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. That’s what we have for you today on this hey. Hey. You left for work so early, you didn’t even say “morning.” Oh. Good morning. I’m sorry. Nah. I’m sorry, christmas is gonna be here before you know it, and it’s on a saturday, so I think we’re gonna be busier than ever.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Yeah. What? Problem? Yeah, I just got an e-mail from my supplier — says there’s a shortage of marzipan.

[ Stammers ] Okay, I have to go talk to the chef. I’ll be right back. Ah. Your wife certainly throws herself into her work, doesn’t she? Uh… well, the holidays are busy. True. And I suppose I’d fill up my days with work, too, if I’d lost a dear friend like jason. I trust that you’re keeping yourself busy, too.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Who’s there?

[ Door opens ] Take it easy. You have a visitor. No! No, no visitors, not unless there’s bulletproof glass between us. Relax. It’s law enforcement. What’s the matter? Did you have a bad dream? Chase. Hey, what’s wrong? What isn’t? Look, I hate being suspended from work. It was one thing when I was sick, but now I just feel useless. I get it. Again, I’m so, so sorry. I can’t stop thinking about the look on willow’s face when she found out that I was the father to your baby. Okay, just for clarification, I did not make you do that. That was — that was your choice. But it was all I could think of to protect maxie’s secret. I mean, that’s the most important thing, right? Keeping peter from finding out that bailey is really louise. Yeah. So what, are you here to face the music, even if that means willow will never speak to you again? No. I’m here to step up, assume the role of bailey’s father ’cause everybody has to believe that I’m the real deal. So I’m gonna start — I’m gonna start changing diapers and playing with bailey and… do what any other proud papa would do.

[ Laughs ] Good morning. You’re in a good mood today.

[ Laughs ] Aren’t you? I mean, my neck’s a little stiff from the chair. Well, I think that is a small price to pay to wake up and face this day together. Can you believe it? Today is the day our baby will be coming home. Nina: Any updates on sasha’s baby? We’re still on hold. But if I had information, I — we understand. It’s confidential. Family only. Can only imagine what’s going through their minds right now. I mean, hoping for the best, then worried the worst will happen. The hardest part is not knowing, hey. I still have faith. Louise is going to come home to you. Thank you, britt. I have faith, too. Of course, louise might already be home if nina had just called the police when peter showed up in nixon falls. Maybe i should go to crimson and just leave you here to visit sasha. No, I won’t have any of that. Look, it doesn’t help to second-guess anything. Choices were made. Peter will get what’s coming to him, okay? And my baby will come home. I really hope so. I truly do. But at what cost? Whatever it takes. Michael, wiley’s hoping his daddy has some time to go pick out a christmas tree for the gatehouse today. Uh, you know, maybe tomorrow. Oh, so you haven’T… changed your mind about appearing at brad’s parole hearing. Look, it’s my duty as wiley’s father. I’m gonna do whatever I can to make sure that brad never comes near our son again. I instructed my friend on the board to, uh, vote in favor of brad’s parole. But you got to understand something — michael, h-he wants to speak at that hearing. And he wants brad to serve out his full sentence. So I don’t know what guarantee you have of this going your way. Things might be different if jason were around to “guarantee” things. Jason wouldn’t be able to tell michael any more than I would. Admirable. However, I have to think others might be “persuaded” by jason’s mere presence, if he was still around. I’ve held off talking about this topic out of respect, but I believe it’s in everyone’s interest if you begin to consider just — so, what, are you — are you saying we should move on? Move on from what?

I feel like I’ve been counting every second for the last 71 hours and 42 minutes, but all the worry and the stress will be all worth it when dr. Westbourne and the other doctors say that the special therapy to cool liam’s brain has worked and the eeg confirms it. I’m sorry. Am I rubbing you too hard? No, brando. You have done everything right, from holding my hand to making me laugh to sending me pictures of our sweet little boy so I can be reminded what this is all about. Hey, I love this one. Oh.

[ Chuckles ] I know you’re committed to keeping wylie safe, just like I am. That is our first priority. But? But if your dad is willing to give brad another chance — no, this — this is just a business move for my dad. That’s — brad’s aunt, selina, is a business associate of my father’s, and he thinks that she can keep brad away from wylie, and I don’t agree. Look, I don’t claim to understand all the ins and outs of your dad’s business, but it doesn’t seem smart for brad’s aunt to break her word with your dad. That might have been true before when jason was still here. I mean, now that he’s, uh — he’s gone, that — the level of enforcement is gone. I know… I know you’re grieving for jason. Why don’t we…forget about the parole hearing today? Forget brad and nina and everyone else you think you have to protect us from. Let’s enjoy today. You know, the three of us have a chance to shop for a christmas tree. Wiley’s old enough to really enjoy that. Let’s celebrate that.

[ Door opens ] You look like something scared you half to death. Not something. Someone. Uh-huh? Sonny corinthos has all but put a bull’s-eye on my back. That’s hard to believe that there’s room for yet another target on your back. I’m not joking. Look around. Which one of the guards is on his payroll? Even here in solitary, I don’t feel safe, not with a corinthos hit on me. We, uh — we were just discussing her nephew’s, uh, parole hearing. I hope we can move forward from the mistakes in judgment bradley made. Okay, I-I know sonny has agreed not to interfere with brad’s parole as a favor to you, but my son, he has a mind of his own, and michael plans on testifying against your nephew. These situations have a way of sorting themselves out, as your husband knows. My family is best served… with peter taken care of. So see to it that it happens. As long as everyone keeps up with his — or her — end of the bargain… …we’re good. Consider it done. Yeah. I always liked selina. As the only woman running one of the families, she’s tough and she’s fair. But business is business, right? Agreed. Yeah. Exactly what bargain did I walk in on just now?

Alright, this isn’t fair. Nobody should look this beautiful after a c-section.

[ Laughs ] Well, you can thank my new stylist for that. Wow, brando. We’ll just add this to the list of talents, okay? Uh, georgie forgot her lunch, so maxie had to bring it to her, okay? She’ll be here in a second. Is there anything you can’t do? If there is, then I haven’t discovered it yet.

[ Laughs ] Hello there, gang. Hey. Hi, listen, I, uh, come bearing goodies. I had to sneak them past the nurses’ station. I didn’t want to bear the wrath of epiphany. So guess what — your favorite

[Singsong voice] Gummy bears. Wow. Well, it looks like I am literally the odd man out. I’m gonna leave you with your friends. If you see dr. Westbourne, bring her in here right away. Promise. Excuse me, ladies. Mm-hmm. Okay, let’s dig in to these. I think — you know, it’s a new place. I don’t know if they have your favorite, favorite one. Sasha: Mm, do you have cherry? What are the green ones? Nina: Oh, let me try a green one.

[ Indistinct conversation ]

[ Elevator bell dings ] Chase, he’s got a lot to learn. Can you believe this guy didn’t even know the name of our diaper service? Hmm. I just think we’re lucky we can afford to use one. Cloth diapers are so much better for the environment than disposable ones. Yeah, yeah. Couldn’t agree more, willow. Violet was way past the age of, uh, diapers when she came into finn’s life, so this is all new to me. Well, too bad you didn’t come forward as bailey’s dad, you know. Instead, you focused on making willow feel guilty for wanting to be with me and wiley while she was married to you. I didn’t come forward because I didn’t know, michael. Well, you did know that you slept with brook lynn around the same time that she got pregnant, so the fact that you didn’t even ask is a pretty clear indication that you just didn’t want to know. Wow. Oh, wow. Do you hear that? Bailey, she, um… really needs us, chase. Bailey didn’t make a noise. Okay, here’s the deal. The other day when all of this came out and you guys rushed off to be with sasha and brando, that was before we could deal with this news. We can’t keep avoiding this forever. Is there any way that we can get past this? I’m not gonna deny that there isn’t some satisfaction in seeing you like this…

[ Scoffs ] …But the reality is that you’re safer in here than, uh, the gold in fort knox. But sonny wants me dead. I’m sure he does, as do a lot of people. But his hands are tied. He knows that since he got back to town, he’s been in the spotlight. You really expect me to believe that there’s no credible threat against my life. Sonny is too smart to risk it. Trust me. He knows that law enforcement has been watching his every move. Still, we both know that… …you’ve made a lot of enemies. Meaning what? Meaning if you want to stay alive, you’re gonna have to save yourself. Selina, she’s — she’s suggested that, uh, maybe it’s time we… think about replacing jason. Replace jason? I mean, that’s impossible. He’s — irreplaceable. Yeah. And you know that. Yeah. You know, jason — I loved jason. He’s like a brother to me. But like my dad always said, you know, “graveyards are full of indispensable men.” I mean, I-I was one of them. I know. I remember. And you are irreplaceable. Nothing was the same or could be the same without you. Right. I mean… and you had to — you had to carry on for the family, for the life we built together. Nobody knew that more than jason, and even when I came back and… it threw me that you guys were together. Doesn’t matter because there was a void, jason had to fill it. And now that he’s gone, because of how much we loved him and how much he — he loved us… we have to do the same.

goingabsolutely great lately, and it’s largely because of your role as the “face of conception,” and the public is so excited. Everything is turning out so well. Financial institutions really, really want to get behind us. So, drum roll

[Inhales deeply] We’re thinking of taking the company public. Think about it. We would all get our initial investment back. Not to mention, you have to think about the future. Well, this sounds very exciting, lucy, and — and I’m glad that you shared the news with me. But, um, the only future that matters to me right now is laying in an incubator in the nicu. Uh, dr. Fleming. Hi. I’m just confirming that we can go ahead with the eeg of baby liam corbin. Great. Okay. Please send me the results as soon as you get them. I don’t know what I’m doing. Uh… I can’t remember the last time I came to church, and I certainly can’t remember the last time I made a confession. But liam, he’s opened my heart in so many more ways than I thought were possible. And I don’t know why he was born with so many obstacles to overcome. I guess that’s why I’m here. Until I can hold liam in my arms… …can you make sure he feels loved and feels safe? Let him know that his mom and dad are here for him. And we always will be. And that we need him, too. So, what brings you back by my office?

[ Chuckles ] Well, I think there are some things that, uh, we didn’t get a chance to say last night, or, more accurately, we avoided saying. Well, I was just trying to be gracious, nina, and avoid having this conversation. Gracious, yes, but you’re a doctor. You know that it’s not healthy to just stuff those feelings deep down inside. No, but talking about it isn’t going to change anything, so what’s the point? Britt, come on. Don’t you want to say it to my face? That your life could have been different if I just told the truth about peter? Okay, nina. You want to go down that road? Let’s go down that road. Why didn’t you call the cops when peter showed up in nixon falls? Why should willow make itany easier for you, chase? Because you — you wanted us to feel guilty for being in love, when the whole time you knew that you slept with brook lynn? Look, michael, you’re my cousin and I love you, but I’m not gonna let you call chase out for this. Thinking that he lied about being bailey’s father — he didn’T. He didn’t know because I deliberately kept it from him. I needed to get back my elq shares from valentin, and I just — I couldn’t think of another way. So if you’re looking to blame someone, blame me. Chase, I know how betrayed you felt when you learned about michael and me, but, eventually, you were able to make peace with it. And I’d be a hypocrite if I couldn’t do the same with you.

[ Sighs ] But you, brook lynn — you’re a whole different story. Oh, anna, what would you expect me to do now? What deal could I possibly cut? Nobody said anything about a deal. You have to confess.

[ Scoffs ] You can’t possibly mean that. I do. You have to own up to everything you’ve done, every single crime, and we’re not gonna stop there. You’re gonna give up your rights to your daughter so that maxie can have some peace of mind that somewhere down the line, whoever has louise will return her. In more simple terms, you have to take your punishment and you have to do it like a man. And why would I do all of that? Because… if you accept what you’ve done, if you face up to it, and if you stop all your endless games… maybe, just maybe, there’s something I can do for you. No one could ever replace you, sonny. And jason didn’t even try. And now, I mean… there’s no way we can replace jason. It’s — it’s impossible. I mean, y-you can find someone to take on his responsibilities or someone that you trust, but they’re just gonna be following in jason’s footsteps, right? You can’t replace jason, and if you think you can, then you really did change when you were in nixon falls.

Hey, I’m sorry. I, um — I think that was just my misguided way to try and take your mind off things just for a little minute. Being a mom is hard, huh? It’s sometimes the most achingly, breathtakingly beautiful thing in the world, and then other times it breaks your heart. I don’t talk about this too much ’cause… I had several miscarriages, you know, and, um… I wanted to be a mom so badly, and I know I’m not the only woman in the world who’s ever had a miscarriage, but that’s why I’m so grateful because my friend dominique asked me to carry serena, and she also asked me to help raise her with scott. I-I — I can’t tell you what that m-meant to me, and even though my girl is living all the way across the ocean… …serena will always be my daughter in every way that counts. I-I don’t know. What — what — you know, what I’m trying to say is I know this is overwhelming and this is so hard. But eventually, somehow, you managed to cherish each and every moment, no matter how very, very scary.

[ Voice breaking ] Thank you, lucy. Thank you. I’m trying to do that. Cherish every single moment. I didn’t mean to intrude. I heard your baby’s in the nicu and I just wanted to see if…

[Scoffs] If you were okay. You know, there was a time that we used to be friends. Then stuff happened. You tried to rearrange my jaw. Yeah. Well, you know, I hope we’re past that now. I saw all of sasha’s friends in her room, and I just thought, if you needed somebody to talk to… I was actually talking to someone. Did they talk back?

[ Both laugh ] You know, my mom wanted me to be an altar boy so bad. So bad. That, you know, father hogan, he would have made me say 10 hail marys and probably run 10 laps if I made a joke like that. Oh, okay. My aunt stella would make me wash my mouth out with soap, for sure. For sure. For sure.

[ Both laugh ] Thanks, man. For what? For making me forget for two minutes that my son’s in the nicu fighting for his life when I could do is wait for him to win. Peter was blackmailing me. He said that he was gonna hurt james, britt. He also said that he was going to tell carly that sonny was alive and well in nixon falls. And avoiding trouble with carly was more important than making sure peter was stopped. No, I — I thought I could do both. By turning to my mother instead of calling the police? You know, britt, in hindsight, I know what I did was wrong, but at the moment, I was desperate. I needed someone that I could trust, someone that I could confide in. And you know what? It was your mother’s idea to go after peter, and you know better than anyone else that once liesl obrecht has something in her mind, there’s no stopping her. Well, too bad you didn’t think of that before you got her involved. I’m sorry. Y-you do realize you could have gotten my mother killed. I do. I love her. At least peter’s in prison. Jason is dead. Carly believes jason’s blood is on my hands. I’m sure you do, too. Brook lynn didn’t tell me I was bailey’s dad because she knew how I felt about you. She kept silent about bailey’s paternity so you and i could be together. There’s a little bit more to it than that. She also did it so the quartermaines could regain control of elq. Oh, yeah, that’s what us quartermaines are taught our entire lives — put the company first. And obviously, I grew up with a warped idea of what a family is supposed to be. I thought other families, real families were different. Maybe not this one.

[ Sighs ] Hey, brook lynn, I, uh — I came here to see my daughter, so… right. Let’s go upstairs. Brook lynn, chase, wait. Our kids are around the same age. They’re both quartermaines, so they’re going to grow up together. I can’t speak for michael, but for the kids’ sake, I promise to get past this. Thank you. I hope you can forget about it, too. I-I can’t believe you would even suggest that I give up my parental rights to louise. That — that would mean giving up all hope of ever being a family with maxie. Oh, come on. That was an illusion. It died a long time ago. Louise and maxie are what keep me… human. I — [ Sighs ] I won’t give them up.

[ Door opens ] Time’s up. That means your arraignment’s starting soon. All the pain you’ve caused, all the lives you ruined and cut short, death isn’t good enough for you. The trouble with me is that I still believe in the justice system. If you own what you’ve done… I will do what I can.

[ Door closes ] I can’t deny my time away from you changed me. But when I came back, not to pick up where we left off, but I wanted us to get closer and — and — and just be better, you know, for our kids. I want that, too. I really want that, so it doesn’t matter what selina wu wants, or — or the people that think they know what’s best for us because we know what’s best. We know what we want. H-have I said that, I — I want you, mrs. Corinthos?

[ Chuckles ] I want you. Only you. No one’s here. We’re not open yet. You think that’s gonna stop me?

Try not to let your imagination get the best of you. Your son is going to have his eeg test soon. Don’t get in your head, okay? Enjoy the fact that sasha survived a difficult birth and is doing better. Focus on the positive. The test results will come when they come. I know. You’re right, man. Thank you. I-I know. I’ve been trying to do that. It’s just… it’s a good reminder.

[ Sighs ] When I left sasha’s room, her friends had her laughing.

[ Indistinct conversation ]

[ Sighs ] Brando. You’re back. Uh, lucy was just showing me the latest deception baby care products. Uh, yep, organic, hypoallergenic, of course, and adorable, I have to say so myself. Uh, well, I-I hate to ruin the party, um, but first things first, we should be hearing from the doctor soon. Oh, shoot! I didn’t know I had been here quite that long. I’m so sorry. I’ll get out of your hair, and, um… let me help you. Hey. Oh. I am so rooting for you. And I’m rooting for all of you. Well, thank you. What a lovely gentleman. Absolutely. Okay, take care. Bye. You’ve got my number, brando. If you have any questions with medical lingo or… anything, just call me. Thanks, man. Thank you. Appreciate it, T.J.

[ Sighs ] Lucy did a terrific job of distracting me, but, um… I guess we can’t avoid it any longer. It’s almost time, right? I’m not gonna play the blame game with you, nina. You made choices, and so did I. And I’m pretty sure if nathan was still here, he would probably tell me to “go pay it forward and help nina.”

[ Chuckles ] Thank you. You sound exactly like J. Hey, if I can come back, so can you. Mm. Mm-hmm. Cousin to cousin… you’ll be there for me? You’ll help me out? Yeah. Nathan wouldn’t have it any other way. Okay.

[ Telephone ringing ] Dr. Westbourne. Yeah, I’ll be right there. What, is — is that news about sasha’s baby?

[ Sighs ] That went well, don’t you think? As opposed to what, a firing squad? You gotta take what you can get. Seems like willow’s gonna give you a pass, whereas everyone thinks I am the next cruella de vil. I hope you know that what you’re doing is very noble, brook lynn.

[ Scoffs ] Noble. Not exactly a word used to describe me, ever. Okay, well, one day, your family will know the good thing that you’ve done. But while peter is still a potential threat to maxie and louise, we’re in this. What other choice could we have made? I’m not complaining, but what was that for? I’m just still amazed by how generous you are, how willing you are to forgive. Let’s be clear — forgiving chase is one thing. Brook lynn… is a whole other story. Yeah, that’s gonna be a — a longer road, for sure. But as long as we’re on the topic of forgiveness, if I can forgive chase and, hopefully soon, brook lynn, do you think you might be able to find it in your heart to forgive brad?

[ Keys jingle ]

[ Cart rattles ] Pass on the breakfast. I don’t trust it. Fine. We’ll give it to the next inmate. Wait, bring it back. You heard him. The happiest day of my life was when you came back to me.

[ Sighs ] That makes two of us. Um… you know what? What? It all started with the dreams. Blonde woman in a dream, and, uh… …and then you became a-a reality.

I feel like I’ve been pretty consistent on this issue. I’m gonna do whatever it takes to make sure that our family’s safe. And that’s not limited to keeping brad in prison and away from our son. The same rules apply to nina. Look, this — this is a black-and-white subject to me. There’s nothing gray about it. Sonny: Whatever happened between us in nixon falls, it has to come from me. And it will. Okay. I get it. But…despite all the pain that it caused — and I know that we’re going on with our lives — it’s just I need to let you know that the love that we shared is the purest thing that I’ve ever known in my life. And I am sorry — I am so sorry — but I could never… regret that. Michael: And I understand how you could give chase a pass, and then maybe someday forgive brook lynn. And I also get that you and brad were close in the past, but I gotta be honest. Nina’s a different story. I can’t help but wonder why you’re so forgiving of her. I know we can lean on each other, but it is nice having friends that could back us up, too. Right? And when the doctors give us the news, we will deal with that. Whatever it takes to give liam a long and happy life, starting today.

[ Door opens ] What do you say, chase? You ready for some diaper changing 101? Oh, I’m up for the challenge.

[ Laughing ] Yeah. You know, I think with a little practice, I could actually be pretty good.

[ Chuckles ] But I do hope, for maxie’s sake, that all the lies stop soon. Yeah, me too. It isn’t enough that peter is in custody. It seems like maxie’s not gonna feel safe for her or her baby until peter is dead and buried. You were the key. The second I remembered you… I remembered all of it. All I wanted to do was come home. I just wanted to be with you, my family, my life.[ Elevator doors open ] This is where I belong.

[ Footsteps approaching ] This is my home. Yeah. Excuse me, sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt. That’s okay. Carly, I wanted to say how sorry I am about jason. I-I’m — I’m very sorry. Thank you, anna. Sure. I have some things I need to do. Excuse me. Alright. You’re back. Yes. You know, the more I thought about it, the more I recognized that the subject of jason may have caused a miscommunication. But it’s all about wanting to protect you and your family. That’s what you and sonny both want, right? If you wanted to put the fear of god in peter, mission accomplished, alright? I just came from pentonville. So can you leave it at that and just let the law run its course? Anna, you give me way too much credit. Peter’s behind bars 24/7 with guards. Even if I wanted to get my hands dirty, how would I get him?

[ Sighs ]

[ Groans ]

[ Coughing ]

[ Choking ]

[ Groaning ]

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