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[ Indistinct conversations ] I heard about jason. I don’t even know what to say, except I’m sorry. Well, I don’t think that there’s much else to say. How’s uncle sonny doing? About what you’d expect, I guess. We’re all just… really, really sad. And shocked and angry. Yeah, all those things. Uh, to be honest, I was kind of surprised when you texted. I figured you’d be laying low. Yeah, well, I would definitely rather be under my covers. But jason would hate that. So instead of moping around all day, I decided to let off some steam. You know, punch something. Oh, and you thought of me? I’m touched. Yeah. You think you can handle it? Lace up, jacks. These are velcro. Then just, come on. Put the gloves on. Better? Better. Esme: Trina, I’m so glad I ran into you. Mind if I sit? Sure. Thanks. Wow. You look busy. Life of a college student. Hey, um, can I get you anything? A large, sugar-free, half-caf latte with soy milk. No foam. God forbid.

[ Chuckles ] Did you get all that? We’ll see when you take a sip. I just love his sense of humor, don’t you? He’s a real crack-up, that cam. And now, down to business. We have business? Our trip isn’t gonna plan itself. I can’t wait. The five of us together, outside of port charles? We’re gonna have so much fun. And I’m, um — I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you heard about jason. Oh, it’s okay. I mean, your dad and I wanted to be the ones to tell you. We didn’t want to do it over the phone. Ah, yeah, I would have hated that. I mean, if I had to hear about it from anyone, I guess I’m — I’m grateful it was drew. Yeah, me too. Sit down.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Man, I just — I can’t believe this is happening again. And I know — I know we survived without jason before, but… but you don’t know how? We’re gonna handle it the second time like we handled it the first time — as a family. Okay? Sonny: Whatever happened between us in nixon falls, it needs to come from me. And it will. I understand. I do. But despite everything, all the pain that it caused people, I-I know we’ve gone on with our lives, but I have to let you know that our love is the purest thing that I have ever known. And I am so sorry, sonny, but I cannot regret that. I refuse to accept that what you did — lying to me and my family — was an act of love, nina. It wasn’T. It wasn’T. I can see that now. But it went on for so long, I didn’t know how to get out of it. I didn’t know what words to use. I mean, how do you explain something like that? I don’t know. I felt like I was just trapped there, like my lies were trapping me. And I was living this life in nixon falls that I never intended. In a way, it’S… it’s like we have that in common.

[ Door opens ] Where’s my lawyer? Hasn’t arrived yet. Well, I hope you know better than to try and question me without representation. I mean, that’s literally your job as acting police commissioner, isn’t it? To protect my rights? I don’t give a damn about your rights. Because I’m not here as the police commissioner. Right now, you’re talking to maxie’s father. Where is he? What’s wrong? Pretty much everything. I need to talk to peter.

I think this is a terrible idea. I didn’t ask for your opinion, anna. I asked where peter was. He’s here. He’s not allowed visitors. Is that what I am? A-a visitor? I think we can make an exception given the circumstances. Yeah, that’s not up to me to decide. No, I know. It’s up to mac. Who we both know is gonna say no unless you back me up. Why? After everything he’s put you through — all the physical, mental, emotional torture — why is it so important for you to see him, darling? I’ve dealt with countless lowlifes in my time, but you’re in a class all by yourself. Aw, that’s sweet, mac. No, I take that back. You’re in a class with faison. Oh, well, like father, like son, I suppose. Coming to town, pretending to be an actual human being. Meanwhile, manipulating my daughter the entire time, using her grief over nathan to worm your way in — I love maxie. When I think of all the time you spent with her, with my grandkids — your grandkids — I.E. James, the child that I brought into this world with my own hands? If only I could take you out of it. Well, it’s too bad I’m in police custody, then. Accidents happen in jail all the time. A threat? Just a fact. Noted. Here’s another one. If anything happens to me, louise stays gone for good. So, esme and I, we’ve been talking a lot about that trip that she wants to take. That we want to take. And we were thinking, maybe on your winter vacation? You think that uncle sonny would let us use his cabin? Whoa. No? N-no, I’m sure he would. I meant “whoa” as in, I never agreed to this vacation. And the more I think about it — no, come on. You and cameron, you have to go. Why? Because of esme? Yeah, she really wants to get to know my friends better. So, then, let’s get coffee or have lunch. I mean, do we really need to go on vacation? I’m sorry, I just don’t think that a weekend getaway together would best improve our relationship, if you know what I mean. A toddler would know what you mean, joss. Why won’t you cut esme a break? Sorry. She set ava’s car on fire. And I agree that she went too far, but she only did it for me. Oh, so, in that case… esme loves me. And do you love her? Yeah. Why? She’s gorgeous and exciting, uh, passionate… so, she’s hot. Yeah, but it’s not the sex. It’s not just the sex. Look. Okay. I know that esme can be a lot, but so can I, right? I don’t think you want me to answer that. Look, we fit. Okay? And I think that if you just gave esme a chance, you’d see how incredible she really is. Okay. Tell me about the “real” esme. Esme: What are you studying? A lot of things. But right at this second, nature photography. Like your exhibit at the gallery? Kind of. Like her epic exhibit at the gallery. It was such a hit that her professor asked to give a presentation to her class. Isn’t that cool? I don’t know. Sounds like a lot of extra work. Which is why I should get back to it. Mm. Well? No offending foam. It’s perfect. Excellent. Cam, wait. Uh, trina and I were just talking about our trip. I’m so excited. And spence is, too. Oh, uh, I didn’t think anything was decided yet. We’re still batting around ideas. I’m thinking winter break. I haven’t been skiing in ages. Do you ski? I-I do. Is there a mountain nearby that’s decent? Well, I mean, yeah. There — there is a mountain nearby, but — how amazing does that sound? Skiing by day, snuggling by the fire at night. You know, me and spence, you and joss, and, uh… trina, of course. Don’t text me again, ’cause I’m not gonna meet you. Okay. [ Sighs ] The — the only reason I reached out to you, sonny, is because I wanted to warn you about peter. Okay. You know, it’s not like I reached out because I wanted to steal more time with you. You know, I’m not delusional, contrary to popular belief. I know that you love your wife. I do, yeah. And I am trying to preserve that. I’m trying to protect your relationship with carly from whatever this psycho may have planned to — to break you guys up. Okay. Don’t worry about peter. No, but really, sonny, I’m being honest. I don’t want to cost you any more than I already have. You might not believe me. So, if peter is trying to stir up more trouble, I’m gonna try to contact — he’s not gonna cause any more trouble. Trust me. That son of a bitch killed jason. My best friend, my brother. He’s gone. Michael: Where’s dad? I don’t know where he disappeared to. But I-I think he’ll be back soon. In the meantime, distract me. Did wiley enjoy thanksgiving in new york? Yeah. Yeah, yeah. He loved all the holiday lights and the holiday windows, and, yeah. But actually, his — his favorite thing was all the dogs. The dogs? Yeah, he pointed out every single one of them as we passed on the sidewalk.

[ Laughing ] Oh, my gosh. That’s — that’s a lot of dogs. Yeah, you think? Oh, I bet annabelle is gonna to need a brother or sister this christmas. I said the same thing. We just got to get willow on board. So, um, did you take wiley skating? Yeah, we, um — we went to the central park rink because the rockefeller center was a little too crowded. And? He crushed it. Of course he did.

[ Chuckles ] Do you remember the first time you were on skates? Yeah, yeah. You, uh — you… and jason and, um, dad brought me. My heart just dropped every single time you fell. But jason was so calm. He would just pick you back up and make sure you were off again. I always pictured, uh, jason being there for wiley, you know? Just being there for him the same way he’s always been there for me.

[ Voice breaking ] I know. Me too.

[ Sniffles, sighs ] Are you alright? Yeah. Yeah. I just, um — I heard some bad news. Sasha and brando. Just remember that we have a great team that’s doing everything in their power to help that baby boy. Epiphany, have you seen michael?

esme puts on a good show, but she’s never actually had a lot of friends. Oh, shocking. Okay, so if you’re not actually gonna take this seriously, we’re not gonna talk about it, josslyn. Okay, I will. I will. I’m sorry. Promise. I will. Esme grew up in boarding schools, and her parents died when she was still pretty young, so… that sounds awful. It was. Not that I realized it at first. I only saw “party esme” like everybody else. But she was one of the few students who actually stayed on campus during breaks. Like you did. Yeah. So, one night we started talking and we clicked. Well, that doesn’t surprise me. It seems like you guys would have a lot in common. We bonded over the loneliness that we felt. And how hard it was to connect with other students. And I don’t know. Ever since then, we’ve been together. Just the two of us. Us against the world. Yeah, except the world isn’t actually out to get you. You know what I mean. I have her back and she has mine. Yeah. Partners in crime. So to speak. So, after hearing all of that, do you think that you maybe possibly can give esme the benefit of the doubt? By the way, you don’t have to come solo. You can totally bring a plus-one. I’m not really seeing anyone, so… but it could be a fun start to a relationship. Come on. Someone must have caught your eye at pcu. Not really. Which is fine because this is not necessarily a couples thing, anyway. We’re just going as a group of friends. Right. Um, I’ll be right back. I just need to seat these customers. Hey. I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable. It’s fine. I’m sure the weekend will be fun. I feel kind of bad. Why? Well, I-I never would have suggested the five of us go away if I had known about you and cameron. What about me and cameron? He told me that you two almost got together. Now he’s with josslyn? Ouch. I haven’t seen peter since he disappeared from the hospital. But knowing he’s out there somewhere, I-it was like a nightmare that I couldn’t wake up from. I spent months being terrified that I would walk into my apartment or turn the corner and he would be there. He’s taken too much from me, anna. And I refuse to be scared of him for one more minute. No, I-I get it. I do. If I was in your position, I’d want to confront him, too. Why should I be surprised that my fierce, brave goddaughter wants to do the same? I get it.

[ Door opens ] So, you’re gonna help me with mac?

[ Door closes ] Absolutely not. What? You don’t even know what I’m here for yet. You want to see peter, and the answer is no. Mac, please. He’s not done fighting, maxie. Anna: What does that mean? Peter claims to know where louise is. He doesn’T. I mean, he — he blackmailed nina in nixon falls precisely because he didn’t know where the baby was and he wanted help finding her. He’s now saying he was just trying to ascertain how far along you and valentin were in your search. Oh, that’s stupid, no. He’s lying! I’m sure he is. Look, peter knows — he knows his time is up and is most likely just grasping at straws. That’s my point, sweetheart. Listen. Anything peter would say to you would be a lie, and probably a hurtful one. Why do you want to subject yourself to that? It’s not about what peter has to say to me. It’s about what I have to say to him. She’s very strong, mac. Strong and stubborn. Yeah, I wonder who taught me that. I mean… if she says she needs to do this, I’d believe her. It’s not fair. You’ve lost so many people. Your father, lenny, and now jason. I wish I could take your pain away. That’s not how life works, nina. I tricked myself into thinking that keeping you from your past was gonna save you from a life of violence. You were so unburdened as mike. You were at ease and relaxed. I thought nixon falls would be a fresh start for you, and maybe a fresh start for me, too. It’s not a fresh start if you don’t know what came before. I was living a-a lie. I believed in my head that it was real. My friends and family w-were stolen from me. And you know what? What? I would take the pain of losing jason any day… because he was — you know, he was like my brother. He was — he would — we would do everything together, and we would protect each other, and… I regret every day of my life what my lies robbed you of. We have to move forward, live the life that we have now. Move forward. Separate lives. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I’m sorry. I haven’t seen michael. Oh, that’s okay. I’ll just — I’ll text him. Okay. Did you hear about sasha and brando? Yeah, yeah, that’s why we came to the hospital. How’s the baby? He’s in the nicu. They named him liam. Liam? Yeah. I like that. Yeah. He was deprived of oxygen during the delivery. It’s too soon to tell if he suffered any brain damage. God. It must be hell for sasha and brando, waiting for news like that. You said “we.” Is willow with you? Uh, yeah, she went to go put in a good word at the chapel. Why don’t we go check the nurses’ desk, see if there’s an update? Hey, willow. Hi. What is it? Is there any news on the baby? Oh, no. I mean, at least none that I’m aware of. Then what’s wrong?

Mac, please. I’ve never been good at saying no to you. Why break the cycle now? Thank you. And I love you. I love you, too. But the second whatever’s going on in there feels weird to you — I-I’m out of there. Alright. Good.

[ Smooches ] You’re very brave. No. I feel anything but brave right now. I have to do this, anna. Not just for me, but for louise. I’m happy for cam and joss. There’s no issue there. That’s great. I’m serious, esme. We’re good. It’s just that when cameron brought it up, it really sounded like… you know what? Never mind. You’ve gone this far. Mm. Just say it. Not only is it nothing, but it’s none of my business. And just for the record, I’m not one of those people who thinks that everyone has to be coupled up to be happy. Before I met spence, I was perfectly fine on my own. But once you did? I guess I just never realized the beauty in having someone understand you so completely. And that’s spencer? Now that I’ve found him, I have no intention of letting him go. My mom’s right. You seem, uh — seem upset. Yeah. Is anything — what’s going on?

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Sighs ] Hey. Hey. Ah. Glad you’re home. Yeah, so am I. How you holding up? I’m, um… still in shock. Look, dad, I am — I am — I’m so sorry about jason. Well, you know, it’s good to have family here, you know. That’s what I was telling michael. Long as we have each other, we can get through anything. I just can’t believe that jason’s gone. I know. And it’s because of peter august. Carly: I’m so glad that bastard has been caught. At least now he’s gonna pay for his crimes. Oh, he’s gonna pay. I’m gonna make sure of it. Peter: What’s going on, mac? One wrong move and I’ll shoot you myself.

Guess there’s nothing to do except for just wait to hear from brando. Waiting — my specialty. Hey, you, uh, never answered my question. Are you — are you okay? I’m just… I’m just praying for that little boy — hoping with all my heart that sasha and brando can take him home soon. Yeah, me too. But you were, uh — you were gone kind of a while. Were you in the chapel the whole time? I went. I-I… I just didn’t want to disturb the people inside. I get that you think esme is the know-all, be-all, and that she’s really nice to you. But, spencer, if she treats everyone else like trash, I’m sorry, I don’t want to hang out with her. Can we be real? Yeah, let’s try it. It’s not like you’ve been so nice to esme, either. She fired the first shot. Did she, though? Um… if I remember correctly, you’ve been pretty cold to her from the start. Oh, well, maybe if you would have mentioned that you had a girlfriend, maybe even just once, instead of hanging all over trina — I was not. Oh, I thought we were being real. I like trina. I think that she’s super cool. And? And maybe I could have been more direct when I first met her about what was happening. Maybe? But it has always been esme for me. Then why keep her a secret? I didn’t handle things well in the beginning, okay? Yeah, all the lying and the terrorizing of ava. I mean, she’s not my favorite person, but even she didn’t deserve that. I screwed up. Why are you acting so surprised, joss? It’s not like it’s the first time. No. And I’m sure it won’t be the last. That’s what friends are, right? The people who love you anyway? Alright, alright. Ease up with the love talk. You know what I’m saying. We’ve been friends since forever. Yeah. So, as my friend… can you give esme the chance to show you who she really is? I can definitely do that. Oh, maxie, you’re even more beautiful than I remembered. I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay away. Peter… just shut up. For once, you are gonna listen to what I have to say. This little fantasy you have of us being together, living happily ever after — it’s never gonna happen. And honestly, it — it blows my mind that you still think it could. After everything you have done to me, how could you think I would feel anything for you except hatred? Everything I did was out of love for you. You are a murderer! A murderer, peter. You hired a-a fake nurse to kidnap me and induce labor. That is not love. That — that is — I don’t even know what to call it. A-abuse? Torture? I can’t be a mother to my child because of you. I can’t rock her to sleep or kiss her tiny little hands. I am missing those moments, and it is your fault. I will never forgive you for that. I don’t believe that. I don’t care what you believe! Well, mac must have told you I can find louise. I can tell you where she is! Stop it. No, I’m telling you, maxie, I can give you back our little girl. Stop lying! We can be a family again! Oh, my god! You are in handcuffs, headed to prison, where you will rot in a cell for the rest of your life. You’re not gonna have a family, peter. You’re not gonna have me, and you are not going to have louise. There’s nothing for you. Think about that. Choke on it. How you doing?

[ Sighs ] I-I asked for a body pillow for sasha. I mean, to make her feel better. Smart idea. Yeah. It felt good to do something, even though it was just a pillow, you know? Every little bit helps, right? It’s just not easy to wait. Nothing’s easy right now. Yeah. I want to go sit with michael and willow. Come on. No, no, no, no. I got something I got to take care of. Now? Uh…brando texted me. He said that he’s — he — he doesn’t need anything, uh, except good news. A-and the support of his family. I mean, what could be that important? If it wasn’t important, I wouldn’t be going. Then tell me. What takes precedence over a baby in the nicu? I don’t want you to have to worry about anything. Call me if there’s an update.

the search for louise is going nowhere. Yeah, well, things can change in an instant. You know how this works. I know. It just feels so hopeless right now. You’re not putting any weight on what peter said, are you? I don’t believe that he knows where that little girl is. As a cop, I know that. I mean, I know peter’s just trying to save his skin. Okay, but as a father and a grandfather… how can we discount any lead, no matter what the source? Peter: Maxie, look at me. Ugh, there’s nothing I would rather see less. You made me a better man. You are not a man, peter. You are pure evil. And I regret the day I met you. Goodbye. It’s about that doctor, isn’t it? Why did you just say? Dr. Gatlin-holt. Your savior in the woods who delivered louise. I met him earlier at G.H. So? So, it’s quite obvious he’s interested in you. Oh, this is not happening. Which, of course, is a no-brainer to me. You’re beautiful. What surprised me, though, is I never imagined you’d give him the time of day. Are you insane? This has nothing to do with austin. Ooh, so you’re on a first-name basis with him. Then you are close. I see. So what if we’re close? So what if we were dating? So what if I was dating the entire pcu football team? That is none of your damn business, peter. I am none of your business. On the contrary, maxie. Don’t you know by now that there’s only one man in your life, and that man is me?

[ Scoffs ] Go to hell, peter. Trina: Shift over? Yep. Great. Sit down. Join us. Oh, actually, I can’T. I have to meet joss at the gym. Volonino’s? That’s where spence is. Can you give me a ride? Sure. It’s a bummer you have to leave so soon. Spence was so happy he had the day off. I mean, he’s been working so hard lately. Maybe you should consider getting a job.

[ Laughing ] Oh, I am way too busy. With what? Oh, all those classes I’m auditing at pcu. And my internship, obviously. Huh. Can’t imagine working at a prison. Prison lite, I call it. It’s really not that terrible. You enjoy it? I do. It’s fascinating from a psychological perspective. But I’ll definitely be ready for a break by the time our trip rolls around. Count to 10. Count to… to 10. Epiphany: Carly? Oh. Um… I’m sorry.

[ Chuckles ] What are you sorry for? Oh, um, just blocking traffic here and… uh, no traffic here. I, uh… I don’t know why I apologized. You know, I don’t usually do that.

[ Chuckles ] No, you do not.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t know why I am doing half the things I’ve done these past few days. Grief? I, uh… heard about jason. I’m very sorry for your loss. Thank you. I mean that, carly. I’m sorry for your loss. Jason was, uh… he was a remarkable person. Someone I respected. He respected you, too. I never doubted that.

[ Both laugh ] And I never doubted he loved you. Without condition or reservation. That he would do

[Chuckles] Literally anything for you. I never doubted that, either. Whatever happened, good or bad — if I was hurt, scared, or wrong — without question, jason would always be there. And I knew he would be, no matter what. Now he’s not gonna be there anymore. He’s gonna be there ever again.

[ Sighs ] I know he would want me to, um… …keep going, move on. And I will.

[ Chuckles lightly ] I will. I… I’m gonna miss him every single day for the rest of my life. When you’re missing him, I hope you think back to your wedding day. Jason was happy. And so were you. That love you felt that day? It’s still there. It’s yours to keep. Michael. Willow. You know, shouldn’t you, uh, be meeting with your lawyer? Your preliminary hearing is coming up soon, right? Scott’s on it. But I appreciate your concern. I’m sure you do. Listen, I’m just here for sasha. My goal is not to upset you, or you. And yet, you keep doing it. W-what is your goal, exactly, nina? To provide support for sasha if she needs it. Why don’t I just go wait someplace else? I think that’s a good idea. Is it — is it selfish to say I’m glad your empathy for nina only goes so far? Your family comes first with me, michael. Hey, it’s our family. Our family. I hope you know that. I do. Well, in times like these, they really bring us together. And with everything going on, I am… I am very grateful for that. What are you doing here? I’ll give you one guess. Okay, listen. I know you’re ready to explode. We all are. But you’ve got to let the authorities handle peter. Understand? H-he’s wanted on multiple charges in multiple jurisdictions. He’s not gonna walk away. Jason’s dead because of that trash. I know. I just want him to know exactly what he’s waiting for.

Oof! Nobody better mess with you. Oh. That’s right. So, um, what’s up? Well, spencer and I were just talking about our trip. Josslyn, um, said that she thinks that we can use uncle sonny’s cabin. Really? Yeah. Yeah, I don’t see why not, unless he and my mom are planning on using it, but highly doubt that. Amazing. Sounds like a blast. Yeah, it’ll for sure be memorable. Good workout? Yeah, it was fun. Mm. So, I’m surprised joss agreed to the trip. We had a good talk. Seems like she’s open to getting to know you better. Do you think she meant it? Yeah. Josslyn doesn’t lie. Hey. So, um… are — are you really cool with this whole trip thing? No. But spencer wants me to get to know the real esme, and I don’t know. I have a hunch that he may be the one surprised. Joss, what are you planning? Me? Nothing. Esme will do all the work on her own. But until then, there is no way I’m turning my back on that girl. Hey. So, your dad had to leave. What, now? Yeah. I don’t know. He said he had something to take care of. I’m going to, uh, check my schedule for next week. I’ll be right back, okay? Okay.

[ Sighs ] Hey, mom, is everything okay with you and dad? Yeah, we’re fine. Yeah? Sure? Seems like there’s a lot of tension. Well, there is tension. I-I mean, there’s grief, everything going on with liam and… it’s nina I’m mad at, okay? Not your dad. I just ran into her. What? She’s still here? Hopefully, her trial goes soon, sending her to jail and out of our lives for good. From your lips. Nina: Willow. I overheard that you were in the chapel earlier. So was I. It’s funny, I didn’t see you there. I heard you. With sonny.

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