Days Short Recap Friday, December 10, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Melinda wanted to know why Shawn hasn’t arrested Brady yet. Shawn said there wasn’t a body. Belle said the evidence was circumstantial. Melinda told Shawn to find out what happened to Philip. She wanted him to arrest the person who did it. When Melinda left, Shawn went to talk to Victor. Belle said she was going to go see Brady. Brady asked Chloe if he believed he didn’t hurt Philip. She said she didn’t know what to think. She said he was drunk. He said he hasn’t had a drink in a long time. He said he didn’t do it. He said he didn’t care what anyone else thought. He said it was important that she believed him. She said he sounded sincere, but she saw what he was like when he fell off the wagon. She said she thought he was going to hurt her when he was drunk. Belle came in when Brady was yelling at Chloe. He asked Belle if he thought he was capable of hurting Philip. Belle said no one knew if anyone was murdered. Brady said that didn’t sound convincing. She said the blood on him matched Philip’s. She wanted him to tell her what happened. He said he tried, but he couldn’t remember. Shawn went to see Victor. Shawn told Victor Philip was missing. Shawn said the police suspected foul play. He said Brady was the main suspect. Victor said he knew Chloe was going to be the death of one of the boys. Lucas talked to Kate about Sami. He told her Sami rushed to be with EJ. Kate told him EJ was getting closer to Nicole. Lucas said Sami would be upset. Lucas said he loved it. Kate told him not to get his hopes up that Sami would go back to him. Victor called Kate. He said he had to tell her about Philip.

Shawn got a call. The divers at the river found something. When Shawn left, Kate showed up. Victor told her someone might have hurt Philip. He said the person might have done worse than hurt Philip. Sami was furious when she saw EJ and Nicole in bed. He said she was back. Sami said she could see how much he missed her. He told Sami to leave because he and Nicole were in the middle of something. He kissed Nicole. Sami told him not to do it again. Nicole left to change. Sami told Nicole that EJ was her husband. Sami slapped her. He said he was Sami’s husband because she left before the divorce papers were filed. Sami said she wasn’t there because she was kidnapped. EJ told Sami to tell her story to Lucas. She said she did. She said he was the one who found her. EJ wondered why there wasn’t a ransom demand. Sami accused Nicole of trying to get revenge. Nicole slapped her. Sami and Nicole got in a fight. He took Sami off of Nicole. He told her she wasn’t wanted there. Sami said she would leave, but it wasn’t over. When Sami left, Nicole wanted to leave. EJ told her she didn’t have to leave. She told him Sami being back changed everything. He said Sami was the past. He said Nicole was the future. Shawn and Melinda met with a diver. The diver had a plastic bag. Melinda wanted to know what it was. Shawn said it was a prosthetic leg. He said the only person he knew with a prosthetic leg was Philip.

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