Days Short Recap Thursday, December 9, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady woke up with Chloe next time him. He told her he remembered getting food for John. She said she found him drunk at the river. He was shocked at what she told him. She told him about the tree, knife and the threatening texts to Philip. Brady said none of that happened. She said Shawn was having the river dragged for a body. Brady said he didn’t hurt Philip. He asked her if she thought he did it. Shawn told Belle that Brady was in the hospital after hurting Philip. Belle said Brady wouldn’t hurt Philip. Shawn got a call from forensics. Brady’s prints were found on the knife. She said that was circumstantial evidence. Shawn said he couldn’t find a sample of Philip’s blood to test it against the knife. Belle told Shawn to call the hospital because Philip had a lot of paternity tests. She said they should be in the database. Shawn went to call the hospital. When he came back, he told her Philip’s blood was on the knife. Rafe walked up on Nicole and EJ almost kissing each other. EJ wanted to know why Rafe was there. Rafe asked EJ if he knew how Kristen escaped. EJ flashed back to talking to Ava about helping Kristen. EJ said his hands were clean. EJ and Rafe continued to talk about Kristen until Rafe left. EJ asked Nicole about Rafe. She said it was harder to walk away than they thought. EJ said Rafe could make more of an effort to walk away. She told him he wasn’t over Sami. He said Sami didn’t have a hold on him. He asked why he would think about Sami when he had Nicole. They flirted with each other. They kissed each other. She started thinking of Rafe. She stopped thinking of Rafe. She suggested that they go upstairs to his room. She said she had to get Rafe out of her mind. EJ said he felt used, but he liked it.

Gabi and Ava got into an argument. Ava picked up a knife. It made Gabi think about Carmine dying. Rafe walked in and wondered what was going on. Gabi went to Rafe and said Ava was trying to kill her. Rafe told her to go to her room. Rafe told Ava that he saw Nicole at the DiMera mansion. Ava wanted to know what they talked about. He said he gave her an update on Kristen. He said he asked EJ questions. He said someone was lying. Allie asked Sami who kidnapped her. Sami said she thought it was Nicole. Sami told her why she thought Nicole kidnapped her. Lucas and Allie said they didn’t think Nicole was behind the kidnapping. Allie said Nicole got what she wanted when Sami’s marriage ended. Sami asked who said her marriage was over. Lucas told Sami that EJ kicked her out of the house. She still believed she and EJ could work things out. Lucas told her to go to the hospital. She thanked him for the concern. She wanted to get her husband back. Lucas said he would have left her where she was if he had known she was going to go back to EJ. EJ and Nicole made love. When they were finished, he asked if it was good enough to make her forget about Rafe. She said she had to think about it. He said he didn’t know anyone by the name of Sami. Sami walked in on them in bed.

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