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don’t forget, mama carly. I won’T. Little liam is gonna love your present. But I’m gonna keep it with me right now because it’s getting pretty crowded in this room.

Okay, but promise

to kiss sasha. Already done. I’ll be home soon, sweetie. I love you. Love you, too.

[ Smooches ] A darling child. Oh. Hi, selina. Uh, thank you for the flowers. I was sorry to hear about mr. Morgan, but hope may yet prevail. Jason has a record of beating the odds. Well, I’m not a betting woman, but if I were, mr. Morgan is the safest bet there is. You here to see sonny? My business is not with your husband. Give my best to the family. Thank you. Okay, looks like you’re getting out of here tomorrow. I cannot believe you’re not a fan of nougat. I’m a fan of your nougat.

[ Laughs ] Naughty boy. Yeah, that’s what they tell me. Although, maybe not. It might be another three weeks, give or take. And caramel? Does it elicit the same response? Oh, yes. That’s like nectar from the gods.

[ Laughs ] Thank you. Excellent answer. By the way… I’m pregnant! Surprise! Quintuplets! Can you believe it?

[ Laughs ] Britta finds public displays of affection unseemly. Ah, how could you have given birth to such a prude? This? This is what love looks like. Hmm. If you say so. Mm-hmm. I, um — I need to talk to you about peter. I just came from seeing that bastard. What’s on your mind? Okay, well, I want to know what you’re gonna do about him. Okay. I want him dead. Okay, listen to me. Peter has to live. It’s getting late. I hadn’t noticed. I got a fire going in our bedroom, too. What do you say? You, me, our bearskin rug? Maybe later. Ouch. I’m a little preoccupied, that’s all. With? Rat kings. Not the answer I was expecting. They remind me of your family. Tales all knotted up together. Unable to break away. Destined to die together. Unless they do the painful thing… …and chew their way free. I miss you, too, kevin. So much. But the good news is that the fbi are getting close to finding the killer that cyrus hired. So I really don’t think that this thing is gonna go on that much longer. Hang on.

[ Faucet squeaks ]

[ Water stops ]

[ Thud ] S-stop struggling, and this will all be over. And don’t worry. I’ll see to it your sister joins you soon.

[ Echoing ]

Hey, britt, uh, really sorry about jason. Oh, thank you, but… we were long over. Pfffft. What does that mean? “Pfffft.” It’s not weak to admit you’re hurting, britta. I’m fine. Thank you both for your concern. A pox on that peter august. If only I’d ended his misbegotten life when I had the chance. The schwein would be brisket and none of this would have happened. And you’d be in prison. A small price to pay. Whoa, now. Bite your tongue. It’s very nice of you, aunt liesl, to try to take the blame, but we all know who’s responsible for peter’s latest reign of terror — I.E., Me. Um, I have some work to catch up on, so don’t stay up too late. Don’t pop any stitches. Do my best. Um… she seems to be holding up okay. It’s a facade. Over or not, jason is the closest britta has ever come to true love. And any chance of rekindling that is now over. Peter robbed her of it. Well, he’s not alone. Jason’s death is my fault, too. I’m sorry. This is my private office. I’m aware. Okay, well, all appointments need to go through my assistant. Better to keep this meeting off the books. Do I know you? No, but I know you. Well, now I feel left out. Please, introduce yourself. Who I am depends on you. I hope we’ll be friends. But if not, I’m willing to settle for a more transactional relationship. I take it you have my uncle victor on your mind. Don’t you? I’ve thought of little else since his visit this afternoon. You never should have thrown in with him, nikolas. I might not be alive if I hadn’T. I know. He saved your life. I’m grateful for that. But victor is just… he’s a little too “proactive” for my taste. To be clear… I didn’t ask my uncle to take it that far with hayden or naomi. No, I know. He took it upon himself. That’s what I mean. He’s too proactive. God help the next poor soul that falls victim to uncle victor’s instinct for enterprise.

[ Gagging ]

[ Clattering ]

[ Knock on door ] Everything okay in there? I’m coming in!

[ Door opens ] Be right there! Batter up!

[ Grunts ]

[ Panting ]

Silva: Mayor collins!

[ Pounding on door ] Mayor collins! Oh, please, call 911. What happened?! I don’t know if my brother’s breathing.

[ Panting ] Martin? Martin?

[ Groaning ] Oh.

[ Gagging, coughing ] Oh.

[ Gasping ] Was there a backup? I’m selina wu. Brad cooper’s aunt. No way. Way. Oh, brad never spoke much about his family. Is he okay? I’m surprised you have to ask. I was under the impression that you and my nephew were close. We were. Uh, we are. I’ve been away. And before that, uh, let’s just say there was a lot going on. It’s been hard to visit. I see. Why do I feel like I’m being judged? [ Chuckles ] Friendships are difficult to maintain even under the best of circumstances. Your rather fluid commitment to brad is not unexpected. Well, he’s still my friend and will continue to be. You don’t have to worry about me abandoning brad. But that’s precisely what I want. It is peter — with assistance from my reptilian ex, victor — who is to blame for jason’s fate. But, aunt liesl, if I didn’t call you when peter showed up in nixon falls — what else were you to do? Call the police! That schleim was blackmailing you with threats to sweet, adorable little james. Of course you needed me. Uh, you know what? I think this might be a good time to talk about your preliminary hearing here. You know, I have a good shot at getting the charges tossed out. Hearing? Charges? What are you accused of now? I thought you would have left by now. Hey. Where’s willow? Oh, she went to go home to be with wiley. I thought I’d stick around — you know, offer to be with liam in case sasha and brando want to take a break. Did you see the baby? Yeah. You take away the tubes and the machines… you’d never knew anything was wrong. He’s perfect. Yeah. I had placental abruption with you. Oh, yeah, uh, jason, he found you passed out on the floor, right? Yeah. Yeah, he was living at sonny’s old penthouse. Sonny was out of the country, and he wasn’t expected to return. And, uh [Chuckles] I showed up on the doorstep. And, of course, jason let me in. And I was nesting, and I had this terrible pain. And the next thing I know, jason’s there, and he is rushing me to the hospital. And I’m rushed in to an emergency c-section. Of course, I don’t remember any of that. I just remember waking up in the icu. Hmm.

[ Exhales sharply ] Let me guess — jason was right by your side. That’s when he told me that you had surgery, and… oh, god, it was the scariest moment of my life. And I remember right then and there, I promised myself… that I would die before I ever caused you pain. Yeah, I know the feeling. I make that promise every day.

[ Sighs ] Sonny, wait. You cannot seriously be suggesting that peter deserves mercy. No, not at all. But you want your daughter back, right? Of course I want her back! Then getting rid of peter is a bad idea. He set up the kidnapping, right? So if peter dies, any information about where louise is is gonna die with him. No, he doesn’t know where louise is. You sure about that? W-why would he have blackmailed nina if he did? It’s a possibility.

[ Sighs ] All right. Look, here’s the deal. As long as peter is breathing, louise is in trouble. Oka– forget about me. A-and I know you don’t care about franco, but what about elizabeth and her sons? And drew? And — and jason? I mean, are you really gonna let the man who killed your best friend get away with it?

You want me to abandon brad? I appreciate you looking after him now and then, but you’re no longer needed.

[ Scoffs ] Says the woman who had nothing to do with him his entire life? You don’t know of what you speak. Uh, the hell I don’T. I would have heard of you if you meant anything to brad. Circumstances are favorable to brad’s imminent parole. He’s up? I had no idea. Naturally. And if parole is granted, you’re advised to remain at a distance. Why? Because that’s not what brad would want. It’s what i want. And more importantly, it’s what my nephew needs. This is brad’s chance to rehabilitate his character — to evolve it beyond its current limited scope — and his ability to do so will be constrained by harmful influences lingering from his old life. Harmful influences like me.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Scoffs ] Thank you for your time, dr. Westbourne. Yeah, you didn’t give me much of a choice. Best of luck in your endeavors. And I see no need to revisit this conversation as long as you abide by my wishes. Congratulations. You’re going away for the rest of your life. I don’t know about that. I think there’s a scenario where she could spend maybe a few of her golden years outside… provided you tell us who you’re working for. It’s cyrus renault, isn’t it? Lawyer. Get her out of here.Let’s go.

[ Wheezing ] Hey, how are you feeling? Oh. Ehhh, I’m fine. It’s all right.

[ Stammers ] I’ll be fine after a little…laryngitis. Oh, thank god for that. Thank god. Thank you for getting here so quickly. Ugh. Won’t be without my dulcet tones for long. Come on, now. Don’t strain yourself. I don’t intend to. Unless you used all the hot water. I need to relax, so I’m gonna take a nice hot soak before our minders move us to the next loca– that’s one option. There’s another? Can I give you a ride home? Oh. Uh, no. No, um, I’m just gonna stick around and see if sasha or brando need anything — well, no, I-I checked. They’re — they’re out. And hopefully, they stay that way till morning. Oh. Hey, mom? Yeah? Why do I — I-I-I get the feeling that you’re avoiding going home. You said everything’s okay with you and dad. I mean, is it? Um…

[ Footsteps approaching ] Michael — hello again. Selina. Mr. Corinthos, I can’t help but wonder if you plan to attend my nephew’s parole hearing. I wouldn’t miss it. I assume your position on his release is unchanged? Mm, I’m surer than ever that brad should remain in prison. He repents of his sin. Oh, yeah, I’ve heard that one before. Recently, in fact — from the woman who kept my father away from his family. And you know what? That sounded as hollow from her as it does from you. I’m sorry to hear that. Have a good evening. If nina is guilty of anything, it’s making this town a better place. She almost helped rid us of the worst menace to ever walk these streets. This is an outrage. Peter is finally locked up, so the authorities persecute my niece instead? And for what? Attempting to thwart a madman? Please, my charges aren’t related to peter. Against who who else have you allegedly transgressed? You’re grieving. You’re angry. So am I, but bringing up jason is not a way to get into my good graces. This is no time for grace. Peter took franco and jason from their families. He took louise from me. Do you think he’s gonna stop there? Can you remember how righteous you were? Telling me all about how you found yourself in that little town. I’ll tell you what you found for yourself. You found a whole lot of nina. And guess what, sonny? I recorded it. All of it. I got a great picture of that kiss, too. It’s all on a thumb drive, safe in a vault, locked away, ready to be opened upon my death. So you kill me, you’re just gonna breathe life into that. Taking is what peter does. He’s gonna keep taking until he has what he wants. And when he gets it, guess what? He’s gonna want something new. God forbid you have the thing he’s set his sights on. We’re on the same page, okay? I want nothing to do with whatever victor is plotting. What you want is beside the point. I get the feeling that victor is using your past association as license to reduce you to his pawn. Do you disagree? Name one person who’s ever gotten the better of me? Besides you. This isn’t funny, nikolas. I know. It’s not. [ Sighs ] We are better together. I know that, too. I promise, I’ve learned my lesson. Have you? What are you getting at? You didn’t fill me in about victor until it was almost too late. I made a mistake. And are you done making that mistake, my love? If there is anything left to tell me, the time is now.

That’s it — sonny returned home and reunited with his family. Yep, and the rest will play out in court. What exactly are the charges?

[ Sighs ] Fraud. But we’re gonna get them thrown out before it goes to the trial phase. So, then, what you said about jason — yeah, it’s — it’s true. Peter might have been in custody if I’d called the police right away. But you didn’t want the truth about sonny to come out. No, I called you. Jason might still be alive if I made a different choice. Hey, nina, listen, if — if it’s any consolation here, you know, when — I go to liesl when — when I get mixed up in any shady business. Leave us, liebchen. Well, you know what? G-give me one of those caramels, and you will have lawyer-client privilege. We can talk freely. Thank you. But some things can only be said to family.

[ Knock on door ] Hi. Oh, my god, it’s so good to see you. You have no idea. What’s wrong? Or, I guess, what’s not wrong is the more appropriate question. Yeah, it’d make for a short conversation. Well, talk to me.

[ Sighs ] No. What do you mean, “no”? You don’t have the time. You have kids. You want to hear my sob story. Okay, my kids are with my parents, and they’re totally fine. Come on. Come up here. Sit right there.

[ Sighs ] Okay, I’m listening. Okay, look, I-I’m no fan of brad cooper. Not after what he did to you and lucas. And willow. And willow. Okay, it’s despicable on all fronts, and I definitely think brad should be serving his full prison sentence. But? I think you should take a different tact when it comes to his aunt. She asked me questions. I-I told the truth. I know. I know that. Think about it, like — if I — if I — if I would have just glossed over my feelings, selina, she would have been — she would have been surprised and probably angry when I went after brad at the — at the parole hearing. Listen to me. I just think you could be a little less confrontational about it. Selina is your dad’s ally. And I know that. I know that. And I plan on honoring their agreement, okay? I’m not gonna pull any strings to block brad’s parole behind the scenes. But I have every intention of speaking at that hearing, which dad understands. Mm. And, by the way, selina, she should know better than to — to — to trade on the alliance to help brad. Don’t you think dad would agree? Oh, to be honest, I don’t feel comfortable speaking for your dad. We’re not exactly on the same page right now. Thank you for coming by. I know it’s late. I always have time for you. I hope you have some consideration for me. Meaning? This guy? He’s in pcpd. He’s in custody. His arraignment’s tomorrow. Okay? There won’t be a bail, but they’re sending him back to pentonville up until his trial. But there’s not gonna be a trial… because he’s gonna be dead before that happens. Ah. And you want me to make sure this occurs. Well, I’d do it myself, but I-it’s public knowledge how I feel about him. And, you know… I would be the number-one suspect.

[ Chuckles ] And you require more than the usual degree of plausible deniability? He is… a danger to society. Can you do it? It’s possible. But it will cost you. Ho. Ho. Ho. It’s santa. We got a problem. Wooooooo! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Obviously, I’ll compensate you for your effort. Parcel out whatever holdings I inherited from novak. That’s very generous, but I prefer payment in another form. What form is that? I was hoping we could revisit the subject of my nephew. I’m not gonna pressure the board to refuse brad’s parole. And that’s all well and good. Okay. But I was hoping you’d undertake a more positive approach. Use your sway to ensure a favorable result. Do you understand what you’re asking me to do? Because of brad, my — my son, uh, couldn’t be a father. He thought his son was dead. And you want me to set him free? Brad is of no more consequence to your family. His attachments to your grandson are severed. Words are cheap. Not mine — nor is taking a life. His removal is of great value to you? Yes. Then I ask that you give me something commensurate in return. A life for a life, as it were. All right, I’ll tell my guy on the parole board to vote… for brad’s release. A single vote may not be enough to ensure my nephew’s freedom — especially with your son on the warpath. I knew something was going on with you and dad. What’s going on? I don’t want to put you in the middle, michael. I get that, but you obviously need somebody to talk to. But it can’t be you! Okay. Look, it’s not that complicated. I think your dad and i both thought that things were just gonna go back to the way they used to be. Easier said than done? Yeah. And it’s really hard now, with jason and…

[ Sighs ] Y– we’ll work things out. Your dad and i will work things out, because we always do. I know. But, uh, hopefully I can help speed things along. All right, aunt liesl, let me have it. Obrecht: I will do no such thing. Why not? Because what is the point? To make you feel worse than carly and sonny already have? Well, it’s more painful when it comes from family, so h-here I am. Go for it. Aunt liesl! Yell at me, damn it! Masochism doesn’t suit you. Well [Sighs] If I don’t suffer, how am I going to be redeemed, huh?

[ Sighs ] First off… you make amends with britta. You have no idea what you’ve taken from her, nina. But I thought that britt and jason, they only dated for a little while before jason left her to be with carly. Obrecht: He’s got a thing for you, britta. Britt: Mother — and I don’t mean he feels sorry for you. I know he doesn’T. I don’t think he sees me differently. He accepts me as I am before and after my diagnosis. Jason was more than a fling to britta. She gave him something most precious — her trust. And now he’s gone, and I’m afraid. What? Afraid of what? Of britta hardening her heart at a time she can least afford to. I will be there for her. Always — I promise. Good. Okay. You said “first off,” aunt liesl. I know you. Is there a second thing? Mm. The path to redemption is resurrection. You are no innocent, but neither are carly and sonny. If they don’t apologize, why should you? Remember who you are, nina. Sister, niece, friend, mother, grandmother, force to be reckoned with. When you go into court, don’t cower in the corner. Take up arms, and you fight for your life. Nothing specific is — is going on. It was just nice to look up and see a friendly face. Back at you. So, what brings you by the hospital? Well, I was on my way home, and I realized that I had not checked up on you or liesl yet since you’ve been back. Oh, I’d give my mother another night. Oh, no. Is she not well? Oh no, she’s — she’s great.

[ Chuckles ] She’s, uh, busy cocooning with scott. Gross. Yeah. But cute? Totally. Well, that sounds like a better reunion than the one I had with peter. What?

[ Sighs ] I want to see him at the police station. Oh, I — [ Sighs ] Okay, good. I just had these visions of him escaping and showing up at your apartment. Oh, no. No, no, no. It was all my doing. Why? Well, I — [ Sighs ] I don’t know. I wanted to prove to myself that I wasn’t scared of him anymore, that he didn’t have this hold on me. But leave it to peter. He tried to find new ways to terrify and obsess over me. Well, at least you tried, right?

[ Chuckles ] I’m proud of you. Thank you. Anyway, that’s it for peter. Now…it’s just a matter of time. Before what? Laura: Trust me. This is going to work. Martin: Listen to me! Our brother’s assassin… rest your voice! …Just caught up with us! What is to prevent cyrus from taking another shot — literally?! The fbi have told me that cyrus hired a single assassin. I know. So what? You think that’s it? You think j-just one and done, huh? Yes, I believe so! Look, he — he — he’s completely cut off from his funds. He has no allies. He has zero support. How’s he gonna be able to sic anyone on us now? I don’t know. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. No, not this time. Listen, I fear you are dangerously underestimating our brother. I think he underestimated me — twice, both times to his regret. Eh, yeah. Uh, thank god for that. What happens if the third time is the charm? Martin… my family and my community need me, and I can’t be there to help them if I’m in hiding or if I’m on the run always looking over my shoulder. Believe me, that is no way to live. There is only one way to win here. You turn around, you stand your ground, and you take on your enemy face to face. You some kind of cheerleader in high school? Drum majorette. It’s a simple question, nikolas. You either trust me, love me… or you don’T. Of course I love you. And I trust you. Prove it. Wait. Let go.

[ Sighs ] You want complete honesty? You know I do. Even if it makes you an accessory after the fact? I’d rather that than be kept in the dark.

[ Sighs ] Shawn butler. He didn’t shoot hayden. It was someone else.

[ Sighs ] I know. You hired them.

You just relax now, okay?Rest the vocal chords, please. I’m gonna talk to agent silva, and then I’ll start packing up our things. Lord, I hope you know what you’re doing. So do I. Funny. Martin, listen to me. Somehow, some way, I will take care of cyrus, and I will protect you in the process. Okay? Okay. You knew I tried to have hayden killed? How? When? Weeks ago. In the midst of your hand-wringing over alexis and shawn, it all became pretty clear. And then victor essentially confirmed it this afternoon. Why didn’t you say anything? Because I knew you were trying to protect me. I was happy to let it lie. Why coerced you into confessing something that you did so long ago? It’s not as if I’m an angel myself. And then victor surfaced. One secret too many. Make no mistake, nikolas. There can be no more secrets between us. So you need to decide. Is it all… or is it nothing? Does that answer your question? Hey, blue eyes. Any chocolate left for me?

[ Door closes ] Do you really stand a chance of getting a judge to throw out the charges against nina? Uhhh, not really. And if it goes badly, we could, uh, taint the jury against her. Then why bother? Uh, well, because [Grunts] Uh, we — we gotta see what the prosecution’s case looks like. Not to mention the key witnesses and what they’re gonna say. Key witnesses like sonny. It’s not like him, is it? To deploy the courts against an adversary? He didn’t — michael did. Ah, the avenging son. Yeah, yeah. But you know what? I’m not — I’m not so sure that sonny is, uh… too happy about that. Has he undertaken any retribution? No, and it’s not like him. Sonny and I have one thing in common — we hold grudges. There are no bygones. Then why hasn’t he lifted a finger against nina, the woman who kept him from his wife and children? Well, maybe he still thinks he’s that, uh, country bumpkin bartender, mike. Did you say mike? I did say mike. Why? What’s waiting for you back in that pennsylvania town? Or is it a “who”? Oh, you just assume there’s a man? Is there?

[ Gasps ] There is! Okay, okay. Yes, there is. I met someone, and it’s really good for me. I believe it’s good for him. That’s wonderful, nina. And does this mystery man have a name? Mike. No reason. Well, you know, I’m still a little confused as to why sonny hasn’t gone off on nina. I got to get to the bottom of that. You know, her whole future could hinge on it. You’re planning something. Not anymore. Now it’s up to someone else to do the planning. Or, so I hope. What does that mean? Nothing. Maxie, come on. You’re freaking me out. Okay, that’s the opposite of what I want to do. Look, why don’t you come with me back to my place? I have wine and extra-large wine glasses. We can get old-school wasted. Hey, I’m sorry. Am I interrupting? Oh, no. I was just bullying britt into coming to my house and getting wine-hammered. Is that a new technical term?

[ Laughs ] I think it is now. Are you in? Uh, no, I don’t want to intrude. Are you kidding? The more the merrier. You two ladies are the perfect people to raise my glass with. Mm, and what are we toasting to? A peter-free world, coming soon. Selina: Your son plans to argue in favor of my nephew’s continued imprisonment. Look, I already told you, I’m not gonna push michael on this. He’s gonna vote his way. I’m gonna vote my way. That’s it.

[ Sighs ] When can I expect this to happen? I’ll make the necessary arrangements immediately — before brad’s parole hearing. All right. For what it’s worth… …I’m sorry for your trouble. I know this puts you in an awkward position. I truly hope michael forgives you for intervening. Look, it is obvious that nina is the reason that you and dad are having issues. But look, she’s about to get what she deserves. Oh, if only. Mom, mom, mom, she will.

[ Sighs ] Nina is gonna go to prison, and once she’s gone, things are going to be better. I know it. I’m prepared to accept the consequences of my actions. My family is best served… with peter taken care of. So see to it that it happens. And, selina. The details of our original agreement still stand. If brad gets set free… …and he goes anywhere near… my grandson… …if he even utters my grandson’s name… …there will be hell to pay.

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