he went to go shopping. She wasn’t getting the hint and kept trying to tag along. Noah stepped in and explained to Faith that Moses was trying to go buy her a Christmas gift. Faith told Moses to call her later, and then he left. Faith thanked Noah for not taking Moses aside for a big brother talk or staring him down or asking him a lot of embarrassing questions. Noah wanted to, but he’d fought his protective instincts. He asked Faith to put his mind at ease about Moses. Faith said Moses was kind, respectful and smart, and he was the easiest and happiest part of her day. Noah promised he’d try not to embarrass Faith too much. Faith had a question for Noah, and she promised she wouldn’t tell anyone what he said, so he could be honest. She asked if he had feelings for Tessa.

Noah teased that Faith was reading too much young adult fiction. He asked why she thought he still had feelings for Tessa. “Because I have eyes,” she replied. He said that Tessa and Mariah were madly in love, and he and Tessa broke up a long time ago. Faith knew all that, but this wasn’t the first time that she picked up on the vibe that Noah was looking at Tessa and thinking “what if?” Noah denied it. Faith said she was young, but she’d seen more breakups and divorces than she cared to count. Noah promised he and Tessa were just friends, and there were no residual feelings there. He said they got along because they were both creative. “So you don’t look like a lovesick puppy every time you see her?,” Faith challenged. Noah said he looked like that because he was recently heartbroken. He was glad he and Tessa could still get along.

Mariah went to the Chancellor house. Louise, the nanny answered. Mariah was there to see Abby, but Louise said she and Chance weren’t home. Mariah asked if Dominic was here, and Louise said he was out with his parents. Mariah kept awkwardly standing there, so Louise said she’d let everyone know Mariah stopped by. Mariah said that wasn’t necessary – she’d catch up with them later. Louise coolly told Mariah to have a good day, then she closed the door.

Mariah and Tessa met up at home. Mariah confessed that she didn’t go to work. She’d quickly left Crimson Lights because of Faith’s joke about Mariah and Tessa being parents. Mariah knew that Faith didn’t mean anything by it. Tessa assured Mariah that it was okay to talk to her about anything. Mariah couldn’t stop thinking about what incredible parents they’d be. Mariah said she went to Abby’s house to see the baby, but nobody was there, except the nanny. Mariah had felt stupid standing in the doorway like a stranger wanting to see someone else’s baby. Tessa said that Mariah had an integral part of the baby’s life and she always would. Mariah had heard everyone say that before and say that she’d have a special nickname just for the baby, but the baby wasn’t Bowie. He was Abby and Chance’s child, even though Mariah brought him into the world. Mariah never thought she’d want kids. Sometimes she didn’t recognize who she was now. Mariah said that if Tessa told her that she was ready to start a family, it would be like every best day of Mariah’s life combined. “But this is not who I was when we met at all,” Mariah said. Tessa said there was nothing wrong with that – she and Mariah had both changed. Mariah said that Tessa was in a different place that Mariah, and Mariah accepted that. Mariah shifted gears and tried talking about dinner. Tessa didn’t think it was fair for Mariah to say all that, then change the subject without giving Tessa a chance to respond.

Tessa thanked Mariah for being so honest. Mariah said she was going through something that Tessa wasn’t. “But whatever you’re feeling, I feel it. We’re connected. If you hurt, I hurt,” Tessa said. Tessa wasn’t as certain about having a baby and she wasn’t ready to commit to it, but she was willing to talk about it. Mariah was pleased to hear that.

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