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Recap written by Christine

Victoria and Victor ran into each other at Crimson Lights. He said they needed to talk, but she didn’t think this was the time or the place to discuss ChancComm. He explained that this wasn’t about business. He confided that Abby found Chance, and Victoria was shocked and happy. Victor invited Victoria to the welcome home party tonight at The Grand Phoenix. Victoria said, before she and Ashland accepted the invite, she and Victor should discuss the ChancComm situation.

The only reason that Victor would be upset with Victoria is if he found out she was trying to buy ChancComm to protect Billy. She assured him that wasn’t her motivation. It was purely business. He said it was a mistake for her to sell that division. In retrospect, she agreed, and that was why she proposed to Ashland that they get it back. Victor was pleased to hear that it was Victoria’s idea. Victoria said Ashland was 100% behind her. She knew that Victor wasn’t happy about Ashland’s involvement. Victoria added that Adam wasn’t happy either, and he’d called Ashland’s involvement a betrayal of Newman Media. Victor said that Adam didn’t like to be bested. “None of us Newmans do. Must be something in the genes,” Victoria said. Victor said that was very true. He was happy that Ashland was part of humiliating Billy and making him resign. Beyond that, Victor didn’t care about ChancComm. It was another piece on the chessboard. He said that Victoria and Adam were vying for the prize, and may the best competitor win. Victoria wondered if Victor was going to try and tip the scales, and he said no, because ChancComm meant nothing to him. He loved his family, and he was very proud of Victoria. He had to go see Nikki, so he said goodbye and left.

Nick arrived at Victoria’s office, thinking that Victoria and Ashland wanted to meet with him. Ashland clarified that he was the only one there. He’d called Nick because they hadn’t had a chance to speak in private since Tuscany. Victoria told Ashland that she and Nick had a heart to heart over his breakup with Phyllis. Ashland was sorry that didn’t work out. Nick was not interested in discussing that with Ashland. Ashland said it was clear that Victoria and Nick hadn’t completely mended fences. Nick said that was none of Ashland’s business. Ashland countered that Victoria was his wife. Nick said that this was a family matter, and Ashland stated that he was family now. Ashland asked if Nick still regretted that Victoria and Ashland got married.

Ashland said Victoria was happy, but he knew how much family meant to her, so he wanted to put an end to the tension between him and Nick. Nick didn’t think that was going to happen. Ashland said Victoria forgave him. Nick thought that was insane. “You let your best friend die. And then you stole his identity and then you robbed your mentor of her fortune,” Nick said. Nick knew Ashland filed a lawsuit against ChancComm, but he knew everything in that article was true. Nick also knew that Ashland never would’ve told Victoria the truth if Nick didn’t pursue this. Nick said he’d never forget what Ashland did, and he’d never think it was okay. He thought that Ashland was an opportunist with no moral standards. Nick assumed the rest of the family was giving Ashland a pass because he was sick. “If I were to find out tomorrow that that you were no longer dying, I’d have to wonder if you were ever sick in the first place,” Nick snapped. Ashland appreciated Nick’s honesty. Nick was trying to stay out of Victoria’s business, but if he found out Ashland hurt or took advantage of Victoria, Ashland would have an enemy in Nick for life. Victoria walked in and heard Nick’s last statement.

Victoria stood by Ashland and demanded to know why Nick threatened her husband and broke his promise to stay out of her personal life. Nick said he’d been honest at Ashland’s request. Ashland admitted that was true. Victoria thought that Nick should give Ashland a chance to prove he’d changed. She said that Ashland was worthy of her love and trust. She couldn’t deal with this now, because she had other things on her mind. She informed Nick that Chance was alive and home with Abby, and Nikki and Victor were throwing a party tonight at the The Grand Phoenix. Nick was put out because nobody told him about all this. Victoria said she only knew because she ran into Victor at Crimson Lights earlier. She was sure no one was personally slighting Nick. He didn’t want to think about Victor. Victoria was sorry things disintegrated between Victor and Nick, but she thought Nick had a pattern of blaming others for what was happening in his life. She felt like Nick was alienating people and that he always felt like he was right and that everyone else was in the wrong. She suggested he ask himself if he was doing something that was at the root of all this. He said he’d see her at the party and he left.

Ashland thought Victoria was being a little too hard on her brother. He said that he thought Nick wanted to work things out, which was why he invited him over for a talk. Victoria was kind of stunned Ashland was coming to Nick’s defense after the way Nick treated him. Ashland admitted Nick wasn’t wrong about the things Ashland did. Ashland was more impressed with the special love Victoria and Nick had for each other. “Who knew that one of your first duties as a Newman would be to play family peacemaker,” Victoria said. Ashland found it kind of refreshing after going into battle all these years. Maybe death had changed his perspective. Victoria didn’t want to talk about that – only positive thoughts during this new treatment. She asked if he was up for a night with her family. He said that if she wanted to go, so did he, because he wanted to be wherever she was.

Chance was at home. He looked through is box of mementos and pulled out a medal. Abby and Dominic came in, and she asked if Chance was okay. He said he was exactly where he wanted to be – home. They admired their baby and said he was perfect. He was sorry he wasn’t there to protect Mariah and the baby from Stitch. Abby didn’t want Chance to blame himself. That was the past. She told him that Victor was setting up a welcome home party. Chance wasn’t sure he was ready to face a group. Abby said she’d cancel, but Chance changed his mind and said he wanted to see everyone. The baby was in the bassinet, and Chance said he wanted to be with Abby. They set up the baby monitor, then they rushed up the stairs.

Later, Chance wanted to learn how to care for Dominic, so he held him. Abby admitted that, before this moment, Devon had been the only one to get Dominic to calm down without feeding him. She said Chance had the magic touch. Chance was glad Devon had been there for Abby and Dominic. Abby said that Devon had been the best friend that anyone could ask for. They prepared for the party, and he said as long as he had her by his side, he thought he could face everything.

Nikki and Phyllis were at the hotel. Nikki and Victor had set up a little cocktail party for Chance, and Nikki thanked Phyllis for helping her. Adam walked up and said Victor missed their meeting and wasn’t returning Adam’s calls. Phyllis assumed this had something to do with the bidding for ChancComm. Nikki said that Victor had just been dealing with more important things, like letting the family know about Chance’s return. Adam didn’t realize Chance was alive and back. Nikki was sorry – she’d mentioned it so casually because she thought Adam knew. She invited him to the get together tonight, but he said he and Connor already had plans. Noah showed up, because he was supposed to meet Victor there. Nikki said that Victor was running a little late. Adam admitted that he was the one who had Victor reach out to Noah, reasoning that Noah would be more likely to respond to Victor than to Adam. Noah admitted that Adam was right. Adam invited Noah to the office to talk, and Noah warily agreed to go. Phyllis warned Nikki that it wouldn’t be good for Adam to have an influence over Noah.

Nick agreed with Phyllis about Noah and Adam. Nikki had been worried about her grandson, who’d been out of sorts since he came home. Phyllis said that made him ripe for the picking for Adam to take him under his wing. Nikki didn’t think that Noah was ready to embrace the new and improved Adam. Nikki said that Adam worked with Newman Media on a project, and he didn’t appreciate being micromanaged over his own designs. Phyllis didn’t understand why Noah left London when it seemed that his career was taking off. Nikki said that careers weren’t always the most important things in life. Phyllis thought that was an insinuation that she and Nick broke up because she was too into her hotel. Nikki said to calm down, because not everything was about Phyllis. Nikki wasn’t thrilled that Nick and Phyllis got back together, and she didn’t have high hopes that the pairing would last, but she hated that her son was hurting over the breakup. Phyllis said it was a difficult decision for both of them to make. Nikki noted that Phyllis seemed to be doing just fine. Phyllis told Nikki not to pretend she knew what was going on in Phyllis’s head. Nikki didn’t mean to offend. Phyllis said it was difficult to judge a relationship from the outside. Phyllis groaned when Victor walked in, and she made up an excuse to leave.

Nikki and Victor talked about his conversation with Victoria and Nikki’s conversation with Adam. Victor said he was stepping back and letting Victoria and Adam work out their issues. Victor got the feeling that things would get heated once his children started fighting for ChancComm. The glint in Victor’s eye made Nikki think that he was looking forward to that, but he denied it. Nikki was surprised Victor wanted to have the party here so soon after Nick and Phyllis’s split. She asked if he chose this venue because he hoped Nick wouldn’t attend and create conflict for Victoria and Ashland. Victor hoped Nick would be able to put aside his differences and show up. He said this night was about Abby and Chance, who were home and safe, and everything else was secondary. They kissed.

Victor told Nikki that Jill would be here after her business meeting, and she was giving Ashley a ride. Victoria and Ashland arrived, and she said she told Nick, but she wasn’t sure he’d come. Nikki hoped everyone would be able to set aside their differences for this very important occasion. Chance and Abby arrived and everyone clapped.

At Newman Media, Adam tried to get Noah to take on more branding projects. Noah politely declined because he didn’t really like working for big companies, and he wanted to use his time to reassess. Adam respected that, but he said this could be a way for Noah to stay busy and forget whatever drove him away from London. Noah said he’d consider it. Noah admitted he was having a hard time buying Adam’s new attitude. Adam understood, since he and Noah had a rough history, and there was no reason Noah should welcome Adam back into his life with open arms. Noah could see that something had changed with Adam, but that didn’t mean he appreciated all the notes Adam gave him on his designs. Adam suggested that the lesson was not to write anyone off, because everyone could surprise you.

At Society, Billy appreciated Sally’s offer of company, but he wanted to be alone. She decided to sit with him while she waited for her takeout, and he told her she was being a little pushy. “The truth is I don’t want your company,” he said. He didn’t trust her because of her connection to Adam. She said it wasn’t a good look to drink alone before happy hour. He didn’t concerned about how he looked. She said she’d sit with him, and they didn’t have to talk, but it’d make him look a little less pathetic. Sally said she and Adam weren’t as close as people believed. Billy listed all the times he’d seen Adam and Sally together, and he said he knew for a fact that they’d dated. Sally told him not to believe everything he read in the tabloids, especially his own. One thing Billy learned from running a media company was that most of the rumors were true. Sally said Adam was her boss, and there was nothing romantic going on between them. He thought that was good, because no one was more capable of tearing out your soul than Adam. Sally asked Billy if he was really going to be okay.

Sally ordered Billy a coffee, and she told him that in her experience, when you felt down, it was better to caffeinate than to numb the pain. She’d been a pariah, and she knew the pain when when everything boomeranged back on you. He thought he’d taken pariah status to new heights, and he’d even lost the trust of his most stalwart believer – his mom. She asked how. “Wouldn’t your platonic boss love to hear about it?,” he replied. She just recognized the feelings he was having, and they weren’t fun. He said this was actually kind of comforting. The rabbit hole was familiar to him and it kind of felt like home. She knew he was better than that. He asked how she would know. From their limited encounters, she knew he was usually acting to protect someone, so she understood the feeling of doing the wrong things for the right reason. She believed he had a good heart. Her takeout arrived, and she offered to stay and eat it with him. He turned her down. She left. “That’s it Sally. You run back to Adam and tell him all about my pathetic state. Please,” Billy said.

Sally walked into Adam’s office and stopped short when she saw Noah. She reintroduced herself, noting that they met in Tuscany. He recalled the splash she made with his aunt’s wedding dress. Adam mentioned that he was trying to take advantage of having a famous artist in the family by convincing Noah to do some work for them. Sally thought that would be amazing, because she loved Noah’s aesthetic. She had an idea of something he could do for Newman Fashion. Noah wasn’t looking for work. Sally thought she could get Noah to see why they’d be a great sell. Noah said he’d consider it, and he left.

Adam told Sally she came on a little strong, and she said most of the time, it worked. She asked if he had a problem with her approach, and he said no. She mentioned that she just ran into Billy. He thought he told her to stay out of his business with Billy. She said it was an accidental encounter. She knew he’d wanted to hit Billy where it hurt, but she asked if he’d intended to cause psychological damage. He scoffed about Billy being the victim, but he said he didn’t intend to give Billy a nervous breakdown. She said that Billy was drinking and seemed depressed, and he’d said something about going down a rabbit hole, like he’d done this in the past. Adam asked why Billy would say all that to Sally. Sally didn’t know if Billy was looking for sympathy, but she sort of felt for the guy. Adam thought that was interesting.

Adam didn’t think Sally should feel bad for Billy. Chelsea called, and Adam asked if he could call her back later, because he was in a meeting with Sally. Chelsea was irritated that Adam wasn’t making time for this conversation about Connor. She ended the video call. Adam told Sally that Chelsea hung up on him. Sally suggested Adam call Chelsea back, and he asked if he and Sally could talk later. She said yeah, and she left.

Billy went home, and Lily was hard at work familiarizing herself with all the Chancellor files that Jill’s assistant sent over. Lily felt like she’d barely made a dent in the task, because this was a huge conglomerate. She felt overwhelmed. She didn’t have the experience for this, and the press would be all over her credentials. She was worried this would hurt Chancellor and reflect poorly on Jill. Lily wondered if she made a huge mistake. He gave her a pep talk. He said she was going to kill this role, and she was the most important and successful thing to come out of ChancComm. He said running a company like this was all about positive public perception. She asked if he was flattering her because he loved her. He said she earned this, and she was the hardest working entrepreneurial person he knew. He stated that she made him a better man in business and in a relationship, and she was going to be great. He couldn’t be more happy or more proud of her.

Lily loved Billy’s support, but it made her want him by her side even more at Chancellor. He said they’d be a great team in their relationship, but she’d be the boss at Chancellor, and he’d be fine. She asked if he’d dropped the plan. He said he’d laid a little bit of groundwork for it. Right now he wanted to focus on Lily. He wanted to focus on her now and take advantage of this time they had together because she was about to be a very busy woman. They kissed.

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