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[Romantic music]

Roman: You still not ready to say we’re a classic?

Kate: Well, I mean I can’t really speak for the whole relationship, but as for tonight, I think it’s one for the books.

Roman: I am glad to hear that.

Kate: Really? How glad?

Roman: Very glad. Very glad.

Rex: Well, aren’t you two just full of surprises?

Gwen: Xander?

[Sighs] Okay, rizczech. That’s good. It’s good. You–you have a minute to pull yourself together. Oh, god. Please tell me they restocked that bloody fridge. Yes.


[Exhales shakily] Okay. Focus, gwen. You just helped a convicted felon and absolute, complete sociopath just escape from a prison van.

[Exhales shakily] But it wasn’t your fault. You didn’t have a choice, because if xander found out that his beloved sarah wasn’t healing the sick and she wasn’t having a romp with her ex, well, he would’ve– he would’ve dumped you in a minute to go island-hopping to go and find her. Kristen is the only one who knew about that, and now she’s gone. So that means that there is no way that xander will find out.

Kate: Oh!

Rex: Mom, fabulous as ever.

Kate: Thank you. You look great.

Rex: Thank you. Dude, you pulled out all of the stops here.

Roman: Rex, it’s so good to see you.

Rex: No, I’m serious. You have champagne, and roses, and what is this? What do you got going on here? Is this crme brlée? What, no gypsy violinist?

Roman: They were booked, but I did miss your subtle wit and your wry observations.

Rex: Well, I missed you guys too, and, hey, I really am sorry to barge in like this. I saw the sign out front. I thought a private party was going on, like a knights of columbus-type thing. I had no idea that you were running a full-court press in here.

Kate: Okay. Just leave him alone, okay? He has the heart of a poet and a romantic, unlike you.

Rex: No, no. I–

Kate: Don’t mock him.

Rex: I am seriously, genuinely impressed. And happy. I mean, after all these years, you finally won her back.

Gabi: What else do we have to offer, jake?

Jake: Well, there’s always gabi chic.

Gabi: Oh, right. Gabi chic.

Victor: You offer me your fashion brand in return for my whole company?

Gabi: Scoff all you want, but you know, when I was working for you, it was the most profitable asset that titan had. And why else would philip want to blackmail me out of it?

Jake: You know she’s right.

Gabi: Any conglomerate would be lucky to have my brand under its umbrella. It’s fresh, forward-thinking, everything that titan industries hasn’t been for a very long time. If you make us your ceos, gabi chic is yours. And everything I have done for that brand, I will do for titan. Victor, what are you saying? Are we in?

[Elevator chimes]

Shawn: Hey.

Chloe: Hey.

Shawn: How’s brady doing?

Chloe: Kayla’s with him right now, but I think he’s gonna be fine.

Shawn: Okay. I’m glad to hear that. Do you mind if I talk to you?

Chloe: You want to talk to me or ask me questions?

Shawn: Oh, well, maybe it’s a little bit of both. So john called. He called me, asking if we found marlena.

Chloe: Have you?

Shawn: No, no, no. Not yet. Anyway, so he was worried. He was worried because brady was here at the hospital with him, and he left. He left to go get takeout.

Chloe: And then he didn’t come back.

Shawn: Right, right. And he wasn’t answering any of john’s calls. And then, we got the call that he was on his way here in an ambulance, so I went out to check out the crime scene. And, hey, I’m gonna show you something, okay? It might be, you know, a little disturbing.

Chloe: Okay.

Shawn: All right, so I went to the riverbank where you found brady, and I found this. It’s a knife. Marlena, or whatever it is that’s taken over her’s weapon of choice. I think that john is onto something, and I think that marlena might be relate to it all.

Chloe: I’m sorry, shawn. No, I don’t think she has anything to do with this.

Gabi: So we bring gabi chic back to titan, and it will once again be your most profitable division.

Jake: And, in turn, you make us both co-ceos.

Victor: Sounds very tempting. Lots of positives there.

Gabi: Absolutely.

Victor: And only a few negatives that I can think of.

Jake: And what are they? We’ll take care of ’em.

Victor: Well, I think that you’re both idiots.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are “the days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Rex: Well, look, I am really sorry for being so out of touch. Things over there were just really intense.

Roman: Yeah, I know. Been reading about it.

Rex: Now that I’m home, I don’t want to talk about me. So what’s happening here? How long has this been going on?

Roman: Not long. But by the way, you’re the only one who knows this, so keep it to yourself, okay?

Rex: Are you, like, embarrassed or something?

Roman: No. Not at all.

Kate: Oh, no. No, we’re not hiding it. We just don’t really want to announce it until christmas.

Rex: Well, like me, I’m sure everyone’s gonna be so happy for you, especially since the fiasco with–


Kate: Really? Because you can say his name. You mean when jake dumped me for gabi?

Rex: Whoa, whoa, whoa. He dumped you?

Roman: Yeah, yeah. It’s kind of like barney fife dumping nicole kidman.

Rex: Yeah, it’s a weird simile. It’s accurate, but weird.

Kate: Oh, it’s so nice to have my guys on my side.

Rex: Well, mom, let me be the first to say that you have traded up with dad here, and he deserves gabi. Think about it. Every guy that’s ever hooked up with her, it hasn’t ended so well for them.

Gabi: You know the gabi chic numbers. They’re through the roof. I don’t think an idiot could do that.

Victor: How long have you two been here groveling? Seems like it’s been days.

Gabi: We’re not groveling.

Victor: So if you’ve been paying any attention at all, you know how I feel about you. And you offer me gabi chic. That’s the big plum. Only an idiot would offer victor kiriakis chump change like that.

Jake: What about dimera enterprises?

Abigail: Is it okay to talk to you now?

Chad: I think so.

Abigail: Did you have a tough day at work?

Chad: Yeah, you could say that.

Abigail: Is that why you didn’t return any of my calls?

Chad: I’m sorry. I just–I was in back-to-back meetings all day, and when I finally got around to checking my phone, I had six messages from you.

Abigail: Seven, but who’s counting?

Chad: I just thought I’d come home and talk to you in person. Was it urgent?

Abigail: No, it’s not urgent. It’s just kind of a family matter.

Chad: Are the kids okay?

Abigail: It’s not our family. It’s yours.

Chad: How could it possibly be my family? My family’s either still at the office or in prison.

Abigail: I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

Chad: Kristen didn’T. Kristen–she couldn’t have.

Abigail: She escaped.

Chad: [Sighs] Well, that– that sure shakes your faith in the salem pd, don’t it?

[Door unlocks]

[Door opens]

Gwen: Oh, thank god. I was just about to go down to the police station.

Xander: What are you so worked up about?

Gwen: Well, you, of course. That bloody police commissioner, he just took you in. It was as if– it was as if he were sure that you were the one who helped kristen escape.

Xander: Yeah, he was sure, and he was wrong. If you’re with me, you’re gonna have to get used to seeing the cops haul me in. I’m all of their usual suspects rolled up into one guy.

Gwen: That’s not very fair, is it?

Xander: Well, life’s not fair. You just have to look at it their way. I mean, I was at kristen’s beck and call for a long time, and I was in the interrogation room right before they hauled her down to the van. Of course rafe thought I helped her. And come to think of it, I’m one of the few people left that would help kristen. I mean, she couldn’t have pulled this off by herself. She had to have help. And now, I mean everyone in the whole city hates her guts. Wonder who the hell did help her?

Shawn: But like I said, marlena or whoever she is now, she had a knife. John and susan, they both saw it.

Chloe: I don’t think that this has to do with marlena, or the devil, or whatever.

Shawn: Why not?

Chloe: Because I saw that knife on the ground next to brady.

Shawn: But you didn’t pick it up, did you?

Chloe: No. I didn’t touch it, but–

Shawn: Okay, good.

Chloe: Brady was just covered in all this blood, and I assumed it was his, but then kayla examined him, and–

Shawn: Wait, kayla– kayla examined him? What did she say?

Chloe: She said he doesn’t have any stab wounds. He just has a bump on his head. She also said that the blood doesn’t belong to him.

Shawn: Do you know whose it is?

Chloe: No, I don’T. But I think it could be philip’S. Why give your family just ordinary eggs

Victor: So you’re gonna offer dimera enterprises? That cinches the deal.

Jake: Well, you know we can’t just do that.

Victor: Why not? You do own it, don’t you? I mean you wouldn’t give me something that doesn’t belong to you. That’d be like saying, “well, let’s give him puerto rico or eternal life.” You know what they call people who can’t deliver? Idiots.

Jake: Okay. I may not own dimera, but I know how I can get it.

Victor: You don’t know squat. You couldn’t get the votes to keep it when you had it, and you’re sure as hell are not gonna pry it from ej dimera now that he’s in charge. No. He knows what he’s doing. Now, isn’t it time for you two to leave?

Chloe: I see the blood that was on brady was o positive.

Shawn: And you know philip’s blood type?

Chloe: Yeah. Remember that blood drive that I organized in high school? It was the one where mimi said, “ghoul girl’s gonna drink all the donations.”

Shawn: Oh, yeah, she’s always been such a fun gal.

Chloe: Yeah, well, philip stood up for me, and he was the first person to donate blood. And because, you know, all the kids in school wanted to do whatever philip did, it ended up being a great success, so yeah, I remember his blood type. O positive.

Shawn: Yeah, but o positive is the most common type, so what makes you think that the blood that was on brady belonged to philip?

Chloe: Well, I don’t know, but philip and I went down to the riverbank to check on our tree. We planted a new one there recently.

Shawn: Yeah, belle told me about that.

Chloe: Yeah, except when we got there, someone had ripped the tree out of the ground.

Shawn: Do you know who did it?

Chloe: No, but philip was pretty insistent that brady had done it, and he was furious about it.

Shawn: Yeah. Yeah, belle told me that the two of them are pretty intense right now.

Chloe: Yeah. It has to do with me. But I made it very clear that I’m with philip now. A lot of good that did.

Rex: A toast to you guys. I hope you have a hell of a lot of fun. God knows you deserve it.

Roman: I think we will have a lot of fun. I’ve been pricing rvs. I think your mom and i are gonna tour all the national and state parks.

Rex: There’s really good trout fishing out west.

Roman: Yeah, I’ll catch ’em. You gut and clean ’em while I build the fire.

Rex: [Laughs] You know, I’m gonna get you some waders as a going-away present.

Roman: Thank you.

Kate: Oh, my god. You guys are just hysterical. Really? Really? Because what I was thinking is hotel crillon. We can have a suite overlooking the place de concorde.

Rex: Oh, of course.

Kate: I mean, you two can go fishing in the seine, though, if you’d like, but sarah and I? We’re going shopping.

Rex: Sarah?

Kate: Oh, yeah; I mean, I assume she came back with you. Is she over visiting her mom?

Rex: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Xander: You know what I was thinking? Like I said, one of the reasons hernandez drove me downtown in the first place was because I was in the interrogation room talking to kristen right before they took her down into the van.

Gwen: [Sighs] Well, that’s a flimsy reason, isn’t it?

Xander: I know, but that’s when you showed up too, right?

Gwen: Xander, I told you that’s because I saw your car outside. I thought that perhaps you were in trouble.

Xander: Hmm, it’s pretty suspicious timing, though. You could have been slipping kristen secret messages or a shiv in a tuna sandwich.

Gwen: Could we just stop talking about kristen dimera now, please?

Xander: Oh, sorry. I just thought it was funny. I mean, why would you help her? You don’t even know her, do you?

Gwen: No, of course not.

[Clears throat] You know what? Are you hungry? We can go to julie’s place for dinner maybe.

Xander: Eh, julie’s place. Maybe we shouldn’t go somewhere where we might be tempted to skip out on the check. Although, when I suggested that before, only I was tempted. You said we shouldn’t be committing any more crimes.

Gwen: And I meant it. What–what are you thinking?

Xander: Oh, I’m just wondering. Has the bad girl I fell for gone good?

Gwen: I thought you liked good girls.

Xander: Well, are we talking about you, or sarah?

Chad: I wonder how many people across salem see “the spectator” headline “kristen dimera escapes” and wonder if they’ve gone back in time?

Abigail: I feel bad for the reporter. It’s getting kinda hard to put a fresh spin on that.

Chad: You know what’s weird?

Abigail: [Chuckles] Everything about your family?

Chad: The last time I saw kristen, she–she actually seemed defeated, like she knew there wasn’t a way out. Or do you think she was conning me? You think there was some– already some kind of plan, or do you think that she just improvised this whole thing in the van?

Abigail: I think there had to have been some kind of a plan. I mean, I don’t see how she could have pulled it off alone. But then, after everything that she’s done, I don’t know who in their right mind would have been willing to help her.

(Upbeat music)

Chloe: So when I ran into brady at the pub, he said he was picking up takeout for his dad.

Shawn: Yeah, that’s what john told me.

Chloe: Yeah, and I figured he’d be going back to the hospital after that. And so, when philip said he thought brady pulled the tree out, I went to the hospital to ask him about it. And john said he never came back here with any food, so maybe philip was right?

Shawn: Okay, so when you saw brady, did he say anything about philip? Did he seem upset?

Chloe: He did talk about philip, but he didn’t seem angry. In fact, he was kind of gloating because victor had fired philip again. Oh, maybe that’s what he was celebrating.

Shawn: I’m sorry, “celebrating”?

Chloe: Yeah, I don’t know, but apparently kayla said that brady’s blood alcohol level was, like, three times the legal limit, so he must have ordered more than just clam chowder.

Shawn: And when you talked to brady, it was on his way into the pub, so did he seem sober then?

Chloe: Yeah. I mean, I guess he could have started drinking, but he did not seem drunk to me.

Shawn: And the next time you saw him–

Chloe: He was lying unconscious, covered in blood.

Shawn: Do you know where philip is?

Chloe: No. I have no idea.

Chad: It seems to me that ej would be the most likely person to have helped kristen escape.

Abigail: Well, he’s such a devoted brother.

Chad: Oh, yeah.

Abigail: Mm-hmm.

Chad: But ej was at the office all day, and he didn’t seem preoccupied or anything. He was focused on being an obstructionist ass, per usual.

Abigail: Well, our sources at the station house did tell us that xander cook was brought in for questioning, but then he was released.

Chad: Hmm, you know what? I don’t really actually care who helped her or why they did it. Honestly, I wish her well and I hope she learned her lesson and stays the hell away from salem.

Abigail: She’s gonna come back. She always comes back.

Chad: More importantly, how was your day? What about you? You know your lines here?

Abigail: Yeah, but I don’t know. It kind of seems like maybe it’s a waste of time. I mean, johnny’s in italy and there’s an apb out on marlena, so perhaps “possessed: The marlena evans story” is in turnaround.

Chad: Or development hell.

Abigail: [Snorts] Yeah. No pun intended, right?

Chad: Look, I’m sorry, baby. I know–I know how much you were looking forward to it.

Abigail: You disappointed I’m not gonna have love scenes with ej, huh?

Chad: No problem. I have plenty of reasons to hate ej’s guts.

Gabi: Victor, that’s titan’s stock at the closing bell. I think that number reflects the perception that titan is a corporate dinosaur run by a capricious old man who just fired yet another inept relative that he had installed as ceo. I’d say–I’d say that you have a sinking ship here, and also that insulting anybody that comes to you with a company that actually makes money is idiotic.

Jake: And I didn’t offer you puerto rico. I didn’t offer you eternal life. I offered you dimera enterprises because we can deliver. Now, ej may know what he’s doing, but he’s got the entire family at each other’s throats.

Gabi: House divided. Ready to collapse.

Jake: Right. Now, gabi and I still have enough shares to call a meeting, so how about this? Let’s put it on a timetable. If you’re not board member by such-and-such a date, no deal, but don’t just flat-out turn us down. Vic. Vic, don’t be an idiot.

Rex: Why would sarah be with me?

Kate: Honey, why wouldn’t she be? You left together.

Rex: No. No, we didn’T.

[Gasps] Okay, that’s one of the reasons why I didn’t call. I was kind of embarrassed. I was hoping maggie would tell you and then we could just pretend the whole thing never happened.

Roman: What never happened?

Rex: At the last possible second, before sarah and i were supposed to be leaving town together, she got cold feet. Said she didn’t want to be in a relationship with anyone and she needed to find herself.

Kate: [Groans] Well, I hope she finds herself in outer mongolia.

Rex: I thought you gave us your blessing?

Kate: I gave you my blessing because I couldn’t do anything about it, okay? But bless her self-absorption. I am just thrilled that you’re finally through with that ridiculous woman.

Rex: Could you please not talk about her that way?

Kate: What? What? Really? Seriously? I can’t be upset when she screws you over like that?

Roman: Yeah, and I don’t get it, all right? If she didn’t go with you, where in the hell did she go?

Rex: I have no idea.

Gwen: Sorry, I– I didn’t mean to bring up sarah.

Xander: Well, you just heard me talking to kristen about her and trying to work out why she left me, left town. I’d understand if you were a little jealous.

Gwen: Jealous? I’m not jealous. Just a bit protective, that’s all, ’cause I know how much she hurt you.

Xander: Hey, you were right when you said that sarah was my past. You’re my present, and hopefully, my future. I don’t give a damn why sarah left me for rex. That’s her loss.

Gwen: And my gain.

[Tense music]

I didn’t have a choice, because if xander found out that his beloved sarah wasn’t healing the sick and she wasn’t having a romp with her ex, well, he would’ve– he would’ve dumped you in a minute to go island-hopping to go and find her. Hello?

Rex: I tried calling sarah a few times, but cell reception in myanmar is not reliable. I just figured if she wanted to find me, she would have.

Roman: Okay. Again, I don’t get it. This is strange, okay? It’s not just us, rex. I think all of salem believes you two were together.

Kate: I know xander does.

Rex: But sarah would have told xander, wouldn’t she?

Kate: No, I guess not. What a lovely, thoughtful woman you had in sarah.

Rex: Yeah, but it would be a lot easier on xander if he knew, wouldn’t it?

Kate: Well, apparently he’s moved on with jack devereaux’s long-lost daughter who’s quite a prize herself. She has daddy issues and is deeply neurotic about it and as amusing as a canker sore, actually.

Rex: Judging again. How unlike you.

Rex: Oh, what? No. I’m just saying it’s a match made in heaven.

Xander: [Sighs] Bistro’s full.

Gwen: Really? How about the pub then?

Xander: Whatever. I’m starving. Come on. Let’s go.

Gwen: Hang on. What’s this on your arm here?

Xander: [Sighs] When I was leaving the police station, some clumsy cop bumped into me with a pizza. I like this shirt, and it’s gonna stain.

Gwen: Dear. Oh, dear. Okay. Well, look. Why don’t you put it in the sink, and I’ll wash it when we get back, yeah?

Xander: Mmm. How domestic of you.

Gwen: You’d like that. Me being a happy, little homemaker. I’ll go get us a table.

Xander: Gwen?

Gwen: Hmm?

Xander: Look, I’m glad I talked to kristen. Don’t know what I was expecting to find out, but it’s like she closed a door on the past for me. I don’t care why sarah went with rex or where they went. You’re here. Sarah could be on the moon for all I care. I just wanted to tell you that.

Gwen: [Sighs]

Chad: So he waits until the entire board is in session–

Abigail: Oh, ej?

Chad: Right, and just when we’re about to wrap up–and mind you, I have been working on this deal for months– and then, out of the blue, ej starts demanding a slew of poison pill clauses.

Abigail: Without even talking to you about it?

Chad: I mean, the first time I heard of it was in front of the entire board and shin, who was obviously ej’s targeted audience.

Abigail: Ugh. Did you and ej fight?

Chad: No, because shin called in security to separate us to neutral corners before we could.

Abigail: Well, that seems like an overreaction.

Chad: Not really; I think it was pretty clear that if there wasn’t some sort of intervention, that I was gonna smash ej’s smug sneer right down his throat.

Victor: Is this where i tell you that you have spunk?

Gabi: No. This is where you tell us that you’ll at least think about it.

Jake: You know what, vic? You’re right. Ej? He’s very smart, very shrewd, but it’s also true that people loathe him. Chad. Tony. Hell, even his own son would jump at the opportunity to stab him in the back. Hell, I would.

Victor: It would be fun to watch stefano’s family self-destruct.

Gabi: Yes, yes, but you need to be thinking about titan. I mean, you’ve given all of your family members every opportunity to preserve titan’s legacy. It is time for new blood, especially now that you’ve given philip the axe.

Shawn: All right, so it is possible that brady went on his bender, he went to the tree, he had a confrontation with philip, and he stabbed him.

Chloe: I–I mean, I guess it could be possible, but shawn, I just don’t see brady doing that, even drunk. Why would he attack philip with a knife?

Shawn: I’m just trying to put together the facts here, all right? So you said you don’t know where philip is, okay, but I’m sure–I mean, you tried calling him, right?

Chloe: Yes, I did call him, and his phone rang in brady’s coat pocket.

Shawn: Okay. Well, here’s your missed call 30 minutes ago. I mean, the rest of these calls, they all look pretty ordinary, and…

Chloe: What is it?

Shawn: Well, earlier tonight, philip got a series of threatening texts, and they’re from brady.

Chloe: The texts? What do they say?

Shawn: Well, they keep getting more and more threatening, and I mean, this last one right here–this is the worst.

Chloe: Let me see. “Philip, you don’t deserve to be with chloe. If you don’t cut yourself out of her life, I’ll have no choice but to cut you out of it myself.”

Abigail: Now, I know I don’t have to tell you to be careful with ej.

Chad: I know better than to turn my back on him. I’d wind up with a knife in it.

Abigail: What happened with the deal you were trying to close?

Chad: I closed it.

Abigail: Mm-hmm. That’s good.

Chad: Yeah.

Abigail: So if he was trying to sabotage it, it didn’t work?

Chad: No, the deal was good for the company, and the company is ej’s religion. I don’t think he really wanted to sabotage it; he just wanted to make me look bad, unprepared. But despite headquarters being an absolute warzone, the company’s set to have the best year yet. And titan took a big hit when victor fired philip, so now the only threat to dimera is whether or not I can work with ej without killing him.

Jake: We have the advantage. Chad. Ej. They won’t even see this coming.

Gabi: And you don’t have to risk anything. All you have to do is sit back and watch us make it happen for you.

Victor: However, this is all talk. You put things in place to give me a seat on the dimera board of directors, and we’ll finish this conversation.

Gabi: We will do that. And before you know it, the three of us are gonna be running titan and dimera enterprises. Come on, jake. We got work to do.

Victor: Keep me posted.

[Tense music]

They come in here ready to give me gabi chic, and they go out determined to give me a seat on the dimera board of directors. Like fish in a barrel.

[Imitates gunfire]


Roman: Well, all I can say is we are glad to have you back.

Kate: Mm-hmm. Without the tiresome sarah.

Roman: To you, rex.

Kate: To rex.

Rex: Thanks.

Jake: [Exhales sharply] You know, for the life of me, I will never understand why you have to practically strangle yourself to do business.

Gabi: You look very distinguished.

Jake: I felt like a quack.

Gabi: Well, you didn’t come off as one, all right? Today, the way you handled victor, it was as if you spent your entire life in corner offices and boardrooms.

Jake: Oh, yeah? Well, I learned everything by watching you.

Gabi: Hey, listen. Yeah, before we get to that, we need to talk first.

Jake: We do?

Gabi: Yes. We’ve laughed about it, we’ve joked about it, but now that we’re gonna make it happen, we really need to decide who is gonna be ceo of titan.

Jake: We gotta discuss that now?

Gabi: Yeah. Well, I don’t really think it’s gonna take too long; I’ve been thinking about it, and I think we should just split things 50/50. You know, just co-ceos.

Jake: Like hell we will be.

Shawn: So victor fired philip as ceo of titan. All right, do you know if brady was next in line to take the job?

Chloe: No. Brady is happy at basic black, and I don’t think that they ever really fought about the business stuff. It was always personal, about me.

Shawn: Yeah, well, I just think it’s safe to say that philip didn’t see these texts until after you were gone.

Chloe: It looks really bad.

Shawn: Yeah. Well, let’s go see what brady has to say.

Chloe: I don’t know that he’s in any shape to answer questions right now.

Shawn: Okay. All right. Well, I’m gonna go call one of the officers on the scene. I’m gonna see if there’s anything new.

Chloe: Okay, I’m gonna call victor and see if he’s heard anything.

Shawn: Okay, okay.

[Cell phone beeps]

[Line trilling]

[Cell phone rings]

[Cell phone beeps]

Victor: What the hell do you want?

Chloe: Hi, victor. I’m just calling to ask if you have heard anything from philip or seen him tonight.

Victor: No, and after the last stunt he pulled with ava vitali, he’s as good as dead to me.

[Cell phone beeps]

Gwen: Hi, hi, hi.


Xander: So are you ready for an above-average dinner?

Gwen: [Chuckles] Serena: It’s my 3:10

Roman: All right, so how long you gonna stay?

Rex: I’m not sure yet.

Kate: Well, there are gonna be a ton of people who are gonna be so thrilled to see you.

Gwen: We can’t go in there.

Xander: Why not?

Gwen: Because I don’t really like the look of the blokes in there. And do you know what? Darling, why should we have to settle for pub food? Why don’t we go to the bistro, have a decent meal at the bar, and perhaps even talk our way into getting a table?

Xander: Whatever my lady wants, my lady gets. The bistro it is.

Chad: You know, I am kinda tired, but I could take you out to dinner, if you want?

Abigail: Hmm. Hmm.

Chad: Hmm.

Abigail: I’m kinda tired too, so I think we should stay in. I don’t want to take the chance of running into someone we don’t want to see. Besides, I already spoke to the kitchen, and it’s gonna be ready in an hour.

Chad: Okay. So we have about an hour to kill.

Abigail: Yeah, we do. Do you think you could find the energy to close another deal?

Chad: What are your terms?

Abigail: My terms… for the rest of the night: No business, only pleasure.

Chad: Oh, okay. I can do that.

Jake: Uh-uh, see, we don’t have to share power. You know why? As soon as we take over both companies, you’ll run titan, I’ll run dimera.

Gabi: Oh, I like the sound of that.

Jake: Right? And we’ll work on it first thing in the morning, but in the meantime, why don’t we work on a little merger of our own?

Chloe: Victor hasn’t heard from him. What?

Shawn: Got more bad news. There was blood found by the knife. A trail of it. It led down to the water. I put the order in to have the river dragged, so from now on, I think we’re gonna have to start looking at this as a possible homicide. And unfortunately, brady’s our prime suspect.

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