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Roman and Kate dance together at the Brady Pub. Roman jokes about saying they are a classic. Kate says tonight is one for the books which Roman is very glad to hear. Roman and Kate’s son Rex then surprises them by entering the Pub, remarking that they are just full of surprises.

Gwen returns to her and Xander’s room at the Salem Inn. She calls out to Xander but he’s not home which she says is good because it gives her time to pull herself together. Gwen goes to the fridge and has a drink. Gwen tells herself to focus as she just helped a convicted felon and sociopath escape from prison, but it wasn’t her fault or her choice because if Xander found out about Sarah, he would’ve dumped her in a minute to go find her. Gwen declares that Kristen is the only one who knew about that and now she’s gone, so that means there is no way that Xander will find out.

Rex hugs Roman and Kate as they talk about how much they missed each other. Rex says he’s sorry to barge in as he thought maybe it was a private party and he had no idea what was going on. Kate praises Roman being romantic. Rex assures that he’s seriously impressed and happy that after all these years, Roman finally won Kate back.

Gabi and Jake tell Victor that they also have Gabi Chic to offer. Victor questions offering that for his entire company. Gabi points out that when she was working for Titan, Gabi Chic was it’s most profitable asset. Gabi asks why else Philip wanted to blackmail her out of it. Gabi argues that any conglomerate would be lucky to have her brand under their umbrella. Gabi declares that if Victor makes her and Jake the CEOs of Titan, then Gabi Chic is his and everything she’s done for her brand, she will do for Titan. Gabi asks Victor if they are in.

Shawn goes to the hospital and asks Chloe about Brady. Chloe says that Kayla is with him now and she thinks he’s going to be fine. Shawn asks if she minds if he talks to her. Chloe asks if he wants to talk to her or ask her questions. Shawn admits it’s a little bit of both. Shawn tells Chloe that John called, asking if they’ve found Marlena, and he was worried about Brady not bringing the takeout food that he left for. Shawn mentions getting the call that Brady was on his way in an ambulance, so he decided to check out the crime scene. Shawn reveals the knife he found at the river bank and explains that it was the weapon of choice of Devil Marlena. Shawn thinks John may be onto something and that Marlena might be related to it all. Chloe responds that she’s sorry but she doesn’t think Marlena has anything to do with this.

Gabi tells Victor that they will bring Gabi Chic to Titan and it will once again be their most profitable division. Jake says in return, he makes them co-CEOs. Victor admits it sounds tempting with a lot of positives but there are a few negatives, such as the fact that Victor thinks they are both idiots.

Rex tells Kate and Roman that he’s sorry for being out of touch as things have been intense. Rex doesn’t want to talk about himself and asks how long Roman and Kate have been going on. Roman says not long and that Rex is the only one who knows, so he has to keep it to himself. Kate explains that they aren’t announcing it until Christmas. Rex is sure everyone will be happy for them, especially after the fiasco with Jake. Kate says it’s nice to have her guys on her side. Rex assures Kate that she has traded up with Roman. Rex remarks that Jake deserves Gabi because every guy that’s hooked up with her, it hasn’t ended up well for them.

Gabi argues that Gabi Chic’s numbers are through the roof and an idiot couldn’t do that. Victor asks how long they have been here since it seems like it’s been days. Victor says they know how he feels about them but they offer him Gabi Chic as the big plum. Victor argues that only an idiot would offer him chump change like that. Jake asks what about DiMera Enterprises.

Chad enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion, tosses his briefcase aside and has a drink. Abigail is seated in the room and asks if he had a tough day at work. Chad says you could say that. Abigail asks if that’s why he didn’t return any of her calls. Chad apologizes and says he had back to back meetings then figured he’d just come home to talk to her in person. Chad asks if it was urgent. Abigail says no but it’s kind of a family matter. Chad argues that his family is either still at the office or in prison. Abigail then informs Chad that Kristen escaped. Chad comments on it shaking your faith in the Salem police department.

Xander comes home to the Salem Inn. Gwen is relieved as she was about to back to the police station, complaining about Rafe taking him in. Xander assures that Rafe was wrong and if Gwen is with him, she’s going to have to get used to seeing the cops haul him in which Gwen finds unfair. Xander admits he was at Kristen’s call for a long time and he was in the interrogation room right before they hauled her to the van, so of course Rafe thought he helped her. Xander remarks that he’s one of the few people left that would help Kristen and that she couldn’t have pulled this off by herself so she had to have help, but everyone in the town hates her guts, so he wonders who the hell did help her.

Shawn reminds Chloe that Marlena had a knife but Chloe insists that she doesn’t think this has to do with Marlena or the Devil. Chloe reveals that she saw the knife on the ground and Brady was covered in blood, so she assumed it was his but then Kayla examined him and he had no stab wounds, just a bump on his head and that the blood didn’t belong to him. Shawn asks if she knows whose it is. Chloe informs him that she thinks it could be Philip’s.

Victor questions Jake offering DiMera Enterprises and says that cinches the deal. Jake points out that they can’t just do that. Victor questions why not since Jake does own it and he wouldn’t give something that doesn’t belong to him. Victor says people who can’t deliver are called idiots. Jake says he may not own DiMera but he knows how he can get it. Victor argues that he couldn’t get the votes to keep it when he had it, so he sure as hell isn’t going to pry it from EJ DiMera because EJ knows what he’s doing. Victor suggests it’s time for Gabi and Jake to leave.

Chloe informs Shawn that the blood on Brady was O positive and recalls a blood drive she ran in high school, so she remembered Philip’s type. Shawn argues that O positive is the most common type so he asks what makes her think the blood on Brady was Philip’s. Chloe explains that she and Philip went down to the river bank to check on their tree because they planted a new one there recently, but when they got there, someone had ripped the tree out of the ground and Philip was insistent that Brady had done it and was furious about it. Shawn notes that Belle told him they had been intense. Chloe says she had made it very clear that she’s with Philip but that didn’t do a lot of good.

Rex toasts to Roman and Kate, hoping they have lots of fun as they deserve it. Roman jokes about how they are going to tour the national parks. Kate gives her idea and tells them that they can go fishing while she and Sarah go shopping. Rex questions bringing up Sarah. Kate assumed Sarah came back with him and asks if she’s visiting her mom, but Rex doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Xander tells Gwen that one of the reasons Rafe dragged him to the station was because he was in the interrogation room talking to Kristen, right before they brought her to the van. Gwen calls that a flimsy reason. Xander points out that is when Gwen showed up too. Gwen reminds him that she told him that was because she saw his car outside and thought he was in trouble. Xander calls it suspicious timing and jokes that she could’ve been slipping Kristen secret messages. Gwen wants to stop talking about Kristen. Xander says he just thought it was funny and asks why Gwen would help Kristen when she doesn’t even know her. Gwen asks if Xander is hungry and suggests they go to Julie’s Place for dinner like they planned. Xander says maybe they shouldn’t go somewhere where they might be tempted to dine and dash. Xander reminds Gwen that she said they shouldn’t be committing any more crimes. Xander wonders if the bad girl he fell for has gone good. Gwen thought he liked good girls. Xander asks if they are talking about her or Sarah.

Chad wonders how many people across Salem see the headline of Kristen escaping prison and wonder if they’ve gone back in time. Abigail says it’s getting hard to put a fresh spin on that. Chad says what’s weird is the last time he saw Kristen, she actually seemed defeated, like she knew there wasn’t a way out but he thinks she was conning him. Chad wonders if there was already some kind of plan or if she improvised this whole thing in the van. Abigail thinks there had to have been some kind of plan as she doesn’t see how Kristen could’ve pulled it off alone. Abigail adds that after everything Kristen’s done, she doesn’t know who in their right mind would be willing to help her.

Chloe tells Shawn about running in to Brady outside the Pub and that he was getting takeout for John so she assumed he was on his way to the hospital, so when Philip said he thought Brady pulled the tree out, she came to ask Brady about it but John said he never came with the food, so maybe Philip was right. Shawn asks if Brady said anything about Philip or if he seemed upset. Chloe admits he talked about Philip but wasn’t angry and was kind of gloating because Victor fired Philip again. Chloe says maybe that’s what Brady was celebrating which Shawn questions. Chloe reveals that Kayla said Brady’s blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit, so he must have ordered more than just clam chowder. Shawn asks if he seemed sober going in to the Pub. Chloe confirms he did not seem drunk to her, but the next time she saw him, he was lying unconscious and covered in blood. Shawn asks if she knows where Philip is, but Chloe says she has no idea.

Chad tells Abigail that it seems to him that EJ is the most likely person to have helped Kristen escape, but he was at the office all day and didn’t seem preoccupied. Abigail mentions that their sources said Xander was brought in for questioning, but he was released. Chad decides he doesn’t care who helped her or why they did it, he wishes Kristen well and hopes she learned her lesson and stays the hell away from Salem. Abigail says Kristen always comes back. Chad asks how Abigail’s day was and if she knows her lines yet. Abigail feels like it’s kind of a waste of time since Johnny is in Italy and there’s an APB out on Marlena so the “Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story” might be in turnaround. Chad says he’s sorry as he knows how much she was looking forward to it. Abigail jokes that he’s disappointed she won’t have love scenes with EJ. Chad responds that he has plenty of reasons to hate EJ’s guts.

Gabi shows Victor her tablet with Titan’s stock and says it reflects that Titan is a corporate dinosaur run by an old man, who just fired another inept relative he had installed as CEO. Gabi thinks Victor has a sinking ship and that insulting anybody who comes to him with a company that actually makes money is idiotic. Jake reminds Victor that he offered him DiMera Enterprises because they can deliver. Jake says EJ may know what he’s doing but he has the entire family at each others’ throats. Jake states that he and Gabi still have enough shares to call a meeting so he suggests they put it on a time table. Jake tells Victor not to just flat out turn them down and not to be an idiot.

Rex questions why Sarah would be with him. Kate asks why she wouldn’t be since they left together. Rex then reveals they did not and says that’s one of the reasons he didn’t call, was because he was embarrassed and he hoped Maggie would tell them so they could pretend the whole thing never happened. Roman questions what never happened. Rex explains that at the last possible second when he was going to leave town with “Sarah”, she got cold feet, said she didn’t want to be in a relationship and needed to find herself. Kate jokes that she hopes Sarah finds herself in outer Mongolia. Rex thought she gave her blessing. Kate says she did because she couldn’t do anything about it, but she’s thrilled that Rex is finally through with Sarah. Rex asks her not to talk about her that way. Kate questions not being upset when Sarah screwed him over like that. Roman doesn’t get it and asks if Sarah didn’t go with him, then where the hell did she go. Rex responds that he has no idea.

Gwen tells Xander that she’s sorry as she didn’t mean to bring up Sarah. Xander says he was talking to Kristen about her, so he’d understand if she was a little jealous. Gwen argues that she’s not jealous, just protective, because she knows how much Sarah hurt him. Xander says Gwen was right when she said that Sarah is his past while Gwen is his present and future. Xander doesn’t give a damn why Sarah left him for Rex as that’s her loss and Gwen’s gain. Xander and Gwen then kiss. Gwen thinks back to telling herself that she had no choice because if Xander found out the truth, he would dump her to go find Sarah.

Rex explains to Kate and Roman that he tried to call Sarah a few times but the cell reception was unreliable and he figured if she wanted to find him, she would have. Roman doesn’t get it as it’s not just them, but all of Salem believes they were together. Kate knows that Xander does. Rex thinks Sarah would have told Xander but Kate guesses not. Rex feels it would be easier on Xander to know. Kate informs Rex that Xander has apparently moved on with Jack’s long lost daughter, Gwen, who has her own share of issues. Rex accuses Kate of judging again. Kate calls Xander and Gwen a match made in heaven.

Gwen suggests to Xander that they go to the Brady Pub then. Xander says whatever as he’s starving. Gwen notices a stain on Xander’s shirt, which he notes came from a cop bumping in to him at the police station. Gwen offers to wash it when they get back. Gwen says she will go ahead and get them a table at the Pub. Xander notes that he’s glad he talked to Kristen as he doesn’t know what he expected to find out because he doesn’t care why Sarah went with Rex or where they went. Xander declares that Gwen is here now, so Sarah could be on the moon for all he cares.

Chad tells Abigail about how EJ started making demands in front of the whole board. Abigail asks if they fought. Chad informs her that Mr. Shin called in security to separate them because otherwise, he was going to smash EJ.

Gabi asks Victor to at least think about it. Jake states that EJ is very smart but people loathe him like Chad, Tony, and even Johnny. Victor remarks that it would be fun to watch Stefano’s family self-destruct. Gabi tells Victor that he needs to be thinking about Titan and how it’s time for new blood, especially now that he’s given Philip the axe.

Shawn tells Chloe that it’s possible that Brady went on a bender, had a confrontation with Philip, and stabbed him. Chloe doesn’t see Brady doing that and wonders why he would attack Philip, even if he was drunk. Shawn goes over not knowing where Philip is. Chloe then reveals to Shawn that she tried to call Philip, but his phone rang from Brady’s coat pocket. Shawn then looks through Philip’s phone and finds a series of threatening texts from Brady. Chloe asks what they say. Shawn responds that they keep getting more and more threatening. Shawn says the last one is the worst and shows it to Chloe. Chloe reads it, which is from Brady to Philip, saying he doesn’t deserve to be with Chloe and if he doesn’t cut himself out of her life, he’ll have no choice but to cut him out, himself.

Abigail reminds Chad to be careful with EJ. Chad knows not to turn his back or he’ll end up with a knife in it. Chad adds that he closed the deal he was working on which was good for the company. Abigail notes that if EJ was trying to sabotage him, it didn’t work. Chad says that the company is EJ’s religion so he didn’t want to sabotage him, just to make him look bad. Chad notes that the company is still set to have it’s best year yet since Titan took a big hit when Victor fired Philip, so the only threat to DiMera is if he can work with EJ without killing him..

Jake tells Victor that they have the advantage since Chad and EJ won’t even see this coming. Gabi tells Victor that he doesn’t have to risk anything, just sit back and watch them make it happen for him. Victor calls this all talk and tells them to get him a seat on the DiMera board of directors, then they will finish this conversation. Gabi assures that they will do that and before he knows it, the three of them will be running Titan and DiMera Enterprises. Victor says to keep him posted as Gabi and Jake then exit the mansion. Victor remarks that they came in ready to give him Gabi Chic, but go out determined to get him a seat on the DiMera board of directors. Victor jokes to himself that it was like fish in a barrel.

Kate and Roman tell Rex that they are glad to have him back and toast to him as Gwen opens the door to the Pub and sees Rex.

Jake and Gabi go back to their room. Jake complains about having to dress up to do business. Gabi praises his work there. Jake says he learned everything from her as they kiss. Gabi stops him and says first they need to talk. Gabi says they have talked and joked about it, but now that they are going to make it happen, they really need to decide who is going to be CEO of Titan. Jake questions having to discuss that now. Gabi doesn’t think it will take that long as she’s been thinking about it and thinks they should split things 50/50 as co-CEOs but Jake says like hell they will be.

Shawn asks Chloe if Brady was next in line to take the CEO job after Victor fired Philip from Titan. Chloe says no as Brady is happy at Basic Black and she doesn’t think they ever really fought over business, it was always personal about her. Shawn guesses Philip didn’t see these texts until after Chloe was gone. Chloe notes that it looks really bad. Shawn wants to go see what Brady has to say, but Chloe doesn’t think he’s in any shape to answer questions right now. Shawn decides he will go call one of the officers on the scene to see if there’s anything new. Chloe decides to call Victor to see if he’s heard anything from Philip. Victor answers and asks what the hell she wants. Chloe says she’s just calling to ask if he’s heard anything from Philip or seen him tonight. Victor says no and after his last stunt he pulled with Ava, he’s as good as dead to him. Victor then hangs up the phone.

After seeing Rex, Gwen backs out of the Pub before being seen. Xander joins her outside and asks if she’s ready for an above average dinner.

Roman asks Rex how long he plans to stay. Rex is not sure yet. Kate tells him a ton of people will be so thrilled to see him.

Gwen tells Xander that they can’t go in the Pub as she doesn’t like the look of those in there. Gwen asks why they should have to settle for Pub food and suggests they go to the Bistro for a decent meal at the bar and perhaps talk their way in to getting a table. Xander decides whatever his lady wants, she gets, so they walk away.

Chad tells Abigail that he’s kind of tired but he can take her out to dinner if she wants. Abigail responds that she’s kind of tired too so she thinks they should stay in because she doesn’t want to take the chance of running in to someone they don’t want to see. Abigail adds that she already spoke to the kitchen and dinner will be ready in an hour. Chad says they have an hour to kill then. Abigail asks if he can find the energy to close another deal. Chad asks what her terms are. Abigail says for the rest of the night, it’s no business, only pleasure as they kiss.

Jake tells Gabi that they don’t have to share power because as soon as they take over both companies, Gabi will run Titan and he will run DiMera. Gabi likes the sound of that. Jake says they will work on it first thing in the morning while they work on a merger of their own as they kiss on to the bed.

Chloe informs Shawn that Victor hasn’t heard from Philip. Shawn reveals there is more bad news as there was a trail of blood found by the knife that led down to the water. Chloe cries as Shawn says he’s put an order in to have the river dragged, so they may have to start looking at this as a homicide and unfortunately, Brady is the prime suspect.

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